Bracing for Impact, Continued

Yeah, I know this was supposed to be a farm article, and I have tons of material to share, but between Dane and his community, and my research, the amount of information on the truth of what is going on right now pouring across the internet on the few alternative sites that do not follow the official narrative is immense, plus what I am picking up from the non-physical aspect. If you have not read Bracing for Impact yet, please read it first. I really was not planning on doing another issue of this, but on Sunday, I sort of got walloped with material that just had to be shared. Now. The controllers are becoming out-of-control-desperate, which should be obvious to anyone who does not have their brains up their ass. Unfortunately, it appears that the vast majority of the population does not even have a functional brain. I spoke of the very bizarre behaviors I was encountering in the last issue, and found some articles to back my hunches up.The bottom line is this: whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen any day now, and will be the deciding factor of our future, if we have one on Planet Earth. Here are some scenarios that I envision and more than one could happen at once. First, there is always the possibility that an explosion of methane could end this human experiment, and that would be final. I still have not yet watched Dane's video on UVC yet, but will this week. That one may be a bit more prolonged, but also final.
UVC: The Sterilization Of Planet Earth, Part One
I have lots of material to share as to what the controllers are planning for us, however, as Dane says, biosphere collapse will beat them to the intersection. So, what do I think will happen, and what would be the best case scenario? Well, don't cringe, but if we wake up one day very soon and find that a couple billion people have died suddenly, I think THAT would change the world. Let me explain.

First, we have numerous sources that have told us bluntly that the mRNA vaccines—in the U.S., that would be Pfizer and Moderna, will kill everyone who has been injected with them, and why. I have more on that in a bit. If a vast number of people suddenly die, or rather when, it will not be able to be covered up, and it has to be A LOT of people. Remember, Bringers of the Dawn told us this would be a prerequisite to the awakening. I do not feel sorry for the people who made the decision with their own mind to allow this poison into their bodies. I do feel bad for elderly people that had the decision made for them, or were coerced by a "loved one," or their mental faculties were not capable of understanding, or, the saddest of all, they grew up in an era when you could actually trust your doctor. Hell, even I grew up in THAT era. Fortunately I embraced mind-body healing over 40 years ago, and want no part of the medical/pharmaceutical industry. But the thing is, it would send a shock wave across the planet. People would know their loved one did NOT die of Covid, and I suspect that even doctors would begin to suffer massive guilt if they were made to lie about something of that magnitude. I fully realize that the transhumanism agenda has taken root, therefore we have now a population that has so soul, but has merged their organic human-ness with computer components. More on that, too. But for those who still have a remnant of vitue, morals and ethics, I believe the truth would come out and so would the pitchforks and torches, as Dane always says. But the other thing, at least from my perspective, and what I have awaited for eons, it seems, is that there would be an energy shift so gargantuan, that the truth-tellers would finally gain the upper hand—exactly what we need. Right now, not only are we raging this energetic war with Reptilians and their human-ish agents here on earth, we are carrying TONS of dead weight, of all those people who are just here and little else. Energetically, we are suffocating in a sea of lies and apathy. Like a badly stopped-up drain, the energy can no longer move, so we stagnate and give the enemy the environment it needs to follow through with their agenda. With the death of a massive number of people, everything would JUST STOP, exactly what needs to happen. The entire function of society would come to a screeching halt because the everyday jobs that need to be done, could no longer carry on.

And at the point where we are now, a MASSIVE JOLT is the only thing that will wake people up. I mean, seriously, we have the entire WEST COAST on fire and out of water, other parts of the country UNDER WATER, and most everybody scorching hot, except for here in Portage Country, where I am STILL wearing my flannel pajamas and have both a comforter and wool blanket on my bed. NO SHIT. Anyways once these deaths happen, THEN it will be much easier to STOP the atrocity in the skies. People would do their part because they would finally catch a glimpse of the alternative and be scared shitless. Once the sky activity stops, so would the rest of it, like the towers and H.A.A.R.P. and all these satellites, 5G and otherwise. THEN, and this is the best part—disclosure of off-planet alien interference would FINALLY be brought to light. These are the things that need to happen if there is to be any future for us. And they will not happen without a major upheaval.

