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This is not the article I planned next. I was working on a book review/article combo similar to others I've done, especially the one for Bringers of the Dawn. But I am SO COLD, I am barely surviving. My house is usually around 46 to 48 degrees, so I mostly sit in front of my kerosene heater. There are multiple reasons for this. First, kerosene is horrendously expensive, and I simply do not have the money to buy it. Second, I PERSONALLY am getting the shit sprayed out of me. I can go to Ravenna, which is only about twelve minutes away and watch the thermometer in my car go up and up. I can see sunshine there, and NOT feel this incomprehensibly cold ice nucleation that is being dumped on ME 24/7. I have seen the sun three times in three weeks. Otherwise, there is a layer of thick, grey, low-hanging toxic, wet, freezing shit falling non-stop. I can go outside any time of the day or night and hear them grinding away above me. Accident or coincidence? FUCK, NO! It is called weather warfare and is targeting those of us who do not comply, and that is happening all over the place using different tactics. When this all stops, and it WILL, temperatures will soar, nearly EVERYWHERE on the planet. I PROMISE. Meanwhile I am at the opposite end of Dane. I have probably gotten his 500 inches of rain deficit, and for as horrendously hot as he has been, I am horrendously cold. Dark. Cold. Wet. Miserable. Even through the summer. We were supposedly so far above normal, but not HERE. I had maybe three days that got into the lower 90s, but it ALWAYS got that hot here when I was growing up. Summers were hot, dry and sunny. Now, even in summer, I go out and stand directly in the sun and bask when it's out because I am always SO COLD. And does it seem a coincidence that the worst wildfires in California were near Dane? There is so much in his life that corresponds with mine. I have been suffering from weather warfare/terrorism for about as long as he has, and also like him, there is a sense of being cut off and fighting the battle mostly alone. And it is taking its toll on me and probably on him, too.

So, having said that, let me make one more not too subtle comment. I know for a fact I have readers who are doing their part. They are devoted to serving others. They are handing out Dane's flyers, and many are not particularly comfortable, materially or financially. To those people, I send my blessings. Remember, those who are truly working towards awakening and spiritual ascension and enlightenment know that if one is not focused on Service to Others, and selfless giving, they are nothing but phonies pretending to awaken. Let me also remind you that people like that are gutless and will cave in at the first threat against their comforts. I have given freely of myself for the past nine years on this website, and never asked for anything in return. But I DO have a Paypal button on my Home Page, and there are plenty of you who could afford to donate. My goal is to be free and clear of all the alien institutions on this planet, especially the financial one, but in these final days of the Matrix, I am literally getting the living shit beat out of me. The Matrix doesn't want you to escape. So if you are too comfortable to understand all this, rest assured you soon will. Because by clinging to the institutions that give you comfort, you are completely embedded in the Matrix. When it goes down, so will you.

Some people believe that humanity is basically good, but as I have stated before, that's a delusion. Anyone who could allow themselves to be led by the nose to get this vaccine, and who has no inner compass in which to see the evil behind the phony smiles and rhetoric is following the path of evil themselves. Period. Being "nice" is not the same as being moral, ethical, and living with integrity. Some of the "nicest" people I've ever known are also the most evil. Complacency is complicity, and if you have not joined the battle against evil, you are assisting to promote it. Anyone who believes otherwise is simply dodging the truth and is unable to challenge their worn and outdated beliefs. Where we are now, if you do not stand up for the truth, even if it means extreme discomfort, you will be pulled into the abyss when the shit hits the fan, and it is coming fast.

As Dane has been such a hero in his work to expose that which has been kept so stubbornly hidden, I think the most outstanding hero in exposing this whole vaccine/plandemic atrocity is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.. There are things I don't like about him, but the more I see of him, the more I hold him in highest respect. He is folliowing the footsteps of his daddy and uncle, also both great men, though not perfect either. At least with his work, he has gotten much more exposure and support, and a huge, growing number of people that have awakened to the horrific scenario we now face. I just listened to an extraordinary interview on The Corbett Report concerning his book, The Real Anthony Fauci. OH MY GOODNESS!! I highly recommend everyone listen. Even if you know what a satanic creep he is, you will still gasp. The book is the #3 best seller at Amazon, but Kennedy said in order to get it to the top of the New York Times list, it should be purchased from a bookstore, like Barnes & Noble. It ranks #8 on NY Times, as of this writing.
Video: The Real Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
All profits from the book go to
Children's Health Defense.

Anyways, to return to what I began at the top of this article, I decided to write this article, rather than complete the other one first because I have no heat in this room at all and can only tolerate it for a short time. Writing this short article is less time-consuming, plus it allows me to share additional information. As I said in my last article, I was given a dream about the "accident" before it happened, and I want to make sure you understand the difference in this particular dream. If I have a dream that gives me fear or anxiety, I know it has come from a mind-control program, and I must "delete" it from my mind immediately. This one, however, was rather matter-of-fact, and though my heart should have been pounding with fear when this "accident" happened, I remained very cool and calm, escaped and did what I needed to do to take care of myself. Looking back at the scene, it is amazing that I am alive, and yet I still remain calm. THAT was the difference in the dream.

