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In order to manage my own stress, I've been roughly adding a new post to my site every three days rather than three times a week, with an article alternated between book reviews. I have a back-up of those, to make it easier, especially now that, my greenhouse is FINALLY beginning to dry out and between that and trying to clean up the yard, I am always pressed for time. My next article will be a Farm Article, as I have tons of material for that and it will be posted on Friday, at least that's the plan. People seem to be missing that one. I added an extra link to it with my regular articles, but removed it because my right column was getting too crowded. If you want to read it, you know where to look. It seems people are not very interested these days. Whatever. I appreciate those who have remained faithful, but don't have time to waste a whole day on stuff only a few people read. You either want to know the truth of what is going on or you don't. As Dane says about his broadcasts, these, too are the "bad news articles." For those who prefer soothing lies, there is an abundance out there, but you won't find them here.

I have gone from bewildered to downright alarmed by what I see going on now. NOT the collapsing of the old paradigm, but the utter madness—the inexplainable behavior of the vast majority of humans on this planet. Dane noted in his Global Alert News, May 8, 2021, that they are now finding levels of manganese in the toxic dispersions being dumped on us, which causes a neuro-toxicity known as "Manganese Madness." That's just the tip of the iceberg. What I'm seeing is a population that has lost all sense of, well, common sense, not very common these days. It seems to be a complete inability to comprehend the truth about anything anymore. No longer "Sheeple," people are making sheep seem smart. Reactions to anything anymore are amoebic—a strictly automated response with absolutely no intelligent analysis of any situation—a knee-jerk reaction which not only plunges us deeper into the mire, but further diminishes the likelihood that there will be any sort of Great Awakening. This civilization will be wiped out without even knowing it.

I hope everyone has read my latest Bible article, And WE Shall Purify.

Dane frequently refers to our situation as "living in an asylum." Yes, we certainly are and fewer and fewer of us show any remnants of sanity. I often speak of living in pure evil. We are that, too. Even those who think they are such "good people" have absolutely ZERO issues with telling a lie when the truth is inconvenient and turning a blind eye when they do not wish to see anything uncomfortable. And so we now have the CDC suddenly announcing that "vaccinated people" may go without masks in public.
America's unmasking brings liberation but also trepidation as huge questions loom.
And people just go along with all this shit NEVER using their minds to question the agenda behind it all, just so things get back to "normal." (They WON'T—ever.) It is my opinion that Covid was gone AGES ago. The people dying now are dying from the vaccine. Many, at least, and even the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) page on the CDC website proves that to be true. But it has been MY opinion for a long time that even during the peak of Covid, those who died had something else going on, too, and that something else is those fucking 5G satellites that that creep, Musk, and his Space-X company keep sending up, more and more and more and more of them up there so that not only is everything on the planet now toxic, but WAY beyond the planet has been corrupted, too. And people just go on happily with their cell phones and WiFi and "smart" technology until they drop dead and no one has a clue what killed them so they make something up.

OK, so I have lots of alarming articles to share, but THIS one made me gasp and realize that what we have here on Planet Earth is beyond evil, beyond insane; it is a breakdown of humanity's ability to function in anything even remotely supportive of a living being.
Officials warn people not to fill plastic bags with gasoline amid panic over gas shortage.
Fill. Plastic. Bags. With. Gasoline. I don't even have words for that one. How would you like to be in heavy traffic with people whose vehicles were filled with plastic bags of gasoline?? Even a tiny fender-bender could set off a chain explosion. Gasoline EATS plastic. What about when these bags leak through the trunk onto the exhaust system? And if you're in one of these catastrophic drought areas, it would set a whole city on fire with no way to contain it. Yes, there are so many toxic activities going on now that are hurling us toward near-term extinction, but the most rampant cause is the rapidly spreading epidemic of human idiocy.

