The Great Reset, Part Three

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

Dane used this quote in his latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 17, 2021. There are numerous sources for that quote. Here is one of them. Why would anyone even doubt it? Mind control, and control, period has been the agenda of the CIA since WWII. In fact WWII began this era of vastly increased evil. Not that the human race hasn't always been evil. Ever since the Reptilian Invasion, and our altered DNA, we have been devolving into something less and less "human" or whatever we were supposed to be. I want to point out that our soul is our inner guide for moral integrity, so everyone ALWAYS had a choice to resist. But you know the saying, "use it or lose it." SO many have. Now we are a planet filled with a population that is only partially organic and seriously devoid of souls.

Let me digress for just a minute, then I will return to the subject at hand. I want to remind everyone that I have published four issues of my Farm Series, My Own Little Planet so far. The Index Page is found, among other places at the top of my Home Page—the link is right below the bright blue date. When the date changes, a new issues has been posted, and the Index Page will allow you to access all issues. Please don't miss them. I'm covering a great deal of information.

Anyways, it seems WWII ushered in a renewed Alien interest in the planet. Why? Because that was the time they had set to fully occupy the planet? And all that's happened since then—all the truly UN-human, IN-organic, diabolical, indescribable evil, certainly supplies evidence that this is happening. But, you say, humans have always fought and tortured and killed and invaded, and so on. Yes, true, but now with all the electronic and covert means of warfare, mind control, and literally, the capabilities to destroy the entire planet in one fell swoop, we no longer even have the luxury of seeing who is out to kill us and what they are killing us with. And even worse, they, as the quote above states, are doing it with the massive majority of the population in ignorant bliss. As Dane states every week, as long as McDonald's is still serving Big Mac's and Walmart is open most people think everything on the planet is fine.

As all of your well know, I am not a very big fan of the human race, and I am becoming less so every day, looking forward to the day I can completely separate from them. Dane keeps saying we must stop what is going on in the skies while there is still something left to salvage. But there is not much of the population that is worth salvaging at this point. Some people say that humanity is basically good, but I disagree. No GOOD person would sit by silently, usually protecting their own ass, or just not wanting to get involved, or hoping it will all go away, or someone else will deal with it, or the WORST excuse of all—being TOTALLY unaware that anything is even amiss. The people on this planet have digressed into something not even human. I have no sympathy. My sympathy, my pain and angst, is for the innocents—the plants and animals—who have suffered because of human evil and ignorance.

And yet, I am reminded more and more that there are many of US—those who have incarnated as the "Bringers of the Dawn," to wipe the planet once and for all clear of evil Alien interference, clean up the mess, and begin fresh. Will it be here on this globe. Is there really a globe? Or is it a computer simulation? I tend to lean toward that. In any case, there will be another physical dwelling where we can take up where we left off millions of years ago, with no options for anyone to interfere. I personally, as you all know, want my own little planet, where I can take up the process of healing all the animals that have been abused and tortured here on Earth, and, as long as I choose, I really do not have to look at another human being.

I have spoken recently of the energetic changes that will happen as more and more people die off, and they WILL, especially when the mRNA vaccines begin to kick in and do what they were developed to do. Apparently that takes about three or four months. Anyways, if any of you are unsure of what I mean, let me explain it this way. Most of us understand the concept of "collective mind." It is extremely difficult to go against the grain, and what the majority of people think becomes the truth, even though it is FAR from it. But there is also a "collective energy,"—a vibrational frequency that is just as, or even more difficult to override. Imagine a flower garden being suffocated by weeds. Many flowers succumb and die, and those that live have little energy to produce blooms. But there are always certain hardy ones that take on the weeds and overcome them. WE are those flowers among the human weeds, which is exactly what most of humanity has become. As the weeds are cleared away, more of the flowers will become visible and regain their power to grow and bloom and thrive. Be keenly aware of the energetic shifts. Of course, there are LOTS of people dying because of the "Covid" thing, although I don't believe most of them are actually dying from Covid. And now, it seems there are mass killings every single day in this country. (NOT in other countries.) There were three Sunday, in in Austin, Columbus (Ohio) and Wisconsin. False flags? Probably, although I do not doubt that people were really shot and killed. But it is my opinion that the shooters are either paid assassins or mind-controlled. And it will continue to increase dramatically because no one is really doing anything to stop it, right? What is the goal? Depopulation? Or just scaring people to stay home and keep to themselves. Divide and conquer. Isolate. Live in fear. LOTS of agendas.

