The Great Reset, Part Two

After debating for a day whether to do the next in this series or a Farm Article, this won out. The farm one will follow soon. There is just SO MUCH to cover as we head to these end-of-time events. And it doesn't matter where the term "Great Reset" came from, it IS happening and we must ensure that it happens in our favor. But the one thing that cannot and will not be avoided is an immense population reduction, either way. NO, I absolutely DO NOT think these alien psychos have the right to reduce the population, or choose who must be eliminated, but nonetheless, there is going to be massive elimination of people on this planet. Please prepare yourselves for that. The creatures that call themselves human have proven not only to be terrible stewards of Earth, as Dane would say, but have proven to be ignorant, selfish and totally irresponsible regarding the use of their reproductive organs. I suspect that in the new paradigm where we at least are headed, sexual reproduction will not exist.

I have long thought it was a Reptilian mutation, which has caused the planet to overpopulate with increasingly stupid human creatures, which has served THEIR purpose. Remember the story I shared about my experience at the church and the Tibetan Buddhists? It was the sudden exit of SO MANY PEOPLE that cleared the energy—and it's all about energy, remember. Then those of us who had our minds focused on the spiritual aspect of the meeting suddenly found ourselves free to enjoy the event at the spiritual level. It was very symbolic of what we are globally experiencing now. This glut of humanity that has TOTALLY lost all sense of the non-physical world, and is immersed in the mindest of self-gratification and toxic technology has been the tool for Reptilian dominance. Yep, they are indeed killing people off, but, as we can plainly see, these beings are technological and inorganic—bots and droids, if you will, so they are incapable of grasping the consequences of their actions. Thus, it is incomprehensible to them that destroying all the earth's life support systems will also kill of the very beings they wish to use as slaves for their agenda. Yes, they are attempting to turn as many of us into bots and droids like them. Why do you think they are filling EVERYTHING on the planet with METALS—inorganic substances. Because they believe they will turn us into "things" that can be computerized and remote controlled. In Edgar Cayce On Atlantis, during his trance states in which he went back to the days of Atlantis to do past-life readings for clients, he also referred to the living beings who had been converted to transhuman robotic slaves as "things." I need to go back and watch The Dimming, but I've just not had time yet. It seems to me that I remember one of the people interviewed made reference to something similar. Catherine Austin Fitts certainly has. It is not just from the spiritual viewpoint that I make these statements, it is scientific. They ARE filling everything on the planet with aluminum and other metals, and they HAVE turned the sky into a grid. Connect the dots.

They have partially succeeded. The extent to which people are not only in denial, but, I believe incapable of perceiving the truth is much more than just fear or apathy. And the extent to which those that know what's going on but refuse to speak out, or are blindly, and even worse, voluntarily choosing to go along with what they MUST KNOW is killing the whole planet, goes WAY beyond their fear of losing paycheck and pension. The behavior of the massive majority of people on this planet is NOT HUMAN. Period. Anyone paying attention has GOT to see that there is something TERRIBLY un-human going on here that goes even beyond the perception of "evil." One cannot call a computer, (or a vehicle or vacuum sweeper) evil . . . . What is going on is inorganic, not living.

They have, therefore, succeeded in their agenda of robotic control, except for that two percent of the population that cannot be mind-controlled or controlled at all, so it is said. We are of a different ilk. We are not human either. Many of us have come to fulfill our mission, but it is benevolent and supporting of life. What we have here is NOT life anymore. However, they have also signed their own death warrant. Because in turning these people into "things" that do their bidding, they are also killing them. And when enough die, as they will, then it will be US against THEM and the stakes will be a bit more evened out. They have failed to recognize this truth, but perhaps they are "getting it" now. Which is why they are working so desperately to turn everything on earth upside down before their dream reality crashes. And that's where we find ourselves now, in this final battle that will determine the outcome of Planet Earth, and the New Paradigm we wish to create. Hence, the Great Reset, as yet not decided in whose favor it will reset to. There is indeed a "war of the worlds" battle taking place off-planet, being mirrored here in our physical reality.

