Looking Deeper Into the Illusion

This is not what I had planned to write next, and it will be a rather brief article. I had planned a Bible article, so that will be along soon. This is a follow up on my July 5 issue of Toward the Peaceable Kingdom, and a very disturbing week. I had considered doing it as my next Farm issue, but I try to keep those lighter. I want to make some clear points about this illusion thing that I have been going on and on about, just so you don't think I have finally cracked or perhaps all this aluminum-on-the-brain that we are all suffering from has driven me to dementia. Well, that's always a possibility, I guess.

But ALL of us reading this KNOW something is very very wrong with this world. And it is something beyond all the lies and corruption and something that cannot and will not get fixed, no matter what we do. The key here is to keep going deeper to seek the truth, and the truth will set us free. And the deeper we go, the more our reality becomes a whole new landscape. And so, if you have not or are not experiencing any of this in your lives, but I'll bet everyone reading this IS, then those of us going through this transition must seem awfully strange. That's another reason I really stay away from people now, because there is little comprehension between myself and most others. But as I've been saying, I get these periods of immense leaps now, one after another at this point, and they leave me feeling exhausted and confused, followed by much deeper insight.

I also want to be clear about the source of all these bizarre and horrible things going on. Though I am trying to stay away from the whole victim mindset, nevertheless, there IS an evil force out there, most likely off-planet, with on-planet agents, who are very desperate at this point to keep us in the illusion, and keep us believing it is all real. Anyone who pays any attention at all to current affairs has GOT to feel bewildered at this increasingly surreal world. And THAT is why I keep calling it a GIFT, because many people are being pushed to their believability threshold, and once one reaches the point where they have to say, "I just KNOW this can't be real," then the next step is to say, "I CLEARLY see that it isn't." As for myself, I have passed this "point of no return." I used to think disclosure would have to happen in order for us to move on, but what I am seeing for myself, at least, is that I will move on WAY before disclosure comes, and the people who are stuck here being duped because they are, for whatever reason, unable to see past the façade, well, I dunno what will happen, but I think a bunch of us will be on our way in the very near future. And though we have done everything possible to fulfill our mission, we may just have to let it go and move on. This whole virus thing has triggered so many unexpected openings and insights, that a segment of the population is in evolutionary acceleration mode. In one of my recent emails with Chautauqua, he made the comment, "I am just so sick of this shit." Well, yes, and because SO MANY of us are there, and refuse to go on with the program, there has been a massive energy shift.

And so, I guess you could say I recieved lots of "gifts" this past week. Let's start with the attack of the bumblebees. As I mentioned in my Farm issue, that one little bee has been in the greenhouse for a year or two, and there has never been a problem. Well, I thought after the whole mating ritual that all would be back to normal, but in fact by the next day, they were swarming. NEVER in all my years have I seen a SWARM of bumblebees. They are solitary creatures. And because of the fact that they would not allow me in my greenhouse without attacking me—well, the nest had to come down. I have a very long plastic pipe with a nail on the end of it that I use to open my shutters. So I used that to push the contents of that hanging shelf onto the ground. They had burrowed into dried gourds that I had in a plastic bag, and made their nests in them. I will always do anything to keep from killing any creature. The Peaceable Kingdom is my spiritual goal, but when I get unprovoked attacks, I have to take steps to protect myself. Plus, I am growing food in the greenhouse that I NEED, so staying away is not an option. I scooped what I could of the nest into a bucket, then threw it out into the field. The stragglers who would not leave, I squashed, so it was not cruel like toxic poison. There is one last bee still looking for the nest, but I suspect it will finally leave and she is not bothering me now, so I am just leaving her alone.

But remember how many times I have said that we cannot solve anything at the physical level any more because it does no good and just generates more of the same. Well. After the bumblebee incident, I found myself being chased by those tiny little ruby-red wasps, which I had never seen until a couple years ago. They behave much like a mud-dauber, and look similar except they are red and smaller. So I went out to a field, an acre away from the greenhouse to work around my fruit bushes, and a bumblebee chased me ALL the way over there. Then I went to clean out one of my outdoor raised beds, and yellow jackets had made a nest in that. So I finally sat down at my table on the porch, and two hornets wouldn't leave me alone.Then I went into my office and one of the big porch bumblebees was in there. She wasn't being aggressive, but even hovering right at the open window, I couldn't get her to go out.

And THEN, I got it. Again. Now, I realize that animals have been behaving strangely, and I know this heat is making them even more so, but there was something SO surreal in this, SO CONTROLLED. Fix one thing and two more things break. One problem becomes a self-generating program for more of the same, and it is nothing even remotely natural. That is exactly the way we are operating now in this world, which is why nothing is getting fixed. Because we are trying to behave physically towards something that is non-physical. Yes, I DO mean an illusion. When I find myself getting SO worked up, obsessed with solving a problem that just keeps getting worse, I know I've been worked over by something evil. And the purpose of this? Distraction, of course, and desperation to keep us locked in the physical dimension. Fortunately, I "get it" a lot quicker now. AND I shifted my energy. The world of stinging insects suddenly calmed down. Every time we can see the illusion for what it is, it has less power over us and takes us farther away from where we think we reside.

But what was even more upsetting last week was Tyler's death. It is bad enough to lose an animal companion you love so much, but there were very strange and unnatural circumstances connected with his death. For one thing, his behavior, or rather his attitude changed greatly. Even though I was giving him nearly non-stop attention, he began doing things which almost seemed motivated by hatred or spite. He would make messes all over the floor, right near the litter pans. I made sure they were always clean, scooping them five or six times a day. I felt that he was being controlled, used by some occult force to force my distraction. And I became very disturbed with myself, too. I kept calling him Rex, who was Molly's brother, and who died last year. But the most upsetting part for me is that after his death, I am feeling like it has been years since my loving Tyler was here with me, and he truly was one of the most affectionate cats that has ever lived with me. It's like he was wiped out of my mind. And so, once again I must pose the question: Was he really here, or was he just an illusion of a beloved companion that exists in another dimension? In fact, for the last several years I have had this feeling of total separation after the death of my animals, even though my life revolves around their welfare.

All this has made me dig even deeper into what we think is real, and I am coming up with some even more drastic shifts in what I believe is my existence. The fact is, NOBODY here at this point REALLY knows the true nature of our reality, even Lisa Renee with her technical explanations of everything and her sets of laws and rules that supposedly govern the universe. It is and always has been our RIGHT to know who and what we are, and it is that RIGHT that was taken away from us during the Reptilian Invasion. Since then, we have lived in a tiny world of ignorance, governed by the dictates of what they deemed would be our reality. I am truly heading in the direction of believing that even WE ourselves are an illusion. Where are we, really? Are we "here"? Where is here? I often catch myself observing this projection of "me" from a great distance away, The observer and the observed, as it is called in some spiritual philosophies. But what does that really mean? I am thinking that once we shift our consciousness to the "observer" the "observed" will disappear. That is the greatest fear of those who hold us in captivity. And that is also why they are desperately creating situations that FORCE us to be distracted and keep us in the physical illusion, even though it goes against what we believe. Therefore, their means of controlling us has also become our greatest GIFT. It seems to me we have reached a stalemate in this epic battle and no matter WHAT they do to us now, it will work against them. Their time is done; our time has come. Nothing lasts forever, and so I say, one more time, PREPARE for the world in which you wish to reside. It is just around the corner, for those who seek.

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