Worlds at War, Part 3: Our War Against Evil

I have been beyond perplexed lately. I have a whole series of these articles planned, and at first had an idea in my mind in what order I would present them. But the one I had planned next was not right, so it took me a few days to discover why. The reason, is that this war between evil and those who still have a sacred soul is the most bewildering occurence currently taking place on this planet. What is bewildering about it is that most people are not even aware of it. I think most people push the idea of evil out of their minds, perhaps for religious reasons. Perhaps they are afraid they will be making a moral judgment that only "god" is allowed to do, or even worse, they are afraid that they themselves are also evil, deep down. Or perhaps they are afraid to even speak the word or acknowledge its presence because in doing so, they will invoke it. Well, that may be true to an extent, as Paul Levy stated in his book, Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. But I think more are just so unaware of what is happening around them that they think everything's cool and the government is taking tare of all the problems, or some mythical "god" has a plan. Yeah, there's a plan all right, and I would certainly hope people aren't worshipping its instigator.

Dane recently posted another episode of Into the Wild, called California Drought, How To Party On The Titanic.
He feels the same bewilderment as I do, unable to comprehend how people can NOT NOTICE that all the water is nearly gone from California and other western states, while we in the east are being deluged. That our spiritually crippled media/industrial/military/pharmaceutical/financial/governmental complex has become a dangerous and tyrannical monster, demonizing those who dare to speak against any of it. Therefore, to avoid the hassle, most people just go along with whatever, then find ways to have fun. If you have not watched this short video yet, PLEASE, you MUST, especially those who are drowning, rotten and moldy here in the east where it never stops raining. You will experience a massive shock, and it is NOT just Lake Shasta, it's ALL the lakes and reservoirs and wells. THERE IS NO WATER and it is being done on PURPOSE. And people still do not understand the concept of evil. Perhaps also, what is going on now is SO BEYOND what most people can even comprehend, because if they DID comprehend it they would be shocked shitless. Therefore if they do not even acknowledge these activities, how can they be aware of the UNhuman evil behind it all.

Though Dane usually does not use the word evil, his words of choice are "insanity, asylum, and psychopath," which are also appropriate, but to me avoid a moral judgment and perhaps he feels he must avoid that in his broadcasts, because people might associate him with religion, which he definitely is NOT. However, he is not hesitant to constantly ask, in his bewilderment, "where is the virtue, the honor, the moral obligation?" in people that they allow these most heinous activities to continue without a peep. The short text preceding this week's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 28, 2021 is thus:

The baking and burning of the western US continues while Hurricane Ida is being steered toward the US Gulf coast. How many are aware of the fact that the US military has been involved in hurricane manipulation since 1947? On the 16th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Ida is scheduled to again decimate New Orleans. From climate engineering to CV-19, covert forms of warfare are being waged on populations all over the world. Official narratives of total deception are unraveling on countless fronts, the global power brokers are losing their stranglehold of control on public consciousness. Rapidly accelerating global environmental collapse is further fueling the entire equation, the controllers are now more desperate and dangerous than ever before. Can a critical mass of public awakening be achieved in time to make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

I want to make it clear that I am not writing these articles to be nice. I'm not afraid to mince words, nor does it hurt me one bit for people to stop reading what write because I offended them. I WANT to offend those who are not fulfilling their responsibility. I WANT to piss people off and shake them up and wake them up. Let me say this very clearly so that everyone understands, and if it applies to you, then you need to take a good look at where you are going spiritually. Everyone who is the least bit interested in spiritually based articles has most likely been put here in this hell hole because they have a mission to complete. EVERYONE should have pulled out all the stops by now, (that's an organists' expression, incidentally), and be working FULL FORCE by every means to STOP the evil people that are perpetrating all this EVIL activity on this planet now. We came here to reclaim earth as a place of peace, harmony, joy, freedom, and fellowship with all life. Once again, if you still are not sure of your obligations, please read Bringers of the Dawn. If you put your job, your personal comfort, your lifestyle, and yourSELF above your moral obligations, then YOU are consenting to EVIL, conforming to EVIL and COLLABORATING with EVIL. And one day, you will realize that you, TOO, have become one of the evil ones. THIS is how the controllers are capturing their victims. Can you not see that? The more they can divert people from their moral obligations, by coercion, bullying, demonizing, or frightening people, the more control they are able to gain over them. Then, all of a sudden—GOTCHA! They have caught you in their snare and there is no escape. It is happening now at blinding speed. Get the jab and you've now got a nanochip or bot inside you, or some other substance that has forced you to reliquish your sovereign rights. You are now owned and on the way to becoming transhuman. You've lost your soul and are now part of a computer system. IT IS HAPPENING. Do you not see the change in people's mental and spiritual attitudes? Life has little value anymore. Nobody cares, except for themselves. No compassion. No HUMANity. We are becoming Reptilian.