I would like to think that this was one of the regular lies published by the media to frighten and distract people, but unfortunately, I believe it is true. What I do NOT particularly believe is true is that Colonial Pipeline suffered a hack. I think this is just the TIP of the iceberg as to what is coming. Not only supply shortages but a complete breakdown of the infrastructure of this world—physical, mental, and, well, the spiritual part has been long broken. Dane has warned us over and over and OVER that this was coming, and that Covid was just a distraction away from the real crisis, being, not only biosphere collapse, but the inability of governments around the world to support their populations any more. There are just too fucking many people. You cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet and the fact that people do not GET THIS is blatant evidence that we are living in LaLa land with all common sense long gone.
Gasoline demand spikes in several states after pipeline hack.
Here is a quote from that article: Tiffany Wright of AAA Carolinas criticized what she described as "irresponsible behavior at the pump." "People are taking their entire family fleet of vehicles to the gas station and filing up when they don't need to," Wright told CNN's Dianne Gallagher. "We are our own worst enemy in this situation because we are over-consuming at the pump."
Dane has said repeatedly that when people finally realize the truth (I'm still not sure that will happen), they will stampede to the stores and clean them out.
Colonial Pipeline launches restart after six-day shutdown.
My hope is that these vaccines will kill them off quickly. Don't gasp at me. These people are no longer human. They have willingly sold their souls (and any remaining intelligence) for material comforts. They are mere bots and droids, controlled by a central Reptilian computer system. Yes, it IS the Matrix. People this stupid are a menace to society.

Eveything in the natural world—truly natural and organic— is the web of life. There is an unseen, unheard constant communication going on of which most people haven't a clue. The soil is teeming with living microbes. Trees communicate with each other when there is an insect pest or disease attack, so that they will produce chemicals to ward them off. Put a string 6-8 inches from a climbing cucumber vine, and within a few hours, it will turn towards it, reaching out to grasp it with tendrils. I observe this ALL the time in my greenhouse, and never cease to be amazed at the intelligence of all life.

But human beings have become lower and less intelligent than cucumber plants and trees. For millions of years, we have managed to live and even thrive on a planet reeking with evil. But we cannot survive a planet of humans who are stupider than a box of rocks. And not only that, but we have destroyed that beautifully miraculous web of life upon which everything on this planet depends in order to live. Our Reptilian overlords apparently have planned to turn the entire population into machines as they are, with them at the control tower. But it will NOT succeed. NOT HERE.

Everywhere you look, there are breaks in the supply chain links. Every time I go to ALDI, I am reminded that it will hit the grocery stores like a nuclear blast, and idiots will break the doors down to hoard the little that is left, whether or not they need it or can store it before it spoils. Because these people have put zero time into long-term preparation. When I was at the Ravenna ALDI last week, as I was leaving, a woman was complaining to an employee. She was saying, at least the part I caught as I walked out, "You have potato chips here, potato chips there . . . ." Yes, she was ABSOLUTELY correct. When I went there the previous week, I looked to see if they had restocked dill pickle slices, which had been out of stock. No. But then as I walked around the store, I realized there was another shelf containing pickles and the second one DID have them. I am not a junk food eater, but I do allow myself a bag of their corn chips which are only 69 cents, every time I shop. I have a tendency to work hard, then suddenly realize I am very hungry, so I will often eat a little bowl of them to hold me over as I prepare a meal. Well, there was the shelf with potato chips, but no corn chips. After I walked around the store a couple times, I finally found them on another shelve in a completely different area, and yes, potato chips were there, too. ALDI stores are becoming more and more confusing every time I go inside. Since they are from Germany, I wonder if their supply line differs from U.S. based stores, and if the supply chain has broken down faster in Europe. Though Marc's and Giant Eagle do change their stores around, it is nowhere near as much as ALDI, which seems to be every couple weeks. I am quite sure the reason is because they do NOT want their customers to notice how empty the store is getting. Those aisles just keep getting wider, and it is easy for them because they have no permanent shelves. Everything is stacked in boxes.

Here are more supply issues.
Supply chain interrupted: Here's everything you can't get now.
I can't say I feel too bad about the computer chip shortage. Corn chips, yes. Computer chips, no. We need to STOP all this TOXIC TECHNOLOGY.
People are panic buying homes as prices skyrocket around the world.
This is another one that baffles me. Yes, I realize that MILLIONS of people have lost their homes due to weather warfare in this country and all over the world. And it gets worse every day, as there seems to be weather warfare catastrophes non-stop now. Right now Texas and Louisiana are under water and will be for several days. Raymond has decided to flee Texas, but where is it safe any more? And there are way more people now looking for homes than are available to sell. India, in the midst of their "Covid" crisis (if that's really what it is) is also under water in many places because of a typhoon.

