Bracing for Impact

I know I had said a Farm Article was forthcoming, but this takes precedent because we are getting so close. As Dane keeps saying, the controllers will not have their way because biosphere collapse will beat them to the intersection. So let us begin with this from The Weather Channel. They have changed their scripting, and these videos will not play for me unless I turn off my ad-blocker. Raymond also mentioned he couldn't get them to play, in one of his comments on Dane's site. You can click to read the transcript, but watching all that ice plunging into the ocean sends a more powerful message.
Greenland Ice Melt Could Cover Florida in 2 Inches of Water

As Dane also continues to say, there is no "could, may, might." It's already happening. Here are some points he made in his latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 31, 2021
He said there was a source that projected there would be an 18 degree C temperature rise by 2025, which means of course that all life on the planet will be long gone by then. I thought it might be Arctic News Blogspot, so I looked it up, but their projections remain the same, 10.02 C by 2026, which STILL means all life on Planet Earth will be gone, because that is equal to 50 degrees F. He also said that the 3 degrees C the so-called "environmentalists" and politicians have promised to avoid by laughable means, such as reducing carbon by 2030 has already passed, and we are at least at 3 1/2 degrees C now. Remember, it is a feedback loop, which is intensifying the acceleration, and STILL people will not speak out about climate engineering. He also pointed out, again, that there is enough methane leaking into the atmosphere to turn this planet into Venus. At least that would be fairly instant, and EVERYTHING would be gone in a flash.

As we know, it is about biosphere collapse and the controllers' desperation to hide what is really happening until the last minute. They have run out of time. Here's more weather-related articles.
Is this the controllers' solution to the drought? In UTAH? OMG . . . .
Torrential Rainfall Floods Hundreds of Homes in Utah
Motorists Spent The Night In A Highway Tunnel After Mudslide on I-70 in Glenwood Canyon

We all know that the controllers have become blatantly desperate. They are losing, and if the men and women in the military FINALLY wake up to see the extent that they've been used and abused, those 7 billion hollow-point bullets recently purchased by the U.S. Army, supposedly to control "the people" may be used other than planned. Dane mentioned this one, and also pointed out that the police were joining the protesters, which is GOOD and exactly what we need. At least SOME people have balls.
France Fights Back: Protesters March Against Forced Vaccinations, Health Passes (Videos)
Exclusive Interview: Veteran Exposes Dangerous Drug Forced on Military (Covid Vaccines Next)

Have you noticed that just in the past several days, the bullying has either stopped or toned WAY down on MSM sources. I usually check out,, and along with other links posted on Dane's site. CNN has been the absolute worst, as far as bullying, threats, and total lies. Even they have pulled back. A bit. Hmm. Now, why do you think? It is because it's becoming so blatantly obvious that the ones who are becoming infected with the Delta variant are the ones FULLY VACCINATED, even members of Congress, and you can't hide that. Ooops. Here is an article that appeared on NPR, and was pulled off the front page fairly quickly, replaced by Governor Cuomo's sexual issues.
Vaccinated People Can Spread Delta Variant, Suggests Data Behind The CDC Mask Advice
Here's one posted by V. Susan Ferguson
CDC Says Vaccinated May Be as Likely to Spread COVID as Unvaxxed, as Reports of Serious Injuries After Vaccines Surge
OK, so these articles are trickling feebly into public attention, but what are we NOT hearing? Like, just how many people are dropping dead?
Several weeks ago, Dane mentioned that British Airways (I think that was the name of the company), had concelled flights because so many pilots had died. I've SAID this would happen, and the risk for pilots HAS to be even worse than those of us that spend most of our time on the ground, because of all the toxic shit they are exposed to including, EMFs and dispersions. How about this article? Should we read between the lines? I think we must develop a HABIT of doing so.
Spirit And American Airlines Canceled Hundreds Of Flights, Frustrating Passengers
And I wonder about this one, and how many are just "suddenly dying." I suspect a great many more than we can imagine. Like Dane, I really don't care if you like what I say, I do not mince words and soothing lies are guaranteed omnicide for the entire planet.
Simone Biles reveals her aunt died unexpectedly during Tokyo Olympics
And this appeared today.
Sharp decline in ads for Covid-19 vaccines, as the number of 'persuadable' Americans diminishes

