A Hodge-Podge to End the Year

This is the follow-up to my article Cosmic Dreaming, plus a hodge-podge of other stuff to share, since it is the last article of this year, and after that, who knows? Blinding speed does not even cover it any more, so I once again make the plea to work with Light, and especially to send it to Trump, since he is the one person who can do damage to the government through disclosure of their nasty activities, especially the one going on in the sky. His lust for revenge might be enough for him to cross the threshold on making secret intelligence public. He has had the audacity to do other things that made us gasp, so why not this? He is the last president that we could ever hope would do such a thing, because Biden certainly would not, and I can say with guarded certainty that he will be the last president, period. And we most likely will not make it far into his term.

In Dane's most recent Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 26, 2020, he quoted Voltaire, who said, "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." The mind-control programs are now all-encompassing; even those who are strong are having difficulties steering their thoughts toward the new paradigm. Lately I have been just sitting, and usually falling asleep, sending Light and surrounding myself with it but it is a chore now, and a draining one. As these toxic vaccine concoctions are injected into more and more people, they are consenting to be steered in the direction of the controllers, just like the metal-laden clouds are being steered with ionosphere heaters and microwave towers. In this broadcast, Dane spoke of what I have been saying a lot, that in order to cool us down, they must first heat us up, then steer the deluge with EMFs. They are becoming less successful, though which I would imagine is sending them into a panic to do more of the same . . . . Which is the definition of insanity. Meanwhile, though we have cold days off and on here in Northeast Ohio, the basic forecast is WAY above normal, in the mid-to-upper 40s and lower 50s by the beginning of January, which includes thundershowers on January 1. GASP! Please listen to Dane's broadcast. He now has a new venue—a Q&A on KCNR A.M. out of Redding, California, which is where he lives. I believe Dane said it would be on Saturdays at 8 am beginning the first week of January, but I didn't write it down, so I may be off a little.

I want to share some excellent comments from Dane's community, plus some other odds and ends, then the rest of it will be more on metaphysical stuff. So this will be a truly rambling article. Here is one by Dr. Jonathan O'Quinn, which is part of a longer and rather poignant story about his visit to a nursing home to see his grandmother. Please note: he always apologizes for the typos. He has a hard time with Dane's site on his cellphone. C'mon, Jonathan, DITCH THAT PHONE!!

Jonathan O'Quinn says:
December 28, 2020 at 1:30 pm

I met a friend for lunch yesterday. I had to give them my name and we had to wait a few minutes for a table. The lady checking Us in insist on having my phone number. I refuse to give it to her. I explained that I was going to be right there in the lobby waiting anyway and if they did not need my number and then I don't give that out. She threw a couple of daggers at me with her eyes. Ask me if I care. I think they are getting information on people for the purpose of contact tracing. Over Greenville North Carolina this afternoon, there are Trails up in the air everywhere. I also have been noticing that I don't feel the same. It is probably the Twilight Zone we were living in but also probably the things that were breathing such as the aluminum. I take supplements and do things to mitigate that Danger, but zeolite and other things only goes so far. It also feels to me like we are living in a forced normality. In other words, it feels to me like I am trying to go through the motions of living according to the pattern that I think is normal, but I know in the back of my mind that I'm only kidding myself, because nothing is normal anymore.