OK, so let's move on with articles and I found some really great ones at Global Research in Canada, in fact, I think Dane must get a lot of his material from them. They are one of the best alternative news sources who are not afraid to speak the truth, and there was a WHOLE slew of articles about vaccines. Remember in the last article when I speculated on the possibility of microchips being injected along with the vaccine? As I have been saying, I do NOT believe that these vaccines were meant to kill, or at least not kill everyone, because who would be left to do the work of the controllers? I believe it is about MIND CONTROL. In fact, EVERYTHING is about mind control, which is also why I believe it come from off-planet. It is all just too UNhuman. And if you recall, Catherine Austin Fitts reported on this plan to digitize all financial activity, therefore, if you did not behave, such as speaking out against the official narrative, your funds would be cut off. THIS IS NOT SCI-FI. And it is why NOBODY is allowed to sit on their lazy ass and do nothing. We need EVERYONE to speak out, starting with handing out Dane's materials and finding him more radio stations willing to carry his podcast. Here's the article from Global Research.
Forced Vaccination and the Road to “Digital Tyranny”: Agenda ID2020 Revisited
And here is a quote from that article. C'mon, all you Canadian readers, help us out!

"Along with the vaccination—if not with the first one, then possibly with a later one, a nano-chip may be injected, unknown to the person being vaccinated. The chip may be remotely charged with all your personal data, including bank accounts—digital money. Yes, digital money that’s what "they" are aiming at, so you really have no control any more over your health, and other intimate data, but also over your earnings and spending. Your money could be blocked, or taken away—as a 'sanction' for misbehavior, for swimming against the stream. You may become a mere slave of the masters. Comparatively, feudalism may appear like a walk in the park."

And here, for my new readers, is the video of
Catherine Austin Fitts.

The above article also mentions the presidents that "died unexpectedly," which Dane has mentioned in his GANs. If this article doesn't scare the pants off you, then you are already brain dead. This link provides a video of Bill Gates speaking of one thing while the agenda, of course, is another. Here's some quotes from the Agenda ID2020 segment:

"These Rockefeller Report’s four scenarios (Lock Step; Clever Together; Hack Attack; and Smart Scramble), have been on the drawing board for decades. Ever so often we were told and warned about the deadly actions they had in store for us."
"Have you noticed, the scenario "Hack Attack" is being tried out, in plain sight?
The highly propagated blame and breach of cyber security is on Russia and China. And hardly anybody is linking it to the openly displayed chapter "Hack Attack" of the 2010 Rockefeller report (p 34).
How come? Are we so blind or brain-brushed and brain-washed to ignore the open warnings we receive?"

The answer would be YES, of course.
After that, PLEASE watch the 6.32 minute video of the Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony. OH, MY!
That is followed by Event 201, which is the "plandemic" we find ourselves in now. Please read all this. If you have any doubts as to the agenda, may they all disappear.
Then continue with The Coronavirus Vaccine: The Real Danger is "Agenda ID2020". Vaccination as a Platform for "Digital Identity," first published in 2020, which includes some key points. This includes speculation on what exactly might be in these vaccines, such as "a brain debilitating agent," or other surprises. One of them is Graphene Oxide. I'm hearing quite a bit about that lately, so we'll do that next.

First, Dane posted a very short video on it.
Graphene Skies?.
I knew nothing about it, so had done a little research which I planned to post. But the next day, V. Susan Ferguson had posted in Dane's comment section, tons of articles concerning graphene, including its extremely toxic qualities. So, not only is it being sprayed on us, it is being injected into people who have submitted to the vaccine. Here's one from Global Research:
Video: Graphene Oxide: A Toxic Substance in the Vial of the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine.
Here's a quote from this article: "Graphene has electromagnetic properties which have been detected in people who have been vaccinated. These effects have been amply documented and confirmed. See the study conducted by the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance." Included is a link to the European Forum. They also believe it is responsible for the thrombi and blood coagulation, suffered by victims of the vaccine, and recommend discontinuing its use.
Included in the article are two links concerning graphene in face masks. Dane mentioned that Canada is recalling masks used in school and day cares for graphene. Incidentally, all through this plandemic, I have never owned an actual face mask. I have lots of bandanas that I wrap my hair with to keep the bugs and shit out of it, so when I go out, I put it over my face. Yeah, I realize they're not effective, but neither are masks, and this whole Covid thing is more fakery than real. I've said from the get-go that people were dying of others causes, like heavy metals and EMFs. According to statistics, there is a 99 percent chance of not dying from Covid.
Remember what I keep saying. All this shit is just WAY too evil to be of human origin—especially all this really creepy technology. It came from aliens. Ask yourself how much I have gotten right so far. This will prove to be correct, also. Just the fact that life has absolutely no value any more. Have you noticed that? There has been a massive attitude shift, and it is NOT HUMAN. It is all part of the mind-control implant agenda.

