When Everything We Believe is False

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

This quote is truly haunting me. Perhaps it is because there is WAY more to it than just the "disinformation program" that, when all is revealed, we will find also has little to do with the CIA or the Shadow Government, or maybe even alien interference. Before I continue with these thoughts, let me remind you that I've been publishing a new Farm Article every week or two. Be sure to check the bright blue date at the top of my Home Page, right column. When that changes, a new issue has been published. Just click the link below the date to get to the Index.
My Own Little Planet

There should be no doubt in anyone's mind, at least those who are on the awakening path, that the old paradigm has passed. I feel like we're in this very uncomfortable limbo stage, where all the dark energy that has been embedded in the physical plane of our present reality, whether solid or computer generated, is being flushed to the surface to be released, cleansed, transformed, or however you perceive it. I have suspended as much as possible, all beliefs, at least I am open to learning the truth, which may be, and most likely IS far removed from what any of us believe now. The one thing I am pretty sure IS true, is that there is a gargantuan gulf dividing the different energies/frequencies found on the planet at this point. And that the collapse of the paradigm will realign everyone to the plane in which they belong, according to how they have lived their lives and evolved at the spiritual level. I know from my personal existence here that just being in the presence of SO MANY PEOPLE, especially since the vast majority have really lost their way spiritually, has become almost intolerably draining. It has put an immense drag on the progress of those who wish to move into the Light, and that cannot be allowed to happen. At least that is what I presently perceive to be true.

I have been in a strange funk lately, like I'm suspended in a surreal world—unusual for me, and yet I'm not fighting to stabilize. I am letting constant "what ifs" float through my mind, waiting for something to take hold. Most of them are possibilities I've mentioned before, that seem to keep reappearing. I sense that is because we are reaching the point where a new world will emerge, everyone where they belong and totally removed from this worn-out false reality. I suspect that most people will go to another false reality until they learn to discern. The more skilled we become at perceiving life at the energetic level, the more skilled we will become at creating with our minds—deciding for ourselves what laws will govern us and forming a physical reality to match. While we are dealing with physical horrors from every direction now, this is also a time of infinite possibilities, as we design our new physical habitat. As the old paradigm passes away, it is becoming extremely bizarre. The less we trust our senses, the easier it will be to detach from the dying physical world.

The old question once again pops up to me. WHO exactly has created this present hell on the planet? Forgive me as I continue on in my dreamy state. We all have preconceived notions of what is good and what is evil. And it is obvious that there is great variance in these notions among us. Do I think that those in control of the killing off of humanity are evil? Well, yes, But. WHO is doing it? WHO has the right? Maybe it is US—our off-planet selves; our much Higher Selves; our selves from a different dimension. It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE that we can continue life as it is on this planet now. As Dane says, it would take FIVE planets this size to support the current population. This planet CANNOT, and it WILL NOT. Thus people must leave it, as they are distributed to whatever new reality they've earned by their behavior. Too many people have this black and white perception of death. You either go to heaven or hell. Once people are able to break free of that, then life becomes more of an ongoing adventure, which we each have the potential to control. And so, the fact that so many people are dying now is the next and necessary step toward a new paradigm, or most likely multiple paradigms. Looking at the whole picture from an energetic standpoint shifts our perceptions. Seriously, what did you think the end of a paradigm would look like? Did you think we would all rise up into heaven to be with "god?" Sadly, that IS the way most people look at life—we live then we die and that's that. But I see this all as an opening up of SO MANY possibilities, and the more you have a strong image of where you want to go and what you want to do, the greater chance you have of reaching your goals.

I will continue with my rambling. So what about those who have trashed the planet? The ones actually doing it, and those who stand by and benefit from it, or believe they do, because it is financially beneficial for them. Or those who just don't want to rock the boat, or, like a friend of mine usually replies when I try to enlighten him on what is going on here. "Well, I hope you're wrong." What about the destruction of the earth's non-human life? And even worse, beyond the earth, to polluting the area out in space. Is that evil? What about the Reptilians?

When you boil down all spiritual beliefs, I think most people will find that there are more similarities than differences. Christians think that at the "end of the world," "god" will give the final judgment on who goes up and who goes down, and the two planes will be separated for eternity. Well, eternity is a long time, and I don't think anyone is condemned for that long—just long enough to recognize the Light and embrace it. But perhaps those who have earned they way out will never have to deal with it again.

As above, so below. Do I believe there is a war going on in the off-planet, or more likely also the non-physical world, in which we participate by our physical experience here on earth? Like a computer game, which it probably is, we are earning our right to be forever separated from the low vibrational beings that have hindered our growth for millions of years. Was it planned after all? Maybe, or not. In either case, those of us who have proven to be faithful and honorable in fulfilment of our mission will have earned our reward, and the journey will have released us into a dimension far beyond our wildest dreams. Do I truly believe I can have my own little planet? Absolutely. When we reach the level of "creator-gods" there are no limitations on what we can create, because at that point we have will have learned the rules of benevolent creation. And remember, it's all in our minds anyways, so why would there be limitations? Harm nothing. Heal everything. And so, you see, beyond all this, there is a reality of great wonder and joy. We must endure the pits of hell before we can reach this reward, but it will be worth it.

As I allow my stream of consciousness to take over in this writing, I have to see an incredible light at the end of this tunnel. But we must go through the tunnel first, and there is no other route. The more we make use of every opportunity presented to us to do an act of good, the more we will raise our vibrational frequency, which brings us closer to our release. But when we find ourselves doing what is right, without the need for reward we will know we reached a milestone. The joy of right behavior is its own reward.