Yeah, I got daggers yesterday, too, when I stopped in the local Centerra farm shop, where I do regular business, to buy pine shavings which I ALWAYS and for a long time, have used for kitty litter. I spread the used matter in the low and flooding spots on my farm to help replace eroded soil and the ammonia, in small doses, is actually beneficial. A huge bundle only costs 6 bucks and lasts nearly a month for three litter pans. I also had to buy Molly's dog food, which I will mention in a bit. But anyways, the last time I was there, they told me if I signed up, I could get a free bag after every 8 or 12 purchased, can't remember which, but I told them we wouldn't be around that long. I have also attempted to educate them on the atrocity in the skies, but I find that farmers, who should be most aware are the MOST IGNORANT. Anyways, I got a whole counter of daggers aimed at me. Fuck 'em. I don't really care, and yes, I, too am refusing to give my phone number or any other ID except in special circumstances. The good news is that my next stop was Walmart, Ravenna, where I have not been for a while, and their shelves were even more empty than Alliance. An entire section was empty. They were apparently in the process of putting out Valentine stuff. Gotta keep that money rolling in, eh? Not for much longer. Anyways, I got into a line that was supposedly closing, but people just kept lining up in spite of that and refused to move (myself included), because there was only ONE other register open. The cashier ended up being relieved by another, so the line did not close. We were sending people up to complain to Customer Service. People are just getting sick of everything, and once more and more refuse to obey, then certainly JFK's quote will come to be. That was included in my last Toward the Peaceable Kingdom issue. Be sure to go through all my article formats for the past few weeks to get caught up on everything, because I have been writing frantically as we end this year, and perhaps this paradigm.

Anyways, as I usually do, I started a conversation with the lady in front of me. She was interested in what I was saying about Dane and she did NOT consent to vaccines. I gave her my and Dane's website. I hope she follows through. And before I forget, I want to mention the new pet food I have been buying. If there is not a Centerra new you, it can be ordered from Amazon or Chewy, but is cheapest at Centerra. Molly has developed so many food issues because most of what is on the shelves is shit. Nestlé bought out part of Purina, (but not Purina Mills), and they are such advocates of GMOs. This food, Dr. Gary's Best Breed is holistic, Non-GMO! and produced in Findlay, Ohio. There are lots of different varieties for dogs, but Molly can only have two, which do not contain tomatoes, which make her puke. But otherwise, I have noticed a big improvement in her health, particularly a sharp decrease in scratching. Her skin is so dry and flaky, I rub her with coconut oil, but in the winter it gets built up. Anyways, she likes it a lot. There are two varieties for cats, and the amount of cat puke I clean up now is almost nothing, compared to before. I am trying a different food for them, and will let you know how it turns out. And now more quotes from Dane's people.

Several people commented about ringing in the ears. I've had that for years and know it is not a physical problem. Out here, even the power lines hum, like really loud. With all these satellites and towers and metals being sprayed on us, the entire planet is being turned into an electrical grid. And something also tells me that there are subliminal messages being broadcast, like in the movie They Live. And each step takes the human race deeper into losing all their rights, including the right to think for themselves, which is the most terrifying to me. But it also seems that many people are reaching their threshold of what they are willing to tolerate, and those that are strong enough will also be unwilling to obey, just as Dr. O'Quinn. And being unwilling to obey leads to further awakening. But it will also lead to rage and violence, which is why I stress working with Light. And that is also why I think there is still hope for Trump to speak out. There is nothing he would like more than to send this country into an outrage, and if he would tell just a fraction of what he knows of government intelligence, he would have his revenge. As I said before, I really do not care what his motives are. I care about TRUTH, no matter how it comes, and when that happens, the world will become a monstrous fury. Prepare yourselves for ugliness. Anyways, concerning ringing in the ears, here is Simple Horseman's contribution. I agree with his comment about being a "two legged walking talking micro wave receiver."

'a' simple horseman says:
December 28, 2020 at 9:02 pm

Yes, I have it almost all the time when I'm in a quiet situation. When there is background noise or I am watching something on video, not so much. I would like to point out one significant observation I've been noting for 3 years now. "When I go to town, 17 miles away and literally 2,000 feet elevation lower, 1,200 ft ele, the ringing goes away. When I climb the grade out of town and am crossing the first plateau, approx 2,600 ft ele the ringing returns and is quite noticeable. When I get to my cabin at 3,100 ft ele, the ringing is a bit 'louder' or noticeable when sitting quiet in the mornings or like now writing this. I'm sure the difference is because of the notion that those high powered micro wave facilities that cover large distances don't quite reach down into deep valleys. Living in the high country used to be more than a blessing. Personally, I resent that the air I breath has turned me into a two legged walking talking micro wave receiver. For those that have ringing in the ears, listen for a change in tone and then watch what becomes of your sky. It might take a few hours, but just take note, you'll be amazed… maybe not.

