Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

I know I said in my recent Bible article I would not be writing a new regular article because I didn't have anything to say, however, I received an inspiration. But most of my upcoming articles will be Bible, because as I said, I am completing the project I began last year studying the prophets of the Old Testament, and will finish the twelve lesser prophets, at least. If you have not kept up on those, I have just done two, and have six more to go. Here is the link to the Old Testament Index Page

And of course, the title of this one comes from the extremely popular song by the Who, Won't Get Fooled Again (Shepperton Studios, 1978). Dane uses the phrase all the time to illustrate that the players in politics are ALL the same and that parties and labels are only an illusion to create division. And that includes Trump, who was nothing more than a player in the same old game, for those under the delusion that he is going to be re-elected. I seriously doubt there will be another presidential election, because by the end of the year, the U.S. and likely most of the world will be in a total state of chaos. Any day now, actually, and people ARE starting to wake up. I talk to employees and customers ALL THE TIME when I shop, and hand out information on Dane's and my site. Many of them are amazingly aware. I spoke with an employee at Marc's yesterday who said he thought all those tornadoes were being caused by the planes! WOW!! We ALL should be doing this, because people KNOW something is very wrong and we can supply answers.

Anyways, my inspiration for this article, or part of it, came from freefall's latest blog, A System of Slaves. Here it is, and you can visit his site to read his other blogs.

I see that the next election cycle is upon us. This is when we get to choose what master to bow down to from a field where both sides are controlled by the same people. After all, that’s what freedom is all about.

Here are some questions for our next batch of Saviors:

Can you give us back our 1st Amendment?

Can you make it to where no one is allowed to force lockdowns, vaccinations, masks, or anything else on us?

Can you create a media that is not filled with paid spokespeople for the pharmaceutical industry?

Can you make it to where doctors and nurses, educators, judges, lawyers, police officers, politicians, preachers, celebrities, reporters, or any other of those in “authority” will ever be trusted again?

Can you stop committing treason by putting another country above your own?

Can you stop using other countries as proxies for your wars?

Can you show us what stocks you and your family own of the corporations that are thriving under a dying system giving us a better indication of who you really serve?

Can you give us a money supply that retains its value and cannot be used to track and control our purchases?

Can you stop our government from weaponizing the weather creating famine, economic calamity, infrastructure destruction including sanitation that will result in diseases that will kill more in orders of magnitude beyond the current body count of the previous bookend bioweapons?

Can you stop the next false flag?

Can you honestly tell us that we can win a nuclear war?

If you can't do any of these things, it doesn’t much matter what utopia that you say you will deliver. It’s guaranteed to be run by a system of slaves on the way out.

OK, so that pretty much describes not only our current situation, but the one that has been in place for centuries, and of course, the answer to all of these questions would be "no." Obviously the money system will be gone soon, (and good riddance), so most of the rest of this article focuses on living without it and creating in a new way. And it isn't just the money system that tracks us, it is everything "smart." I don't have Wifi and use my tablet as an e-reader ONLY, so I keep it on airplane mode which disables it from sending or picking up signals. Here's an article which should give everyone yet ONE MORE REASON to ditch their cell phones and all smart technology. In a recent interview with Greg Hunter, Catherine Austin Fitts said using a cell phone is like having someone looking over your shoulder at all times. Why would ANYONE allow that? Ditch them NOW!!
CDC Tracked Millions of Phones to See If Americans Followed COVID Lockdown Orders
And here's another link that goes along with this blog.
Patient Betrayal: The Corruption of Healthcare, Informed Consent and the Physician-Patient Relationship

And as for his comment on weaponizing the skies, the points he mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, these people have totally decimated the planet and as Dane says, they are using the atmosphere as a physics lab. But what really scares me is the mind control programs and, as Yuval Harari bragged about in a recent video, they can hack our minds. Yes, they can. I know for a fact because I can tell when they are fucking with me, and it takes all my energy just to resist them. Once again, PLEASE watch the documentaries, Holes in Heaven, about all the nasty things they do with H.A.A.R.P. and the rest of these ionosphere heaters and microwave towers, and The Minds of Men, about the CIA mind-control "experiments" from decades ago, (but still going on stronger than ever, even though the Clinton Administration supposedly declared them illegal). All of these are found in my last article, Essential Videos, Documentaries and Documents
I am glad that one has received so very many visits and return visits. Please keep it handy until you have watched all the documentaries.