Meanwhile, at least in what I'm experiencing, we have increasingly strange and surreal physical experiences. And here is where we are really confronted with the question of, "what is false?" We must now constantly ask ourselves, "Is this real," and most likely it is not. As the old paradigm continues to collapse, it seems that physical behavior, or what we experience through our senses, becomes more and more bizarre. Is anything in this physical "reality" actually real? Probably not, and the more we are able to recognize that, the faster we can shed our dependence on our five senses. Which, at least as I perceive it, means I am leaving the old world and entering the new. No more "Between Two Worlds!" Here are some of the things that have happened to me lately that have really made me question my senses.

I will start with the most gross. I was outside a building in town, nearing the door. There was a really creepy man ahead of me, and when I caught a whiff of him, it was disgusting. So I entered the building maybe a half a minute later. The smell had engulfed the building and I literally had to walk back outside to keep from gagging. The thing is, this was a smell I could not even label. It was like nothing human I had ever smelled. But what really stunned me is that it was SO BAD that I expected the building to be cleared. And yet, no one else even appeared to notice. He left quickly and I re-entered. Everything was going on normally as if nothing was amiss. And so, I have to ask myself, was he human, and am I the only one that smelled the fact that he wasn't? I did not even want to breathe the same air as him. Was he a Reptilian? That one seriously left me shaken.

There have been many other strange happenings. As I was driving through the residential area in Ravenna, something ran across the road. Thankfully the car ahead of me was alert. But when it reached the other side, I realized it was a mink. In downtown Ravenna? And here's another that happens frequently, which makes me also wonder if all this constant rain I get is nothing but a computer simulation. I will feel water hitting my face or body, when there is no rain. Inside, outside, and even in my sleep. Is this all a simulation? As we awaken, will we be able to see the mechanism that produces these seemingly real phantoms. Or just holographic projections?

And in the same category, I am also frequently finding that what the thermometer says and what my body feels are two different things. It can be 33 degrees outside and it feels balmy, and yet as I began typing this on Wednesday, the temperatures had been hovering in the upper 70s, and I was freezing. I actually had to put on a long-sleeved shirt over my teeshirt. While we were scheduled to get severe storms on Wednesday and a lot of rain, the day ended up relatively pleasant; no rain and mostly calm. We were supposed to get an inch-and-a-half of rain on Thursday, but ended up with half that, and what came down was mostly light. So how did we end up with seven-tenths? I mean, that's still a lot. It used to be that torrential rain would come to that much, but now even light or medium rainfall adds up so quickly, while torrential can quickly become two or three inches? Does that seem right to you? None of this seems right or real to me, and the more I am aware of that, the less impact it has on my life. That is NOT to say it can't hurt me. Everything has become so precarious now. We must be cautious and diligent and never over-confident, while at the same time easing ourselves away from what we believe we are experiencing. The more it dawns on us that are senses are showing us a false reality; (remember, it was planned that way), the less threatened we will feel by the physical world. When we no longer feal fear in the physical plane, then we will be a force to be reckoned with.

All of us in Dane's community are constantly being stunned by peoples' inability to even notice what is going on in the skies. Perhaps they really DON'T see it, like nobody else noticed the stinky man. So the same question continues to come to mind. Just exactly WHAT is going on up there? Alien activity that only a few of us can see. As more DO see it, does that also mean they will be able to recognize alien activity? And not just what is going on in the skies, but everything? I want to share two grocery store experiences I had recently. One was in ALDI. I needed baking soda—actually I need to stock up on it because I use it to make my toothpaste. Anyways, there was an employee shelving the boxes, and nearly every box was badly crushed and broken. And she just kept shelving them. I found one less broken than the others, and when I went to pay, I told the cashier it leaked, and could I have a bag. She kept telling me to go back and get another, and I could NOT make her understand they were all like that, and that the employee was putting broken boxes on the shelf. She got nasty with me, and I finally said, "why would you expect your customers to buy broken boxes?" Another instance was at Giant Eagle when they had mandarins on sale. Nearly every bag had rotten ones in it, so I took some to the man stocking produce. He paid no attention to me at all. On another day afterwards, as I was walking through produce, I heard a customer complaining that the bag of oranges he bought had rotten ones. Scenarios like this make me ask myself if I truly AM dealing with human beings or something else. Behavior such as that is baffling and abnormal, yet it happens all the time. One could say that people just don't care about their jobs any more, but it seems the inability to relate has crossed a line beyond normal human communication.

And so what is the point of all this? The more we notice that nothing is behaving normally, the more we can detach from it and question everything we experience as being a false projection of the Matrix, then we will be so much more prepared when the bottom falls out and our whole physical world collapses. Meanwhile, the vast majority of people keep "adjusting" their normalcy bias to accept everything they see, hear, smell, taste and touch. And even worse, they have become completely gullible to the lies and disinformation being spewed out from the media and government, becoming more outlandish every day.

I will continue in my articles on the theme of the collapsing Matrix, because it is where we are now and it is not going away. My Farm articles will, as usual, focus on current news and the environment, and my Bible articles on the prophets and prophesies of the Old Testament. At least that's the game plan now, but it is all subject to change. The more we can suspend our beliefs and allow a new "operating system" to be "downloaded" into us, the more we can ease out of this current hell. As we release ourselves from the false physical world perceived by our senses, we will no longer be slaves of the Reptilians and their agenda. We will be reconnected to our higher, powerful selves, guided by our spirits that reside in the non-physical world. This is what we have been awaiting for so very long. It is here. Let us embrace it.

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