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We continue to find ourselves in that same old conundrum. Those of us who are serious about awakening and ascending cannot seem to get past the physical reality in which we are imprisoned. I have been working at this for forty-one years—one would think I would have mastered it by now, but I have not, and I believe there are three factors to consider. One, mentioned by Edgar Cayce in trance state, (please see Edgar Cayce On Atlantis), is that during that civilization, people found themselves too wrapped up in the physical senses, which gradually held them bound—until they became imprisoned, which has been more firmly cemented with each generation. Two, we now have an indescribably immense force pulling out all the stops to KEEP us bound, and it worsens every day. And third, I DO believe what the Pleiadians supposedly taught us in Bringers of the Dawn—that WE are the LIGHT which has come to free this planet, and we cannot leave until our task is complete. And it is not just about taking back what was rightfully ours to begin with, it is about permanently wiping this infestation of parasitic vermin out of existence, and that will not only benefit us, but other civilizations far and wide.

As I work on other projects, I always keep my Notepad page open, where I jot down thoughts for articles, sometimes just words or phrases, but other times whole paragraphs, or, in this case, a good chunk of this article. Here is what I wrote yesterday.

Most of us who are reading my articles are aware enough to know they are already wearing the Ruby Slippers. But the problem is, we have forgotten how to use them. And so we continue on our witch-hunt, ready to throw the bucket of water on the force that is keeping us from remembering. I've put every effort into just "awakening" and the hell with the witch, but all endeavors pull me back to square-one. We must deal with the physical world before we can leave it. But we must also keep our REAL GOAL in the forefront, that being our awakening. It is easy to lose track of that goal when we are now at the point where we're fighting for our very survival. If you are not there yet, you will be soon. I am convinced that this little clause was inserted in our to-do list before this particular incarnation, so we would not just work on our own awakening, then leave. Our first order of business, therefore, is to wipe out this evil force that has kept up imprisoned for all these millions of years, To use the trendy phrase, this planet was STOLEN from us, and it is time for us to repossess what is rightfully ours. Does that sound familiar?? As above, so below. As more and more people become OUTRAGED at the activities of these people who think they still have the right to "own" this planet (or the agents of those beings off-planet), the force of energy against them will continue to grow exponentially. THAT is why we must ALL do our activist work. People are awakening at different levels. Seeing the truth at the physical level can open up paths to the spiritual levels, and vice-versa. This is not black and white—it is all grey areas and we must attack from all angles.

No matter how many times we are on the verge of "remembering," we just as quickly forget. Much of it is the mind-control program that the controllers are working on us like hell, to give them time to get their agenda in place. Meanwhile, we have this little problem with the planet, that VERY SOON will not support any form of life at all. I cannot STRESS just how close we are to that point. And this is coming from many more sources than just Dane. And more and more of us are finding ourselves in a state of OUTRAGE that these maggots, both on and off planet have succeeded for so many millions of years, to keep us in a state of slavery. But the OUTRAGE is serving a purpose: it is waking up more and more people. And the impending demise of the entire planet is making that goal take on a frantic sense of urgency. So we must look at the whole picture and face it that there is a great deal we do NOT know. With each step forward, we learn more. Here are five more full paragraphs I wrote yesterday.

Remember, feedback loops are what controls the events of the program, The Matrix. And while deliberately heading opposite the direction the program is attempting to send you can halt that particular feedback loop, over all, for every person that awakens, the program initiates more obstacles to prevent its shutdown. That is the failsafe, so we're fucked if we do and fucked if we don't. But we HAVE to DO no matter what. Because eventually enough refusals to participate will run the program down. Can you not see this happening? It is becoming as plain as day to me—I can see it right before me.

So DO NOT think for one minute ANYONE in the government or ANY of these organizations that claim to be helping us through this "crisis" really are. They ARE the crisis, in fact. It is ALL TOTALLY orchestrated purposely to completely shut us down, not just here in the U.S., but globally. PLEASE understand this. It is a computer program and has nothing to do with compassion or caring or truth or obligation toward one's duty as far as elected officials. This orchestrated trial in Washington is NOT to defend democracy, it is to end it. This brutal, out of control climate crisis is only worsening it IN THE EXTREME which accelerates the planet's demise every day. I am not even sure all the people who are doing all of this are even fully aware, in fact, they probably are not. There are the Agent Smiths out there, for certain, but the others are just avatars, completely under the control of the program. More and more of us will become victims of this mind control program. I would be fairly sure that nano-computer chips or some other electronic elements are part of the concoction being sprayed on us. Can you not SEE the dominoes falling? WAKE UP, then wake everyone around you. I am finding more and more people who are aware, and on the road to massive awakening. WE CANNOT LET UP. Not for a minute. Keep talking the truth (based on Dane's data because that is where we have documented proof). Once people "get it," their eyes will open to the rest of the horrors. And it IS HORROR.