I want to quote Horseman again, this time on the quality of snow—something of which I frequently speak. I am glad so many others observe this, especially as far away as Washington state.

'a' simple horseman says:
December 27, 2020 at 8:27 pm

Well let me tell ya, That would be all well and good being we've had about 30 inches of snow fall and there's only a foot on the ground AND "none" of what vanished gave moisture to the soil as it melted. "Snow that sublimates is down right theft in more degrees than I can count!! It's been interesting to witness how this years snow reacts on my Mustangs fur. Let me make clear here, there is a new mix in the air this winter. The "snow" tells the story. There's way more to the equation than looking out and thinking, "yep, it's white, must be snow". The snow we've had has readily turned to ice where compacted. Some might say, "of coarse it does, it's compacted". I've never witnessed compact snow and ice be so resistant to sun light. There's more than meets the eye at play there, if you get my drift, pun intended(grin). Lastly here that I want to point out is the extremely low number between the high and low temps for the day. Frankly, the radical change from just last year to this year is WAY more than off the charts, at least for my corner of the world. Also of note, the humidity in my region has averaged 40% over historical norms. "They're getting quite proficient at floating the atmospheric river right over our heads and dropping it where ever 'they' want to drop it". Rain, snow or ice, at this point if one is aware of the cards at play, it's all weather warfare, plain and true to form.

Here are just a couple more items, then on to the metaphysical stuff. Check out this one. OMG . . . .seriously?? Wonder how much he was paid to do that bit of propaganda.
Young pilot traces 170-mile syringe in the sky to mark vaccine rollout

I also want to comment on the movie, Soylent Green, which I hope everyone has watched by now. Of course it is gross. The popular high-energy plankton "food" turns out to be made of the dead bodies of humans, which are scooped up with dump trucks and hauled off to the plant. But there is no other food to be found, except for the extremely wealthy. It is 96 degrees in Manhattan in winter, most of the planet is dead, and people living in this city are literally piled on top of one another. Here is Wikipedia's page on the movie, and their page on the book on which the movie was based called Make Room! Make Room!. While the movie is about global heating and the collapse of the planet's resources, the book is more about over-population, which is the root of every single ill we have suffered on this planet. So I will end this first section on that subject.

Whatever dimension I go to next, I will make sure it is one where sexual reproduction does not exist. Clearly, this failed human experiment has proven that people are unable to control their reproductive organs, or even worse, are under the immense delusion that because they have the equipment, it is their right to use it as they please. The Church, particularly the Catholic Church has been one of the greatest supporters of that lie, at least in modern times. Small populations would inhibit the need for certain people to think they have the right to depopulate, and other of the Earth's inhabitants would thrive as well. Wars would cease to be a problem, because the main reason for wars is to kill off excess population. It is all so hideous, but prefering quantity over quality breeds contempt for the human race. And I realize I have simplied, because humans are so irreversibly flawed that, no matter what, I am sure even the most well-planned utopia would be destroyed by human stupidity. And of course, there's the fact that we are being controlled by an alien race, which only makes matters worse. But it seems to me that a small population of very wise, very intelligent beings would have easily defeated our invaders. And now, it is the immense drag that the utterly stupid creatures here on this planet that fall into the category of human beings (sort of), are what is keeping the rest of us from moving on. That was most likely "their" plan.

I am forever befuddled as to why ANYONE would even CONSIDER bringing a child into the world under these circumstances. It is too often that the people who are least qualified to have children, have the most. Why do people who are starving to death bring more human lives onto the planet? It seems to me that is not only an unspeakable SIN but a criminal act as well. And yet we have the religious people who believe the lies that every child is a gift from "god." If that is true, than "god" must be sadistic. I cannot comprehend the mindset that would think in this manner. And now, here we are. The chickens have come home to roost, because the reality of the absurdity of nearly eight billion people on this planet will become blazingly clear. It would perhaps be not quite so bad if the population was at least responsible, but in fact, they are the most selfish, self-serving, apathetic and greedy creatures that could have ever devolved from the original "plan." I know I am not alone in this feeling, and many of Dane's community have also expressed that the best thing to happen to this planet would be to wipe out the human race. What a sad ending.

