The Great Reset, Part One

I mentioned this in passing a while ago, but it has blown up into material for an article. Two, actually. I am almost certain that this term, at one time was used by those on "our side," to represent the cleansing of the Reptilian presence, and other evils, on this planet. Does anyone else remember that? If not, it doesn't matter. We are experiencing SO MANY different realities now, I'm not even trying to comprehend. Even Dane's community has made comments that people appear as if they are on a different planet. Indeed, they are, and the gap will only continue to widen. I, personally, am going to My Own Little Planet. Speaking of, if you have not yet noticed, I've ventured to begin a new Farm Series for 2021, something of which I debated doing. But my peas survived the winter, so what the hell. I'll keep going until . . . whatever is going to happen, happens. Dane believes any day now, something will snap. I TOTALLY agree. THAT'S why we should all be prepared for where we want to go next. Meanwhile, our immediate goal must be to wipe out this evil force that has permeated every aspect of our lives for so many eons. Here's the link. I will have my usual Index Page posted with the next issue. And also as usual, it is listed in the top right column of my Home Page, and when I do the Index, it will also be on my Farm Page, and the left column of my Home Page.

My Own Little Planet

In any case, it is my belief that somewhere along the line, they confiscated the term, "Great Reset," from us and corrupted it to mean something totally different, in THEIR favor, of course. A world in which a handful of people, Bill Gates at the top, would control the rest of us. Themselves being controlled by off-planet beings. That's not the first time they've twisted around OUR agenda, in fact it's been going on blatantly since the New Age movement began. So, everything is all fucked up. Their plan, of course. What is real, then? Hell if I know. Haven't a clue. But I DO know energy, and that is a much more reliable reading of the state of things, not only here on Planet Earth, or wherever we actually are. IF we are indeed in The Matrix, please remember THAT was a computer program where nothing was actually "real." Have we always been here? Or did we get slowly transferred, through mind control? Because the ONLY reality we are able to experience the one in our minds. Hence, the desperation of those who think they're in control to attempt to make everyone on the planet believe the disinformation that is now WAY more rampant than truth. People in Dane's community have pointed out that there are about two percent of the population that cannot be mind-controlled. Since you are reading this, you can probably consider yourself in that group. It is another reason why ALL OF US should align ourselves with Dane and his community. It is one of the very few truly safe havens on the internet now.

I don't know exactly what Dane believes, regarding the non-physical world, as he has made it clear that he will only stick to what is credible scientific data, and he is completely wise in doing so, because that is his safety net against anyone who would call him a conspiracy theorist. Therefore, I want to make it clear that anything I EVER SAY concerning the non-physical reality has NOTHING to do with Dane and his beliefs. I would die if I thought I ever did or said anything that compromised his twenty years worth of non-stop labor to end the atrocity in the skies. However, it is also clear that many in his community also embrace the ideas that I embrace. I know that, because many of my readers are also part of that community.

So therefore, I am going to share my interpretation of what is going on, from the energetic perspective. Keep in mind that it is ALL merging into a single point. Perhaps that will be a new "Big Bang." Or perhaps we are heading to a black hole to another dimension. Ya gotta consider all possibilities. Whatever it is, it will be the end, AND the beginning. This includes all Dane's activities, and what he has proven beyond the possibility of doubt, exactly WHAT is going on in the skies. At least in the physical reality we are experiencing. But even he admits that we do NOT KNOW the full agenda of the controllers, and the real reason "climate engineering" is going on, but we DO KNOW that it is much more than weather modification or even warfare. Here's where the shady areas appear. In MY energetic viewpoint—remember, "As Above, So Below," we are actually experiencing the final battles that are taking place OFF-PLANET. In any case, it is all coming to an end. The reaching of that pinpoint of energy where ALL is headed, will be the culmination, and the final determining score. I have felt lately like all the energy of the planet is being sucked into a vortex, a spinning around and merging of the ALL—the lies, the truth, the physical and non-physical—to be cleansed and ready to be created into something totally new.

