Perhaps the problem all along is that we've been using the wrong terms. Awakening. Spiritual Consciousness. Or the newest trend, "Woke." Who starts this moronic shit and why do people follow it? It's not even legitimate English. I WOKE up this morning but I am not WOKE. WTF?? Anyways . . . . Those terms imply that we will be much more aware of what is happening to and around us, and that we will become "really good" people. But what it also implies is that we will be able to live just like we do now, except on a higher level. We need a reality check here, because this paradigm is DONE and we CANNOT EVER do things as we have done in the past.

There's that old saying about having one's cake and eating it, too. The vast majority of people in the "spiritual camp" think they can become highly awakened people and still keep their cell phones and nice cars and nice homes and a nice sum of money in the bank, and credit cards when that nice sum isn't enough. Aaaaargh!! PEOPLE DO NOT GET IT! The paradigm is ending/has ended. The entire life support system of the planet is shutting down. We can no longer count on all these institutions that have served as our gods and masters for millions of years to support us any longer. We either EVOLVE to something totally new, or we become modern dinosaurs. To use Darwin's phrase "the survival of the fittest." Only those who develop an entirely new method of operation will survive. And that means giving up our old methods.

In Darwin's time, he was speaking of the life forms that were able to adapt to changing environments by a physical mutation that gave them a survival boost while others died off. The same is true here, and WAY long overdue. We have reached the climax in our physical bodies, and the next logical step was most likely meant to be evolution at the spiritual level. But that aspect has been stymied for eons by our Reptilian controllers, determined to turn us into soulless bots and droids, as they are. We have reached the edge of the cliff, we either break away from the way we've lived and thought and survived all these years, or we perish. Or turn into some really horrible creature. It is as simple as that. And we see ample evidence that both of those scenarios are now being played out.

People like Elon Musk and all these other creeps that are responsible for inundating the planet and beyond with toxic technology, want to gain control of the physical world and become immortal by becoming machines. The hell with our souls. We don't need 'em. We can have it all and become super-humans/robots. Dan Brown wrote about this chilling scenario in his book, Origin, although at the time he actually embraced it. Fortunately, he has gone back to believing in his soul.

It should be obvious to anyone even remotely conscious that we can no longer supply ourselves with what we need by the old methods, that is, going to work, earning money, spending it, ad nauseum. And no matter how much we'd like to think we can go back to some semblance of normalcy, NOTHING on this planet has been normal since the Reptilian Invasion. Personally, I TOO would like to have complete control of my physical world and become immortal, but NOT by becoming a bot or droid. I use JESUS as my role model, and to any new readers, just so you know, I am NOT Christian nor do I believe in "god." But I do believe Jesus was an extremely advanced being—an alien—come to us to remind us what we are capable of doing. The Bible is full of reports of Jesus taking full control of his physical situation just by using his mind and spirit. He controlled the weather (without the use of sprayed dispersions and microwave towers) in addition to turning water into wine, healing people and raising them from the dead, and the ultimate—proving that DEATH itself was an illusion. It's all an illusion, of course, in this physical world, and once we remember that, we have not only awakened, but we've EVOLVED. The Index to all my Bible Articles is on both the right and left columns of my Home Page. I wrote a great many articles on the Gospel in 2020, concerning Jesus and his mastery of the physical world, so if you have not yet, please check them out.
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And if you don't like the Jesus thing, try quantum physics because it's the same concept. We control matter with our minds. Here is an interesting book review for a book I would like to read.
'Helgoland' Offers A New Way To Understand The World, And Our Place In It
Here are a couple quotes from the review.

As you read these words the world around you seems pretty solid, pretty stable: The device you're using seems to exist on its own, with its own properties of shape and weight and color. So does the chair you're sitting in, the table your coffee cup is resting on and the coffee cup itself.

But that solidity and independence is a kind illusion or, at least, so says the very physics that lets these words appear on the screen of your computer, smart phone or tablet.

And here's another. Yes, I definitely want to read this book. It is right up my alley.

Helgoland is a barren island in the North Sea where a 23-year-old Werner Heisenberg (of the uncertainty principle) hid himself in 1925 to work out the details of the new quantum theory. Rovelli begins the book with this story to lay out the central tenet of his relational interpretation. To get a feeling for Rovelli's perspective, imagine of a blue bowling ball that's 10 in. across and weighs 25 lbs. We think those properties—the ball's color, weight and size—are real in and of themselves. If the bowling ball were the only thing in the whole universe, it would still be blue, 10 in. across and weigh 25 lbs. But the lesson Rovelli wants us to learn is that nothing has any properties at all until it interacts with something else. And between those interactions there are no properties at all. What quantum mechanics is teaching us, Rovelli says, is that reality is a vast net of interactions where there are no things, only relationships. "This is the radical leap," he writes, that " . . . everything exists solely in the way it affects something else."

So here we are in 2021, and we think we are so advanced. All we have, though is toxic technology and WAY too many people on the planet, and most of them already taken over by this evil force—given up their souls for all those material comforts that have taken the place of spiritual focus. Spiritually for the most part, we are still in the Stone Age. The great mass of people who DO really believe they are spiritual can brag of going to church every week and going through all the motions, which includes shutting up and doing as they are told. And that includes the "non-church" spiritual people, who read the latest from their favorite gurus, then go about their lives without really doing the work required. THESE are the dinosaurs of 2021, and they are on their way out because the physical world will no longer support them, or ANY of us.

