Glitches in the Matrix

As above, so below. On Earth as it is in Heaven. No matter what religion or spiritual belief you embrace, with the exception of Atheism or those that do not recognize a reality beyond the physical realm, this concept is a truism, at least where we are now. As I have spoken previously, when we get free of this hell-hole of a planet/dimension, the laws will change. WE will make new laws as we create the new existence. But here now, since we have had the part of us wiped out that enabled us to clearly "see" what is happening in the non-physical world, we must rely on what we DO see as a mirror of our "real" reality.

Remember in the movie, The Matrix, when Neo saw the black cat repeat the identical movement, and he was told it was a "glitch in the Matrix?" Well, as the Matrix continues to collapse, the glitches are becoming nearly impossible to miss or ignore, unless you are so tied to the physical world that you cannot see beyond or through it. I've found that the more I blast myself with Light, the clearer the picture becomes, and I am seeing more and more anomalies that I KNOW are not right. So, the key here for all of you who are awakening is to be ever on the lookout for anomalies, and DO NOT allow your minds to process what you THINK you see as real. Just as I have gone on and on about giving yourself credit for everything you create or manifest, even if you have doubts, here we must train ourselves to absolutely scrutinize anything and everything that we experience, and ask ourselves if it seems real or normal.

I have a lot to say about this, but I want to make one other point before I begin. It is my game-plan to spend this year, however much time we have before it all comes down, to focus on prophesies and apocalyptic writings. As I said last year, I will be exploring the Prophets of the Old Testament. The first one will be the Book of Hosea, if you want to read up on that one. But I am also immersing myself into prophetic and apocalyptic fiction. I am reading the thirteen Dover Doomsday Classics. I just read the fifth one and will post it when that slot rolls around on my Home Page. You can access them all on my Futuristic, Apocalyptic, Time Travel Index Page. I have also pulled out a number of dystopian classics and put them in my "To Read Now" box, which includes George Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty-Four, which I read years ago, and also Brave New World, and Make Room! Make Room!, on which the movie Soylent Green was based, and which I just bought. The reason for my decision to do this is not because I am morbid, but because I firmly believe that fine literature is often inspired from a Higher Energy and was written to provide wisdom to we who are struggling on this miserable planet, when we finally reached the point where we now find ourselves. That includes so many fantasy classics, also, such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Once and Future King, The Chronicles of Narnia, and folk and fairy tales, and myths. My website is a treasure trove of book reviews. Click that link, then start exploring the numerous indices. Especially helpful is the index at the very bottom— the Cross-Reference/Resource page in which I have attempted to put everything I've reviewed into appropriate categories, and these pages are also the most lovely examples of my code-writing.

Anyways, that's what will be coming up, and I will also try to avoid current events as much as possible, with the exception of this article. Remember, we are at the crossroads and have only two options: we either ascend or descend. Period. By exploring the literature mentioned above, we can bring the Big Picture into focus, and see where we are headed, and where we want to head. They are two different directions, though most people are unaware we have even reached the end. Those will certainly not end up in a pleasant place, and neither will WE unless we can change the current course, or get free of it. SO it is extremely important that we see clearly where we are headed, and I wonder how many of my readers actually do. Too many are still wasting time surfing the internet for answers, spending too much time at the "spiritual buffet," choosing a little of this and a little of that, but ending up with mostly baloney on their plates. If that is YOU, please STOP. If you have not learned discernment by now, then that is what you must work towards. Remember, also, that most of these "spiritual" sites are also selling something, SO BEWARE. And also be aware that here in the U.S., every organization registered with the government as a "non-profit" gets a letter from the IRS each year telling (warning) them what they are allowed to say and do and what they are not. I learned that from Dane, who is NOT a registered anything, nor does he make a profit on the activist materials he sends out. (He actually takes a loss, in fact he, like myself, has had twenty years of loss with little replenishment.)

