GAN Notes and Other Stuff, Part Two

I will try to get most of my saved material covered in this issue. It will be longer than Part One because I have completed several of my farm tasks, which I'll discuss in my next Farm Article, which will be posted next Wednesday. So I am just a tiny bit less frazzled. But there's still SO MUCH material—it just keeps coming and gets more ridiculous by the day. As Dane keeps saying, the nefarious activities going on now WILL stop because they will not be able to be hidden much longer. And I will add to that, that something very drastic will happen soon. I do not like to project into the future, especially speculating what the controllers have planned, but I DO know how the energy is moving, 'cause that's what I've been doing for forty-one years and I trust the signals I'm getting. Plus, it's just common sense, which is very uncommon these days. But if you take all the data that Dane and I and his community have uncovered that is NOT part of the official narrative, there are obvious events that cannot be avoided. One, taking into consideration the information we've gotten from Robert Kennedy, Jr. and The Defender, posted, as usual, by V. Susan Ferguson, we can see that vaccine deaths and serious injuries are sky-rocketing. And keeping in mind that only about one percent of all Vaccine Adverse Events are reported, the numbers become WAY larger. AND keep in mind that, also as Kennedy (and others who are attempting to tell the truth) have pointed out, the mRNA vaccines often take months before death or debilitating side effects begin to take effect. It is and has been my opinion, that not only is this coming, but it has begun, and I suspect (because we have doctors who have confirmed it), that many deaths blamed on Covid are NOT, but have instead been caused by the toxic properties of these vaccines. I also predict that we are heading into a scenario where SO MANY people develop debilitating or fatal conditions now, since these vaccines began being distributed . . . when? January of this year, was it? Certainly by February. In any case when huge numbers of people begin falling sick and/or dying that 1) are documented as having been vaccinated; and 2) have symptoms that CANNOT be attributed to Covid, such as blood clots, sudden heart or other organ failure, or sudden neurological issues, THEN doctors will be forced to quit lying because family members will know the truth and there will be SO MANY CASES. The truth about these vaccines will be forced to be made public. It has been seeping out, even in the MSM, already. THAT will open doors and windows to all the other lies and cover-ups, because they will no longer be able to remain hidden. And I will say THIS one more time. When vast numbers of people begin to suddenly drop dead, WHO will do the work of the nations? Who will manufacture the products, farm the food, drive the vehicles that distribute it, work in the stores that sell it? There are varying figures as to the percentage of people who have been vaccinated. In the U.S., I've seen everything from 50 percent to 68, and statewide, 72 percent or more in some states. So, again, as many experts have stated, side effects from these vaccines are mostly inevitable. THAT will shut down activity on the entire planet. Which is what NEEDS to happen, terrible as it may be. We CANNOT continue like this. The spraying will stop, because there will be no one to fly the planes or manufacture the dispersants, etc.. Once the spraying stops EVERYTHING will change. Despite the horrors we are going through now, I continue to take the stance that there is a method to this madness, and as Dane has stated, "unless there is some intervention as yet unknown"—well, I believe there IS, along with all the work so many of us have done, at both the energetic and physical levels. Energy is powerul when one knows how to use is. I DO, and I suspect that there are a great many of us tucked away all over the globe doing the same, not to mention those off-planet. I have NO intention of going down without giving my all, and neither does Dane, or a great number of us. SO. That's my major rant for this issue. Let us continue with info. Here's the latetest from The Defender.
CDC Panel Signals Support for Booster Shots, as Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Near 500,000
Here is the link for Dane's most recent broadcast, but you can access all of them once you get on his site.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 24, 2021

Let's move on to Dane's comments, along with my additional ones. Keeping on the same subject as above, Dane mentioned in his
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 17, 2021,
Dr. Charles Hoffe, who is speaking out the chilling truth about the mRNA vaccines, which confirms what I just said above. He is from British Columbia. Here are some articles.
It is a short and disturbing article. "Within a few short years" is the time frame given, which can mean tomorrow or later, and I suspect that, given there are SO many people overweight, with high blood pressure and other respiratory issues, that they will be hit sooner than later, or already have. The man I spoke of in Part One, that I met in Ravenna, mentioned pains in his spine he had never had, and the article also mentions spinal cord damage. Here are more articles.
Canadian doctor removed from hospital duty after speaking out about COVID vaccine side effects
Hmm. If you will recall, Lytton, British Columbia, was just destroyed by a wildfire. Totally. Coincidence? Or a REALLY heinous crime??
‘There’s nothing left in Lytton’: the Canadian village destroyed by wildfire—picture essay,
Anyways, as I was reading the article on Dr. Hoffe getting fired, I noticed a side-link to this article, also showing that the web of lies are finally being broken down. In my opinion, the best place for Fauci is in prison, along with Gates, David Keith, Ken Caldiera . . . a list way too long to even compile. But these people WILL, soon, have to answer for their behavior.
Sen. Rand Paul submits criminal referral to DOJ for Dr. Fauci’s alleged lying to Congress
Here's another about Dr. Hoffe, which includes a copy of the letter he wrote. Please read all this material, then decide if what I am anticipating will happen in the very near future is far-fetched. And also please note that he serves Indigenous Peoples. Yep, let's just keep killing off the Native Americans till they're all gone, eh?
Whistleblower doctor speaks out after First Nations patients experience serious vaccine side effects
Here are some other Covid-related articles.
California and New York City will require government workers to get COVID vaccine or get tested weekly
Sigh. And speaking of denial . . . . Yep, let's just get back to normal. We'll do ANYTHING to get back to normal so we can buy all this toxic shit that will end up in some mountain of trash or landfill, but hell, we'll just buy more. Hmmm. Ya might not BE HERE MUCH LONGER, fools.
Families Splurge On Clothes And Electronics In Likely Record Back-To-School Spree
OK, so you get the picture. Next subject.