I want to make one more point, then spend most of the rest of this article with quotes from Dane's community. As we all know, Dane ONLY speaks of facts and scientific data concerning climate engineering and weather warfare. To do otherwise would be to destroy all the hard work he's done for twenty years. He wants no part of anything that could hint conspiracy theory, and there are those who work hard to make sure what he says and does is perceived by the public as just that. But it's all changing, as more people are becoming horrified by weather-realated disasters, and we are, I believe, VERY close to reaching tipping point in support. I am sure that Dane is intensely spiritual. No one could have such an immense love and respect for life on this planet if they were not so. But for the other stuff, he steers clear. These are quotes from his community, which do NOT reflect his opinions. But they CERTAINLY reflect mine. And most of yours, I would say.

I will begin with the Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, published on March 13, 2021, right after The Dimming, quite a while back, but with some interesting comments which continue to confirm that there are more and more people that are aware of the chasm between those who are awakening and those who probably never will. Here is part of a longer comment. It is this level of complete inability to even consider something that goes against the grain of the collective mind that reeks of alien influence because it is so unnatural. Unnatural, you say? Humans have always behaved like that, right? Yes, but that STILL does NOT make it natural or normal. Think about it.

Dr. Anthony P says:
March 15, 2021 at 8:39 am

I tried to get my ex colleagues who are well qualified doctors to look at the evidence for vaccine injury and autism. They would not even consider the medical evidence.One of these guys is an extremely involved climate activist. Willing to be arrested etc and donates large amounts of money to the cause. I sent him the Dimming and he will not even watch it.

My adult son chooses not to speak to me because I have tried to persuade him to look at vaccine data before he allows his children to be vaccinated. He also will not even acknowledge receiving the Dimming.

Most people are unaware that the MSM has programmed and brainwashed the vast majority of people for years. Highly formally educated people are more rigidly programmed than others.

It appears they do not live on the same planet as me.

There are exceptions. I am certainly highly formally educated, but I was always a rebel. You either are or you aren't, is my opinion. It could be that those who are rigidly programmed are the ones drawn toward higher education.

Later on, in a respose to another post, Sandy Patrus says, " Black Cat Italy, I believe at the end times, those of us who did not take the shot will be the only ones still alive." THAT I absolutely agree with. Once this mRNA vaccine starts kicking in, just watch what happens. Here is another one from Sandy in Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 27, 2021. I agree, and it supports what I've read concerning these vaccines. Why would ANYONE let someone mess with their DNA/RNA? I was in sixth grade when I began studying college level books on this subject, and created a science project that won 7th place in the region. Back in 2004 is when I took the metaphysical course on DNA cleansing. You do NOT want to mess with genetics, which is why the controllers and sewage crud like Bill Gates have made it their main project. Doesn't THAT make you wonder?? The Pleiadians told us that during the Reptilian Invasion, they altered our DNA. This is all so reeking of Alien Interference. Especially since WWII. It is strange that lately, I keep unknowingly choosing books to read that have WWII as a background. It was the beginning of indescribable behavior on this planet that goes beyond evil and diabolical. It is NON-human, NON-organic. Here is Sandy's comment.

Sandy Patrus says:
March 29, 2021 at 5:41 pm

Dennie, no one will escape side effects from this gene therapy shot. They might not show up right away, but eventually they will. MS is one of the side effects and I have been hearing a lot lately about people having MS symptoms after getting both shots. My neighbor is a physical therapist and has had a lot of clients recently with MS symptoms. My 94 year old neighbor fell after her legs gave way, onto the floor in her bathroom and laid there till 10 am when her caregiver came. She has been complaining a lot lately of her legs being very weak. She had both shots. Dr Judy Mikovits the renowned virologist said this shot sets your brain and body on fire. Some other side effects she mentioned were: ALS, Parkinson's Disease, the autoimmune diseases, cancer and aids among other things. Some will die, but most will have these diseases the rest of their life.

But their lives won't last that long. Here's a link posted by V. Susan Ferguson from that same page
Death Rates Skyrocket in Israel Following Pfizer Experimental COVID "Vaccines"

OK, so how 'bout his one?? RandylJ is a 70-something widow who lives in Central North Carolina. Wow! I'll bet a WHOLE BUNCH of Dane's people really DO "get it." This comment was in response to an ongoing conversation in this issue of Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 3, 2021. Comments like this are very encouraging!!