And it's not just about getting the jab. It's about EVERY way people conform to the system. Many people prefer spiritual gurus who say nary a word about the fact that if we do NOT stop what is going on in the skies, all life here on earth will come to an abrupt end—very soon. The longer it takes to stop it, and that include all the ionosphere heaters, microwave towers, 5G towers and satellites, and all the other nefarious activities most of which only a few aware. People think that following the "easy" way will gain them awakening and enlightenment, and of course it is much more comfortable to believe that if we do those things that bring us happiness and prosperity and allow us to keep our familiar lifestyle, they can just ignore the "inconvenient truth" about the state of our planet and society. (Yes, I saw the movie . . . . and no, I am not a fan of Al Gore.) Any spiritual "expert" that still speaks of the future, abundance and prosperity, and healing, (usually that involves paying the "expert" great sums of money to do that for you, so you don't really have to do much yourself), is a FAKE and a PHONY, and has been drawn into the force of evil. Pretending that what is happening here is NOT happening will soon bring you the shock of your lives, because, I PROMISE, we will all be faced with fires, floods, starvation, poverty, and loss of everything we thought was so important. But what is even WORSE than that is we will be living in a dsytopia that even makes George Orwell roll over in his grave. But, no. That will probably not happen, because by next year, the temperatures on this planet will REALLY begin to rise. 110 degrees will feel like an icebox. What were you saying about your job and comfort?? Apparently the majority of people STILL do not believe this is happening, like the ones who email Dane and tell him he needs more "hopium." OH, JEEZUZ.

The most horrific, horrendous, pathetic and terribly sad thing about all this is that, if everyone was doing their part the hell with comfort, there's a mission—we would have long ago stopped these Reptilian monsters who are determined to take over the planet once and for all. They would have all been removed, blasted off in rockets to some distant dimension where their DNA could be dismantled so it could never materialize again. And the off-planet Reptilians would no longer have a base here, and they would be permanently dispelled. This level of evil we are experiencing now should not exist on any planet, any universe, or any dimension. Had we truly put more focus on our souls, we could have assisted the entire universe and beyond in rising to a new level of sacredness and spiritual perfection. All this horror might have been avoided, but I realize it has served the purpose of waking many people up, and that would most certainly include both Dane and I. I have suffered incomprehensible loss in this physical world, but I have gained in the spiritual one a level I would never have reached otherwise. But now I am way past the need to go through all this suffering and have been ready for a long time to move into something totally new. But I will say this with absolute certainty: whatever needs to happen now, WILL happen, and as I've said numerous times, it will be the massive death of the human population on this planet. It will suddenly happen in great droves, from these killer vaccines. It already is, but we are being lied to about the cause of deaths. Still, as Dane stated, the official narratives ARE unravelling, and THEY are much more dangerous, so our lives are at risk as every level. Joining together to fight back, which will happen as the mass consciousness of the population shifts with massive deaths, will become easier and more effective. But look what we've had to endure. And even worse, all the innocent lives on this planet—the precious animals and plants who had NOTHING to do with this, have suffered the most through our negligence and EVIL. What side will YOU be on? Will anyone or anything survive? We do not know.