I recently had a someone email me, which included this sentence: "I get your impatience, but survival does not come at all costs, or it just becomes suicidal." No, SUICIDE is sitting back and doing nothing. If we do not STOP what is going on in the skies, WE ARE GUARANTEED total annihilation. Period. No, this person does NOT get it. Thinking happy thoughts, then distracting yourself with activities that only prolong the illusion of comfort is EXACTLY what the controllers want. And from the metaphysical perspective, spiritual evolution is impossible to those who seek comfort and stability above all. They may be deluded into thinking they are awakening, but their path is a circle, which continues to lead them back to the same exact place, over and over and over. For you who claim to be a follower of Jesus, ask yourself, if HE ever put comfort and happy thoughts above his mission. We here who claim to be of the "spiritual community" (I do NOT because it has become so corrupt), came here at THIS time to complete a mission. Bringers of the Dawn states that clearly, but so few have remembered their purpose, lured by those spiritul gurus who tell lies, that love and light will solve all the problems. NO. We came here to be warriors. If you do not get that by now, you probably never will in this lifetime. I, like Dane, am sick of preaching this sermon. We are both bewildered that people can remain silent and go on with their lives as if all will work out just fine. Very soon something will happen that will finally light a fire under peoples' butts so that they have NO CHOICE but to stand up and do their part. Bob Dylan wrote:

How many years can a mountain exist
Before it's washed to the sea?
Yes, 'n' how many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?
Yes, 'n' how many times can a man turn his head
Pretending he just doesn't see?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind

Here is more and more evidence that if we do NOT STOP the whole climate engineering agenda NOW!!!!, we do not have a remote chance of surviving much longer. Even if we DO stop it, that chance of salvaging anything is diminishing quickly. WE NEED TO GET THIS DONE. Please, do your part.
California sheriff's office issues stark warning as wildfire rages: 'You are in imminent danger and you MUST leave now'
"Apocalyptic scenes in every direction": Raging wildfire destroys much of Northern California mountain town of Greenville
"California's Dixie Fire has destroyed more than 100 homes, leveled a historic community and left some people unaccounted
California tourist town running out of water amid drought
California hydropower plant forced to shut down as water levels fall at Lake Oroville
At this point we are getting so hot on this planet that I don't think more severe winters will be an issue, at least anything caused by "nature." But still, this is yet another biosphere collapse element to add to the ever-growing list.
A crucial ocean circulation is showing signs of instability. Its shutdown would have serious impacts on our weather.
Please look at these photos. But hey, everything is fine; let's just sit back and do something fun to get our minds off all the nasty shit, right? And it's not just "heatwaves." It is the planet in meltdown. At this point I am caring less and less about ignorant, apathetic and self-absorbed people, but the suffering of innocent animals and plants is rending my heart.
In photos: Europe battles wildfires amid scorching heatwaves
We need EVERYONE to join in exposing the criminal activities going on in the skies. The drought in California is being ENGINEERED with H.A.A.R.P., creating a high-pressure dome blocking all rain from the West Coast. It doesn't matter whether you live there, IT AFFECTS ALL OF US. Everyone's voice is important, and there are things EVERYONE is capable of doing to help, even if it is just ordering materials from Dane and handing them out at grocery stores, gas stations, and wherever people gather. It is SIMPLE and most people will accept a flier if you ask politely.

Sigh. I have had a very strange week, with multiple events coming from different directions that have left me reeling, but the bottom line is that there has been another massive energy shift, and so many red flags that indicate a major upheaval. I know said I would have an article on Wednesday, but I just simply couldn't write it. I've been energetically paralyzed, and that usually indicates that I've jumped to a new level. Vaulted might be a better word. I really don't know which end is up, and I'm still trying to regain my footing. At this point I feel so far removed from most of the world, I would be delighted to just keep moving on and not look back. Actually today I feel much better. Everything seemed to peak yesterday. Even my indoor cats were distraught. Grizzly Bear hardly ate a thing, but he's much better today, too.