Anyways, it goes even further than just the political system; it is the entire paradigm—the entire reality which is referred to as the third dimension. Dane goes on and on and on about it, too, that there is no technology that can solve anything now. This paradigm is done. It doesn't work and never did and never will. Technology has only made things worse. Watch the documentary Planet of the Humans linked in the article above. Why would anyone want to continue living in a totally dysfunctional system? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. We need to create an entirely new paradigm. And while everything seems to be heading toward catastrophe, PLEASE always keep in mind that we cannot move on to our greater self-realization and spiritual ascension while living in such a closed and false reality. Terrible as it will get, it will also free those of us who are ready.

I believe we will discover soon that this is nothing but a computer simulation, as I have gone on and on about for years, being controlled by an off-planet force just like in The Matrix. NOTHING WORKS any more, no matter what we do at the physical level. I have been pounding that in for years, and we are at the edge of the cliff, ready to fall into the abyss unless we realize that we must now create everything we need with pure energy, and with our minds. I say that over and over and people's brains continue to compute something other than the words I write. I am NOT writing symbolically. PLEASE TAKE ME LITERALLY and let me say this one more time. Reprogram your mind to take a completely new path. It is that Gatekeeper that Dane spoke of, the mind-control program that prevents us from moving outside the familiar, and that is at many levels. This is the ultimate one. We need to get away from money and manufacturing, the education system, the corporate system, the pharmaceutical system and all the other ALIEN institutions that have been in place for centuries under different guises, but all geared to keep us dependent on an outside force to supply our needs. The cave people relied on killing in order to eat, and when there was nothing to kill, they died of starvation. We now find ourselves in the same boat, except there are billions more of us. There is no other way to survive than to take physical creation to the next level. Jesus came here over 2,000 years ago and showed us he could walk on water, change water to wine, heal all illness and bring the dead back to life. He proved that death AND the physical world was just an illusion, and he was a master of physical manifestation. He told us we could do everything he did, and more. TAKE THIS LITERALLY. Therefore, please repeat this phrase over and over until it sinks in.
When we reach the level of perfection that Jesus did, then, and ONLY THEN will all slavery cease to be. We will have everything we want and need without an outside force, because it is all within us, and always has been. NO, I will NOT shut up on this subject. We need to work every day to perfect this skill, which means we need to work on our spiritual lives also. Because, IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN? We are running out of time and the more people that break free from the chains and use their minds, which sends out thought-forms that multiply and strengthen, then WE will be the change that needs to happen.

I got an email from one of my readers that I also want to share. This person was referring to my latest Bible article, A Prophesy of Triumph and wrote.

Like you said in your last article, we must repent of the mentality that led us here in order to have a renewal. And only great suffering can bring this about. I think that this time is the last calm we are going to get. Big moves are coming and our lives will never be the same.

Yes, how true this is. Certainly there are billions of people who need to repent of the mentality that has gotten us to this terrible point, but the ones who REALLY need to repent are people like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and that creepy little advisor of his, Yuval Noah Harari. And the whole lot of transhumanists who are intent upon becoming half-human and half-computer and turning the rest of the population into robot slaves. People who behave with this mindset are 1) Aliens; 2) Alien Agents; 3) People who have been bought and paid for by Aliens. These people have no souls, so therefore, the idea of repentance is a joke to them. Once you become a machine, you lose your soul. People who have souls DO NOT behave as these people do.

