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As promised in my last article, this one will be primarily about essential videos everyone needs to watch, concerning climate collapse and mind control. I have spent a great deal of effort collecting, viewing and reviewing this material, as I always do. PLEASE, don't just read this article! Go back and watch these videos and open the links I have provided. EVERYONE should be intent on educating themselves about the hideous activity of those who aim to control the world. Being a Pollyanna and pretending it isn't so will be deadly. WE NEED EVERYONE ON BOARD. So this will be an exceptionally long article for that reason. Please keep it bookmarked on your device, and keep returning to it until you have watched all the videos. Plus, I don't want to write another article for a while, as I am trying to get caught up on updating my website and writing book reviews. Plus, I am thinking something big will happen soon.

First I want to mention a couple other points. One of my readers thought my article on the Encapsulated Earth was referring to our spiritual imprisonment. Well, of course, As Above, So Below, and everything we experience in the physical world has a non-physical counterpart. Indeed, we are trapped, as I did mention. We are in an extinction event, and extinction events always bring forth new species, adapted to the new environment that emerges. From the spiritual standpoint, we have two choices: we can awaken and spiritually ascend to an enlightened life form, which should have happened eons ago, but the Alien races that have had control of this planet for millions of years were able to keep us tied to the third dimension. The other choice is to submit to the transhumanism agenda, and become an organic/mechanical hybrid and lose our souls. There are those who believe that we all must awaken on this planet, or be doomed to repeat another epoch into descension. I think that's a load of horseshit. We all are responsible for the care of our minds and souls, BUT both races will NOT occupy the same planet. It is still up in the air who will remain and who will leave, and I don't care as long as I am able to escape from the unfathomable evil in which we are now embraced. But, as I have said many times, we have off-planet assistance in many forms, such as Alien allies and spiritual beings. Though it is painfully slow in coming, I DO believe there will be an awakening, but it will be the result of sudden massive deaths of those who are unable to move in the right direction. SO, in that respect, YES, we are certainly encapsulated at the spiritual and non-physical levels.

But the last article was primarily referring to our physical situation—the horror of being trapped inside a layer of glass which is growing hotter by the day, and which is how Dane describes the effect of greenhouse gasses. The fact that the upper atmosphere has heated to the point that jet planes are triggered into forced descent by their auto-pilot because the air is no longer able to support their weight up there should alarm everyone, because it is inevitable that all that heat will continue to descend to lower level to the earth, and YES, we will be trapped in an oven. The only chance of avoiding this is to STOP ALL CLIMATE INTERVENTION OPERATIONS NOW. I know that there are still even WAY TOO MANY of my readers who are not doing their part, and the general population is even more in denial. And so we return to massive deaths, which, when it happens, will do the following: It will create a huge energetic shift in the collective energy. I am thinking of the die-offs due to those that took the jab, and it is already exploding. I don't think we have ANY IDEA how many have died from it, because the vast majority of the population is not connecting all these sudden deaths with the jab. Now cancer rates and AIDS are soaring also.

In general, and I KNOW there are exceptions, but the majority of adults that made the decision on their own to get the jab, did so because they were told to, and believed the official narrative. It is THAT mindset that is our greatest hindrance in awakening people to what is going on in the skies. Their removal will alter the playing field immensely, and feel like a stopped up energetic drain pipe has just begun to flow again. I am catching glimpses of spurts of energy shifts, and one came several days ago, and I thought, "Wow, finally." As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, I always consider it a great sign when I have a revelation, which is soon after confirmed by something Lisa Renee writes. And that was the case here. This is her latest blog.
Changing Architecture
Here, she speaks of the bifurcation, and the splitting off of those who are choosing "spiritually abusive" and "spiritually healthy" behaviors. She writes:

When the energetic chasm gets too wide between the interactions of people in any kind of group or relationship, a threshold is reached which can abruptly collapse and redirect timelines into a Void Space. Thus, some people may awaken to feel that suddenly they are estranged from another. Someone or something they were close to may start to feel increasingly distant, as if they are not speaking the same language anymore. This sensation is like suspended animation, when we feel that we are waiting for some information or movement forward into another location, in order to act upon current life choices.