(For a listing of some of Dane's important pages, please refer to my article, The Urgent and Dire Situation We Now Face.)

In addition to ramping up your efforts to awaken others, you must also work to "amp up" yourselves—do everything you can to raise your vibrational frequency, which includes deep and prolonged meditation and working with light and energy. Do everything you can imagine to keep your mind under YOUR control. As I've said over and over, I write code and seriously read. I know of at least three of my regular readers who are avid readers. One is a young lady, and the other two are of a more "mature" age: a gentleman and a woman. You know who you are, and I commend you.

But most of all, consider the possibility that everything you now experience in the physical world is being computer-generated. It is not far-fetched. The Pleiadians told us, in Bringers of the Dawn, that the Reptilians could make us hallucinate. But the documentary The Minds of Men, told us, with documented proof, that the U.S. military and CIA could also do the same. And so did Carl Sagan. Therefore, place little trust in your senses, and avoid, as much as possible, reaction to whatever stimulus you are receiving. And even if it IS something which you MUST deal with (those are becoming more difficult to bypass), at least make yourself completely aware that you are reacting to a computerized event. That lessens its impact.

I sense that we are in the final battle, which is why it is all becoming more intense and insane. And all the more reason we must ALL push harder toward disclosure, of everything, but especially the criminal activity in the skies. Dane is doubling and tripling his already powerful force of energy, and he too believes that great numbers of people are now awakening.

Anyways, those were my random thoughts as I was working on a book review. What I want to focus upon now is the outrage I am feeling, and what I sense a great many people feel now because the controllers' agenda is becoming more blatant by the minute, and people have had enough. GOOD!!! So we fight back when we fully realize what is being done to us. It is hitting everyone in different way, but more and more of us are feeling used, abused, screwed, shit upon, stolen from, squelched and silenced, lied to, manipulated, mind controlled . . . it's a fairly long list, and people are sick of it. It is OUR job to channel that rage to positive action and thoughts, because the massive majority of the population is not thinking peacefully. And if you are not feeling outrage at this point, you really DO NOT GET IT. What will it take?? Because no matter how secure you think you are in any aspect of your life, it will be wiped away unless we rid the planet of these parasites, who aim to control every tiny element on earth.

And returning to Edgar Cayce, he clearly made the point (while in trance), that it was not just the physical aspect of reality that imprisoned the Atlanteans, it was the fact that they were abusing others to satisfy their whims and wants. That is an important point, because I DO NOT believe that having material objects or physical comforts is bad at all. It is the MEANS in which we obtain them. I have thought for a long time that this whole earth thing was an experiment in creation, to learn how to live joyfully and abundantly in BOTH WORLDS—remaining spiritually awakened while creating physical beauty and living in joy. It failed because we were engineered by the Reptilians to forget our creative abilities. And so we sought to still have what we were unable to create with our minds, and we used others in order to fulfill our cravings. We must regain all our creative abilities, therefore, in order to be fully awakened. To do that, we must banish the force that is preventing us to do so. But if we could just remember, we could easily regain what was stolen. Hence, we confront the conundrum again and again.

All of us who are awake and aware certainly know we are being manipulated at all levels. In spite of all the work I do to keep my brain working, it really isn't. It takes me an entire day to type up something I previously could have done in a morning. We are not only dealing with the mind-control programs, but with the toxins in the sprays that are being dumped on us by the ton, and certainly by all these satellites that just keep increasing thanks to Elon Musk. But I want to focus on just the physical outrages we are all being forced to endure. Covid, of course, is the most obvious, and the most newly awakening people are the ones that understand this was all orchestrated to distract and cause us misery. It is difficult to focus on spiritual tasks when every moment we are confronted with a survival issue. More and more people KNOW how we are being lied to, and that will soon spill over into all the other areas. There is not a time I go outside my farm that I don't have a conversation with someone who knows and is eager to know more.

But it is the climate issue that should OUTRAGE every single human on the planet, and the fact that those who KNOW sit back and keep silent because that's what they are being paid to do. My next round of letters is going to people in the government and media.

This has been a brutally cold winter, not because the planet is cooling, but because we are being sprayed with SO MUCH lead iodide, silver iodide, and DRY ICE. When you wake up in the morning, and see this mist or fog, that's what it is. 30 degrees should not feel like ten degrees, but it does. Now, think about this, and if it does not OUTRAGE you, you are not normal. We have all these liars in the government who have "vowed" to fight climate change. Of course, NO ONE mentions climate engineering, but only cutting back on fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, usually in the next thirty years, after we will be long gone. And yet they KNOW about these engineered cooldowns. We here in Ohio would be in the 60s if we were not being sprayed constantly. So people are FORCED to heat their homes, using fossil/petroleum based fuels or electricty, or both, none of which are clean or renewable energy. Isn't that exactly what these people in Washington have vowed to cut? And yet by turning a blind eye to climate engineering they are forcing people to use MORE fuel. If climate engineering were banned immendiately, the need for heating would DISAPPEAR. How INSANE is that?? That alone would create a massive shift on the planet.