But the biggest group of people that truly does need to repent are those who have blindly followed the orders issued by the first group because they wanted to 1) restore "normalcy" to their lives" 2) keep their comforts; and 3) resist the essential and responsible choice to question authority. And therefore, yes, we are ALL SUFFERING because the majority of the population has sided with evil, and is therefore, becoming evil. The ones who took the vaccine now have an operating system installed in them, along with a myriad of other stuff that DOES NOT belong in a human body, and are well on their way to becoming soulless robot slaves. Fortunately, they won't live long. I hope enough of their soul still remains so they may have spiritual guidance to repent before it is too late, and move to someplace in their next lifetime that is more supportive of ascension. Perhaps "awaken" would be a better word than repent. In any case, they certainly have much more spiritual work to do on themselves to even reach the point where they understand the error of their judgment. We must never choose evil in order to resist change, and change requires letting go of comforts and normalcy and requires questioning everything in order to make wise choices.

And as for the suffering, I have had a lifetime of it—numerous lifetimes of it I am sure—another reason I am so very ready to move on to the next dimension/paradigm. The people like myelf who in fact have given up every semblance of a "normal" lifestyle and anything even close to comfort are not only forced to go through the present horrors, but are alientated from much of the world. That would also apply to Dane and so many others in his community that have chosen the path that goes against the rest of the world. The way out of the suffering is not a "renewal." No, that word is old paradigm. Nothing can be, or should be and WON'T BE renewed of the old paradigm. We need a complete spiritual tranformation. A metamorphosis; the old destructive caterpillar becomes the angelic butterfly. Anything short of that will fail.

And THAT will be a cause of great suffering in itself, because most people just won't give up their comforts and material wealth. But it WILL happen, as it has happened to me and others who have chosen not only the path to spiritual evolution, but the path to an entirely different existence. The caterpillar spins its cocoon, knowing it will never be a caterpillar again. If a caterpillar refuses to change, to spin a cocoon because it would rather remain a caterpillar, then it will die. And that is where we are now. All of this would have been so much easier and happened WAY long ago, this spiritual awakening and ascension so many of us seek, if we had not had SO MUCH RESISTANCE being caused by off-planet forces. But no matter what, it IS happening now and WILL happen, whether we remain on this planet or go elsewhere, those of us who are ready will reach our goal, and those who wish to remain the same will have to spend more lifetimes in some similar hell before they choose to wake up. And yes, it is, sadly, suffering that triggers the awakening, at least here it has been. Perhaps the next group will abide in a more benevolent environment and rather than resisting, will be excited to spin the cocoon of transformation. Perhaps we are trailblazer. Certainly we must eradicate this Alien race that has created such misery.

I kept paper and a pen with me all day yesterday so I could make notes as I thought of points I wanted to make, and I wrote volumes, so I hope I can put it all together in a way that enlightens those who still don't quite understand the immensity of change we must make in our mindsets. There will soon be no food and the entire socio-economic system that now runs the planet will be gone. We must realize that is necessary, because it was based on bullying and competition, division and destruction, greed, selfishness and lack of wisdom and harmony. It never was, nor was meant to be benevolent or to serve all people. So we must let it all go and trust that the more we let go, the more we will discover ourselves again. So, let us begin with language.

Be very aware of the words you use, that they do not represent the old paradigm, and with that, begin the procedure to train your mind to think in a new way. Yes, I DO know we should be stocking up on food, and I do have food stocked, but, the food shortage is not temporary, and the planetary situation is only going to worsen with the continuation of ozone depletion and rising temperatures. Parts of India are now in the 120 degree range. Life will not be able to tolerate the coming conditions. So, in other words, we can only prepare to a point, because there is no technology that is going to stop this. Stopping all climate intervention agendas MUST happen, and we can go from there. I absolutely agree with Dane that we need to just leave the planet alone and allow it to rebalance itself, but it will reach a point where, if we do NOT stop climate engineering, there will be nothing left of the planet's life-support systems. And, it seems to me that, as the controllers have done everything in their power to take away our souls, they have certainly done the same to Gaia. I believe with my whole heart that this precious Earth was once a spiritual being. How could something so wondrous and exquisite NOT be spiritual. The Indigenous people KNEW that for a fact, and behaved accordingly. Begin to ponder these things. Thoughtforms become energy and energy is powerful. Send out thoughtforms—spiritual energy to the planet herself and never underestimate what we are capable of accomplishing when we work at the energetic level. Train your mind to work in this direction as you let go of the mindset that keeps us locked in the third dimension, believing there is nothing beyond that which our five senses tell us. That is FALSE. The REAL universe exists outside the physical realm. The physical world is merely a mirror to reflect what we cannot see with our eyes. As we shift at the non-physical level, our physical world then follows. I am NOT making this stuff up. I have spent decades working with this and studying the writings of others who have done likewise.

