Everything is now coming so fast that I can barely keep up with it, plus the fact that I have SO MUCH work on the farm that must be completed before July, which is the deadline I've set myself. Cleaning out all those raised beds is a major job. The ones on the north side weren't too bad, but the ones on the south are a horrendous mess. I have no equipment, so I'm doing it all by hand. Well, I have a push mower. But my grass will soon be measurable in yards, not feet. As I've said, this is the first time in at least twenty years that I've had a dry May and June, and can actually get out and do all this maintenance and once again use these plots I so painstakingly created decades ago. So this article will be another hodge-podge, with material I've been collecting and stuff that usually goes on my farm articles. It will probably take two issues to cover it all because I have a lot of Dane's stuff to discuss. And I'm working on a newsletter, too.

We have recovered from that last chemically nucleated cooldown, which dropped the temperatures to 46.6 degrees on the morning of Wednesday, June 23. Once again I was really pissed that I had to resort to pulling out winter pajamas for two nights. By the next day the low was only 53.2, but felt much colder. However, within a few hours, it was blazing hot. But there were other noticable oddities occurring. I went into town to run errands, then to Walmart. Most of the day I felt so drained, confused and disoriented, a sure sign that alien interference is in desperate mode. I noticed the same with other people. The cashier at Walmart was so spaced-out he could barely do his job. I made sure I checked my receipt and all my bags before I left. In addition, I could not drink enough water. Everything was SO dry. It is that vapor pressure deficit Dane speaks of constantly and we here, or at least I rarely encounter it. He says it is siphoning all moisture from atmosphere that is not even relieved when rain hits the ground. I cannot even fathom what the people out west are being forced to endure.

Even though biosphere is the most catastrophic event we are facing—everything else is dwarfed compared to it, in fact, but at the non-physical level, the greatest challenge we face is freeing ourselves from alien interference. Period. THAT is the ROOT of everything happening now. And they are doing everything to keep us focused in the physical reality. Just look at the rapidly increasing physical disasters. I'm sure all of us are aware of the horrendous situation in Miami.
Engineers Found Florida Condo Had 'Major Structural Damage' Before It Collapsed
But take a look at this. Dane has been saying that the disruption of the hydrological cycles is causing the ground to sink. Doesn't matter if it's too much or too little rain. One of the biggest issues on this land is not only the washing away of my fertile topsoil, but the land sinking, too. How many news reports have we been seeing about sinkholes? They're showing up everywhere. The Weather Channel published this one, plus another even worse that I can't find now because I didn't save it.
Experts: Collapsed Miami Condo Was Sinking
Parking Lot Eats Cars as Terrifying Sinkhole Opens
Of course, we have no idea of the real truth about any of these situations, like 9/11, as Dane pointed out a while back that 911 is the number you call for emergency situations. Coincidence?? Between all the shit they're doing to the sky—literally turned it into a weapon—plus all these microwave towers, ionosphere heaters, like H.A.A.R.P., 5G towers and satellites—the whole planet has been turned into a radio frequency/electric grid, which, I'm sure is why thunder no longer sounds recognizable.

When I went to Walmart, it was to replace my 12 dollar Walmart speakers that I've had for years. They ran on batteries, which I did not like, and something happened that they were draining them even when turned off. So I graduated to a 20 dollar set, with no batteries, and did get to listen to Dane's interview with Greg Hunter. If you have not listened yet, PLEASE DO. He speaks also of earthquakes being caused by all the criminal meddling being done to the planet, along with the spraying. WHEN these nefarious programs are brought to a halt, ALL of these towers and satellites must also go. Again, I BEG YOU. please ditch your cell phones NOW. YOU are contributing to the catastrophe unfolding.
Climate Engineering Causing Drought & Earthquakes—Dane Wigington
Though I have serious issues with Greg's political viewpoints, I believe he is a good man, and I'm so extremely grateful for the support he has given Dane. I wrote him to tell him that, too.

Dane has also pointed out all the fungal infections now hitting flora, fauna and humans, being sprayed, of course, along with the other toxic substances in these dispersions. He said that was from a report concerning the next pandemic, is what I jotted down in my notes from one of his GANs. I know that for a fact, although it is not as bad this year in the past, but I have mold and mildew everywhere that defies all efforts to clean up. I personally cannot help but wonder if there are substances being sprayed on structures, such as concrete, that break them down.

Remember what I keep saying: the physical paradigm is coming to an end. Everything is breaking, shutting down, collapsing, falling apart. THEY, of course want to keep us distracted in the physical realm, because too many of us have become a threat as we awaken and remember that WE ARE CREATORS, and NOTHING, ultimately, can be fixed at the physical level. We must focus on using our minds to create. THAT is why I am so frantically working to get this farm in order that best I can, especially creating peace and beauty, through the huge Annual Flower Display in the making this year. Will I live HERE on this planet long enough to enjoy it. No, I am creating it for the place I'm going. EVERYTHING I do now is for my new paradigm. Yes, I am doing it at the physical level, and yes it is hard work, but I also work to create it in my mind, which is why I believe I am having more success this year. The energy has shifted. We are ready to move into a new way of doing things, so we MUST be prepared.