But WHERE are people getting all this money to buy these horrendouly overpriced homes? WHAT do people do to make such high wages? I am guessing that many of them are mortgaging their souls. Bad choice. Setting themselves up for an even worse disaster. Dane said he would be happy living in a teepee in the forest if the environment was restored. I AGREE. But again, it is about HOARDING. And the root of hoarding is self-absorption. It's all about ME, ME, ME. As long as I get what I want, then it's all good, and fuck what happens to the rest of the world. We'll see how that goes. I agree totally with Henry David Thoreau. Practice voluntary poverty. At least while we are in this Matrix. Voluntary poverty would shut down the control system over night. But, just like most people won't give up their cell phones even though they are killing everything on the planet, people are MORE CONCERNED with having their lives filled with comfort and convenience. THIS IS THE EPITOME OF STUPIDITY. And yes I realize I sound like Dane, but that is a good thing. At least he speaks the hard truth and so do I.

Here are more supply chain stories:
Here's what's getting more expensive.
If people were just a little less stupid, they would realize that our wealth been STOLEN from us. Their solution to money problems is to MAKE MORE MONEY, which is causing this obsession for MORE growth, MORE jobs, MORE resources, which is a whole segment of insanity in itself. As Dane says, you cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet (including and especially population growth). He also says that this paradigm never was sustainable. I agree with all these statements, and was speaking them long before I met Dane. But one of the worst aspects of this is that people go on and on about the economy. And yet are too stupid to realize that trillions and trillions of dollars are being wasted on climate engineering and other agendas that are literally STEALING our money along with killing everything on the planet. How many ways can you say "stupid?" And just as bad, all these endless wars against people that have done NOTHING to hurt us. Pay attention. Do your research.

Here's another scary one. I am not ashamed to say that I REALLY hate bridges, going over them or under them. When I used to write for The Vindicator, there were some long bridges I had to cross and I held my breath the whole way. There are some pretty creepy ones around Akron and Cleveland, too. They're bad all over the place, because all the money that should have been spent on maintaining the physical infrastructure of this country has been wasted by the Pentagon, spraying us with toxic metals, and being used to finance all these endless wars against people whose only crime is that they live in a country that has resources that we need.
Cracked Memphis Bridge Remains Indefinitely Closed, Disrupting Supply Chain.
But do you notice how the media seems to focus the main theme of all these stories on a "disruption of the supply chain"? So when people go to stores and can't find what they need, they have something to blame it on. But the truth is, that the entire life-support system of the planet has collapsed, and those in charge are in a panic as to how to keep the populations from finding out.

The issue with Colonial Pipeline not only created a gas shortage, but a jet fuel crisis, too. I LONG for the day when we completely run out of jet fuel. THEN the spraying will stop. ALL military and commercial air traffic will stop. And I realize jet fuel is kerosene, I believe, but no one will have to heat their homes after the spraying stops. We would not have had winter at all here in Ohio, had they not dumped tons of chemical ice nucleation dispersions on us.

And here's another thing I long for. The day all restaurants close permanently. Especially fast-food, if "food" is actually what it is. The food industry has to be one of the most toxic and wasteful institutions on the face of the planet. In the old days of "mom and pop" diners, I suspect it was a different situation altogether. But these humongous franchise restaurants are a scourge on the planet. There's four at every crossroads in most towns now. Tear 'em down and plant trees, or better yet plant crops. Just go look in a restaurant dumpster sometime. The amount of food thrown away on a single day could supply a whole soup kitchen.
Low pay and 'toxic' workplaces are driving workers away from restaurants.
Incidentally, there are probably few of us who have never worked in some type of food service at some point in their life, so I speak of what I know first hand. Toxic indeed!

And here is just another threat to people's lives as the criminal climate engineering agenda continues, and everything duly shuts down.
Growing Power Outages Pose Grave Threat To People Who Need Medical Equipment To Live.
And more evidence of stupidity spreading like a virus. Yes, of course it is tragic that a young person lost his life over something so STUPID. BUT, the parents have no cause to sue. Did not their son have a brain to use for making wise decisions? If he didn't he had no business being in college. The ONLY way he could have been "forced" to drink that much alcohol would be if the other people knocked him out, tied him up, and poured it down his throat. If he was pledging, which he was, he made the decision himself in order to be part of a group that is not worth a shit. If his PARENTS would have taught him better, he NEVER would have felt so obsessed with being part of a group to do something SO STUPID. But, no. We, as a society find it easier to blame others for our lack of prudence. It is easier to blame others for all the horror and evil going on now (though most STILL don't notice), than to actually BE RESPONSIBLE and make wise choices.
Family of Ohio student who died after drinking alcohol at fraternity event files wrongful death lawsuit.