Anyways, back to the glitches. The other thing I have noticed that has drastically changed in myself is like those sunglasses in the movie, They Live. I have experienced in the past week three robotic "humans." They were employees at stores who were incapable of focusing on me—looking at my face or eyes, since of course that's the only part of our face that shows, with everybody wearing some kind of covering. Coincidence?? No way. And these three people were also incapable of responding to me by normal (normal??) human communication. And the abnormality of all three hit me like a ton of bricks. Remember, The Matrix is a computer program, in the movie at least, though that term is used now to refer to the "status quo." But it REALLY is an operating system, and even Catherine Austin Fitts knows that. I HOPE that all of you have listened to the interview I posted in my last article. If you are not following through with these links, then you are NOT really serious about this. Yes, I'M GETTING BITCHY. Anyways, she refers to Bill Gates, who is actually turning people into computer operating systems with these vaccines. AND just like with Windows, there is a back door where Microsoft can spy on you, and CAN and DOES infect your computer with viruses. You knew that, right?? THAT'S why I still run XP!! I am totally disconnected from that whole evil bunch.

Anyways, Austin Fitts then goes on to say that these vaccines are operating systems being installed into humanity, which will enable the same level of control over people as over computers. IS THAT OK WITH YOU???? The thing is, yeah, it is where we are headed, but we are actually THERE NOW. We are still at the place where people who are aware can FIGHT IT, but not for much longer, because they are fucking SPRAYING it on us. And so these strange beings I am encountering . . . . Are they aliens, or transhumans? Or both? No matter what they are, THAT is what we will all be unless we bring it all to LIGHT. Here is the link, once again, for the Catherine Austin Fitts Interview. Incidentally, she also pointed out that Amazon supplies information to the CIA. Jeff Bezos, by the way is NO LONGER the wealthiest person in the world. That position now goes to (gag me with a spoon) Elon Musk. I do VERY LITTLE business with Amazon, although there are a couple things they supply that I cannot find anywhere else, such as the replacement wick for my old, old Kerosun kerosene heater. THAT is why I work every day on my manifesting skills, and working with LIGHT. If this interview does NOT inspire you to take all this seriously, then you have little chance of awakening.

Years ago, Jeff Rense was in a near-fatal accident in his jeep that never should have happened, according to him. He made the case for being remote controlled, and I DO agree with that. We ALL ARE at this point and it's gonna get worse. And so I ask you once again, please NOTICE EVERYTHING. I have spoken before of my "clumsiness" which I really do not attribute to me, but to someone, or more likely something fucking with me. Do you constantly have little unexplainable accidents, or CONSTANTLY have some obstacle in your way that you have to deal with in order to do what you are trying to do, nor matter how trivial. Start scrutinizing everything that happens in your life and chalk NOTHING up to coincidence or "accidental." Notice every little anomaly—things that happen that just don't seem quite right. I bet you'll have a long list by the end of the day. The more you begin to catch on, the worse they get. It's like that growing awareness seems to trigger a greater effort to shut you down. I cannot begin to tell you what my life is like at this point, but I will say this. I have every intention of seeing this through, so I can create my OWN LITTLE PLANET. I want to spend the rest of eternity in peaceful, joyful, uninterrupted, un-interfered-with, un-obstacled creativity. JEEZ, I just want to wake up every morning without looking over my shoulder to see what is trying to hurt me or stop me or kill me. The thing is, the REALLY SAD thing is, I don't even remember what it feels like to live without this oppression. But what is even worse is that, it has been inflicted upon us so gradually, that most people ACCEPT IT as normal. GOOD LORD, how could anyone think ANYTHING is "normal" at this point????

Let me give you just a few examples. First, I want to clearly point out that we have been sprayed SO HEAVILY since the end of last year, and it is SO bitterly cold, even though the thermometer does not always reflect that, that I am quite certain there is connection between that and all these anomalous little events happening to me. I remember several years ago, V. Susan Ferguson posted an article on Dane's site about the sky being turned into an electrical grid by the U.S. military. It should be obvious that HAS happened. Let's take that a step further. Remember, as above, so below. What if they, our alien controllers have turned this grid into a computer program? Well of course it is, but now it is right in our faces where all who have eyes can see it. I haven't talked much about aliens lately, but I guess I need to return to that now. Remember THAT'S what The Matrix was—a computer program running the entire planet without hardly anyone even noticing. And, from a little different perspective, that's what They Live was about. Otherwise, how could all of these strange activities be orchestrated?