I want to comment that I got this info from DuckDuckGo, which is not a great search engine, but it's improving, and does NOT track your searches like Google (even though I delete mine immediately), and does not censor material that goes against the official narrative. But, we need a laugh, and here's a great guffaw. Google does NOT know everything. Recently they "required" some additional information about me in order to allow me to open my gmail. So, em, well, I supplied some information . . . . But in the course of doing so, I had to view the "profile" they had compiled for me, based on my search activity. (I told you they track, even if you delete it.) Well, according to them, I am a male, age 20-34; upper-middle class; employed in the tech industry; interested in cars and home improvement . . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! OMG, I laughed so hard. In other words, they got nothing correct. Oh, yeah they did. I DO speak English. These were mostly for the ads I would see, and to make sure I was old enough to view any page on the internet. Hell, at my age I can view anything I damn well please. The ad preferences were another guffaw, absolutely NONE even remotely pertaining to me, which doesn't matter anyways because I have ad-blockers on my browsers, so I don't see ads to begin with. But the point is, be cautious at all times, but do NOT assume these goons know everything. In addition, I DO NOT participate in social media, nor do I own a cell-phone or anything "smart." People DO NOT realize just how much data is being collected on them from just this handful of sources. Please be aware that, IF we get to the point where THEY are trying to force things upon us, it will be the easy game who are caught first. If I were you, I would make every effort to step out of the spotlight.

As always, Dane spends part of his broadcast on biosphere collapse, which is the bottom line of everything else happening right now, including and especially the whole Covid scene, and they won't win on that one for the reasons I have stated so far. Not only will biosphere collapse beat them to the intersection, as Dane says, but massive death will shut down the entire infrastructure of the planet. Again, please stock up on what you will need. Here are some recent articles I've found.
I opened this one expecting bullshit. I got even more than I bargained for. Here's the first paragraph:
"More than 200 of the world's leading climate scientists will begin meeting today to finalize a landmark report summarizing how Earth's climate has already changed, and what humans can expect for the rest of the century." I did not read any further. Any article that speaks of "rest of the century" is pure fairy tale.
Climate Scientists Meet As Floods, Fires, Droughts And Heat Waves Batter Countries
Another ridiculously absurd statement:
"Under this law, overuse of the aquifer must end by 2040. By that date, use and replenishment of the state's groundwater must be in balance."
Without Enough Water To Go Around, Farmers In California Are Exhausting Aquifers
And this one!!!
OH MY GOOD LORD HAVE MERCY. REALLY?, I mean SERIOUSLY? I just wish. Well, no, I better not put that in writing. But my wish will come true, I'm certain. These people TRULY have their brains up their ass, along with suffering a SEVERE case of denial. As Dane says, biosphere collapse will beat them to the intersection. The ENTIRE agenda, the whole shebang is coming down. We are nearly there now.
Who Will Pay To Protect Tech Giants From Rising Seas?
Here's a few more climate horrors. WHAT WILL IT TAKE? Will everyone's home have to be under water or burned to the ground before people realize there's a problem?
Thunderstorms cause flash flooding in London, submerging roads and some train stations
Floodwaters Stack Cars, Destroy Streets in Belgium
Possible Tornadoes Leave Trail of Damage Near Detroit
Deadly flash floods tear through northern Colorado: "We saw a roof go floating by"

Oh, and let me remind you of the comment I posted in Part One about the 7 billion hollow-point bullets the Army has purchased, that Jonathan O'Quinn pointed out cannot be used in war, only domestically. The responsibility of the Army is to protect the American public, first of all, but the more important point is, seriously, once these people in the military start dropping dead from these vaccines, and LOTS of service men and women have gotten them—em—do you really think they will go out shooting civilians, 1) if they are dead; and 2) when they realize these vaccines are gonna kill them? Hmm. I would think they might have another use for those hollow-point bullets, eh?