By the way, I NEVER pledged to any sorority when I was in college and could never imagine why anyone would. You probably do not find that surprising. And yes, this incidents happened here in my state of Ohio, And so did this one. Dane mentioned it on his latest
Global Alert News, May 15, 2021
Ohio to give five residents $1 million each in vaccine lottery
I was so embarrassed I wanted to crawl under my chair. I have to wonder just how many of these people REALLY KNOW how deadly these vaccines are. I have never particularly thought of Governer Mike DeWine as someone who wanted to purposely kill off the people of Ohio, but one never knows.

OK, so I've finished with the general stuff. There are a few more articles here that I've been holding for a little while that are of such immense importance, I wanted to make sure the time was right to post them. It is. Here's the first.
Global hunger crisis hit five year high in 2020 as 155 million people faced severe food insecurity, new U.N. report says
You probably won't like what I have to say about this, but anyone who is not living with their head in a cloud thinking "god" will take care of everything has GOT to see this is wrong, and yet those who have the position to state it bluntly so that people understand refuse to do it because it would hurt them politically. So instead, they create this massive depopulation agenda that began after WWII, and is become increasingly blatant.

But the point is this. NOBODY should be allowed to have a child (and ONLY ONE), until they prove they are capable of raising it to be a responsible human being, AND can supply it with the neccessities of life, that is, food, clothing, shelter, wisdom, and a nurturing of spiritual and moral integrity. That would cut population growth down to nearly zero at this point. But these people in Africa and other struggling nations that are starving to death or live in these war-ravaged countries—it should be considered a criminal act to bring a child into the world that you KNOW you cannot care for and will most likely die. And here, now in 2021, I extend that to ALL NATIONS, including and especially the U.S.. And as for the population issue in so many parts of Africa, having a child should be considered a severely punishable criminal act. NOT for the mothers, who have probably been raped, sold into sex slavery, or forced into prostitution because there is no other way for them to survive. But for the FATHERS who have brutally committed these acts against women AND caused them to bring a child into the world destined to starve to death. The WOMEN and children have suffered enough. But no one wants to face this because too many still think "god" creates each baby, and sends it to the right parents. Any "god" who has done this is sadistic. What kind of a "loving" god would send a poor innocent babe into a world where it will suffer horribly then die. People had better wake up from the Reptilian myths while we still have a tiny bit of life left to salvage on this planet. If it were not for the out-of-control population, we would NOT be in the global situation we are in now. As Dane says every week, the whole climate engineering/covid agenda is to distract the people from the fact that governments can no longer support their populations. As he also says, it would take FOUR earths to support the population we have now. And people are TOO STUPID to see we need to STOP HAVING BABIES. Good Lord. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand this simple equasion. Even ANIMALS stop reproducing when the food source gets low.

This next article disturbed me even more.
If Your Brain Feels Foggy And You're Tired All The Time, You're Not Alone
Well I certainly feel that way quite a bit. I hit the bed and I'm out cold. And still get tired during the day. As much as I do NOT like Arthur Firstenberg because he's too dumb to realize what Dane is saying is true, I still DO believe what he says about the toxicity of all these 5G satellites, cell phones, Wifi, TVs, microwave ovens, and anything "smart." And he predicted there would be lots of deaths and illnesses as more and more of these satellites were launched, ESPECIALLY by Elon Musk, thousands and thousands and thousands of them. I do NOT support any of the above, in fact I do not even pick up cell signals back at my house. And I keep my tablet on "airplane mode" so it does not pick up signals when I go out because I keep it with me at all times. But NOBODY is safe from all this space shit being sent up in droves. It has been my opinion for a long time that the REAL reason so many people died during this "Covid crisis" was not from Covid at all but from these EMFs and radio frequencies that are toxic to the human body, and to all other living bodies. There are those who KNOW this full well, so what better way to deal with it than to plan a plandemic and BLAME it on THAT. Blame is a very important activity these days. Gets lots of people off the hook for their crimes. Elon Musk has become the wealthiest creep in the world today, and they're ALL CREEPS. Do YOU think he'd worry if a few billion people died. He can have all HE wants, and he's got SEVEN KIDS. Did you know that?