And, with that in mind, as expected, the reports from the Pentagon have been a joke so far, haven't they? What a bunch of baloney and evasion. Of COURSE they're aliens and the U.S. Government and EVERY government on this planet KNOWS it. Just the fact that they admit these craft are using a technology unknown here on earth, but yet they say that China or Russia may have developed something so advanced. REALLY? China?? They couldn't even send off a rocket successfully and know where it would come down a few months ago. Remember that? China?? Oh, my.
4 takeaways from the US intelligence community's UFO report
UFO Report: No Sign Of Aliens, But 143 Mystery Objects Defy Explanation
Pentagon UFO report: Here's what we know
US intelligence officials have no evidence confirming Navy pilot UFO encounters were alien spacecraft
I don't know if I posted these yet—they're from a while back, but are worth posting again.
'Just disappeared': Veteran combat pilot describes UFO sighting
Newly leaked video shows a UFO disappear into the water

As I've been saying, expect the grid and internet to go down. Why? Alien interference? Reptilians or our allies? What is really going on out there and here? Nobody knows, and we do NOT know the true agenda. It is becoming more confused. Is it just because the old paradigm is shutting down? Just pay attention to every little thing and connect the dots, but be ready to add new dots or connect them a different way, if you are led to do so. NO MATTER WHAT happens HERE, I believe it will release many of us to go on to creative freedom, as we were always meant to do. I thought this was interesting, and wonder if something messed with it.
Hubble Trouble: NASA Can't Figure Out What's Causing Computer Issues On The Telescope
PLEASE check this one out. They have included a photo gallery of 31 photos for 31 years. I am downloading them and storing them in s folder to use as backgrounds and other images on my website—they are so beautiful. I made #26 into wallpaper for my desktop, and it is just gorgeous. I sit and stare at it. If you would like to do that and don't know how, email me, if you run Windows and I can help you. It's really easy. Plus I used GIMP to modify it for the background of this article. It is the Orion Nebula, taken in 2006
Universe, we have a problem: NASA's investigating an outage on the Hubble Space Telescope

Here's something else Dane has been warning us about. There are, I think he said 440 nuclear power plants currently in operation, or something near to that, but when the grid goes down, there will be no way to cool them or shut them off and that alone will be an extinction event. What are they not telling us?
In A First, Iran's Sole Nuclear Power Plant Undergoes Emergency Shutdown
Of course Iran is one of the countries that's a victim of U.S. Weather Warfare programs, and also as Dane points out, though he may not agree with their policies, they have invaded NO ONE.
And how about this one? It's all those 5G satellites, along with all the other EMFs and radio frequencies. When is the media gonna stop writing such bullshit and tell the truth.
Tinnitus Bothers Millions Of Americans. Here's How To Turn Down The Noise

And here's a couple more odds and ends. HAHAHAHA!!! I guess there are more and more of us that think these evil creeps should be permanently blasted off into space. I just didn't realize there was actually a petition for it!! Nice to know you're loved, eh?
Tens Of Thousands Sign Petition To Stop Jeff Bezos From Returning To Earth
Cargo Is Piling Up Everywhere And It's Making Inflation Worse
This situation will only get worse. Dane says the farmers in California are already plowing up their crops and tearing up their orchards. I must make this comment, though. It is all about money with these farmers, and if they can't get an immediate profit, they'll destroy, like they did with the milk and pigs when this plandemic first began. And money, or inflation will be the least of our problems, when the shelves are empty.
Extreme heat will be more frequent in the Pacific Northwest. Experts say it's not prepared.
How can anyone "prepare" for the reality that's hitting us, other than at the metaphysical level? And what about this?? It's coming. One of these "variants" will be the one all those who received a vaccine will be totally unable to fight off. THAT'S what this mRNA thing is about. NO immunity. You think deaths have been bad so far? Ain't nothin' to what's coming.
Delta Variant Of The Coronavirus Could Dominate In U.S. Within Weeks
And how about this one? What are these hospitals going to do with such reduced staff when the next "wave" begins and it appears they are ready to make that happen, hoping to get just a few more of us jabbed so that we can all die from the new "variant." It's NOT human.
More than 150 Houston Methodist hospital system workers fired or quit after refusing to get COVID-19 vaccine

You know, I really did not plan to write this whole article today, but it is so fricken hot out there, I just can't do what I need to do. I've checked on all my plants to make sure they have water, then came back in. I want to mention some points Dane has made over his last several GANs. These are just notes I took, so you can investigate anything that interests you and I hope it ALL DOES. Keep informed!! These are from the Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 12, 2021.
He begins with "Agro-Terrorism." Good lord, how have we gotten to such an evil place? As he's been saying, the agenda is to, well, starve the populations to reduce them. They can control the rain and control the people. He calls it the "crown jewel of the military-industrial complex." Well, we shall see. Though they don't realize it, Dane constantly compares them to pirates filling their pockets with loot on a sinking ship.