So what must we do? We must activate all our latent gifts and talents at every level. We must use our words to communicate TRUTH and to expose those who clearly are lying and deceiving. We must use our minds—the greatest of all computer systems, to make ourselves aware of everything going on in the background, then connect the dots, as Dane would say. Knowledge is power, and putting it to positive use can change everything on the planet. And last, we must constantly be scrutinizing ourselves at the spiritual and moral levels to make sure we are behaving in the most honest, selfless, and sacred way—that we walk our talk at all times. That is NOT to say we can't be in error or make mistakes. Goodness, that's how we learn, so we mustn't feel guilt if we take a wrong step. But we should always let it go or make amends, discover a better choice of action, then move forward and never stop moving forward. Too many people think if they've got what they want, they can just sit back. No free rides at this point. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

OK, so I have shitloads of links and materials to share. Let's start with Dane and the weather, which is THE most evil and heinous activity taking place now. If we had stopped all covert weather activities years ago, these plague we're dealing with, both the fake plandemic and the liars perpetrating it would never have happened because these people, or whatever they are, would have been made impotent. I really cannot stress how important it is to watch Dane's Lake Shasta video above, if you are truly interested in the truth and being a spiritually evolved person. Here is more on the situation in California. All that beauty that once was; all those poor precious animals dying in that inferno. How can anyone turn a blind eye? EVIL!!, that's how.
New California wildfire forces evacuations and grows to 1,200 acres in less than 6 hours
OMG, just LOOK at ALL THESE PEOPLE trying to escape. TOO MANY PEOPLE! What's gonna happen when these fires hit LA?
Caldor Fire prompts states of emergency in Nevada and California, with more than 50,000 told to evacuate the Lake Tahoe region
Dane talks quite a bit about what is in wildfire smoke and 19,000 covid cases linked to it. Yes, I smell it all the time out here in Northeast Ohio. It has reached Northern Siberia at the Arctic Circle—the first time, ever. Do not think for one minute that this inconceivable drought in California has anything to do with nature. It is caused by H.A.A.R.P. the Air Force-owned ionosphere heaters in Alaska that have created a high-pressure dome blocking all rainfal from, especially, Northern California, but now much of the American west. Dane clearly explained this years ago to both Governor Gavin Newsome and his Congressman, Doug Lamalfa. How can anyone think it is anything but evil for these people that know full well what is decimating their entire state to pretend they care so much, then refuse to speak up and set in motion the means to stop it? I guarantee, if either of them had asked Dane to help them go public with it, he would have organized a rally and backed them totally. People are supposedly threatened with death if they tell, and many have been silenced. Dane knows that for a fact. But going public with Dane there to explain the science to a crowd of people from his community would make it obvious if either suddenly disappeared. As he always says, if a large group of people, for instance, military personnel or climate scientists and meteorologists, would unite and speak out together, it would be game over for the perpetrators of this evil. But in most cases, it is NOT fear that makes them hold their tongue, it is the promise of rewards if they go along with the program. How could anyone define that as anything but pure evil?
What An Atmospheric Scientist Wants You To Know About That Wildfire Smoke You’re Breathing

Here is one that I found, yes, particularly disconcerting. Did they all just drop dead at once? It is doubtful that if it was heat related or poisoning from the algae that they would all succumb right in the same place. Especially the dog. I wonder if we will ever find out what really happened. Some kind of directed-energy weapon, or new technology they were testing that leaves no trace? Or something not of this planet? I'd be willing to bet there are SO MANY more strange things going on that we never hear a word about. In any case, it is very upsetting. Here's a quote from a friend of the family.
"It's a bewildering event. There's something so disconcerting about what happened," said Jeffe. "Whether it was environmental or man made, it was obviously something they encountered," Jeffe added, speculating about what may have led to their deaths.
Initial autopsy fails to reveal what killed a family and their dog on a hiking trail near Yosemite
Here's a follow-up I found yesterday that doesn't tell us much.
Authorities Release an Update on Hiking Family Found Dead Near Yosemite
Here's a news clip from GMA
Young family found dead near Yosemite

And here's one last article from California. OH, MY! Disaster capitalism? HA!! The state is OUT OF WATER! So, like, they get all these investors who suddenly realize they own a piece of useless property that has NO running water and, gosh, could go up in flames at any time. Yep, it's evil but anyone who falls for it is just fucking stupid. California is DONE. What is WRONG with these people???? Yeah, like partying on the Titanic (as Dane would say).
A 'Unicorn' Startup Is Turning Houses Into Corporations; Neighbors Are Fighting Back