But the point is, and it was the point of my last Bible article, linked above, and it is the point Dane makes EVERY week in his Global Alert News broadcasts, that NONE of this would be happening without the activie or passive support of the populations. OK, so just in the last couple days, some other materials have been published that I believe connects even more dots. Remember those "sonic attacks" U.S. Embassy people suffered in Cuba and elsewhere a few years ago? Well, they're happening in Washington now. And lots of other places.
US investigates second suspected case of mystery 'syndrome' near White House
Is this connected to all these radio frequencies? People are TOO STUPID to realize that not only are their cell phones killing them, but they are a blatant surveillance tool and tracker for people's whereabouts. IS THAT OK WITH YOU? Not that we aren't ALL being tracked and surveilled, but those with cell phones make it SO EASY to be spied on and have ALL their personal information tracked and filed. And SO easy to be a target for whatever reason. I believe in giving these people the least voluntary information about my activities as possible. NOT that I am doing anything wrong or bad or illegal, but I believe in the right of privacy and my activities are none of anyone's business. As Dane continues to say, we must all band together to stop these atrocities. The larger the number of us, the stronger we become. If we do not, we will end up in some dystopian nightmare, even worse than it is now. It is ALREADY worse than Nineteen-Eighty-Four. George Orwell is rolling over in his grave. In any case, whatever this is about is probably another dot to connect.

And that brings me to the last articles I want to share, and truthfully, I am not sure how to interpret these. Is it just another means to distract? The controllers must KNOW how many people believe in Aliens. If this is true, would they be sharing it with the media? Or do only a few on top realize we are and have been controlled by aliens for millions of years. Or is the false narrative finally breaking down? Is the Reptilian leadership ending? Are our allies in those spacecrafts?
What we know about UFOs: How the Pentagon has handled reported sightings, mysterious videos and more
UFOs regularly spotted in restricted U.S. airspace, report on the phenomena due next month
Though I'd like to get up and dance on my chair, I'm not quite to that point, but it is inevitable that disclosure about Alien Interference MUST come out one of these days, and it had better happen while we still have a planet left. I have believed for a long time, and I've written about it since way back, that the REAL agenda about what is going on in the skies is related to war, not ON-planet, but OFF. Why else would it be SO SECRET? And why would SO MANY people LIE so stubbornly about it? Because they are being mind-controlled? Reptilian agents? Because those at the top don't want the populations to know we are at war with an alien race because the panic would be inconceivable? So many questions. It could also relate to these "sonic attacks." In fact, SO many questions will be clarified when we all learn the truth about Alien Interference. At least now the "A" word is being used, without smirking. Yes, people in the military DO believe there are "others" out there. 'Bout time. Hell NO, we're not alone. Haven't been for millions of years. That being in print is reassuring. We shall see where this goes, but remember, I said a couple months ago that when people began to leave the planet, the energy would drastically shift, and it IS, though it feels mighty uncomfortable right now.

Incidentally, I hope you are reading my "Doomsday Classic" book reviews. The latest, In the Drift, is an alternate-reality novel about the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island back in 1979. The thing is, no, the reactors did NOT go into total meltdown and most of Pennsylvania was NOT destroyed, and the U.S. did NOT break up and become a third-world nation (give us time . . .), HOWEVER, it is all so very possible. It appears that "smoldering embers" were just discovered at Chernobyl, the worst nuclear catastrophe that ever happened, so far.
'A very real problem': How resurgent nuclear reactions at Chernobyl might be dealt with to avert disaster
Dane talks about this all the time, that if a Coronal Mass Ejection should occur, we now have almost no protection from the sun because of the disappearing ozone later around the planet, and it could shut down the electrical grids, thus leaving all these 400-plus nuclear reactors still in operation without the means to shut them down. They should have considered all this before they built them, but remember, this is the Planet of the Idiots.
Coronal Mass Ejection

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