GAN Notes and Other Stuff, Part One

My Notepad page where I save notes to myself for future articles and other stuff is getting so overflowed with info, especially notes I take on Dane's Global Alert News broadcasts, that I thought the best thing to do is communicate that in a separate article, along with my own commentary and other strange goings-on. I usually do mention some of his comments in my articles, but I still have much more that needs to be reported. I hope all or most of my regular readers are ALSO regular listeners of these broadcasts. I know for a fact that a number of you are. This stuff REALLY needs to circulate far and wide and with great emphasis. PLEASE, everyone, listen to his information. You can listen online at, click "podcasts." It is on Saturdays at 6 a.m. in Redding, California. I listen at 9 a.m. here in Ohio. Plus you can listen anytime you want because later in the day he posts every broadcast on his site. PLUS, he has, after so many grueling years to get the public's attention, FINALLY begun to get it. He always supplies a list of all the radio stations across the U.S. that have now picked up his show, which includes now COLUMBUS, OHIO. Apparently Cincinnati did not work out, but Columbus is better. It's more central and the State Capital. A number of State Capitals have a station which has jumped aboard. I am SO OVERWHELMED with work. Could someone PLEASE help me pick up some other stations? Like Cleveland, Ohio. Or Pittsburgh, PA. How about North Carolina? We have LOTS of community members from that state. Or in the Northeast. NYC would be awesome. C'mon. If you have not yet done anything to help get this information out to the public, that's the LEAST you can do. And here I also want to mention that my email is all fucked up and I'm sure it's being assisted by some entity to keep me from communicating. I don't trust Google. Imagine that. But I also have a hotmail address, which is actually better, but I certainly don't trust Microsoft. Do I think we are proabably all being spied upon and censored? Is the Pope Catholic? Anyways, if you email me and I do not respond, because I always respond except to obvious phonies and hackers, please email me again until you get through. As Dane continues to say, they are getting really desperate. OMG, tell me about it. Here is the link for Dane's most recent broadcast, but you can access all of them once you get on his site.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 24, 2021

So lets start with that one, because I took voluminous notes on it. Actually let's begin with the previous week's broadcast, July 17, when Dane pointed out a disturbing comment made by Brian Pallister, Premier of Manitoba, Canada. "'I want to thank the people in charge for making that rain available, keep up the great work.' -Brian Pallister" Uh . . .?
Brian Pallister avoids question!! Makes bizarre comment . . .
The general reaction was that he had temporarily lost his sanity, and was evading the question he had been asked by the interviewer, however, Dane has be saying for years that people such as David Keith are methodically priming the public for the "possible" use of climate engineering to mitigate global warming, of course, which would be a big fucking lie because it has been used for 75 years, and is the PRIMARY cause of all this shit happening now. But, I wonder, and I'm sure Dane does, too, if certain stooges have been given the command to innocently leak information to the public about how beneficial climate engineering is, and that we DO have the technology to save us (from ourselves, which we do NOT, and this is only pounding more nails into our collective coffins). Raymond posted this article, and Dane used it in his current broadcast, and added a few more.
Dubai Creates Fake Rain Using Drones to Battle 122 Degree Heat
Of course, the controllers are gleeful that it has been SO EASY to lead the sheep to the vaccine slaughterhouse, and well, hell, if they believed THAT one, they will CERTAINLY believe this one. I mean, our government and ALL governments are out to serve their people. Right? So, it's all good, right? And gosh, we just want to get back to normal so we can party and make money and spend it on shit that is decimating the planet, and we'll believe anything just to keep the status quo. Oh my goodness, how I want to puke. Like my dumbass neighbor who contaminated the entire ditch stream along the road with Roundup, which provides a home for frogs and water for tons of other creatures, and eventually makes its way to the little lake down the road from me. These people around here—all they do is party. Fireworks all summer, loud music, crowds of people coming and going. Let me remind you about the locked chain and "No Trespassing" sign I now have across the entrance to my driveway. I just want peace and quiet. That's why I live back in a woods. Anyways, how about this one? Is this also a means to prepare the public for the "unveiling" of climate engineering that could, gosh, just solve ALL our weather problems? By the way, the people in Arizona are flooded out. How is losing lives and property from flooding any better that losing lives and property from extreme heat and drought? There is something EXTREMELY wrong with this picture. Normal humans do not think along these lines. We have fewer and fewer "normal" humans now. This is UN-human mentality.
Monsoon rains could bust exceptional drought across the Southwest