I am going to end this article with hurricanes and what is happening in the east, but I will switch gears here and share some articles concerning this whole Covid agenda. I have gotten so many articles from Global Research in Canada lately, leaving me inundated with "too much information." But these are from CNN and the good ol' USA.
I cannot wait until people like this are forced to eat their words. It will be an epidemic of food poisoning . . . .
And speaking of evil, here's an example of someone who needs to be loaded onto that rocket to another dimension I mentioned above. Anyone with a brain and can read knows that it is the VACCINATED who are spreading the disease, and yet WE are the ones demonized. George Orwell, you would be shocked . . .
Make the unvaccinated pay out for their deadly decisions
But there WILL come a point, and I think we're already there, hence the extreme desperation, that when SO MANY PEOPLE suddenly die from blood clots and heart problems, the truth will no longer be hidden, and perhaps then Dane's proverbial "pitchforks and torches" will appear.
And this next one!! It's a doozy. These two should be on that rocket also. And ditto what I said about people who drop dead from vaccine-caused blood clots. If THIS isn't a wake-up call to people, then the majority of the population must surely be brain-dead or under total mind control.
You do not have the 'constitutional right' to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine
So, we only have "constitutional rights" when people in the government allow us to?? Why are people NOT SPEAKING OUT against these travesties? There ARE people who are speaking out, but I mean, regular citizens. Here are two quotes from the article that should seriously scare people.

With respect to children, parents do not have carte blanche. At one time, children were the property of their fathers, but that is no longer the case. Children are "persons" under the Constitution, and as the ruling in Prince v. Massachusetts held, parents do not have a constitutional right to make martyrs of their children. Parents have an obligation to protect their children's health and life, which means that the school district mandates that reduce the risk of death to children should be enforceable, period.

And this one is just plain absurd. But just wait. I'll bet there are few people who do not know, or know of, at least one person who has died shortly after getting the jab, or months later, just dropped dead. I know a couple.

For example, it is well-settled that governments can ban yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater, because such speech can lead to death as attendees race to the exits. True, the First Amendment's Speech Clause protects the "freedom of speech," but there is no requirement that the government can't prevent scenarios likely leading to death.

And here is just a smattering of the articles I've recently collected that confirm these vaccines are NOT safe and ARE killing people. And if they don't die from an immediate reaction, there is also detailed explanations of exactly what this "messenger RNA does when it gets into your body. The spike proteins are preventing the blood from circulating, thus, clotting, and it is also causing the red blood cells to "stack." This article has a number of videos illustrating that, plus some other disturbing side effects. Keep in mind that Global Research is translated into 51 languages, so maybe non-Americans will begin to speak out about these toxic brews being pushed on the world. If you only watch one video, watch the third "Vaccine & Blood Analysis Under Microscope." It is in German, but sub-titled. The comment was made that the vaccine manufacturers are the ones that should have done this work before the vaccines were released, which requires 8-10 years of testing, (which we don't have at this point anyways). They also make the point how vaccine reactions and deaths are being played down by the doctors, which is a sad statement. The woman doing the microscope analysis said she had never seen these forms before in blood. One of them commented about how they must organize themselves in this dystopian world. Well, yes, indeed. That IS needed like NOW. They spoke of how the unvaccinated would be blamed for deaths, which of course is already happening. The point was also made that people who have been vaccinated don't want to know the truth, that they made the wrong decision. And those microscope images. OMG!! They talked about symptoms, beginning with concentration issues. Remember what I wrote about my friend that recently died and I could tell there was a great deal of confusion when they were here. Then there is loss of mobility and inability to do things like ride a bicycle. Even the J&J vaccines, which are NOT mRNA, are forming these triangles in the blood. They refer to this as "criminal." Yes, indeed, again. The woman said she is speechless at what is happening and obviously it has been planned well in advance. They also discuss that when cancer patients receive the vaccine, metastases comes quickly then it's all over for the patient. They refer to it as euthanasia—mass murder, a crime on a grand scale.
COVID Vaccine "Side Effects": Blood Clotting, Magnetism, Fluorescent Arms and More

In his latest GAN linked above, Dane spoke of the Japanese discovering 1.63 million doses of contaminated Moderna vaccines. Fortunately they had the balls to make this fact publicly known. Here's an article.
Japan pulls 1.6M COVID vaccine doses over contamination fear as COVID's spread causes heartache, Paralympic anxiety
Here is one from Israel, which is heavily vaccinated and also heavily infected.
'This Ends The Debate'—Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta

Here's a few more about vaccines, then on to Hurricane Ida.
This is an excellent short video. We need more people like Dr. McCloskey to move past fear and to speak out no matter what, as Robert F. Kennedy, Paul Craig Roberts and many others are doing. There is so much that needs to be exposed for us to have any chance to survive what is coming. Everyone must do their part.
Irish Medical Doctor: The Shots Are Killing People! We Need to Stop this! Her Medical License Was Just Suspended
Here are two quotes from the next article:
"In his new book, Robert Kennedy fingers Dr. Anthony Fauci as perhaps the most successful mass murderer in history, the 'principal architect of agency capture'—'the subversion of democracy by a drug industry that manipulates regulators like sock puppets.' Not only has Fauci pushed the wrong potentially disastrous pandemic solution, he has also blocked the right ones."
"The man’s body was overrun with vaccine-induced spike proteins."
Medical Monsters on the Loose
And one last article. WOW!! Read this one! Keep in mind that Kennedy is an attorney.
2 Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine

Here's a quote from a doctor who commented on Dane's
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 21, 2021

D.J. in NE says:
August 24, 2021 at 1:19 pm

By now everybody in this audience is probably aware that certain medical procedures may increase the risk of clotting. I have a patient who has been recently experiencing symptoms of what could easily be called a vascular dementia. This in an otherwise perfectly healthy 68 year old who never had any significant medical problems and is a very intelligent retired nurse with what would normally be a razor sharp intellect.

She got her second dose 3 months ago. Her symptoms began in the last few weeks. Other problems were ruled out. We discussed yesterday the potential for clotting after certain types of procedures. I asked her if I could order what's called a D-dimer. This is a blood test that can be taken and used to determine whether there is a significant amount of clotting occurring in the body. She gave permission for me to order this blood work. It was ordered yesterday. Normally the direction be less than 500 ng/mL. Hers was 1,123 ng/mL.

She was at her Internal Medicine specialist office this afternoon to see what needs to be done at this point and to get treatment for this condition.

It is my impression that there's not a whole hell of a lot that can be done because the mRNA has re-programmed the DNA to produce these spike proteins. That is why you do NOT want to let anyone EVER mess with your DNA. Here's the follow-up.

D.J. in NE says:
August 26, 2021 at 1:42 am

Update. I spoke with her yesterday morning. Her medical doctor did not know what to make of that information. He sent her to the emergency room. They saw the information and performed ultrasounds of both of her legs which were negative for deep Venous Thrombosis. They also did a CT scan of her head and her chest with Ross or red is negative. Of course they were negative! These or not macro (large) clots. They are microclots. Think if what Dane says regarding the EPA testing for certain particle sizes in the air. They're not going to show up on this kind of testing. The hospital sent her home with a D-dimer of over 1,100.

And now, the weather. This comment has haunted me since I read it. It is at the top of the page of the same GAN issue.

Tammy Kass says:
August 26, 2021 at 8:23 pm

What is it with them . . . .they are constantly bombarding us with rain here in New Orleans and now I have seen radar on somebody's facebook post (I don't watch fake news) that shows two hurricanes back to back headed to New Orleans!!! In Jesus name, NO!!!

I know that feeling of helplessness when you can SEE something monstrous coming at you on radar and you know it is a hideous creation of the weather psychopaths. I spent time throughout the day Sunday sending energy to block Ida from New Orleans. If EVERYONE would be doing this as part of their spiritual responsibility, we could make a vast difference. I hope dear Tammy is OK and that her house and household survived.

Here's something creepy. I was not aware that it was the sixteenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. When I did realize it, was after I got home from running errands in Ravenna. I happened to look down at the shirt I was wearing and sort of froze. It was a tee shirt given to me when I was the Arts and Entertainment writer at The Vindicator. The McDonough Museum of Art at Youngstown State University was hosting an exhibition called "Birdspace: A Post-Audubon Artists Aviary" and each work of art was based on birds. Being the Press, I, of course, always attended previews and other special event reserved for special people, and it was very cool to be in that position. Anyways, the man travelling with the show, an artist, but also the curator of it, I believe, was from New Orleans, when Katrina was hitting. It broke my heart, because he was so worried about his cat, and if anyone would rescue it. Remember, that event was, I believe, one of the first where people were allowed to take their pets in evacuations, which, OMG, I cannot even FATHOM leaving my animals in a situation like that. He lived, I believe, in one of the hardest hit areas. He had all lots of his artworks in his house. Of course, I never learned the outcome, but it has haunted me all these years. So, I thought it was particularly creepy that I was wearing this Birdspace shirt, which I had stored away and just recently pulled out to wear.