MY opinion is that there are multiple agendas being played out now, both on and off planet, from both sides of the fence, resulting in this total chaos and carnage. WE DO NOT SEE THE BIG PICTURE YET. He goes on to speak of cyber polygon; staging supply chain attack simulation (like all these supposed cargo ships laden with supplies that can't deliver); hacking food and fuel supply; digital pandemic and Gates organized "Event 201." I have to comment here that I go through my web stats at least twice a day, and block I.P.s of obvious hackers. I would say 90 percent of my "visitors" are malicious bots, and I'm sure that's the case on all sites now. I have thousands and thousands of blocked I.P.s. If you ever find yourself blocked, please email me. I.P.s change, sometimes often, especially if you change something in your internet service or your provider updates something. So you may end up with a blocked I.P. that formerly belonged to a bad guy. I can unblock it if you let me know. Anyways, someone, probably V. Susan Ferguson, posted the website for Cyber Polygon.

Dane also mentioned the 1930s Dust Bowl and how there is now evidence that even back then, they were manipulating the weather and that might NOT have been nature either. He said patents go back way further than the Dust Bowl. You know, back several months ago when I created my The 1930s
Index Page, I included that, and wondered at the time. He said it "made Americans refugees," moving to California—lost farms. (Well, that certainly is happening now, too, but there's NO PLACE SAFE to go.) "They loot, plunder, pillage and pollute until nothing is left." Yep. He said it "intensified the wrath of the Great Depression and strange illnesses began to show up." 1918 Spanish Flu was not even a flu. He said to investigate the polio DDT connection!!!!!! Well, I've been saying all along that after WWII is when these really diabolical toxins began to show up and "experiments" were done on the populations without their knowing it. Including very UN-human mind control devices, especially feedback loops, which I KNOW from my own observations are being used ON US NOW. CIA?? Yes, with the help of something off-planet. Or maybe there's an awful lot of Agent Smiths here now. Yeah, I'm quite sure there are, even in animal form, which I will discuss in my upcoming Newsletter.

These are from yesterday's broadcast.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 26, 2021.
He quotes someone from MIT who recently said, "I fear imminent human exinction." (So, WHY are people not speaking out? What have you got to lose at this point? We're ALL DONE unless we stop this. This paradigm is done anyways but we NEED to clean up our mess and expose the guilty.) He suggested we look up Milgram experiment, so here it is. OH! My goodness!! He also frequently mentions "Stockholm Syndrome," but I already know what that is. He mentioned that DNA testing of Subway tuna sandwiches showed no evidence of tuna. As he said that, I said out loud, "Soylent Green." In his next sentence, he said, "Has everybody seen the movie . . . ." He also spoke of how we are losing oxygen, and the fact that aircraft have been forbidden to fly near H.A.A.R.P.. I just saw an article on that, too. They are investigating radiation. Apparently the water in California is beginning to taste like dirt. The official solution is to add some lemon.

Dane also spoke again of the intense heat at the Arctic Circle/Northern Siberia, where it's now 118 degrees. Last year it hit 100. Quite a rise in a year. Raymond supplied ua with an article.
Ground Temperatures Hit 118 Degrees in the Arctic Circle
And along with that, methane is 120 times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2; Finland and Russia are melting, wildfires are burning in ICELAND; and the zombie fires that burned all winter in the north are reigniting.
Siberia Is on Fire—and It’s Only May
OK, so this is all beyond catastrophic. But here's something even worse.

You know how nearly every week Dane mentions the movie,
Planet of the Humans? Well, I found that someone had posted it on YouTube for free. There were a few problems with it. Sometimes the sound would stop or the screen would go black but if I clicked on the bar showing the minutes played (is there a name for that?), it would come back. It could have just been my computer. Anyways, I still got to see the whole film.

NOW I understand why Dane keeps urging us to watch it. OH MY GOD. By the end I felt sick and was nearly in tears. NOW I TRULY understand why I want my own little planet—just me and the animals, to heal and be free, and NEVER come in contact with human creatures again. Yes, I have spent many decades being angry, but not hateful. NOW I am hateful towards these, well, what are they, things that call themselves human beings, but that's probably not what they are, but they are ALL EVIL TO THE CORE. And that includes Robert Kennedy, Jr, whom I thought might have just a tiny bit of decency in him, with all he's done to warn people about vaccines. But now I have to ask, WHAT'S HE GETTING OUT OF IT? Miserable, lying frauds. Bill McKibben. David Blood. Al Gore. Jeff Gibbs refered to them as "Blood and Gore," the only humorous line in the whole film. The only breath of fresh air of ALL the so-called "green activists" was Vandana Shiva, who has fought Monsanto in India and won. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS FILM. Then you will clearly understand that we have reached the end of human life on earth. I am not naïve, certainly, but this film sent me gasping the whole way through. LIES, LIES, LIES. It's ALL about money. "Green Technology" DOES NOT EXIST, nor can it ever exist. It is WE who must change, beginning with population control and ending unrestricted consumption. I am proud to embrace voluntary poverty. How many of YOU can do the same? For anyone that is still straddling the fence, and not quite taking our situation seriously, this film will absolutely cure that delusion. And on that, I will end.

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