This sense of not speaking the same language any more is another major issue. I just published a book review,
Grave Predictions: Tales of Mankind's Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian and Disastrous Destiny
Please read it, especially the one at the bottom, called The Pretence. As the world began to collapse, it was the inability to communicate with language that became the focal point of the story, and I added personal comments, including the fact that I believe most people DO NOT understand what I write in these articles, though they are certain they do. And the rest of the majority of the population has grown so brain-dead by keeping their faces in their cells phones that most, especially young people, are unable to carry on an intelligent conversation more than a few minutes, if at all.

Lisa also speaks of our ability to manifest our reality becoming easier, and I didn't even realize until just now as I am re-reading her blog, that she used a similar phrase as I just did: Leveling the Playing Field. Here she writes:

People that attune to heart-based intelligence and align to the Natural Laws, will have more open access to Zero Point energy to build out their manifestations in ways that the energy parasitism of the Negative Ego cannot. What used to gain results in matter during the previous cycle, will cease to work in the same ways, causing confusion and frustration for those who do not realize the game board has shifted into a more level playing field.

This is very similar to what I've been saying, that we will NO LONGER BE ABLE TYO OBTAIN WHAT WE NEED THE OLD WAY. It is why I keep going on about Jesus and his mastery of the physical worlds, and I won't stop going on about this until people GET what I am saying. So, here are more thoughts on that subject.

A while back, Dane spent quite a bit of time on his weekly Global Alert News speaking of the Gatekeeper, a mind control program that prevents people from seeing the truth. He made the point that everyone has their limit, and that even someone who is totally awake on, for instance, the whole Covid scam and poison "vaccines," might still be unable to wrap their mind around climate engineering. Something just shuts off. That is why Dane, I would suspect, drives the same key points home every single week, as I do in every article, to break through that barrier. I REALLY know how he feels, because I know that things I write, especially having to do with our latent abilities to manifest with our minds, that people either twist around what I say, so that it NEVER sinks in, in other words, they read something totally different than I wrote, or they just pass it off as—what? Nonsense, perhaps, as do people who look at Dane as if he sprouted antennae when he tries to tell them about chemical ice nucleation. People look at me with pity, as if it is my day off from the asylum. So let me approach it differently

Why are people SO TERRIFIED of their own power? Two main reasons I can think of that are buried deep DEEP in the back of their consciousness. One is that if they actually CLAIMED their power, they would be forced to use it to fight the criminal insanity now taking place, and that might disturb their comfort. It is much easier to get caught up on the latest weapon of mass distraction such as the "war" which could, may, might escalate into something more serious, than to join the people who are dropping over with fatigue, both mental and physical, from their non-stop labors in stopping the REAL war, which is going on in the skies above us, along with the psychological warfare that goes along with it, and I will speak more on that when I cover H.A.A.R.P.. Let me remind everyone that their comfort is about to disappear, as is everything essential, such as food and water, so I strongly suggest that everyone get their attention on what is happening NOW, not what could happen in the future. WE DON'T HAVE A FUTURE if we do not stop climate engineering now. But it is so much easier to believe you have no power to stop it, so just move on to something easier.

But I think the REAL problem people have is being unable to claim their own power pertaining particularly about the fact that we CAN and DO create our reality, and ARE capable of manifesting what we want and need. If we do not tap into that power, we will soon find ourselves without everything we need to survive. We need to work with it every day, and when enough energy shifts, we will find ourselves on the whole other side of this mess. But the thing is, humans have been brainwashed from the beginning that they were mere mortals and not allowed to be powerful. It appears in Greek and Roman mythology and I am sure way before that. For instance, Asclepius became such a skilled healer that he could bring the dead back to life, which was a threat to gods above him, and was killed, then later given a place in the stars. The legend also says that he was aided in his healing arts by a serpent, which became the symbol for medicine. But just look what happened to the serpent in the Old Testament, and the Bible is also a book of mythology, keep in mind. It became the symbol of evil, or rather, knowledge, of which too much was considered evil. People have had this fear of becoming too powerful, of knowing too much, of recognizing their divinity and creator abilities because the controllers have made sure that we remain mere mortals, helpless, needy, and dependent on a higher power. Well, I think THAT is all horseshit, too. I claim my power and used it in every way I can to fight the atrocities that are going on now, and to awaken to discover who I really am. And for anyone that tries to say Jesus came here to die for our sins, thus keeping us dependent on an outside force, that is pure horseshit, too. He came here to empower us. The Bible is full of examples of his mastery of the phyical world, and he told us point blank we could do all he did and more. So why are people SO AFRAID of their power? We need to use all we've got. NOW! As the Hopi elders stated, "We are the ones we have been waiting for."