Dane also went on to say that Colorado uses this method to make snow for skiing, Tokyo used it to steer the rain from the Olympics, and the former USSR used it to steer radioactive fallout from Chernobyl, and they're also using it to fight wildfires, using climate engineering to mitigate the disasters caused by climate engineering in the first place. The true definition of insanity. Or UN-human behavior. He also pointed out that Dubai made its own rain using electrical charges to cause downpours. Well, we knew most of this stuff. I certainly have talked enough about the U.S. military, and global militaries turning the sky into an electrical grid, making these lighting storms MUCH more deadly and damaging. In the west, it is even worse because there is no rain, just dry lightning which can and does start fires. Dane stated that the atmosphere was being used for physics lab. And I will add to that, since this is my area of expertise, that when these electrical storms hit, or even just torrential rain storms, they are using THAT as a mind-control tool, which sets up feedback loops. I've been doing this shit for 41 years, analyzing it, keeping records, and I KNOW when they are fucking with my mind. There is an abrupt energy shift and things get very dark, both physically and energetically. Then really weird things begin to happen—little accidents and things that startle and confuse. Reacting to them brings more, because they are an intended FEEDBACK LOOP. Trust me on this one and REALLY pay attention to everything that happens to you and around you. I am being targeted, certainly. This past month, just since the heavy rains began, shifted the energy immensely, but not in a good way. Lately, I've been experiencing very restless sleep and disturbing dreams, which is very unusual for me. I'm sure all these 5G satellites aren't doing us any good either.

Everything had been so positive, and now I've spent the month dealing with one attack after another. Here's an example. I don't think I mentioned this before, but if so, here it is again. A few weeks ago when I was driving to Ravenna, all of a sudden I heard a terrible sound in my right front tire. I stopped at my mechanic, Mike Coffman, and he had one of his guys drive with me, who told me it was a broken belt and I needed to get it replaced. This was the Saturday before July 4th, and Mike told me to go down the road to the junkyard and get another tire. They had one but the guy was really snotty to me and said they were closing in nine minutes. Well, when I pulled out, there was an even WORSE sound from the other front tire. When I got back to Coffman's, they found that a bolt had punctured THAT tire, which I must have been parked on at the junkyard. But the other problem was this burning brake smell, and the fact that my car had no power whatsoever, and it has always been a very good performer. The mechanic who drove with me didn't think there was a problem, even though I pointed it out. I managed to get home with a broken belt AND a punctured tire. It took it two days to fully deflate. OK, so after the weekend, I had AAA tow me to Garro Tire in Ravenna, where they were able to plug the puncture, plus replace the tire with the broken belt with the one I bought. But my car ran worse than ever. So this past Wednesday, I went back to the junkyard, gave the guy his bolt back (he failed to see the humor), and bought another tire, because the plugged one was actually my spare and had a couple plugs already. I went back to Garro Tire, and they couldn't take me for an hour, so I gave them my regular rim to put the new tire on, then went to Walmart. When I got back to Garro, by this time my car was REALLY running bad, and my wheels were burning hot. The guy said it was either my calipers or wheel bearings. At that point, my wheels were completely froze up. No wonder it wasn't running well! So I went to Mike and he said he didn't have time to fix it then, because they are REALLY busy, but when he took a look at it, he wouldn't let me drive because he was afraid they'd start on fire. His son changed them for me. It was the calipers, which are expensive but probably cheaper than wheel bearings. I am so grateful because Mike is SO GOOD to me. When I drove home, I kept exceeding the speed limit because I didn't even realize how fast I was going. Those calipers must have been going bad for quite a while. OK, so I'm not hurt and my car runs fine now, but JUST LOOK at all the time wasted on this bullshit, plus, OMG, it wiped out my money. THIS is the stuff I'm talking about, and it happens ALL the time and it is NOT RANDOM. I've kept track of these events for twenty years. I didn't get hurt, but could have, and other far worse scenarios have happened to me that were life threatening.