Anyways, if I want to be out of the house at a certain time to run an errand, I can count on getting out two hours later because one thing after another slows me down. Where are all these obstacles coming from? It seems no matter how much I do laundry, there is always a pile. I run my kerosene heaters as usual, yet I am running out twice as fast. I will literally see "time" jump ahead. I go to Alliance and get to the edge of town just in time to have to stop for a train. A LONG train. And speaking of time, I have no sense of it any more, partly because it isn't real. I thought it was 11:00 last night and it was actually 1 a.m.. I see things and think, no that cannot possibly be real. I go to use something and it won't work or breaks. I am constantly dropping things, like they are being pushed out my hands. (They are.) I want to point out that I do NOT have any nervous or muscular problems. I can hold out my arms or legs without the least bit of shakiness, having done yoga for so many years. This morning I wanted to scan some book covers and expected it to take ten or fifteen minutes, but I couldn't get my scanner to work, then it worked, but I wasted twice as much time as I expected. Do you get my meaning? Is this happening to you? I'll bet it is even if you haven't noticed.

So what do we ALL NEED TO DO? First, of course, work on yourselves every day, and learn to use Light. Then HELP DANE. From what I can see, his work is the key to everything. When I first got to know him, he was very careful to just stick with weather, but those days are long past. I don't know how he feels about aliens, and I DO know that he would never mention it if he does know about them, because he is keeping on the strictly scientific path, which I totally understand. He is purposely distancing himself from anything that seems conspiracy theory because most people believe geoengineering is anyways. But he now freely speaks of pathogens such as Covid being sprayed, and he has proof of that. Catherine Austin Fitts is a bit more liberal in speaking of the mind-control programs. No matter how you look at it, STOPPING what is going on in the skies will STOP EVERYTHING and bring it all to Light. As Dane has been saying in his Q&A sessions, if ONE person wakes up TWO people, and those two wake up TWO people each, and so on, the number of awakened ones will be in the millions in a month. How many have YOU awakened? DO YOUR PART!!

I also want to urge EVERYBODY to participate in both of his Q&A sessions. I listened to the Saturday broadcast this week, but he was having an audio problem. At least I was, but that could have partially been caused by my state-of-the-art $12 Walmart speakers . . . . But at one point he mentioned to the person at the station that he wasn't able to hear the questioners, so hopefully that will get cleared up. He sent me the number to call in which is (530) 605-4567. The station website is
KCNR1460 from 8 to 9 a.m., California time. Here in the east that is 11:00. Please listen and participate.

Plus, he also has an excellent Q&A on his website that he plans to do every Wednesday. You can email him your questions at
Here is the one from last Wednesday.
Climate Engineering News Q & A
To answer the question of just who is behind this, Dane spoke of the 30 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon, and the real perpetrators are the ones who are printing the money whenever they need it with nothing to back it up. And THAT ties in with Catherine Austin Fitts' articles and interviews, as SHE also has spoken of this missing money. When you begin to connect all the dots, it KEEPS coming back to what is happening in the skies, from the collapsing climate and biosphere, money, Covid, GMOs, vaccines, and upcoming mass starvation. Dane is absolutely correct when he says to not worry about money. The most important things you will need are food, water, and shelter. Once again, I just cannot stress this enough. STOP WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE SKIES and EVERYTHING will change on this planet.

And one other point I want to make concerning Dane. He has always said that we really do not, or cannot know the true state of the planet and climate until we stop the atrocity. Nothing is normal or natural, and the worse things become, the more they do the same in order to stop it, which only makes it even worse. It just needs to STOP, then we can see where we are at. In answer to a question, Dane said, if everything keeps on the same trajectory it is on now, we have until 2026, which I believe he meant, that will be the end. However, so much of it is accelerating, like the Arctic heating, that really, an explosion of methane could just do us in. We just don't know. And I want to add that, using this same theory, we ALSO do not really know WHO we are and WHAT we are capable of doing, because there is SO MUCH INTERFERENCE. As above, so below. Another reason why I say we must all practice our manifesting skills every day, even if it seems like nothing is happening. It IS happening, just NOT IN THIS REALITY. Do not give up under any circumstances.