Here are some links related to the above paragraphs, then I will continue with videos, beginning with an article about transhumanism, which is one of the goals of the WEF. It is not conspiracy theory, it is documented. I strongly suggest you read this and decide which side of the fence you are on, then fight like hell against this evil. Standing up for our rights and "what is right" is part of the awakening process. Here is a quote from the article: "Whatever Harari's true feelings about transhumanism, he emphatically states that the idea that we have a soul and free will, those days "are over." In other clips that have been inserted into the featured video, Harari predicts that in the future, people will be able to look back and see that the COVID pandemic was the turning point where biological surveillance took over and became norm.
There are three videos on this page. If you only listen to one, PLEASE do the middle one. It is short, humorous, and REALLY filled with a vast amount of horrifying information condensed into 13 minutes. I REALLY RECOMMEND WATCHING IT!!
What You Need to Know About the Transhumanist Agenda
Here is another article on the toxic technology with which we are being assaulted.
5G Radiation Causes ‘Microwave Syndrome’ Symptoms, Study Finds

For those who believe we should just pray for these depraved creatures and send them love and light, you need to get a grip on the reality unfolding. What really needs to happen is that they need to be tried in criminal court for not only crimes against humanity, but planetary omnicide, convicted, then lined up against a wall and shot. They are NOT human, and their goal is to make us like them, with the exception that THEY will be in control of every single aspect of our lives. Sadly, everyone who received the "vaccine" has the operating system installed in them—another reason why death will be a blessing for them. But what about the rest of us? Are operating systems being sprayed on us with the rest of the toxins, such as graphene oxide? More on that below.

We know that the CIA could "hack" into peoples' minds, decades ago. Once again, I plead with your to watch the astounding documentary
The Minds of Men
Though supposedly the Clinton administration put a stop to this activity, that was a joke, wasn't it? It is now perfected, and the WEF brags that they can control anyone's mind. "Oh, not mine," you say. Yes, yours. Again, when I review the movie about H.A.A.R.P., it is proven that these frequencies can and DO change our mental states, and I can attest to that, and many of Dane's people have also written of it. These storms ALL contain mind control frequencies. And so, I ask again, is anything we now experience on this planet actually "real?" Or is it all a simulation implanted into our minds? Is that why everyone seems to be experiencing different realities? Even Bringers of the Dawn states that these Alien controllers could cause group hallucinations.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
Incidentally, Dane speaks quite often on the Secret Government Document, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. It is no secret now and available to read in various formats. I have recently downloaded it, but not read it yet. It pertains to what we discuss here. Here is the link to Internet Archive.
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars Original Document Copy

"When the CIA was created in 1947" . . .
" In 1947, Congress created a monster which today is so big and so powerful and so indifferent to the Constitution and the federal laws its agents have sworn to uphold that it can boast about its lawlessness, have no fear of defying Congress and always escape the consequences of all this largely unscathed."
Spying on Americans: CIA Spies and Their Collaborators
Here's another quote from the article:
"What’s going on is not CIA lawyers appearing before judges asking for surveillance warrants based upon probable cause of crime, as the Constitution requires. What's going on is CIA agents going to Big Tech and paying for access to communications used by ordinary Americans. Some Big Tech firms told the CIA to take a hike. Others took the CIA’s cash and opened the spigots of their fiber optic data to the voracious federal appetite."
But Microsoft didn't. As I mention below, I go through my stats at least once a day and ban I.P.s that are clearly malicious. Lately, I've had TONS of I.P.s that begin with "20," which is odd, and they are all bad news. I finally did a search to learn what country they came from. Hmm. Well, they came from all over, but the I.P.s beginning with "20" are owned by ONE COMPANY. If you guessed Microsoft, you would be correct.
Here is more information on CIA illegal meddling.
Operation Mockingbird—The CIA’s History of Media Manipulation