But even more, it was all a distraction and one that cost me a great deal. (And Mike is very INexpensive.) No one can convince me that this stuff isn't being controlled and manipulated, JUST like things are being controlled and manipulated ALL OVER THE WORLD now. It is happening to individuals and to the collective population. It is being controlled both ON and OFF planet. We are living in a computer-simulated reality, and it is being controlled by what is going on in the sky. NO ONE can convince me I'm wrong, because I have such a vast collection of examples and happenings that cannot be explained otherwise. If it was one or two oddities, that would be different, but it is twenty years' worth. Dane says we live in an asylum. I say we live in a computer simulation. In the end, we will BOTH be proven right, I PROMISE. In any case, I'm about sick of this shit.

And as I've said before, overall the collective energy HAS shifted in a very positive way, which is mirrored in what is going on with my crops, and I'll talk more about that in my Farm Articles. I am really blurring the lines between all these article formats I write, so make sure you always read those, too. The date will change when a new one is posted on the right column of my Home Page. Just click the link and that takes you to the Index. And the collective energy will continue to improve because there are now SO MANY DEATHS. Dane always says that the controllers will not get their way because biosphere collapse will beat them to the intersection before their agenda is in place, and I totally agree, which is why they are lashing out at people like me and also accelerating global activities. We are being lashed at individually and collectively. So let's continue with the Covid scene.

What is happening now with their desperate quest to get everyone vaccinated is bullying, pure and simple. Bullying is a means for psychologically and morally depraved people to make themselves feel important and in control. And when you factor in the off-planet bullies, who aren't even human, or probably even organic, you end up with this huge wad of entities and energies that are attempting to force a segment of the population to do what it refuses to do, and add to that, people that ARE waking up and telling the truth, thus creating more desperation. Dane, and he's not political, does not support anyone in politics, but he said Senator Ron Johnson is at least on the right track with telling the truth about the dangers of vaccines. Of course, don't expect to find anything worthwhile from Google, but here's something I found on DuckDuckGo.
Senator Johnson, families speak: COVID vaccine adverse reactions
Apparently, the one Dane referred to was much more recent. Dane mentioned that he told the truth about Fauci and his role in gain-of-function research of Covid, allowing it to jump from animals to humans, and which was outlawed by the Obama Administration. Yet Fauci and the NIH and NIAID supplied financial support to the labs in Wuhan for that very research. Fox News published that months ago. Here are a couple more recent ones but I wasn't able to find the one Dane spoke of. But you get the idea.
Sen. Ron Johnson to Newsmax: 'State of Denial' Taking Place on Vaccine Effects
These are some pretty frightning reactions.
Sen. Johnson: "These Families Have a Very Simple Request: They Want to be Seen, Their Stories Heard. They Would Like To Be Believed"
Now, here's a personal story. When I went to Ravenna on Wednesday, I got into a conversation with an older man who was wearing a mask. I asked him if mask mandates were back in Ravenna. They weren't, but just talking to him for a few minutes conviced me I needed to give him one of Dane's fliers. Anyways, of course the conversation rolled around to the vaccines, and I was NOT trying to be nosy, but he volunteered this information. His brothers, I believe it was, had warned him not to get the vaccine, but someone else convinced him he should, and he did, because, he admitted, he's one of those that just goes along with what he's told to do. At least he admitted it, and this was a very honest conversation, because I could tell he was scared, and I've noticed that in others, which is ALSO a shift in the energy. I felt sorry for him, and told him to just pay attention if any strange physical symptoms began. He looked at me, very distressed and said, "They already have." Then I REALLY felt bad. WHY anyone would allow a vaccine into their body that messes with their DNA I will NEVER understand, but I suspect that deaths will greatly increase and the media will blame it on people who got the "variant" who, of course had not been vaccinated. What a bunch of fucking liars. That will NOT stop the truth from coming out.

Dane also said to search breakthrough cases, and those are actually showing up on really mainstream news, like, always downplayed, of course. Here's some data he supplied. In Israel and the UK, over half the new cases of Covid are people who are vaccinated. Here's two articles from The Conversation in the UK. What bullshit!! Ball bearings? WTF??
Most COVID deaths in England now are in the vaccinated—here’s why that shouldn’t alarm you
Here's another. Keep in mind that the 42 page MIT report that I linked in one of my last articles, the Farm one I believe, states that there is no evidence that any of these vaccines actually protect against Covid.
COVID vaccine weekly: more vaccinated than unvaccinated Britons are now dying from the coronavirus
Dane also pointed out that in the current VAERS data (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) on the CDC website, the number of Covid vaccine deaths is now in five-figures, and keep in mind that it is estimated by the AMA and a Harvard Study that only about one percent of all events are ever reported. Dane always uses his father-in-law and step-father as examples, both of whom ended up in intensive care hours after receiving the vaccine, spent a week there, and are still not well, and that was back in February, I believe. Neither was reported as a vaccine adverse event, either.