But our goal still is to dispell all this evil. It cannot manifest again where we are going. Period. However we must do it, both at the physical and non-physical levels. Therefore, I plead with you all to PLEASE HELP DANE. He needs to get his documentary, The Dimming into the hands of the right people, so it will receive massive public attention. We are working against an incredibly strong force. But remember, THAT victory will be an off-planet victory as well, and there is no other way around this one. Anyone that is trying to show you other ways to ascend and be free is uninformed as to the totality of the agenda. We cannot leave this planet as it is now, or we will be forced to relive all this horror, wherever we go next. We cannot go on to create a new Universe until we clean up the mess in this one.

Which also leads to numerous questions that I cannot answer, and will not waste my time trying, but I must say, I am open to whatever proves to be the truth. Therefore, I must question, from an energetic standpoint, just WHO is behind all the destruction on this planet. Well, we KNOW who, or at least WHAT is causing much of it, just by looking into the skies. But WHO is behind THAT? Dane continually says it is those who print the money, but MY opinion goes much deeper. WHO is controlling them? An off-planet force? I would think. Them, or US? Yeah, I've questioned that, too. I have always believed that Earth is a living entity in herself. There is always the possibility that she is committing a sort of suicide to rid herself of the evil vermin, parasites and the WAY overly populated human species. Her own immune system, perhaps, on steroids, shutting down to starve what is killing her. Have you ever considered that? I have, for a long time. That's why I pay attention to what I'm being called to do, and do it even if I do not understand the big picture. Most people are blissfully unaware of the massive war that is in its final stages, and we ARE at that point. What happens next—very soon—will decide the winner. In any case, my interpretation of The Great Reset is a return to Earth as it was originally intended, as explained in Bringers of the Dawn. WITHOUT 8 billion people.

Anyone who is even remotely awake MUST realize that what is going on right now, is such incomprehensible evil that most people are simply unable to even recognize it, and so, to them, it does not even exist. Plus their ability to comprehend and discern has been totally hijacked. We can look back to the beginnings of recorded civilization, and it is obvious that evil, cruelty, greed and every other despicable human quality has always been around. But what we are dealing with here, especially since after WWII is WAY beyond human. Can you not see that? The technology alone is so far advanced that it MUST be alien. It's not just evil, it is downright diabolical. I'm referring to the mind-control agenda, and all it entails, which includes the ability to make individuals and also masses of people hallucinate, and, in essence, to have the ability to get into peoples' minds to create their reality, which people then project. Isn't that exactly what's happening? And all the horrible things the military is doing, from surveillance at a level that would shock most people, to the unthinkable activities going on in the sky. Why are these covert activities SO important and SO secret? And the people who carry them out are not even aware. Does that sound normal to you? Or does it sound like alien interference?

Dane believes, or says, that people are just unable to deal with things that they fear, so they shut everything out and live in denial. But I believe it is WAY more than that. I think the mind control programs have literally made it IMPOSSIBLE for them to see what is in front of their own eyes. Therefore, that's why we have had SUCH a difficult time getting people to notice what is going on in the sky and everywhere else. It is not even resistance, it is a controlled mind function that does not allow them to see the truth. Go back and watch the movie, They Live. People literally could NOT see reality, but only what they were programmed to see. The same with The Matrix. And I believe sorcery is also involved. We cannot fight technology with energy, so no matter how much you raise your vibration, it will do no good. And likewise, we cannot fight sorcery by physical means. We must be aware of what we are fighting and use the appropriate tools. Since many or most of you reading this may not be skilled in energetic warfare, stick to what you can do at the physical end. Help Dane. As the conditions on this planet grow increasingly more catastrophic, more and more people will either be able to see the truth, or those who are paid liars will finally be more afraid of what is coming than what the controllers have threatened them with, and will begin to speak out. Once we are able to stop the technology, the sunglasses go on, and ALL will see the same thing. At least that's the game plan. As Catherine Austin Fitts says, "It will shift everything."