I did some averages this morning, comparing the first 45 days of 2020 to the first 45 days of 2021 here at my farm. Keep in mind that for the last five years, we have set, then broken, global heat records. So THIS winter should have been even warmer than last. But the average highs for this year are 33.7 degrees, compared with last year, 41.3 degrees. THAT is a pretty big difference, seeing how the planet just keeps getting hotter. THAT'S how much MORE toxic shit is being sprayed on us. Dane goes on and on about how they are desperately ramping up their efforts. Why isn't everybody OUTRAGED enough over this to take some action? If everyone reading this article would call, write, post, or in any other way, communicate this information, just think how fast we could complete our task and be free to move on.

As all of you know, I make a point to live on as little as possible. Though I don't usually share this sort of information, it is SO OUTRAGEOUS, it must be known. I had not planned to need much heat this winter. I heat with kerosene heaters only a few rooms of my house. Usually I am able to turn all but a couple off during the day. That was certainly the case last year. But NOT this year, in fact, I've had to buy TWO MORE!! February has literally done me in. I've used up my entire savings. I am 65, so I get a small monthly social security check, which is enough for me because I have no debt, and only a few small monthly bills. But I used up my entire check, PLUS my stimulus check, and found myself penniless and facing freezing. DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY OUTRAGE??? I hate asking for help, but was forced to. All these agencies that are supposedly there to help are a FARCE, including my state and federal representatives, NONE of whom I could even reach!! I finally went to my mechanic, who knows me well enough to trust me, and before I finished my sentence, he was handing me a large bill, which I will repay when my SS check comes this month. Just the fact that I was FORCED into this situation has me not only seething, but energized to STOP this criminal activity. Now, just think about how many people have become homeless because of fires and floods and hurricanes. How many are living in tents, or on the streets? How many others are facing freezing? Or starving? All because of these orchestrated events deliberately carried out to bring us to our knees. If it has not happened to you yet, plan on it, it will, one way or another. And that's another reason we must continue to work on our manifestation skills if we hope to survive what is coming.

Here is another personal weather story. Dane always speaks of some kind of first-aid pack of which I'm not familiar, but he says you can keep it for decades but when you mix the chemicals, it will immediately freeze. And that is what this ice nucleation does. For several mornings, I noticed that Molly's water bowl had a thin layer of ice over it. OK, so my house is cold, but not THAT cold. Well, on February 9, we were taking our final walk of the evening. It was a rare night with clear skies and stars and no spraying. It was 18 degrees, but felt comfortable—almost balmy. In spite of the low temperature, I decided to not light my big heater. When I got up the next morning, it was 39 degrees in the house, yet it felt fine. One cat was in front of a heater, and the other two were elsewhere. I touched their fur and it was warm. And Molly's water bowl was NOT frozen. It should not freeze at 39 degrees. But when we went out, the skies had been very heavily sprayed, and this toxic mist engulfed us. It really irritates Molly's skin, so when we came back inside, she sat down by her bowl and began scratching, and shaking her fur. BOOM! There was suddenly a layer of ice on her water bowl that was NOT there before. Need I say more??

I will end with a comment about this "massive" storm hitting many of us in the East. Of course, all of you reading this KNOW there is nothing natural about it. Since WHEN does a winter storm originate in Louisiana and Texas?? Here is the latest National Map from NWS. The aqua and slate are wind chill advisories and warnings. The hot pink is the winter storm warning, with a yellow TORNADO WATCH around the Florida panhandle. OMG!! Totally insane.

NWS Map, February 15, 2021

Here are a few articles of interest. Bill Gates is seriously beginning to worry me. Is he at the top of the control tower?? It sure is beginning to seem like it. He is controlling everything from farming and food, to health, to climate . . . . he is one evil dude, so this is NOT a good sign. Be sure to read the "60 Minutes" report. He is SO smug and flippant. We have thirty years????? Don't think so!! And apparently his daughter thinks its all a joke, too.
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And equally disturbing, because if it's in baby food, it's ALL food. This criminal activity CANNOT be kept hidden much longer.
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And this last one is just FUCKING STUPID. Make a baby??? Yeah, great idea when we've only got a few years to live, at best. WHY would anyone bring a BABY into this OVERPOPULATED world that is in a massive state of collapse. These people that STILL don't "get it!!"
It's going to be a frigid Valentine's weekend. Take advantage of it

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