RandylJ says:
April 5, 2021 at 7:37 pm

Thank You again Dane for providing a 'chomping-at-the-bit' zone and to ALL again and just a brief comment to the especially soul-searching dialogue of Raymond ~ Yes—I AM old enough to remember and #2—About that Conspiracy Theory list posted—very well said and one of mine is: "Aliens don't exist"—haha—they've been here longer than US—in fact, I believe WE are part 'Them' and taking it even further, out into other realities that play a major role behind the scenes as to what goes on with this amazing planet. Outsiders are watching, caring, and waiting. I hope They are also tuning in here to!!!

And speaking of aliens, this was recently published. My opinion is that if it really WAS something important, our military would NEVER have allowed it to be published. Eh? Pentagon confirms authenticity of videos showing unidentified flying objects

Here's one from Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 10, 2021. Again, this certainly reflects my thoughts that what is happening now goes beyond "ordinary" evil, as if evil should ever be ordinary. It is part of a longer comment. Certainly David Keith is just barely human. Like Bill Gates and Elon Musk. CB is from Tucson.

C B says:
April 14, 2021 at 9:39 pm

If anyone thought that maybe, just maybe, these worthless sonsofbitches were lightening up on their agenda . . . well . . . think again. After watching the final closing segments of The Dimming, it could not be more clear that whoever, or what-ever, is ultimately behind these geoengineering schemes, despises the earth, and is consumed with self-hatred and a hatred for all things GOOD AND DECENT on this once immaculately thriving jewel of a planet. The consciousness behind these agendas cannot possibly be fully human. To be fully human requires a functioning heart . . . a heart capable of the deepest empathy and devotion to preservation and compassion.

After studying the body language and demeanor, not to mention the statements of Ken Caldeira, David Keith, Allan Robock and others, it is clear they all have a guilty conscience and know that what they are representing is wrong, scientifically untenable, and infinitely harmful. YET, THEY CONTINUE ON WITH THEIR SUPPORT AND INVOLVEMENT WITH THESE PROGRAMS. WHY? WE MUST ASK WHY? Something doesn't ring true here and never has. I first "got it" regarding geoengineering almost 10 years ago. And I have always, from the very start, been stunned at the diabolically evil elements embedded therein. The real "WHO" behind these agendas remains deeply hidden, unfortunately. Probably always will. That a depopulation aspect is a very large part of all this is undeniable. But not just "depopulation". It is crystal clear there are efforts afoot to murder the entire planet. I confess I do not have the ability to understand evil on such a scale as this . . . .

This next one I think I already included in one of my articles, but it's worth sharing again. As I have ALSO been saying, the response I am getting to the booklets and fliers here in Northeast Ohio has been overwhelmingly positive, in Portage, Stark and Columbiana counties. I am hitting Summit next—planning to go out to one of the malls and pass them out. I'm also thinking of stopping at the little church I spoke of concerning the Tibetan Monks. People ARE there, wanting to know the truth, but the "WEEDS" keep them hidden. As more of the "weeds" leave the planet, the flowers ready to bloom will become more visible. They are US, who have also arrived to complete the mission. They just need to be "activated." It seems lately I have activated quite a few. That's why it is SO IMPORTANT to do this work, no matter what. There IS a light at the end of this painfully long tunnel.

Stan Sylvester says:
April 11, 2021 at 6:57 am

If you're like me, you run out family and friends to share the greatness of what Dane teaches pretty fast. So, I try to find groups that can put me in position to meet people. A local newspaper advertised a non-denominational Bible study in our local newspaper. I decided to go because when I called for info about masks, the lady assured me no one wears one. Long story short, I came to find out that this little church never closed down for Covid. They stood up the government dictates. At one point, I was able to share info regarding the vaccine which isn't a vaccine. Next up will be the elephant in the sky. It's not easy to get out and find folks to talk to. However, the personal satisfaction of reaching out is very rewarding.

To those who refuse to listen to the truth, Dr. Jonathan O'Quinn adds, "I wash my hands of such people; we must focus on achievable goals, and if someone does not want to be reached, I cannot help them. I must move on to those who will listen."