Remember in my last article how I was wondering what is REALLY going on with retail businesses? Here's an article on THAT.
Are American Businesses Committing Suicide by Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines for Their Employees as Staffing Shortages Increase?.
The articles make the same point that I do, which is that businesses are understaffed because SO MANY PEOPLE have died. When they start to demand their employees be vaccinated, they're going to lose more. I can't help but wonder if Walmart wasn't failing to answer their phones on purpose, because there was just not enough people available. I have encountered that elsewhere. I've been trying to reach a radio staiton in Cleveland to promote Dane's podcast, but NO ONE answers the phone. I DO reach the station because I get their recording, which quickly informs me there is no one available to anser my call. Hmmm. And I will say this once again. These controllers are not thinking through their agenda, because when most of the people are dead, who will carry it out for them?? When all these military people and police forces, who have mostly been vaccinated, all die, WHO WILL PROTECT THE ELITES???

Here's another one concerning vaccines deaths. Hmm . . . 7.9 billion, eh? Well, that would be just about all of us . . . .
The "Killer Vaccine" Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People.
Gosh, just look at Bill Gates with that big smile. Makes you want to gag. Here's the first sentence from "The Covid-19 Timeline:"
"Fake figures of covid-19 positive cases and covid-19 related deaths. Lies upon lies." Haven't I been saying that, too? Be sure and watch the short video of Dr. Charles Hoffe explaining exactly how the vaccines are causing deaths. With each shot, 40 TRILLION of the messenger RNA packages are injected into your body. OH, MY! And the data continues:
Israel, Australia Report 95-99% Hospitalized Fully Vaccinated.

Here is one last article from Global Research.
The Fake “Delta Variant” and The Fourth Wave: Another Lockdown? Upcoming Financial Crash? Worldwide Economic and Social Sabotage?.
Just look at the data on deaths and injuries! And remember, what is reported is only a fraction of the actual number, and these are just deaths and injuries that happen shortly after the injection. It does not take into account all those who are dying now who had their injection months ago. Does it not stand to reason that companies would be losing employees?

Next I want to cover some of the material Dane has covered in his last two GANs. Last week's, Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 7, 2021
was exceptionally good. PLEASE LISTEN. We are at the end of the road, but if EVERYONE does their part, we can STOP what is going on in the skies. That will have a domino effect on everything else, INCLUDING all these evil agendas. Incidentally, their goal is 2030, but there is NO WAY we will be alive by then if we do not stop what is going on in the skies. Dane is absolutely correct when he says biosphere collapse will beat them to the intersection. They won't get their way, but they are sure bent on making life a miserable hell. If we do NOT stop the climate engineering agenda, THEY will go down with the rest of us. Guaranteed. He covered so much, so let me skip around. He included a recording of Ken Caldiera, second most well-know climate engineer, behind only David Keith. He is a former government agent whose job was to find ways to weaponize the sky. Just typing that is insane and NOT HUMAN.

Before I continue with that, I want to say that on Sunday, we had this thunderstorm and torrential rain that was not even forecast. It seemed to just come out of nowhere, and they have been seeding the clouds non-stop for days. I can hear them grinding away up there. There was a crack of thunder that scared the living shit out of me. OMG! Am I afraid of these storms?? You're goddamn right I am. I KNOW what's going on up there. They've turned the sky into an electronic grid. Again, does THAT sound like it came from human origin? What is going on up there is pure evil. Dane called it The Mark of the Beast, which was kind of unusual for him but I totally agree. Here are some of the notes I jotted down on my notepad, and I am a terrible typist, so I don't get everything. Caldiera spoke of weaponizing geophysical functions; manipulating the earth's physical systems to use as weapons; seeding pathogens in cloud to rain down on enemies, which includes their OWN populations, not just in the U.S. but nearly every country now. So, summed up, his job was to find ways to wage war on innocent enemies using geophysical functions. He now works for Bills Gates, as many of you know, who calls him his "most amazing teacher." Yeah, Bill, anyone who can teach you how to be more evil than you already are . . . . PLEASE listen to Dane's broadcast. This recording was chilling, and NOT human. NORMAL humans do NOT behave this way. We have fewer and fewer "normal humans" as each day passes, (and as more get these vaccines).