In any case, though Ida did terible damage, and I'm sure it is nowhere near assessed yet, Katrina killed 1,833 people, and, as far as I've seen, there were way fewer deaths with Ida. So I hope all of us who were sending protective energy, in whatever form, were able to do some good. Here are some articles. OMG! A nuclear power plant!! Dane has been warning us about what will happen to them when these emergencies strike. Fukushima times 400 something.
Hurricanes Ida and Katrina are similar, but tiny differences are key
Another excuse for them to raise gas prices, I suppose.
Hurricane Ida hit the oil industry hard as it headed to New Orleans
I wonder if that tower that came down, WAY at the bottom of the page, is a microwave tower. Let us hope . . . .
Ida pummels Louisiana

And speaking of microwave towers, I have screenshots to share with what hit US here in NE Ohio the same day, and actually for quite a bit of the whole week, but, comparatively speaking, not that bad, or rather, not as bad as they tried to make it for us. They worked very hard to get Ida into NE Ohio, but it does not appear they will succeed, and it DOES appear we will have a much needed, quiet weather week. It was Ontario that looked like it was getting the shit beat out of it Sunday night, covered with Severe Thunderstorm Watches and Warnings. Also parts of Quebec. And farther north, Tornado watches. Since WHEN has northern Canada had to worry about tornadoes? They were even trying to push a hurricane, Nora, I believe, into UTAH!

In this first shot, taken this morning at 9:11 a.m., you can clearly see the microwave tower steering the rain above Knoxville into Kentucky, and then Ohio.

Microwave Manipulation of Storms

The next one is from Friday, August 27, 9:50 p.m..The microwave signal is blatant around Fort Wayne.

Microwave Manipulation of Storms

This is from Sunday, August 29, 9:30 p.m., while Ida was destroying Louisiana—a monster storm that was even worse in Canada. Parts of the signal are evident in Michigan, from Lansing to Muskegon.

Microwave Manipulation of Storms

Then, fifteen minutes later at 9:45 p.m., you can see the signals just below Fort Wayne, pushing that mess suddenly a very strong southeast. Indeed, it descended rapidly.

Microwave Manipulation of Storms

In this last one, you can see how the microwaves have shaped the formerly straight line of storms into a writhing serpent. It was shot just after midnight, at 12:20 a.m. on August 30. Here you can see signals just above Dayton, Ohio and below Van Wert.

Microwave Manipulation of Storms

These "storms" were obviously intended to link up with Ida, to deluge us with all that tropical moisture. Why? Because they can. Or think they can, because they are psychopaths. And beyond evil. We shall see. It is due to come to a screeching halt. ALL of it. The image below was taken August 21 at 7:34 a.m., from the Home Page of the NWS Cleveland regional office. Look at that radar!! They actually posted that. Did they think it was cool or something??

Microwave Signals on Radar

The most disturbing thing about all this evil is that the vast majority of people have adjusted to it!. OMG!!! I am clairsentient, and the energy I read is absolutely painful. It literally paralyzes me. Most of what I do takes forever. Time moves fast and I do not. It feels like I am in fetters, ball and chain around my leg, this energy is SO thick and SO heavy, like the toxic clouds that surround us. Yet people DO NOT NOTICE. It is another clear indication that the transhumanism agenda is progressing as planned. We'll see about that, too, but I certainly do not envy those who have already been computerized. Where will they go when they die, IF they can die? It makes me shudder. They have no souls anymore and don't even realize it. People are losing all sense of intuition, of living by gut feelings, allowing their Higher Selves to guide them. Many think they do, but, by their behavior, it is a delusion. NOBODY who is still fully human, a sacred being with a spirit and soul, would sit back and allow the evil to survive and thrive on this planet as it is. It is beyond my comprehension.

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