OK, so, we know there is no physical or technological solutions to the catastrophic events looming, so again, train your mind to create what you need without having to buy it, and support a corrupt financial and corporate system. Yes, of course, we STILL need to buy food and other essentials, but, gosh, all the food we buy now is toxic. Remind yourself that what we create with our own energy is in harmony with ourselves, and not contaminated with the toxins of the physical world. OK, so you cannot make a carrot appear in your hand, and I'm still working on those doughnuts, but keep doing it and as the old paradigm falls away there will be a vacuum created that allows new energy to flow in. It is up to us to determine how that new energy works. We have and always have had this vast universe that contains all that ever was or will be. It is also up to us to bring it into physical existence, which requires wisdom in order to create a world that is benevolent and supportive of life. That's why we must go through such tremendous trials and tribulations in order to become creators. And that is why the transhumanists have chosen to become "super-beings" by merging with technology. They have no interest in creating a benevolent world or one based on morals and ethics. If you have not read Dan Brown's Origin please do. I read somewhere that when he wrote it, he supported transhumanism, but fortunately, wised up and remembered he had a soul.
The Complete Fiction of Dan Brown.

Train your mind to think in those terms, then pull away from toxic institutions that have made us rely on them in order to survive. When we do not need them, they will die. Remind yourself that working with your mind to solve and survive is the only way forward. By shifting your mindset to one of independence you are empowering yourself. Go to a holistic healer rather than the medical industry. Honestly, I don't understand how anyone can trust these doctors that have killed millions of people in the last two years because they were doing what they were told rather than following the hippocratic oath they took in order to practice medicine. That alone has to be one of the most appalling things that has ever happened in the history of this planet. Doctors that kill rather than heal.

All these minds control programs and substances with which we are now constantly being assaulted have also served to disconnect people from the souls and intuition, and this has worsened considerably in the last twenty years, also with the aerosols, ionosphere heaters and microwave towers, and this is an agenda. We must make a concerted effort to begin to think with our souls and nurture our intuition. I was always a very intuitive person most of my life, but in these past two decades, it has been a struggle. When people are able to go within themselves for strength and wisdom, they do not feel so lost and ready to follow anyone's orders, no matter how dangerous. Indigenous people lived by their intution and inner wisdom, and we MUST return to that to discover the wealth of resources that exist within us. Be aware of all that is within you that cannot be seen, but resides in the energetic world and tap into it when you need help, rather that seeking help outside yourself. Trust very few people, because people are going insane and getting dumber by the day. And incidentally, have you noticed how people who have gotten the jab are aging over night. Oh, my goodness. Whenever I go to Ravenna or Alliance and see people that I know took the jab, in a couple cases, I have nearly gasped.

Anyways, along with your intuition and inner wisdom, become aware of your aura and chakras, your third-eye and other spiritual aspects of yourself that you can nurture and strengthen. Our regular five senses lie to us, and I don't think we have any idea just how true that is, but I would bet my bottom dollar, and all my dollars ARE at the bottom, that the reality we think we live in is NOT where we really are. I believe all this will be revealed. We have been caused to hallucinate and my ears are constantly ringing from all these radio frequencies. And I am having the strangest time determining where sounds are coming from, and the thing is, Molly is having the same problem. Are sounds being broadcasted to me from some evil force? I even hear talking sometimes. I am clairsentient, but have never considered myself clairaudient. The CIA are a bunch of evil little bastards and they have done nasty things to our bodies. That's why I have trained myself to only half believe what appears to be happening. The thing that is so apparent to me is that time has sped up so much. Really, what year are we in? I don't think we are where we think we are. There is just too much that makes no sense to me and doesn't seem real, and THAT is intuitive and I trust my inner self more than my outer.