And what better way for the Reptilian controllers to assure that the majority of the population will NOT evolve, than to create a fake plandemic, convince most people to get a killer vaccine, then, either have them completely under their control, or else kill them off. This will become the secret killer, because hardly anyone will be able to connect the reason many people will just suddenly die with what they had injected into them. The same goes for all these deaths caused by cell phones and 5G satellites and of course, heavy metals poisoning.

I have been writing a great deal on stocking up on what we anticipate needing before it all crashes. But keep in mind, this is just to hold us over. My theory is that the more energy, in the form of human bodies, that leave the planet, the less resistance we will have to developing our mastery of the physical world, which is really the mastery of ourselves, our minds, and our spirits.

People think I am being far-fetched when I speak of wanting to create my own little planet, and that we all can learn to manifest whatever we need with our minds. The fact is, we will have no other choice, because the old methods of procuring what we need to survive are all collapsing. Survival of the fittest, in mental/spiritual terms, means that we will use our minds and spirits to create what we need and want. Anyone still thinking in terms of money or economic recovery is NOT evolving. And I wonder why anyone would even want economic recovery, a purely Reptilian system that keeps us in a state of slavery.

Dane says repeatedly that this paradigm was never sustainable, and I wholly agree, though from a different perspective. In my opinion, it is based on Reptilian control, and most likely is not even "real" in the sense we think it is. In any case, one would have to be living in the dark in a cave to not see that nothing works at the physical level any more, nor can we fix any of the major problems with which we are confronted. Fukushima and Chernobyl. Runaway methane release. The WAY out of control population and supporting it with resources that are running out. Like oxygen. Lack of usable water. Mountains and mountains of trash. And the list goes on and on. But there are the smaller personal things. No matter what I fix, it either breaks again, or something else breaks. I've put years and years into building my soil with tons and tons of nutrients, and I still have hard clay. And my list goes on and on. Most people think technology can fix anything, so they don't worry, but technology has caused more problems than it has solved. The bottom line is, there is and always was something inherently wrong with this physical world. In my opinion, it is computer generated, just like in The Matrix, and being run by controllers. And not only that, they have lost control. Anyone who thinks we can fix what we have is just living with their head up their ass. And my question is, why would we WANT to fix it? Let us evolve into something completely new and move on.

But first we must let go of the old ways. I and others like me have been doing it gradually (for twenty years), making it much easier. But for those who have clung to their material life, it will be shocking, if not fatal. I've said over and over, practice voluntary poverty as Henry David Thoreau did. Ditch your cell phone and TV, and all that other junk you think you need to have and do. If we would STOP patronizing the companies that are selling all these toxic products, we could have conquered our Reptilian foes ages ago. STOP BUYING. STOP EATING OUT, learn to cook on a small budget and NEVER waste food. There are so many habits I've formed that enable me to, in my own humble way, thrive, just by letting go of those things that are not necessary.

Evolution will take us to a whole new world that we cannot fathom because we are stuck in the mindest of this one. We have become hopelessly stagnant at levels, so we turn upon ourselves and become destructive and self-destructive, like an animal trapped in a cage. And worse, we have begun to think the way we function is "normal" or even "good." Evolution IS far-fetched and outrageous. Who could have imagined that a fish would grow feet and walk out of the water? Or that a huge Utahraptor would become a tiny bird. But it happened. Something went "wrong" in their DNA, which turned out to be "right."

"But!" you cry. "That took millions and millions of years." "But," I remind you. "Everything has speeded up exponetially." Life is now moving at light speed. It's the Fibonacci Series, you know: 1+1=2+1=3+2=5+3=8+5=13+8=21+13=34 and so on. Many composers who were obsessed with mathematical formulas used it in their music. And that's also why I feel we need to get to the next reality NOW, because when everything becomes too fast it will spin out of control. Then collapse. It already is. Then we will be hurdled back to the beginning. THAT is my definition of The Great Reset. I want to make sure I am well clear of Reptilian controllers when that happens because I do not want to spend another epoch where I am now, physically, mentally or spiritually.

Too many people start their journey, then when it gets a bit difficult they resort to their old ways. We all do to a certain extent out of necessity, but most are uninterested in exploring expanded possibilities. However, at this point, it is like the fish that grew legs, and lungs that could breathe air, and walked onto land. It looked around and said, "WTF?" It got frightened by the new challenge, turned around, and walked back into the water. And drowned, never realizing the excitement and new possibilities that were being offered. Too many people who think they are on the spiritual path simply like the idea, but when it comes to actually facing the immense challenges, they revert back to their familiar ways. The days when this was an option have passed. This paradigm is in its death throes and those who do not evolve and embrace the new will be the modern dinosaurs.

The evolution that must happen to us if we are to move on to something inconceivably better than what we have now, is different than the dinosaurs underwent. WE now have the chance and the choice to evolve our minds and our souls and spirits. It won't just happen on its own. There is far too much at stake to leave this to happenstance. And that means we must all WORK for it and that depends on how badly we want it. I personally have been through hell and back numerous times, in fact, it seems, endlessly, but I WANT to move on and am determined to GET what I want. Too many lifetimes were spent being overruled. It will not happen again, nor do I believe we will get another chance like we have now. Covid has been more of a blessing than a curse, depending on how you look at it.

I sometimes wonder if I am remembering a "me" that existed in the past; or was it in the future? In Bringers of the Dawn the Pleiadians said they were from the future. Am I, also? Did I come back to the past to make the changes that should have been made? In any case, I am absolutely positive that the "me" I am in this body now is nowhere near the being I really am, and living in this cage is no longer acceptable to tolerable. Whatever it takes, I intend to be myself to its full realization.

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