Here are some of Dane's random comments from the past couple months' GAN broadcasts.
He often speaks of the condition called "wet bulb," and this time explained it in simple language I could understand. He said, "95% temperature and humidity is called "wet bulb" and even at that temp it is deadly because sweat cannot cool the body." He mentioned the documentary Holes in Heaven, narrated by Martin Sheen, which is a great explanation of what ionosphere heaters do and how they do it. I found a free video, but have not watched it yet. I will, though.
Holes in Heaven
Of course, along with stopping the spraying, all these ionosphere heaters, microwave towers and everything related to 5G needs to be shut down and dismantled. Dane also spoke of the Siberian methane craters exploding, which could turn us into Venus in a flash. He said there is the possibility of a BOE happening this year—a total breakdown of sea ice, which I believe stands for Blue Ocean Event. Andrew of Scotland frequently spoke of that but we never see his newsletters any more. Anyways, Dane says the methane escape will then explode. Related to that, he spoke of sea creatures being boiled to death along Canada's beaches after heat wave. How horrible. There are no words for it. That is THEIR HOME and they belong there. He also spoke of the Red Tide returning to Florida, and the Manatees dying in droves. PLEASE, I want my own little planet, where I can begin the process of healing the souls of these innocent creatures for the heinous crimes committed against them. It makes me sick to the depths of my being. Dane went on to say that all salmon in California could die. Well, everything is gonna die if we don't stop this shit.

Here are some comments and articles about the wildfires. Again, Dane always urges everyone to search his site for "Wildfires Serve Geoengineering Agenda."
This is no accident. Smoke is part of the cooling agenda.
The Western Wildfires Are Affecting People 3,000 Miles Away
Just a lucky coincidence, right??
A cold front is pushing away smoke from wildfires that blanketed the East Coast. But it could return again soon

Dane commented that the three countries that refused the Covid vaccine recently had their presidents assassinated. One, of course, was in Haiti, another was Tanzania, and I didn't get the third one, but the research I've done says that Madagascar also refused it, and there was an assassination attempt on their president, but he survived. A while back, he also mentioned increasing evidence that we, in fact, did not ever land on the moon. Dane posed some interesting questions, such as, if we actually did land there, why have we not returned? This is one of those mysteries of which, I believe, we will eventually learn the truth, and I've heard for many years that the whole moon trip was a hoax. Why? I believe, as everything we believe is real continues to unravel, we, even those of us who are certainly NOT naïve, will find ourselves in a state of shock. In order to lessen the impact, we must train our minds to recognize the fact that we are in a simulated reality anyways. Most people will NOT be able to handle that, so we should ALL be preparing ourselves for many, many revelations.

Here are just a few more random comments, then the bit of material I have remaining will be covered in my next Farm Article, as it pertains to other themes I want to discuss. As for starvation, Dane pointed out that South Africa is now a war zone of starving warriors. He also said that the U.S. and Australia are planning to be engaged in WAR EXERCISES in the Great Barrier Reef. OH MY LORD. I'm speechless over that one. Those poor creatures are almost dead because of all the horrible, catastrophic climate issues and other toxic human activities, and now they want to make things EVEN WORSE by playing WAR GAMES. PLEASE, I want my own little planet where NO HARM will ever come to any creature again and the memories of sordid humanity can be wiped away, like crossing the stream, Lethe, in Dante's The Divine Comedy.

Here is another article from The Defender, and this one about Christopher Exley, Ph.D, who has done four decades of aluminum research. Dane has spoken quite a bit about this for many years, that the human population would have no dementia or Alzheimer's Disease if it were not for aluminum in our brains, which, of course, is the key ingredient which is being sprayed on us 24/7 now. Each military tanker has a one hundred ton payload, so every time one goes up to spray, that's how much is being dumped on us. Not to mention the commercial passenger planes, many of which are also equiped with nozzles and tanks. But since "about five years ago, concurrent with changes in the university’s senior management and roster of major funders," Exley's work has been increasingly disabled at Keele University in the UK. His website has now been shut down, his funds cut off and his access to research facilities denied. Does it surprise anyone that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also shows up in this article? Hmm?
University Shuts Down World-Renowned Aluminum Expert’s Research After Big Pharma Sets Up Shop on Campus.
Question: What will it take to stop this rampant plague of evil and corruption? Answer: Several billion deaths. It is coming.

I think I've covered most everything I've had saved, some over a period of months. Dane's goal in this is not only to communicate important information, but to supply his people with topics for us to do additional research. And his community does do that. Fortunately, he continues to get a larger community, as his broadcasts are now heard on radio stations in many states across the U.S.. There are also new people posting comments, and this is all good.

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