So, again, be very conscious of the language you use to yourself. As you think in a new direction, one of sovereignty and independence, change your behavior to match your new mindset. Update it constantly and follow it vehemently. Scrutinize all your choices, thoughts and actions. Do it all the time and it will become a habit. I've been doing it for years, but I still update it regularly. The way I perceived the world yesterday may be different than today because something happened to enlighten me in some area. Then integrate that into your mindset and behavior. Constantly remind yourself that the physical world, the old paradigm and the way everything functioned is gone, so don't cling to it. The faster you can adapt to new information and act upon it, the faster you can move forward.

Trust that what is happening is for our greater good. We should have evolved WAY long ago, but this Alien force that has had us in its grip has kept us locked in at the physical level. So why would we expect this to be fun and easy? Keep in mind that everything manufactured will be gone, but that is a good thing because it does not match our new vibrations as we ascend. Lately half of what I buy (and I buy very little), is either junk or breaks or doesn't work to begin with, and our food supply is no better. Food safety is almost nil in this country. Catherine Austin Fitts always advises to buy local and know your farmer, but even that will be done. I wonder how many will be able to farm this year. In the email quoted above, the writer mentioned this being the last calm we are going to get. CALM??? It has been probably fifteen years since anything has been calm around here. We have had some kind of precipitation 38 out of the last 49 days, ranging from snow to rain to some undefinable substances. We were up in the 90s a couple weeks ago, then dropped to 26 degrees. Wind, tornadoes, hail and everything else along with being ankle deep in mud. That is called weather warfare and has been relentless. No, things are NOT calm, and I will be glad when nothing is the same as it is now.

Here are some other things I've noticed. Back to the thing about time speeding up—absolutely. It seems my life is always taken up with chores and by the time they are done, the day is over. Yeah, we all have stuff we have to do, but this is beyond normal. There is always something to slow me down. Like the piece of paper I mentioned above where I had all my notes written. I had it in my pocket or right next to my computer all day. I stopped to make lunch and take Molly for a walk, and when I returned, it was nowhere to be found. I have spoken of this before—things that seem to disappear in a black hole, and I know something is fucking with me. I've learned to stop looking and do something else, and when I do, the item suddenly turns up in the most stupid-shit place. If I get frustrated and keep looking, I only waste more time, and it sets up a feedback loop where other things begin to go wrong. I have been observing stuff like this for years, and people that don't believe we are being controlled are not paying attention. So having said that, the other thing we must do with great diligence is to pay very close attention to everything. There is just too much going on that is outside the normal realm of physical reality for me to believe we aren't being controlled much more than anyone can fathom. Once you realize that, you will have even more determination to get free, no matter what it takes. That is why suffering has become such an important element in this whole awakening process. Because one can only suffer so much before something shifts within them and change comes about.

And having said that, again, nothing done at the physical level makes a difference. Even with all the work I did last year cleaning up my greenhouse, it is now overgrown with weeds and ankle deep in water, as is my yard. By the time all this water dries up, if it ever does, it will take weeks just to clean up. I am tired of living like this, and we ALL are, though most do not notice how much time they waste doing things they would rather not be doing. It is all orchestrated, because when you are tied up dealing with the physical world, there is less time to spend on the spiritual and even less than that to spend on enjoyable activities. And when people are starving, being an activist will not take priority. That's why we MUST do this business of being alive in a totally different way—energetically and with our minds. not our hands. We are not slaves, so we need to behave accordingly.