One of the things that happened actually did force me to look back. Fifty years, to be exact. It was that many years ago that the first charity rock concert was organized by George Harrison soon after the Beatles broke up. I found the entire concert free on Vimeo.
The Concert for Bangladesh.

I strongly recommend that everyone watch it. For those fortunate enough to have grown up in the '60s, there was SUCH an energy of change. Young people wanted to break free from the establishment, and were willing to give up comfort and security, and, in the case of the Vietnam war protests, to risk their lives standing up for what they believed in. The Beatles had such an immense impact—unless you were there you cannot possibly comprehend "Beatlemania." Nothing like it had ever happened before, nor will anything of that magnitude happen again. It was the era that should have ushered in The Age of Aquarius, as The Fifth Dimension told us in a song. So what happened? Well, the CIA got these kids hooked on a little experiment of theirs called LSD, and we ended up with a drug epidemic instead of a New Age. All the hippies who believed in making love not war, and strove to live a non-materialistic lifestyle were lured back into the land of finance and wealth.

The Beatles were responsible for so many "firsts" and it was they who opened up the western world to Eastern philosophy. They had gained immense fame and fortune, and were miserable, and wanted to know why, so they signed up for a retreat with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It was George who embraced the whole Indian lifestyle. He became a devoted follower of Hare Krishna, a strict Hindu sect, which meant he stopped drinking, smoking, doing drugs, along with not eating animals or killing them. He also studied sitar with Ravi Shankar, and incorporated Eastern musical elements into the Beatles' music.

George was an extremely good man. He organized this concert in a matter of weeks, bringing in rock superstars, none of whom were paid, and some who cancelled gigs to participate. How many would do that today? Nearly everyone operates with the "what's in it for me" attitude these days. When asked in an interview why he did this concert, his answer was simple. "Because a friend asked me." The friend, of course, was Ravi Shankar, and the benefit was for the crisis in Bangladesh. Included in the concert were his former Beatles mate, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, and Bob Dylan, who sang several songs, including the one above. Ravi Shankar and three other excellent musicians also performed. They and their music were filled with joy. Eastern music is very different that Western, and very difficult. The energy of this concert was incredible. I cannot explain how much watching it moved me, but I know it swept me back fifty years, and it has been difficult to return once again to the present. The shock made it blatantly obvious just how low we have fallen in the past fifty years. Indeed, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall. Here are some other links.
George Harrison
Ravi Shankar
The Concert For Bangladesh
Hare Krishna, and The International Society for Krishna Consciousness
OMG, Ringo is 81 years old. PLEASE, tell me that can't be true. He still looks awesome.
Ringo Starr

People, especially the youth, had a vision of something totally different than the status quo, but today, except for artists and authors, I see very few that are capable of thinking beyond the Matrix. Even the vast majority of "spiritual gurus" still think inside the box, especially where money is concerned. Few, other than myself can even imagine using their minds to manifest the physical world, and yet back in the '80s and '90s, it was the rage and the foundation of the New Age Movement. Again, it got fucked up and not by accident. Peoples' minds were turned to wealth and abundance, and manifesting money to get what they wanted, rather than just manifesting the thing itself. In the past several years, it has become more and more difficult to even visualize, or even daydream, and I used to do that expertly. Again none of this is by accident. Now, technology has replaced dreaming and young people are worse than the old. Too many children don't even how to play creatively. They are more interested in having a piece of technology in their hands. Most people don't even see the problem, let alone, imagine a solution. Because our brains have been atrophied by an agenda. That agenda is about to come to an end, so what will people be left with? When that energy shift comes, IF we are still alive on this planet, and all of these scenarios are rushing to the intersection to collide in possibly another Big Bang, eh?—for most people, the bottom will fall out of their lives, because most people really do not have a life or sense of purpose. They do what they're told and spend money, whether they have it or not, on junk that only makes things worse and wonder why they are not happy. But even worse, they are beholden to the mind control program and do not have a clue. What will they do when they have to think for themsleves? Will they even be here?