I want to mention one more point, then continue in Part Two of this article, which I will publish on Thursday, provided I am still alive, still on this planet, have working internet . . . you know the spiel by now, all those little provisions. I want to mention other diseases showing up, and Dane reminds us, and he has played the audio of Ken Caldiera bragging about this when he worked as a government agent and was part of its perpetration, of 239 germ-warfare tests conducted by the U.S. Army on its own unknowing citizens. In other words, they can spray anything on us that they please. Having said that, let me remind you that I personally do NOT give these people that much power, because as I've said, the energy has shifted and they will continue to find their nefarious agenda increasingly more difficult to carry out. And when all these military pilots are dead, who will fly the planes? Robert Kennedy, Jr. has told us repeatedly that this vaccine will cause death or serious health problems, if not immediately, then a few months down the road. When all these people are dead or debilitated, who will do the everyday work? Who will manufacture the needed parts and products and who will ship them? See, I'm still skeptical about whether they REALLY planned to kill all these people, or just get them vaccinated because there is something in those vaccines that will make them easier to control. Dane mentioned a while back that one million microbots fit inside a hypodermic needle, so maybe he's thinking the same, so all these deaths could be an oopsie, but nonetheless, they are still happening, and I suspect most everyone who has had these vaccines will find themselves within a few months developing debilitating diseases or dying. The energy has shifted. Remember that.

Anyways, here's a disturbing article I just found.
Colorado 10-year-old dies as health officials investigate plague activity
Despite the fact that insects are supposedly dying off, I have swarms of them here. With all this rain the mosquitos have been vicious. Yesterday morning when Molly and I went on her early tinki-poo walk, we were covered with them. Last year I thought I eradicated the fleas by covering everyone in coconut oil, and in fact, up until these torrential rains we've had this month, there was no sign of them. Makes one wonder just exactly WHAT is in that rain, because we were suddenly full of them. So, we're doing coconut oil again, which is safe and healthful for cats and dogs to lick off and also antibiotic. And kills fleas on contact. Molly had quit scratching, finally, so I gave her a nice bath on Saturday, but then she started scratching again. So she's covered in cocout oil now. Once all the eggs are dead, on her and the cats, then we should be good.

Anyways, Dane spoke of these horrible massive bird deaths, that began in Washington, D.C., I believe, but now has spread across the east, including Ohio. I've not noticed any yet, and I have tons of birds. Makes me sick. He said they have been tested for "known illnesses," but most likely they are dying from something unknown, like these radio frequencies and 5G satellites, and climate engineering fallout, all of which is killing US, too. Of course, they're not being tested for any of that. He went on to say that tens of millions of tons are being dispersed over the planet. The payload of one military tanker is 100 tons. EACH time it goes up to spray. He also spoke of this "Saharan Dust" that is not really dust but is not being tested for aerosol dispersions, obviously. He said they are mandated to test for specific particles, which does NOT include nano-particles, and compared it to trying to catch a minnow in a tuna net. If they don't even acknowledge the spraying, why would they test for dispersions? He also, as usual, mentioned the fact that these western wildfires are being used to cool the east, and I can confirm that. YES, we see smoke out here, and it has gone as far as at least New York. In fact, our skies have been mostly a filthy white-out since the deluges stopped. He said, and this is truly horrid, but he captured them spraying over the Paradise fire, that wiped out the entire town and killed, what was it, 86 people, I believe. THAT is beyond evil. There is no word in the human language to express how evill any of this stuff it, because it is NOT human.

That's all I'll cover in this issue, but there is so much more and the horrors just keep coming. As Dane says, the gift that keeps on giving. But as I say, one day—soon—it will all come to a screeching halt because it will be unable to continue. Once the infrastructure links begin to fully break down, and we are perilously close to that, they will NOT be able to carry out their agenda. THEY WILL NOT WIN.

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