And on that comment, I will segue into the follow-up to Cosmic Dreaming. I have written much over the past couple years about creating my own little planet, mostly for the reasons given above, where no other people live. I'm sure you have all questioned, "Well, where does she get these ideas? She's just making that stuff up." OF COURSE I am making it all up. THAT'S what creation is. For all the eons we have spent on this planet in this universe in this dimension, no matter how open-minded we have been, too many people still base their possibilites on what they believe are rules and laws of nature. But my question is WHY? If we try again to create a civilization, under these rules and laws, we will only continue to get more of the same. The paradigm shift here must be absolutely complete in all respects to laws and rules, and the new laws and rules, IF we need them, should be based on what we create, not vice/versa. The only way we can break free from this dimension is to not even consider what has come before us, but what we will create as we move ahead. WE decide what is possible, and ALL is possible if we keep the right frame of mind.

I do not want to go through any of this ever again. My original self was a free spirit, a joyful, playful, loving and curious being, filled with sunshine and laughter and never afraid or hesitant to aim for the highest goals. And the highest goals were always based on what was pure and honest and filled with beauty. I am sickened by what I, we must endure here.

I want to share a beautiful dream that one of my faithful readers shared with me. I thought about this dream for days after he shared it, and wished I would have dreamed it, too. I do, of course, at the beginning of every issue of Toward the Peaceable Kingdom. Here is what he wrote:

A dream fragment I remembered about walking the dog past a driveway where a male lion strolled down to us. It nuzzled my leg and I carressed it's shaggy mane taken aback by this and abruptly woke up.Where the hell was I that life was like that. A place I'd like to be.

Yes, me too. My own little planet. But lately it has been difficult to dream. I have been "dreamy," but often more in a stupor, or as Dr. O'Quinn says, The Twilight Zone. I work with Light, but it is an effort. Why? Simple Horseman answered that question above. We are being turned into nothing but electronic receivers who can and are being remote controlled. The longer we go without collapsing this whole mess, the more difficult it will be to escape, and perhaps that is what terrifies me the most. We must all work with the utmost urgency.

When I was very young, I knew I was different. As I grew older and more familiar with "New Age" terminology, I learned that I was "clairsentient," in other words, I know my reality by reading its energy field. For so many decades, I could never understand why people whom I just met would instantly feel hatred towards me. I later learned it was because something within them sensed that I "knew" all their secrets and could see through the lies. Nobody can be fake around me, because I see beyond the physical world. For decades, this "gift" was much more a "curse," because I could not, cannot turn it off.

But now, as I have grown by leaps and bounds, I know that the information I receive is immensely useful. I also know that there is no such thing as "fate" and we can bend reality, or create an entirely new one. Because I have this "gift," I have had the living shit beaten out of me for the last twenty years by those who would prefer I didn't use it. Sorry. Not possible.

That's one of the reasons why these deadly dark days here in Ohio just send me over the edge. Because there is an energy that is attached to them that most are unable to even sense. But, especially when these fake storms move through, there are times when I feel this sense of panic, because it is not the weather, it is the evil that is woven into it, and whence it comes.

Therefore, my parting thoughts for 2020 to you my faithful readers, to whom I am so grateful, please, work with Light in every passing moment. While most do not have energy-reading skills inborn, they can be learned to an extent. The more you work with the non-physical world, the more you will see beyond what you can perceive with your physical senses. Those senses lie. They were created to lie, to keep us from knowing the truth, and the truth is NOT the physical world. Light blinded the Biblical Saul, and through his blindness, he could see. We must all work, in these final days, to blind the world with Light. Light dispels the darkness and destroys evil. May we all complete our mission and move on.

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