And as far as manifesting what we need in the physical realm, let me once again inform you that it is not a far-fetched idea, and not something I made up. First, the Bible is filled with examples of Jesus as master of the physical world, from walking on water, calming the storms, changing water to wine, raising the dead back to life, and ultimately proving that death itself is an illusion. In fact, mystical branches of all major religions make it clear that the entire physical world is but an illusion that can be formed and manipulated as we wish. Quantum physics has also proven that matter is affected by thought, and Deepak Chopra himself said that thoughts are matter and have form. And last, I, personally, have WAY too many examples in my own life of altering the physical world, of which we will eventually be blatantly aware, is nothing more than a projection.

Right now, we are in competition with those who ARE controlling the computer-projection that we mistake as reality. And so, still, too many times, the mind's vision is suppressed by that. It will end soon, if there is still anyone left on the planet to enjoy it. There are some things that happen frequently to me, such as items just disappearing. Poof! I call it the "Black Hole," 'cause things are just suddenly gone. I mean, like, I was holding them a second ago. This has also happened in the past, but seems to be happening more, perhaps because I am entering a different realm. Also, I will have a memory of something, only to find that it is now totally different than I remembered. I had a pamphlet on a certain plant that I've had for years, stored at the bottom of my bin where I keep my seeds. Yesterday I pulled it out because I wanted to look something up, only to find that what it said was REALLY different that what it said fifteen years ago. There have been quite a few cases like that recently. That goes to remind us we cannot take the physical world as solid as most believe. But that does NOT mean it can't hurt us, kill us, or totally annihilate us. As I KEEP SAYING, we must STOP what is going on in the skies, including all these microwave towers, ionosphere heaters, and satellites, and THEN we will begin to see the truth. If anyone is still alive.

Before I leave this section on visions, I must bring your attention to a book review I recently posted.
Make Room! Make Room!
Harry Harrison definitely had a vision and it wasn't pretty, but has proven chillingly accurate. Written in 1966 and set in 1999, it was classified as sci-fi, but has come perilously close to being non-fiction. It is the book on which the movie, Soylent Green was based. That was set in 2022, even more accurate. As I stated in my review, it reads like a GAN on steriods. No mention of climate engineering, but extreme weather, drought, and the most important element, WAAAAAY over-population. It's interesting that this movie keeps showing up in Dane's GANs, lately in reference to the Subway tuna sandwiches that were tested and found to contain NO TUNA. Hmm. So, what's the secret ingredient?

I will say this one more time. Though we have documented proof that there has been a depopulation agenda for, well, probably since after WWII, when all this really evil, toxic shit was developed at break-neck speed. Why? Weren't enough people killed in the war? Or were the Reptilians preparing to fully occupy the planet then? It doesn't matter, because total collapse will put an end to all these evil agendas. And the entire planet UNLESS all the IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE who KNOW what is happening but refuse to step up to the plate and help STOP what is going on in the skies, find a fire lit under their butts that gives them NO OPTIONS but to do what they came here to do. But, anyways, back to depopulation. I STILL question whether these vaccines were meant to kill. Remember, people are needed to carry out the work of the controllers, so if everyone is dead, the agenda will fail. And the people who got the mRNA vaccines WILL most likely be dead soon, and that has been backed up, remember, by articles I've linked on these pages. So what WERE the vaccines meant to do? My guess is that they are part of the transhumanism agenda, and THAT IS happening. Here are more VERY STRANGE things that have happened in the past few weeks.

I've mentioned "agent" animals before—like Agent Smith, who isn't a real person but a projection of the Matrix. I was having a problem with a family of coons eating Percy and Maggie's food on the porch, so I was not leaving it out overnight. Then suddenly, they were just gone, replace by a rat. In the 65 years I've been here, I have only seen a rat once—outside, never inside. Well, there was something coming into my house overnight that was bigger than a mouse. At first I thought it was a chipmunk, because I have quite a few of them. But it began eating my bread. It chewed a hole in the bag and ate quite a bit, in my kitchen with THREE CATS nearby. So, I began putting the loaf in a Sterilite bin. With a lid. And the bread was still eaten. Like, WTF?? THEN I actually SAW it, so I knew it was a rat, actually a very handsome rat. I really avoid killing, and poison was out of the question, and so was a trap because my three old cats could easily wander onto it and get seriously hurt or worse. Now, mind you, this had been going on for over a month before I actually SAW it. So I went to Tractor Supply and got sticky traps, which I also hate, but I would not have let it suffer; I would have shot it. I have those Have-a-Heart traps, but I think it is now illegal to release an animal on property other than your own. I mean, really, who would want a rat? But as soon as I put out the traps, it was gone. Poof! Was it ever really here?

