Letter to Media and Meteorologists

To all my readers: Here is the letter I've written to members of the media and meteorologists. PLEASE use it to send to these people in your area. You can simply copy and paste the letter part onto your email program, adding your own name and contact at the begining and end, or you can paste it onto your version of WORD, or similar program, and make changes if you want. IT JUST NEEDS TO GO OUT. We now have a precious tool to back up everything Dane has taught us over all these years. Email me if you have questions, but please HELP. Dane is ready to collapse with exhaustion. He cannot do this himself, and it NEEDS to get done.

We recently had another totally engineered weather disaster hitting the central U.S., Denver, in particular, and now potentially destructive storms in the south coming this week. If we do not stop this now, we will ALL be suffering from one weather disaster after another. The controllers are already prepping us for an overly-active tornado season. What will it take to get EVERYONE on board? How many will have to be killed before we demand an end to this insanity? It could be you or a loved one next. There is NOTHING you are doing now that is more important than joining the fight.

I know it is frustrating when people refuse to hear the truth, but you just KEEP TELLING IT. Remember the "Hundredth Monkey." And keep in mind that not only are we sharing indisputable scientific evidence, but we are building a new energy field. Too many "spiritual" people are separating the work of stopping this global assault with "spiritual work," but I assure you, they are one and the same. I believe Catherine Austin Fitts is completely aware of this, and I am more convinced, having listened to her comments in The Dimming. SHE KNOWS. If we are indeed the "Bringers of the Dawn," then we must work wherever we are called, to complete our mission. I will discuss this more in my next article. Meanwhile, please use the letter below as is, or as a guide, particularly since I already have supplied links to important pages on Dane's site, to send to the media in your area. I began my emailing yesterday, to both TV stations and newspapers. Most people have a great number of media organizations where they live. NEVER, EVER GIVE UP.



Dear Media and Meteorologists;

It is the duty and obligation for all media organizations in this country to serve the public and supply them with truthful reporting, yet we now see precious little truth, but instead lies and cover-ups to protect the guilty. And those who do attempt to tell the truth are ridiculed by the label of "conspiracy theorist," and even worse, are being stripped of their rights to free speech.

GeoEngineeringWatch.org, has finally released its long awaited and much anticipated two-hour documentary, The Dimming. Although Dane Wigington has been researching and publishing data confirming the catastrophic damage to all the earth's life-support systems caused by climate engineering for nearly two decades, this groundbreaking film provides definitive proof of the illegal activity going on in our skies. He and his team were recently able to acquire a NOAA flying lab, in which they took atmospheric samples of the dispersions being sprayed by planes at altitude. Their analysis matched all the ground samples taken over the past twenty years, and the ingredients listed in the numerous government patents for weather modification: ALUMINUM, STRONTIUM, BARIUM. The documentary begins:

Perhaps the greatest lie ever perpetrated on populations all over the world is the condensation trail lie. What we're seeing in our skies is not condensation. It's sprayed particulate dispersions with very few exceptions."

There is no longer any room for dispute on this issue. There are now thousands and thousands of us who have been working with Wigington for many years, across the whole planet, and on every continent except Antarctica, to expose this criminal activity and bring it to an immediate halt. Our numbers grow every day, and we DEMAND that the media and especially meteorologists stop the lying and denying. WE KNOW YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS. And now we have proof that cannot be disputed. The film also includes testimony given by numerous high ranking former military officers and other people in high positions.

Though there may still be people in the media who do not know about these programs, or perhaps just do not understand the magnitude of their destruction, it is impossible for anyone with the title of meteorologist to not know, and still be worthy of their title. No meteorologist worth his or her title could possibly think these totally anomalous weather events are natural, even though organizations such as The Weather Channel invent all these trendy new terms to keep people from knowing the truth. It is the job of meteorologists to tell the public the truth about the increasingly deadly engineered weather assaulting the entire planet, and the true state of the climate, NOT to act as a cover-up for covert activity.

GeoEngineeringWatch.org is the largest climate engineering information website in the world, and Mr. Wigington is the world's foremost expert on this subject, with over twenty years of research and an immense volume of irrefutable, undeniable evidence upon which he bases his conclusions. He has data on every conceivable aspect of climate engineering/weather warfare posted on his site for public viewing. This includes soil and water tests; government documents and weather modification patents; film footage of spraying; radar, satellite and microwave images and animations; and much more.

Therefore, it is not only a moral and legal issue, it is about accountability for each of your actions, or lack of action. We are way past the point in the decimation of this planet where turning a blind eye is acceptable. When the public learns the truth about what has been done to them, there will be an outcry heard across the globe. Every person who has been a perpetrator of these programs, including those who knew and kept silent, will have to face judgment for their behavior. What we have is planetary omnicide. And the public will know the truth. With every weather event that becomes more and more deadly, greater numbers of people are awakening, until the lies will no longer be believed. We are nearing that point. So please know that your response, or lack of response to this letter will be published online.

The devastating situation in Texas, completely engineered, is working in our favor to bring the truth to the public. Engineered winter is one of the deadliest and most toxic aspects of climate engineering. We are being sprayed with concoctions that include lead iodide, silver iodide, dry ice, and other substances. They are endothermic, drawing heat from the air and everything they touch, which also freezes water immediately often at temperatures in the 40 to 50 degree range, burns the skin and lungs, kills off wildlife, and makes it feel ten or twenty degrees colder than it is. Do you not wonder why little patches of "snow" will linger after days on end at 50 or 60 degrees? I have witnessed all of this. Here is the Knollenberg Patent for chemical ice nucleation, followed by a list of articles about Engineering Winter.

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And microwaves are also being used to manipulate hurricanes, like the ones that stay in one place and drop tons of rain. Hurricanes MOVE FAST. Any one that does not, is being manipulated to remain in one place. Is this being done on purpose? OF COURSE it is. Check out the facts.
Geoengineering Microwave Transmissions And Their Connection To Hurricane Florence
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Here is more information about high bypass turbofan jet engines.
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And here are two links, for documents concerning climate engineering activities and a list of government patents for weather modification.
Here is a page of government and scientific documents.
Here is a page of government patents for weather modification.

Here are some articles about climate engineering and wildfires.
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Dane does a radio broadcast every Saturday and Sunday morning in Redding, California, which can be accessed for free on his Home Page, right column, called Global Alert News. In addition, he does an online Q&A every Wednesday, also posted in the right column.

Even if you think you understand climate engineering, or believe what you have been told, you owe it to yourself, the planet, and those you love, to investigate on your own. Nobody with a conscience or moral integrity who truly grasps the magnitude of destruction now being unleashed upon this planet, can possibly remain silent about it, no matter what the consequences of speaking out. Please join our fight to STOP climate engineering NOW.


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