Here are some articles on Covid, then I will present the videos and commentary. This first one likens the Covid "vaccine" to the Biblical Mark of the Beast," and also states "Thus, graphene oxide may be used to manipulate the human brain—of those who are vaccinated." But keep in mind it is also being sprayed on us. The video includes more information about graphene. This is a very intriguing article for anyone interested in Biblical prophesies.
The QR Code: "Apocalypse", COVID Vaccine and the "Mark of the Beast"
HOWEVER, the plans for completion are still in ten years, and as Dane states repeatedly, "Biosphere collapse will beat them to the intersection." It certainly is, which I will discuss in a bit. In the video, Peter Koenig discusses, once again, how the vaccine is being used to implement the transhumanism agenda. He likens the society in which we live as WWIII. Yes, if there IS a "real" war, THIS IS IT. He also says everyone who got the "vaccine" is doomed, either to death, or to become a transhuman. The article also discusses how the "war" in the Ukraine is part of the agenda. One positive aspect of the vax die-off is the decimation of the U.S. military. The sooner these pilots are dead or disabled, the sooner they will be forced to stop spraying us. I wonder if Putin was as dumb as Biden to require his military to get the "vaccine." Wouldn't it be wonderful to see ALL global militaries GONE?!!
COVID-19 Vaccine Massacre: 68,000% Increase in Strokes, 44,000% Increase in Heart Disease, 6,800% Increase in Deaths Over Non-COVID Vaccines
And this. Well, as I've said, the sooner these people are dead, the sooner they will stop spraying us and perhaps we will have world peace, if anyone is still alive. One way or another, the insanity WILL END. The members of the U.S. Military have long-ceased to honor their duty of protecting the American people. Following illegal orders is a punishable crime. We are long overdue for "what goes around, comes around."
US Military Deaths Up 1100% and Exponentially Rising: Two-thirds of US Military Have Chosen to Receive this Life-altering Vaxxine

Here is more on that. Goodness, check out this first one.
Why Ukraine is Important to Powerful People in Washington: Lara Logan Sets the Record Straight on Ukraine-Russia
And what about this. Keep in mind that Raytheon and Lockheed Martin are the entities that orchestrate the scheduled weather.
Defense Giants Quietly Making Billions on Ukraine War
And let me also mention that food shortages ARE real, and in my opinion, the whole Russia sanctions thing has become a scapegoat for the REAL problem, which is biosphere collapse, which, of course, must be kept from the public.
Biden warns of 'real' food shortage following sanctions on Russia
"Grocery Stores are Partially Empty": Biden Tells Americans They Will Go Hungry. Blames it on Russia
And here's a disturbing report on food, even Non-GMO foods that contain glyphosate. As I've been saying over and over, Monsanto has contaminated the ENTIRE PLANET. And people STILL buy Roundup.
Glyphosate Discovered in Wide Range of Essential Foods in Massive Testing Project

Climate Engineering Real Cause of Coming Food Shortage—Dane Wigington
I was delighted to see on Wednesday morning that Greg FINALLY had Dane for an interview. I had bugged him back in December and he said he would but was booked. I am also glad to see that Dane is saying what I have been saying, that the "war" is being used as a scapegoat to evade the REAL issue of food shortages, which is being caused by the collapse of the biosphere. He also, once again explained the trapping of greenhouse gasses "like a layer of glass" around the planet, which gives me the vision in my mind of a planet "encapsulated" by heat.
Climate Engineering Real Cause of Coming Food Shortage—Dane Wigington

Here is yesterday's (April 1) NWS National Map. You can see the swath of frost advisories (light blue) and freeze warnings (dark blue), totally engineered for the purpose of confusing and dividing the population into thinking that the planet is not incinerating, as it is, PLUS to be sure to kill the crops already planted, and certainly the fruit tree and berry bush blossoms. This is a blatant food supply orchestration. In Dane's latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 2, 2022
he reads a letter from one of his activists, mourning the loss of all the cherry blossoms in her area, due to yet another engineered extreme cool-down here in the east. She wondered if her daffodils would be killed, too. Mine were not, but the blossoms had not yet appeared. That was on March 27. They have appeared now and some are blooming.