But the next stories I have to relate are even stranger and a bit scary, as they exemplify the accelerating dysfunction and decline of the human species. Are those vaccines turning people into robots? I REALLY wonder. People are NOT behaving normally, and corporations are even worse. It began when I went to ALDI, and they are really the capital of the bad food quality world. I get fruit fairly cheap there because Molly and I eat it for breakfast every morning. That week, it was nectarines. The bags were not easy to see through, and what I saw on the outside looked OK, but when I brought them home, this is what one bag presented to me. Yes, I was grossed out. The fruit in the other bag didn't look like that, but about half of them had rotten or moldy spots.


The next day I called ALDI Corporate USA. I have their number because I had emailed a complaint years ago and they asked me to call them, otherwise I would NOT have it because companies are becoming more removed from their customers and really don't want to hear about problems. And the reason I called is that NO ALDI STORE has a public phone number. Nope, you can't reach them. And since I've been only going to town once every week-and-a-half, I wanted a record that THIS was the way I brought them, and I didn't just let them sit there and rot. The girl I talked to was very nice. She gave me a complaint number, told me to be sure and get the "Twice as Nice" refund, plus free product, and told me her name was Summer. Meanwhile, after I took the photo, which was on the porch, where I had them on newspaper and paper towel, I put them all except for that really bad one in a big pan and washed them with dish detergent, then soaked them in clear water. Most of the others had bad spots, but out of the whole bag I made a big cobbler. From the other bag, I made a cake. Fortunately I had also bought peaches which were even cheaper, so Molly and I didn't have to go without our fruit for breakfast. The peaches have been really good, too.

So, when I went into Ravenna Monday, I had everything all ready. I had the photos loaded onto my tablet, the receipt, and the bags the nectarines came in, as instructed by Summer. I walked in and asked to speak with a manager, showed him the photo, explained, and EXPECTED a response. Like, "ma'am, I'm sorry. We'll be happy to replace them and give you a refund." But in fact, all I got was a dirty look. He then told the cashier what to do and said NOTHING to me. I mean, the whole thing was REALLY GROSS, to open a bag and see THAT. OK, so I opted to replace them with peaches, and when I got to the peaches and nectarines, which is the first bin in the first aisle, the bags were mostly really bad, even the peaches. The manager was sorting through the vegetables right across the aisle from me, so I said, "these are all rotten." But the more I looked, the worse it got, and I kept handing him bags. I mean, would he want customers to buy them?? But he kept getting angrier and angrier, and I thought, like, their not MY fuckin' peaches, you know, and I'm just trying to help. Finally when I handed him the last bag, he grabbed it from me and THREW it down into the box beside him. Had I been in a different frame of mind I might have been amused, watching a grown man throw a temper tantrum like a three-year-old. But it actually was a bit scary. And made me think. A lot. And I did find two good bags which Molly and I have been enjoying.

The Ravenna ALDI is the WORST for rude staff, but still, that is not NORMAL behavior, yet I'm experiencing it more and more. It used to be, managers would apologize and offer something to the customer to appease them for the inconvenience. This man has been at that store since it opened. I've talked to him on numerous occasions. He was never particularly friendly, but never rude—no, scary, like that. If I would run into him somewhere where no other people were around, I would be frightened. So WHAT is going on? I have some theories. One may be, perhaps, that those in grocery retail KNOW what is coming and what will happen when the shelves go empty and no delivery truck is to be found. These people have GOT to know what the food situation is. In fact, come to think of it, I've talked to him about global food shortages. But there is something else that is even more heinous. As I said, I'm still not convinced these vaccines were meant to kill. What if they contain microchips? What if these 5G satellites are connected to them? Having us TOTALLY under computer control would be more useful to the controllers than mass killing. Those who refused to cooperate could be easily done away with. Or are people being programmed to do away with other people, like the ones who won't get a vaccine??? No it is NOT sci-fi. People had better wake up because we are about to find out things that will shock and stun even the most conscious of us. I make a habit of considering all possibilities, then preparing for them. What I do know is that people are not behaving like people any more.