Dane also mentioned that the J&J vaccines were being investigated by the FDA, linked to Guillain-Barré syndrome
Why would ANYONE trust J&J? Their products are filled with toxic shit. ALL of this is toxic shit. WHY are people just sitting back and allowing this to happen . HOW BAD does it need to get before YOU speak out??
FDA adds warning to J&J vaccine for possible link to rare neurological disorder

Dane has gotten lots of new listeners, as more radio stations pick up his podcast, so he's been reviewing some basic facts, plus returning to materials from the past. This past week, he presented excerpts from an interview with geoengineering insider called "Deep Shield" in early 2003. I remember him speaking about it on other occasions, but it is worth hearing again, and just as chilling as Ken Caldiera's recording. This man was a geoengineer, and the interview was an example of how these people (not those at the top, of course), but their minions doing the actual work, justify the heinous agenda in which they are involved. In 2004, Deep Shield committed suicide by carbon monoxide, or it certainly appeared that way. And if so, it is evidence that back then, there were still at least a few people who had a conscience. Now, it is easy to label the ones either controlling or covering the controllers, carrying out this indescribable evil activity on this planet, as psychopaths, but in fact they are no longer human, nor do they have a soul. They have submitted to the transhumanism agenda, either lured there by promises of money and power, although in truth, they have become disposable machines, at the controllers' whims; or unwittingly submitted, not taking the time to research what they were getting involved in. That would apply to the vast majority who have accepted vaccines. The interview is about 45 minutes into the podcast, and I strongly suggest everyone listen, to the whole recording, or at least to the interview.

Here are some points, and I will just copy and paste the notes I jotted down, and you'll get the idea:
"view of an insider;" "accepted rationalization;" "lack of knowledge;" "shocking;" "trained to believe it is right to interfere with nature;"
"perspectives that climate engineering was benevolent and needed;"
"OMG BARIUM!!!!!; (Please check out the toxic qualitities of this substance. It is also a desiccant.) "admitted polymer fibers were being sprayed on us;"
Dane made the point that polymer fibers are now ubiquitous. Also said, and I think I heard this right, that mold-growth inhibitors were added, but the fact is, that, at least here in the east, mold is worse than ever. When we have these torrential rains, EVERYTHING is covered with mold no matter how many times I wash and dry it. I will speak more of that in my next Farm Article.
But here is the really creepy stuff, and in my opinion, suicide was the only honorable thing this man could do.
"terraforming;" "trying to reform earth;" "expected about two billion casualties;" "better than whole earth destruction;"
THAT was his justification!
"he states this is still in its infancy and there are still problems;" What an insane rationalization!!

I will end this article with still more links. Apparently The Weather Channel has fixed their videos because they play now.
California Drought Forces Power Plant Offline
Towering Flames Force Residents to Flee Wildfire by Boat
And here are some shocking, (as if we can still be shocked) links posted by V. Susan Ferguson on Dane's latest GAN for August 7, linked above. Please read the comments of his community, too. Let us begin with this one and if this doesn't inspire you to speak out, then we are truly a hopeless race, and will spend the last remaining months of life on this planet in the most horrifying of miseries. Does anyone remember the Reptilian Invasion? I'll bet lots of you were there. I was and I DO remember it and we are reliving it. If we do not erradicate this evil scum, we will spend thousands of lifetimes in a state that will make slavery seem like a party. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT???
A New State of Segregation: Vaccine Cards Are Just the Beginning
This is the shape of things to come.
In blistering drought, California farmers rip up precious almond trees
Here's another from The Defender, which includes updates on VAERS data, especially deaths of young people from the Covid vaccine.
VAERS Latest Data Include 2 New Reports of Teen Deaths Following COVID Vaccine, as Total Reports of Deaths Exceed 12,000
I will end with this one that would make any normal human being sick and enraged. For anyone that thinks Fauci has even one remaining molecule in his entire being that has not been corrupted with pure evil, think again.
Dr Fauci Spent $424K On Experiments Where Dogs Were Bitten To Death By Flies
Here is Earth Angel's reply and I totally agree.

Earth Angel says:
August 8, 2021 at 7:14 am

Sick bastards. The creeps who do these kinds of experiments on helpless animals are not doctors or researchers—only sadistic monsters. What kind of mind thinks up this disgusting shit to do to another living creature; helpless and trusting which will be unable to resist or escape their vile cruelty? The same sick experiments they dream up should be conducted on THEM.

Yes, I still have TONS more info to share, but I don't want to overwhelm you, so it will appear in another article. I'm not even going to tell you what and when because things are changing so fast, I make decisions on the spur of the moment according to what must take priority. Once again, I PLEAD with everyone to USE YOUR VOICE WHILE YOU STILL HAVE IT. While the internet is still up and we are still relatively free to carry on our work. As I said above, I am awaiting the day we hear of massive deaths, and it will be too big to cover up. THEN the energy will shift in our favor. Keep alert and be ready to act upon any opportunity or open window. Not acting guarantees the death of us all.

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