Here's something else I've noticed, in fact, it was a while back when the lady behind me in a line at Walmart pointed it out. I remember when I was growing up cars were all kinds of wild colors—reds and hot pinks, chartreuse, purple, gold—in fact, I owned a gold sunbug (VW with a sunroof). I remember when clothes were that way, too. Now everything is drab. Look in a parking lot. Most vehicles are black or white. Young people's clothing is often drab or dark, but us oldies still wear the colorful stuff. I have all my Cosmic Dream Farm hand painted sweatshirts. I don't want to look like everyone else, but that is the idea here—a loss of self-identity. Subtle, eh? And add to that the plummeting IQs and now all the people who will soon be disabled because of the toxic jabs. People are often scary. When I was in Ravenna yesterday driving down Main Street, there was a man walking facing me on the sidewalk. He looked like a wolf-man, I swear. If I ever met someone like that walking alone, I would run like hell. I know looks can be deceiving, but any more, I just find people dangerous. And now since so many have these operating systems installed in them, what can they be controlled to do? And the stupidity of people is also scary. There was a woman at Marc's buying bananas, and I realize she might have been buying for a business and was paying with an account, but the bananas were 59 cents a pound. I told her they were only 39 cents a pound at ALDI, which is a significant price difference. She thanked me and said that was good to know, then kept on putting more in her cart. ALDI is within walking distance of Marc's.

I hate doing shopping any more because there are so many people out there I want to avoid, and shopping trips always waste time because there are complications. I went to Giant Eagle specifically to get the two new flavors of ice cream they had on sale for $1.99. They never got them in on the truck, and I wasted probably fifteen minutes having to deal with several different people. Then I went to the gas station to get a gallon of kerosene, which is all I've been buying at a time. About a month ago, the price jumped from $4.29 a gallon to $5.79. Well, they were out and probably would not get more because the company they buy from wanted to change THEM $7 a gallon!! I suppose the Air Force wants to keep it all to themselves so they can keep flying those tankers that hold 100 tons payload every time they take off, and they fly 24/7 here. It will all end, and about a nuclear war, it seems to me that in the coming months the U.S. military will be so decimated from those mandatory injections that there won't be much of a military left. Between the deaths and permanent disabilities, which now includes blindness, that alone will create societal collapse, and it already is.

Well. As I was sitting here, I had this flash vision. I saw myself reading that paper with my notes, and remembered doing it. I went up to the porch, and there it was under my chair on the porch. As it turns out, I remembered most of what I had written down. There is only one more thing I want to mention. It is actually an energy exercise that I learned in some workshop or training, maybe when I studied Reiki. Do this to gather and distribute energy. You can then send it into your body or someones else's. I have been working on Molly, as she is in failing health. She will be fourteen this year, if we make it that long.

Stand or sit with your arms about a foot in front of you, palms facing and cupped, in line with your shoulders. Begin moving them toward each other until they are about eight inches separated, then move them outward again. Imagine you are kneading a giant marshmallow, and that is what it will feel like, because after you do that several times, you will begin to feel the resistance bringing your hands closer. You are now collecting energy and you can feel it. I have been doing that with my hands pushing energy into my head at the ear level, and sometimes both hands moving toward my eyes. I want to get rid of all these electronic implants that we ALL have because they are being sprayed on us. Once your hands are "charged," you can place them on any part of your body that you want to energize and clear, such as your heart and solar plexus, in the area of your stomach. Do EVERYTHING you can to bring this energy into yourself, then bring it into your environment. Use it to protect yourself from all the nasty shit with which we are being assaulted.

Always keep a mantra handy to say when you are falling asleep, eating, walking the dog, doing dishes, hanging laundry. . . . Those are mind-empty type activities and when the mind wanders, it is easy for someone else to send harmful thoughts. Make up a mantra that is simple and speaks to you. It helps keep you focused on what is important. Also be aware that our minds are being programmed while we sleep. Be aware of dreams that are harmful and make a point to clear or delete them upon awakening and through the day. Awareness of everything at all levels is essential.

And last, please, if you are still in a state of denial that somehow, someone will come along and fix things and life will continue as normal, you need to face up to the fact that that is not going to happen. There will not be some magic money system or political system or corporate system or any system that will not end up exactly like what we have now. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. If the transhumanists get their way, we will have ALL these systems but hundreds of times worse than they are now. But that's not gonna happen. Let it all go. It is not worth keeping. Look ahead to what can be when we transform into the super-beings we have been since the beginning, but just forgot. Let us wake up and remember. This is all but a bad, bad dream. Below is the mantra I use.

Mastery of the physical world;
Triumph over the illusion;
Conquer all fear;
Awaken and be free.

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