Meanwhile, the more in touch you are with the non-physical world, the less you will be able to be controlled. Becoming skilled in reading energy is the pathway to freedom, because the energetic world is ALWAYS real. In fact, it is the only aspect of our lives that IS. We should have, over these past several years, established where we want to go after this, and be ready as soon as the chains that bind us are broken. In Dane's last email to me, he said, "The battle rages on, links in the chain of the current paradigm are buckling, hang on." Once they break, the controllers will lose control. That is coming sooner than anyone can imagine, but not soon enough, as far as many of us are concerned. I am quite ready to deal with biosphere collapse if it means exposure and disclosure, which it WILL. THEN we must be ready to use our non-physical, creative skills.

I will spend the rest of this article on current stuff, and plan to get a sequel out soon, which will include more comments from Dane's community. First, let's begin with my shopping trip to Alliance yesterday that was mostly to get a little kerosene, as I will not need much any more, I hope. But it turned out bigger than planned. I had decided to buy extra pet food, a little each week to stock up. I am feeding the cats and Molly Walmart's Pure Balance, which is all natural, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and also comes in grain-free, or you can get it with rice. It comes in numerous types/flavors and is high in protein. It also contains fruits and vegetables and no tomatoes, which Molly is allergic to. And is half the price of other similar brands. Plus my pets like it. So I planned to buy another bag of cat food, since I just bought Molly a big bag, and I needed turtle food, as they are finally coming out of their winter shut-down. Well, I became frantic when there were only a few bags of cat food left. I ended up buying three, plus a cheaper brand for the stray cat, Magnolia (Maggie), who moved onto my porch last fall. I also got Molly another bag, but the dog section was not as empty.

I've been looking to replace my old dishpans since the beginning of this plandemic. I really hate the ones Walmart sells, but since I've been unable to find any other all this time, I decided to break down and buy theirs. But they had none either. It happened there were two snotty employees nearby, whom I asked if there was a dishpan shortage. They appararently did not appreciate the sarcasm of my enquiry. I also asked if Walmart was discontinuing their Pure Balance pet food line, and the answer was that there is a supply problem. The Friskies and Beneful (Purina) stock has improved, but this is all a harbinger of what is coming. But the most shocking store is ALDI. Every time I go in there, the aisles are farther apart. Gaping. It makes me gasp every time. PLEASE STOCK UP. I am getting dried foods, such as beans, rice. Even extra flour, if you have a good place to store it. Canned goods, too. ALWAYS date everything and rotate your stock. My mother was a certified food supervisor, and ran the dietary department at one of the large private nursing home in the area for years. Anyways, as always, The Weather Channel makes up lies to counteract the truth. Here's one from today. But it does NOT explain the shortage of dishpans for the past YEAR.
TX Deep Freeze's Impact Reaching All Over the World
And here's another one on "shortages." Good. They need to STOP making SUVs and ALL vehicles. If there is no food, why would we need a vehicle?
Computer chip shortage starting to hit automakers where it hurts

OK, so I can see FOOD shortages, with all the land destruction, poisoning, and impossible growing conditions, but why the manufacturing problem. This has led me to wonder if massive deaths are not already happening. The ones we never hear about, and the ones attributed to Covid, or the supposedly much more deadly strains to come. A couple months back, something very strange happened. I went up to the gas station right near the expressway, about five minutes away. They were closed. People were stopping in, because it is a very busy station, and grumbling, "Not again." Apparently this had happened several times, but I don't go there that often. Over a month later, I stopped there, and asked ther cashier what had happened. Her answer? They had no staff. So they had to close. GASP! Really?? Now, with all the people supposedly out of jobs, how can that be? Maybe people are just dying and better opportunities are opening for others. I dunno, but there have been little things I've noticed lately that lead me to believe the effects of these vaccines are kicking in, and we KNOW that the deaths reported, for instance on the CDC website are only a smattering of the true number of deaths and serious complications. Here is something V. Susan Ferguson posted on Dane's site.
CDC Ignores Inquiry Into Increasing Number of Deaths, Injuries Reported After COVID Vaccines