In this next one "A Friend" posed a long list of questions, ending with "YD" for "You Decide," which is the phrase Dane uses in his broadcasts all the time because he has apparently been warned about what he says on the air, especially with this whole vaccine thing. So, as he says, he is just reading the headlines. You decide. As I've said before, we are all beginning to sound like Dane. I hope he does NOT THINK we are mocking him!! Goodness, NO! As they say, "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery." Not that Dane wants to be flattered, but he should appreciate it as a sign that his students are learning their lessons well. I recommend reading the entire long comment. It is food for thought. Here are just a few.

A Friend says:
April 11, 2021 at 5:43 am

YOU DECIDE (YD) . . . .


In no particular order, I want to pose some questions. I am just wondering about these things. Are they true? Am I on the right track? Have I been misled by things I saw on the Internet? Is there any truth to this rambling, stream-of-consciousness epistle following? Or has the stress of the COVID lock-downs and isolation finally succeeded in breaking me down psychologically . . . YD

Do the Elite have special concoctions, infusions etc. that are "chelators" and bind the aluminum so they do not lose cognitive function while others of us, most of humanity in fact, do? YD

Are Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano and Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke really talking about some sort of great reset tied in with reactions to certain pandemics? YD

Is there good reason to start handwriting old-fashioned letters and moving away from electronic communications? YD

Are less than 1/100 actual cases of certain medical procedure-related adverse events really reported to VAERS of DHHS? YD

If that is true, then when the CDC announced on 4-5-21 that 2,790 U.S. deaths "following" such procedures, would the actual number today be closer to 3,000, and thus the true number closer to the ballpark of 300,000? YD

Am I making it up that when I went online to DHHS and looked up VAERS, that I concluded that it requires an extraordinary amount of time to fill out just one adverse event report, so most doctors probably do not have the time to mess with it? YD

Why, when I personally called the CDC a few days ago to ask them how many deaths had occurred following certain medical procedures, they dodged my question, put me on hold, and then got back on the line and read a prepared statement saying that they had reviewed such cases and concluded there was no relationship? YD

Is there something to the old prepare for change dot net article on GWEN towers, whatever those are, and are electromagnetic fields on earth really being modulated to disturb our electrochemical connection to the Earth that has always existed up 'till now? YD

Do certain experimental procedures pose an imminent threat to human life? If—hypothetically—300,000 people have died in the last 3.5 months, is there the potential for a looming catastrophic loss of human life from certain causes, which could lead to a catastrophic breakdown in the U.S. infrastructure and economy? YD

Is there a spiritual dimension beyond this temporal, 3-D experience we are currently experiencing? YD

And if so, does that mean that in the end, beyond all physical reality, things will be okay? YD

Have there been countless documented cases in which people have "lost" beloved loved ones (animal and human), only to find in their grief that they then had experiences in which they heard, saw, felt, even talked with, said loved ones? And did I recently experience just such things with a precious little dog I recently had to have put down? YD

If so, are these communications perhaps there to reassure us of a better state/dimension beyond this present reality? YD

Even so, is it still important to make every day count while we are HERE and NOW? YD

One person commented that these are good questions and says she saved the list. I agree. As for the chelation, Dane has mentioned this several times, that there is a procedure, I believe he said in Germany, where the elites can go to have a treatment done that actually takes the blood out of the body and purifies it from toxins such as aluminum nano-particles. But no worries. As Dane also points out NOBODY is gonna escape what's coming. The questions about VAERS probably ARE true. Dane has pointed that out also. And it supports my observations that point to a great number of people dying that we are not hearing about. And YES, of course I believe there is something beyond this hell-hole. I think we're in a computer-generated reality anyways.

Here are some comments from the latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 17, 2021, then I'll be all caught up. This is part of a comment by Pauline from Australia.

Pauline says:
April 19, 2021 at 4:39 am

I guess reality will hit home when food supplies are affected. While the 'in charge' ratbags stuff themselves with more coal dust, gas leaks, money to burn literally. Sigh, why did I sign on to witness all this craziness, or are we simply random visitors on this great planet?

Do spread the word when possible . . . still wonder what the recently launched satellites are doing to our moods, bodies, brains, mixed in with the SRM effects.

I absolutely believe that about the satellites and it is growing ever worse. I also believe it is partially responsible for the strange feelings of anxiety I've been feeling. More like a creepiness, and, though I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and sometimes before, I have not had a "restful" sleep in quite a while, even sleeping hard and not awakening until morning. Here's a comment by BBB in response to a comment by Sandy Patrus, whose elderly neighbor had what Sandy thought was a reaction to a vaccine.