And it isn't just "humans" who have become "inorganic." Everything in the natural world, or at least natural as we have perceived it throughout history, has become "un-natural." That's why these horrendous weather events freak me out. They are NOT weather events, they are tools being used to kill us. And to clear the planet of everything that's not computerized, so THEY can take full occupation. When these "storms" pass through and it gets SO DARK, I can feel the evil all around me, and the fact that most people don't even give it a second thought is evidence that they have lost all touch with their inner wisdom and vision. The same applies to the deathly cold I feel when they dump these ice nucleation conconctions on us. We are being rained upon by heavy metals and plastic polymers, not to mention pathogens, mind-control agents and whateverthehell else. It bewilders me, and Dane, and the people in his community, how that can be. It is incomprehensible that not only do people sit back and do nothing, they don't even notice, even when someone points it out to them with overwhelming proof. And it's not just weather, it's everything, from GMOs and Frankenfoods, pharmaceuticals and all the electronic/technical junk that has permeated our lives, not to mention radio and electromagnetic frequencies, and radiation that is literally KILLING every living thing on the planet. Please read this paragraph several times until it sinks in, then you will understand the full state of our catastrophic situation.

Last week, during my shopping trip to Alliance that I mentioned in the first issue of this series, I forgot to tell you about a very discomforting energetic situation I encountered, which brought back the memory of a story I heard years ago—speaking of Edgar Cayce—about an experience he had with an elevator. He was known to be able to see auras. When the elevator he awaited opened, it was filled with people who did not have an aura. He immediately stepped back, because he knew the souls of these people had already left their bodies. When the door closed, the elevator cable broke, sending all the occupants to their deaths. That was similar to what I am experiencing now. All of US probably are, too, to a certain extent, though we may not know how to interpret it. To put it blatantly, it is dead, soulless energy in human bodies preparing to exit. Please face this NOW, and prepare yourselves. The situation in Alliance that day was particularly bad. I went to Ravenna yesterday, and it wasn't much better. It will worsen as we progress through this end-event. So, how can we expect soul-less shells to notice or care that all life on the planet is under assault? But I will say, this, and I perhaps may be able to use it as a gauge to where we are on global population reduction, but it seems to me that our ability to manifest will greatly increase as more people exit. Or else WE will find ourselve in a totally new realm. Either way is fine by me.

More and more people in Dane's community are making similiar and related comments. So what I will do here is weed through all his articles since and including The Dimming and share his community's comments that I found particularly relevant. They may be whole or part of an individual's comment post. We begin with The Dimming and I will work my way up to more recent posts.

Mick Davies says:
March 16, 2021 at 3:19 pm

One could envision probes to this planet in the distant future leaving people wondering if life ever existed here.

Kinda like I wonder about Venus, and if it wasn't US. In which case, Planet Earth is "deja vu all over again," as Yogi Berra would have said . . . . There, as usual, are also satirical comment. Oh my good lord have mercy—Bill Gates writing about avoiding a climate disaster? That is satire in itself. But notice how HE also uses the term soulless.

Robert St John says:
March 16, 2021 at 8:00 am

Bill Gates want us to join him on Goodreads for a Q&A about his new book titled "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster". Let's have some fun with this one folks. This souless freak is insane.

And how about this one! He ALSO uses the term, "thing."

Steve Olsen says:
March 14, 2021 at 10:14 am

Evil has been very clever. If any "thing" rejects this film and still willingly is going along with the Plandemic psyop, get them out of your life. They are no longer human.

Here are two comments that express the alienation most of us feel. But of course, it must be, because the bulk of the population is toxic to us, and we must protect our own energy from the parasites and vermin.

Andy says:
March 12, 2021 at 1:15 pm

I linked this production to my older brother.
In formative years I had regarded him as one of my 'heroes'—an intelligent, well educated open minded person. Or so I had thought.
His reply to me is—"Stay away from our family, it is people like you who are amongst the most dangerous. Promoting debunked lies and 'anti-science'. You are a sick person."
My heart is broken.
'a' simple horseman says:
March 12, 2021 at 7:27 pm

Andy, Wow, that's fricken harsh. Interesting how your brothers reply is an example of the programmed response the sheeple have been inflicted with. I know, I've had the same response from my own 'younger' brother that is involved with the computer engineering world. My family has literally disowned me. I miss my sister that died from a military induced brain tumor. She worked in a "communications shack" for almost 6 years in Korea. My father died this last November and didn't even leave me so much as a good bye note. He knew he was dying. He 'was' a millionaire. I'm not even on the radar.

Those of us that do and are willing to speak truths are now being scorned and degraded beyond comprehension. Those of us that are willing to stand up for what we know to be right will suffer grave consequences. Religious people would call it biblical as long as they are not the scorned ones. Just sayin. Hang in there Andy and ALL.