So, how long will it be before people begin to notice the increasingly smaller population? I know that on my shopping trip yesterday. NONE of the parking lots were even remotely crowded, including Walmart. Please don't take this wrong, but anyone who does not have their head up their ass has GOT to understand that we are SO OVERPOPULATED at this point that severe population reduction is necessary if anyone is to survive on this planet. Who has the right to decide who shall die? No one, however, it WILL be decided one way or another. And that goes back to the comment I made about the Earth and her immune system. And it's also one of the reasons I have to wonder about the source of all that is happening. We KNOW what the evil ones are doing. But what is going on beyond that? Drastic reduction of the population will create a MASSIVE energy shift. Everything is clogged up now, like a bad drain pipe. Most people do not want to face this, especially the ones that believe "god" creates babies. Nope. SEX creates babies, so the god thing is not a feasible excuse for uncontrolled use of reproductive organs. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Probably sixteen or seventeen years ago, a little non-denominal church I occasionally attended because I was friends with the minister, hosted a prayer service given by a group of Tibetan Monks, followers of the Dalai Lama, and themselves exiles. In the course of their visit, they also constructed a large sand mandala, which they were doing everywhere they stopped. After everyone viewed it, it was blessed, then returned in some way to the earth. This one went into Lake Erie.

I and three friends decided to attend the prayer meeting. It was very crowded, and we got seats in the back of the room. Most of the people there were apparently spectators with little interest in spirituality. They were loud and rude, while we strained to hear what the monks said. In addition, only one spoke English, making it even more difficult to participate. About an hour into the service, suddenly the greater part of the people just got up and left. It was the most profound energetic experience I ever had. Suddenly this huge drain and chaos was gone, and the room filled with the most sublime peace. We moved closer to the front and at the end each received a blessing from a monk. But what made this so profound for me was that I KNEW it was prophetic and symbolic, and that I would someday experience that same peace, for the same reason, but on a global and real scale, not just symbolically, at some point in my life. I believe we are nearly there now.

The vast majority of people on this planet are evil in so many ways: selfish, greedy, liars, immoral, apathetic, ignorant, and on and on. This human experiment has been a failure. Therefore, in so many ways, I DO look with great anticipation to what is coming. I yearn for that same experience on a grand scale, that sublime peace that will only come when the chaff has been removed, and all that rotten energy, that draining, exhausting energy that we must wade through like mud every single day. Perhaps Earth will feel like "my own little planet" if there are so few of us. Or perhaps I will just go and be alone with the animals and plants. Whatever is going to happen, must happen, either way. We cannot continue like this.

I want to make just a couple more comments in this long article. Last night was the first time in months that they didn't spray the shit out of us with ice nucleation chemicals. I woke up after the most restful sleep I've had for a good long time. Nothing hurt in my body. The house was warm. I started the kerosene heater in my office, but soon let it run down. I typed until early afternoon and my hands didn't hurt at all. The house stayed warm, and it got downright hot outside. I laid out on my cot and read most of the afternoon because it's just too wet to do much else outside.

I don't think I could have taken too many more days like I was. I have been having such restless nights, sleeping hard, but not relaxing, having bizarre dreams that I cannot remember, but I wake up exhausted and in pain. Even the animals are behaving strange. Dogs barking constantly in the distance. I have a mouse getting into my bathroom and eating the soap. I think it's not just the bees. Other animals are showing signs of dimentia. There is just so much evil in the air, especially when these totally engineered severe weather events move through.

After that deluge last week, we have another arriving, right on schedule, including the possibility of more tornadoes in the south, and wind gusts supposedly upt to 55 mph here. Several years ago, that would have warranted a High Wind Warning from the NWS, but now it's just a watch. They save the warnings now, apparently for those at 100 mph. It is incomprehensible that we inland states should have to suffer from huuricane-force winds. And these storms are all engineered. Dane pointed out that they have the technology to "cap" these tornadoes to make them less severe. But why would they do that? They created them in the first place. And so, every day becomes a challenge to whether the climate engineers, military, or government will find a way to kill us. But if WE are gone, THEY will never experience that peace, as I did, because they are incapable of feeling anything but chaos. Does that sound human to you?

To be continued . . . .

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