BBB says:
April 19, 2021 at 6:28 am

Absolutely! Many elderly have died from the experimental vaccine. If someone dies prior to the jab the cause of death will be attributed to "Covid." Should a death or injury occur after taking the kool aid, it's labeled a stroke or heart attack, or just a coincidence. Most of the injuries and deaths are going unreported. It's the blood clotting issue that cannot be ignored. I am 76. And no way will I volunteer. I hope she fully recovers. And bless you for looking out for your neighbor.

Here's another from Stan Sylvester—the one above who found the open-minded Bible study group. Just one comment from me: Be careful because Independent Media doesn't always tell the truth either. They certainly do not concerning climate engineering.

Stan Sylvester says:
April 19, 2021 at 8:42 am

I had 2 people rip me to shreds after an article was posted that I sent to a local newspaper. It was Covid related. They both said my article should not have printed. They both used the tired reason of misinformation. I responded to the letters of criticism. I turned the table on them by writing about what journalism is. It allows one's voice to be heard. I wrote about the difference between the mainstream media and independent media. That local newspaper is privately owned. I commended the newspaper for sticking to their guns and allowing my voice to be heard. Just keep moving and you'll be surprised at the additonal doors that open. What those folks that ripped me wanted was censorship. They were outed by their own words.

In response to a post by Terry, who had traced commercial passenger planes who were spraying in Southwest Utah, CB offered this comment.

C B says:
April 18, 2021 at 2:02 pm

An audio statement was posted on Youtube maybe 6-7 years ago by a fellow who remained incognito(off camera). He was an airline mechanic who, in the course of his assigned routine maintenance schedule that day discovered some unusual equipment (piping, connectors, etc) that shouldn't have been there. He didn't mention it to anyone but that evening he did a little digging online and that's when he found out about how some jets were being retrofitted with spraying equipment for dispersion of geoengineering materials. Next day, without warning, he was called into the boss's office and confronted about his internet activity the previous night. Needless to say he was shocked to realize the extent to which he was being surveilled. He was told if he ever mentioned ANYTHING about spraying equipment being found on any commercial jets that he would be immediately terminated and any benefits stripped from him. OR WORSE. Meaning there also existed a veiled threat of physical harm to him or his family should he not keep his mouth completely shut.

I can assure you these intense protocols still exist and supreme secrecy is maintained at all costs. We must ask ourselves: WHY?

Here is another part of a comment that gives evidence more and more of us are on the same page about the possible end result and destruction of this evil force.

Croz' says:
April 18, 2021 at 7:15 am

In the present dystopian episode of 'viral health terrorism' the degrees of these latter characteristics have become utterly and literally stupefying. It is true, as you say Dane, the apathy and inertia, the conditioned & controlled minds are as much an insidious and pernicious danger and weapon of destruction that threatens to tear apart societies and humanity . . . yet still and there will by positive, progressive and healing Change that will be dominant and turn back the tide of destruction, power and obscene wealth of a few whose very actions in these days show EXACTLY how much they fear US—and those US being Humane and Human Souls who's minds are their own and not of the ilk of the weak and stupid whose minds are not their own, rather they are 'owned' ~ it could not be more clear or obvious.

There is an ascension in a vast Humanity ~ amassing its tsunami of potency and consciousness that will purge the 'impurities' of the 3D dimension as 5D becomes the inviolable paradigm and beyond.

Of course this is not to fall in to a kind of superior intellect or spiritual nirvana that some feel they can disassociate from 'the present' but rather must, as Soul Purpose requires, do all that We can to bring an awareness and community belonging back in to the lives of those who are lonely beyond description precisely because the weapon of fear and separation is on rapid, incessant and targeted fire.

This One Earth and Life upon Her, is being culled, harvested, pillaged and poisoned by the same 'group' of the avaricious and delusional entities that are accelerating their purpose, no longer subliminally, but with naked and cynical, obscene visibility.

We are here to see an end to this war and terror and to sweep their kind in to an eternal abyss.

And on that comment, I will end. This is the last "Great Reset" article, but the theme will be ongoing, obviously as we see where it takes us. I want to once again remind everyone to be sure and read the book review I did of Dane's informative booklet, and hopefully it will inspire everyone to obtain some and distribute them. The sooner we accomplish our mission, the sooner we can leave.
Geoengineering: A Chronicle of Indictment

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