There's more. I went to the Alliance Walmart last Friday. I had bought one of those "single burners" that I saw a man holding who was standing in line behind me earlier in the year. I said, "Ooh, what's that?" He was really friendly and we started talking, and I thought, what a good thing to have for an emergency. Well, I had to get a part online for my range, and was without a usable stove for a few days. That week I was in Ravenna, so I went to their Walmart, and they had one of these. It is a burner element just like on a stove that you plug in. Well, the one I got was the only one, and the thermostat wouldn't shut off. I knew Alliance had tons of them, so I went there to replace it. Anyways, as usual, the store was a mess. They had their school supplies on sale, and I found notebooks that were marked 34 cents, but the same ones were also marked 97 cents. The tags were all screwed up, not just there but all over the store. I have been looking for new dishpans since this plandemic began, and there are none to be found. Well, they had some of the 18 quart size, which are really too big for my sink, but I was desperate. The price was clearly marked $2.84, and I compared the tag with the item. When I got to the checkout, I was more concerned that I wasn't charged more than 34 cents for the notebooks, and some other items with iffy pricing. I usually go through my entire receipt before I leave the store, but I was running late.

When I got home, I saw I was charged $3.24 for the dishpan, so I tried calling the store, just so someone could verify that it was tagged wrong, then the next time I went there I could get a refund. Well, I could NOT get anyone to answer the phone. I called repeatedly, and pressed different options, but no one answered. I realized there must be something wrong with their phones, so I called the 800 number for customer service. Well, I got this Asian woman who could barely speak English and I could NOT make her understand what I wanted. She kept telling me I had to return to the store. I had NO INTENTION of going back to Alliance for 40 cents, and I only go out there once a month. No matter what I said, she kept giving me the same answer. I felt like I was talking to an automaton. I realized I was screaming at her, then calmed down, the told her I was going to hang up and call again and hopefully reach someone a little more competent.

So then I reached a man in Arkansas. His response to everything I said was "yes, ma'am." He must have said "yes, ma'am" fifty times. It was a simple request. ALL I WANTED was for someone at the Alliance store to verify the erroneous tag before it got changed. And this is NOT the first time that's happened at that store, and I am tired of being ripped off. The thing is, I have called that 800 customer service number numerous times, always gotten an American, and always had my problem resolved. SO, after trying for three days to reach the Alliance store, I called Corporate Headquarters. When the operator answered, I told her what had happened. I got the "yes, ma'am" treatment again. She said, I'm just the operator. I said I knew that, but wanted her to know what happened so she could hook me up with the right person. She said, I'll connect you with Customer Service. I said, "DO NOT connect me with the 800 number." She said, "I'm connecting you with the 800 number," then was gone. Some foreign man answered, I couldn't understand a word he said, so I hung up.

Again, Walmart has always in the past taken steps toward customer satisfaction. I've never had a problem. Why do these corporate offices NOT want to deal with the public now? WHAT do they know? The people at the top MUST know that those shelves are gonna be empty someday soon. Then what? Dealing with mobs and riots, like in Soylent Green? And people STILL think everything is just fine, if we all smile and think happy thoughts. It is getting downright surreal.

I am planning to post a farm article on Monday, and will continue with a new load of Dane's materials, including two new videos. Be sure to keep up with my farm articles. There seems to be lots of new people on my site lately, so here's the link to the Index.
My Own Little Planet
One of Dane's community member posted this, and it covers the whole world.
List of campus radio stations
So it doesn't matter what state or country you live in, you can help Dane get his podcast on more stations. With each person who opens their eyes and sees the atrocity going on above us, the greater our chances of putting an end to it, and making these people morally and legally accountable for their behavior. PLEASE HELP.

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