Our day is coming, however, and there will be millions who will wish they would have listened. Or perhaps they will be dead. Either way, the TRUTH will be made known. Anyways, this theme of alienation continues through numerous comments.

I will end comments on The Dimming with just part of one of Raymond's many extended thoughts for this page. I always enjoy his writing and wit. And he often says exactly what is also on my mind. Here's an example. He's discussing the same thing I've discussed above—the bewildering inability of people unable to see the obvious. The last paragraph is particularly apropos. It's a "reality" of course, but a false one.

Raymond says:
March 11, 2021 at 3:51 am

AND so many documents and patents for geoengineering and climate control operations are readily available to the public, on the very same internet that they have become incessantly addicted to!

Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Unless some form of secret subliminal brainwashing and mental programming is taking place around the globe.

Pharmaceutical additives in municipal water supplies, aerosol injection plane trails and GMO foods . . . like Prozac and Riddelliine maybe? To keep everyone from thinking for themselves?

Split second images that appear in the blink of an eye . . . imbedded within popular movies, TV shows and commercials?

Children, teenagers and college students being hypnotized without their knowledge, by teachers and professors who use various media instructional technologies? Technology so sophisticated that even the members of academia are being affected as well?

Is the Matrix of an illusionary alternate world actually a reality? So convincing to the majority of people that they can't even see or hear us, when we try to wake them out of the Official Narrative Fog enveloping their brains?

And that is all the comments I will post for this issue. I will continue on this "Great Reset" theme until it has been exhausted. Next issue, I will continue with commentaries from Dane's site beginning with the Global Alert News which follows The Dimming. His site is the one oasis of sanity on the internet now. I hope all of you take advantage of that and do your best to help Dane spread his message. His angst worsens by the day, and so should all of ours. We have work to do, a goal to accomplish, which we cannot fail.

I will end this article with some of the stuff I've saved. My game plan is to post a Farm Article next, sometime mid-week.

Here's more horror on the Texas disaster.
Texas Death Toll In February's Winter Storm Nearly Doubles To 111
Here are some concerning all the distractions the controllers are desperately using to keep our minds away from the fact that the biosphere is in complete collapse.
Covid-19 could be 'swallowed' into our bodies
And more media driven racism . . . .
Polls say Americans report record low opinions of China. Are the surveys measuring racism?
And more divide and conquer . . . .
The pandemic is stirring deep resentments in Europe. They may not be quick to heal
Who is lying???
'Lying Through Truth': Misleading Facts Fuel Vaccine Misinformation
I cannot help but wonder if this is part of a plan to deceive the populations about the REAL shortages. Think about it . . . . And an excuse for price hikes?
Global shipping was in chaos even before the Suez blockage. Shortages and higher prices loom
Desperation?? Oh, my . . . .!!
Donuts and weed among the freebies retailers offer to vaccinated Americans
OMG, ARE YOU SHITTING ME??? Gag me with a spoon . . . .
An upcoming children's book stars a new household name as the main character—Dr. Anthony Fauci
Yeah, maybe for Wall Street brokers . . . . WHEN IS THE BULLSHIT GONNA STOP?? We are inching toward global famine, and these people think the economy is improving??
Fed Chair Touts 'Much Improved' Economy 1 Year After Stocks Hit Pandemic-Era Low

And here is one last story. I saw it last night, and I'm not sure why it affected me so profoundly and made me SO VERY SAD. It really is a story with a happy ending. This stray dog kept getting into a Dollar General store in North Carolina and stealing a stuffed purple unicorn. Five times. Finally, they called animal control, and the kindly person who went to pick him up, also bought the toy for him to keep. It went viral, and he was adopted the next day. Yet I sat and stared at this picture for probably fifteen minutes last night and something in my heart just ached. Perhaps it is because it was so sad that a beautiful creature was THAT LONELY to feel he had to have something to love. How heartbreaking. How many more "Sisus" are there? What will happen when the bulk of the population is dead? That's why I want my own little planet. I want a place where all animals can come to heal all the horrors they've suffered on this planet. I feel driven to do this, because I cannot turn my back on these poor, hurt creatures. I want them to forget they ever encountered cruel humans, and heal their wounds so they, too can be free to continue on their evolutionary journeys.
A stray dog kept stealing a stuffed unicorn from a Dollar General, so animal control bought it for him
One more point concerning the theme of this article. Do you notice how organic terms have made their way into the inorganic world, and vice-versa? Like the word, "viral"? Think about it—an unwholesome merging of two unrelated areas. Life and not-life. Transhumanism.

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