But I have agonized over the meaning of the events of these past six weeks, knowing that there was a reason it all happened. Well, I knew it had something to do with getting me away from computers, as I am still dealing with that. But in the past few days, really, after spending so many quiet hours sitting in front of a kerosene heater and doing little else, that what I am SUPPOSED to be doing is sitting in front of a kerosene heater and doing little else. And I have been getting some very clear and precise messages, which actually amount to instructions on escaping the Matrix and establishing the New Paradigm Or at least, for those of us who have returned to be the Bringers of the Dawn and reclaim what is ours. I think those who have devoted their lives to this mission will find themselves with an immense amount of freedom as to what we want to create and how we create it.

But the main point has been that as long as we are stuck in a computer-controlled reality, our creative abilities are blocked. I used to be able to have some control over the events of my life, both through physical means and by using my mind. For the past quite a few years, that ability has become more and more blocked. I have been told by this stream of instruction now pouring into me, that makes perfect sense, that my ability to funtion in the reality in which I find myself is now permanently impaired, which I've known. Years ago, I wrote an article called Flushing the Toilet While You're Swimming in the Bowl, which is exactly where I, and those of us who have worked to disconnect from the Matrix, find themselves. It is miserable, but a sign that a birth is forthcoming into reality outside the Matrix. My creative area of expertise has NEVER been in the physical world. It is in the non-physical world. And keep in mind, As Above, So Below. Computer-generated or not, for those of us that are aware of subliminal messages, symbolism and energy, we can still use what we are experiencing in the physical realm to gauge our progress in the non-physical. Essentially, we ARE creating, but it is manifesting elsewhere. When we are free of this prison, we will dwell with what we have created. That's why it is SO important to work on your manifesting skills NOW, even if you don't think you are making progress.

Several points have been made very clear. The first is that nothing here is real—it is a computer generated "reality" so therefore nothing is even ours to begin with so we have no ability or rights to anything here. THAT is becoming painfullty clear to EVERYONE, or should be. Remember that line at the end of the movie They Live? "They own this planet." So this stream of information has been showing me how to go outside myself and create. THOSE creations will be MINE, and so will that reality. As I move out of THIS, I move INTO that. On Thursday, we actually had a warmish day, although the skies were plastered with streaks and by this morning it was frigid again. Honestly, I have felt like I'm living somewhere between The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe and the final episode of Harry Potter. Surreal?? NO SHIT. But anyways, I sat down to meditate, and discovered that a voice was giving me a guided meditation, sending me into deeper and deeper and more immensely relaxed states, where I found myself slipping out of the "holes" in the Matrix into freedom. Not only has it given me much more mental calm, but I have started to realize WHY I need to stay away from my computer, and use these last remaining days to finish my work of 41 years. Plus, I found that a number of issues have begun to shift on their own.

Anyone advanced enough to be reading this has GOT to realize we are at the end. Do you not notice how time is speeding out of control? Do you not notice how the majority of the population has become, or is becoming totally unable to function mentally? Ask an employee of any business a simple question and you can be pretty sure they won't be able to answer it. I hadn't been to a Sheetz gas station for a while, so when I stopped a couple weeks ago, I asked the cashier what "Flex Fuel" was. He had no idea, and said he didn't buy gas there. I said, "BUT YOU WORK HERE and should be able to answer a question." I called Giant Eagle a couple Thursdays ago to see if they still had their Friday doughnut deal. The person who answered the phone gave me the wrong info, and when I got to the store on Friday, no one in bakery knew either. The cashier knew, and I'm glad I had them boxed, because it turned out to be a VERY good deal, and at that point, I NEEDED doughnuts. Or what about that FedEx driver who dumped all those packages in a ravine in Alabama?? OMG, NO RESPECT for people's property. I felt sick looking at the picture. It put me nearly in tears. I don't order much online, but when I do, I am always anxious until it arrives safely. I would not have ordered it if it wasn't something important to me. I think of the books and coloring books I order from Dover. They are precious to me and I would be livid if someone abused them.

It appears we have a warm-up coming, and actually, I have not been too uncomfortable today, so I will plan on getting the book review/article out next. It will be filled with lots of ideas to help you with your escape in these final days. And as I said in my last article, my focus will be on creating the New Paradigm from now on. As I have been saying, it will be massive deaths that finally wake people up, at least the ones who have not yet had their brains turned to mush. Once people finally "get it," that NONE OF THESE CREEPS have our best interest in mind, and these "vaccines" are not about HEALTH, they are about DEATH, then, Dane's pitchforks and torches will appear, and the angry crowds will be looking for anyone and everyone who lied and participated in these atrocities. It will be so much easier, then, to point out what is going on in ther skies. As Dane has said, Americans are well-armed, and when the people in the military finally realize they have been used and abused, they might not be willing to follow orders. It will make the French Revolution look like child's play. I hope to be on My Own Little Planet by then.

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