I will now share some articles I saved, but first here are two really scary screenshots I took from the Temperature Anomalies View at the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, dating from January 6 and 7. I NEVER saw those bright reds and pink reds.OMG!! It went down a bit, but today the overall Arctic average is even higher at +3.5 degrees C. How much longer do you think this can continue before it all snaps? It will be before 2026. Of course the REAL anomaly is that it feels SO BITTER COLD, at least here it does, and yet look how much above normal we are in Ohio. It is even greater on today's map, but the reason we FEEL so cold is because of all the lead iodide and DRY ICE being DUMPED on us in VAST QUANTITIES.

Temperature Anomalies View, January 6

Temperature Anomalies View, January 7

I want to spend the remainder of this article on news stories. First, let me point out that I will SCREAM if I hear one more person say the election was "stolen." Just because your party or candidate lost, that does NOT mean it was stolen. I was disappointed that one of my favorite community members on Dane's site said that about the two Democrats winning the race for the Georgia Senate. OK, so Biden was telling people if they wanted a $2,000 stimulus check, to vote for the Democrats. That was really low down and dirty, but NOT illegal, and if people chose to vote that way, it was NOT a stolen race. WE NEED TO STOP. Secondly, why would ANYONE still believe there is anything in any of the systems in this country that are NOT fraudulent? That's why I do not vote, or participate in any of it. It is ALL crooked.

But this "attack" on the Capitol is what I want to talk about. From the first, I said, OMG, this was carefully orchestrated. Just look at the pictures. So who was the perpetrator? Trump? Nope, I do not give him credit for being that powerful, despite his tweets and behavior throughout the last four years. And I NEVER saw it so clearly as I did during this event. It screamed out at me. SO, who WAS responsible? The Democrats? Republicans? Far-Right, Far-Left, Terrorists? The Elites? No on all of the above. This was a computer program from the Matrix, operated off-planet. There was something SO THEATRICAL about the whole thing, so STAGED. We are all avatars in a COMPUTER PROGRAM. I think this whole scenario was a huge shift point for me because I actually SAW it.
Where Was The Security When A Mob Stormed The Capitol?
Just look at those people climbing the wall. Why are there not climbers on the walls on either side? How could this have been allowed? And a million other questions, that can only be answered by the knowledge that there are beings off-planet that are creating massive chaos in order for their final takeover, which is being thwarted. Just start to read between the lines. Here, another officer dies, but upon reading the story, there is NOTHING that says he died from the Capitol assault event.
Capitol Police Officer Who Responded To Mob Attack Dies Off Duty
And here's another one. Read carefully. The officer who was killed during the assault is mentioned, but there is NOTHING saying THIS officer died as a result of any injuries sustained. But just look how the story is titled.
Capitol Police officer who responded to attack has died
Or how about this? Is it about Covid? Or the fact that Japan CANNOT contain the contamination from Fukushima. Everything in California is contaminated from it, too. Do you think perhaps THAT is the reason there are SO MANY DEATHS out there now???
Vast majority of Japanese say Tokyo Olympics should be delayed again, or canceled amid COVID surge
Just when you thought it couldn't get worse . . .
Huge sinkhole opens up outside Italian hospital, forcing evacuation of Covid patients
No, shit, eh? Now add to that all the aluminum and computerized vaccines . . . .
How COVID-19 Attacks The Brain And May Cause Lasting Damage
Whatta Buncha Bullshit. All of it.
Yes, you can still get infected with Covid-19 after being vaccinated. Here's why
And the bullshit continues. You don't think this was engineered, do you?? Naw . . .
Rare blizzard in Spain leaves 4 dead and brings country to standstill
And last, yet another strange plane disappearance.
Sriwijaya Air plane carrying 62 people goes missing after takeoff from Jakarta

And so, we must all very quickly see it all very clearly, as plain as the Man Behind the Curtain. Then we must use all our physical and spiritual tools to stop the source and cut them off. Stop the planes, stop the spraying, bring it all to Light. Disclosure, Transparency. Then we will be done. And we will be free to leave.

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