NWS National Map, April 1, 2022

Daffodils Under Snow March 27, 2022

In the past fifteen days, I've had thirteen days when it rained/"snowed" and I put that in quotes because it is not even remotely actual snow. After two weeks of temperaures in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, I STILL had places where solid ice was at least six inches thick. Now we are going back and forth between warm and frigid again. On March 29, the overnight low was 14.4 degrees. Two days later, it was 57.9 degrees. Two days later, which is this morning, it was 28.8 degrees. And people actually think this is NORMAL??? And on the days where it does warm up a bit, we have to put up with violent winds that further destroy the little bit that's still left standing of my house. I will discuss the drought/flood scenario at the bottom of the page.

And a few more on Covid.
Biden Administration Paid Media $1 Billion for COVID Shot Propaganda
Nobody should be surprised at this one, and less surprised that Bill Gates is the largest donor, giving him, no doubt, considerable leverage.
Massive Conflicts of Interest at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
And more on transhumanism.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Covid Pandemic: A “Truth Bomb” Explodes to Illuminate the War on Humanity

Let me again remind you that, yes, everyone in developed nations, at least, has public records, but YOU can also take steps to minimize what they know about you. For goodness sake, GET RID OF THE CELL PHONES AND EVERYTHING WIRELESS. They are tracking devices. Avoid "smart" technology, TVs and microwave ovens. I ditched my TV in 2007 and haven't once missed it.
How to Control the Citizenry Through Reality TV Distractions
In fact, do without most technology, period. Do not do online banking. I hardly do any online business, with the exception of the few companies from which I occassionally order. I pay one bill online—my web host monthly fee, plus my Malwarebytes yearly renewal. If you MUST bank or do business online, do it from a PC, WITHOUT WiFi. And as for as other records, I have probably fewer than most. I have virtually no medical records, at least for a very long time. And I meticulously go through my web stats and block bots and other snoops from accessing my website. Also avoid social media, which is also being used to track you, especially Facebook. Remember, Zuckerberg is one of them. The thing is, people KNOW this stuff is dangerous but STILL KEEP USING IT. I am befuddled. It just proves that most people would rather endanger themselves than give up their comforts and conveniences. Most people are in for a major shock when it all goes. Why are we not preparing now, and getting rid of all this junk WE DO NOT NEED??? Avoid Google when you can, and when you must use it, you can go to your account and clear your search history, which I do every time I use it. Google has been giving me excellent coverage on my book reviews, often on the first, second or third search page, and sometimes even the first listing. FINALLY, after all these years. And people often explore other parts of my site, including articles. By the way, in case you do not realize it, my site is humongous, somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 pages is what I estimate. So there is a lot here to explore.

And I also want to point out that people who think because they believe in "god" or are Christians will be immune to transhumanism and the robbing of their souls had better think again. Those that got the "vaccine" proved they are order-followers and do what they are told—the perfect candidates for digital tyranny. Spiritual evolution is not passive. It requires dedication, determination and sacrifice to receive enlightenment and to awaken. I realize there are many exceptions, and I have known Christians who are very conscious, think for themselves, and put a great deal of work into the nurturing of their soul. But most that I know do not, especially the ones that brag about being "saved," then proceed to be the meanest, most greedy, selfish, lying, cheating people I've ever known. But most are simply passive. They think if they show up at church, drop money in the bowl, and occassionally read the Bible, they have done their job, NEVER questioning if they REALLY believe what they think they do, or just pretend to because that's what they were taught. I have spent a lifetime exploring as many religious and spiritual traditions as possible, believing there is truth to be found in all of them, and also untruths. It has been my experience that most Christians are afraid to explore other beliefs because it would force them to question their own.

Domino Effect: Weather Warfare, Wasted Forests and Worldwide Collapse Of Ecosystems
And now, to the videos, beginning with Dane's latest installment to his "Into the Wild" series. In this one, he goes into his dying forest in Northern California, Shasta County near Lake Shasta, and shows us close-up that what appears, from a distance to be relatively healthy is most certainly not. He also informs us that with the help of his friend, the former NASA contractor, Ray, who has been doing the ozone monitoring, we now only have 30 percent of it still remaining. IF WE DO NOT STOP ALL CLIMATE INTERVENTION OPERATIONS NOW, it will be totally gone in about eighteen months, at its present rate of disappearance. That means that no one will be growing food any more anywhere on this planet. He also notes that x-rays, the last of the sun's radiation levels are now being detected reaching the ground. I guess that's how you describe it, after UVA, UVB, and UVC it is the only one left, and we will have no protection whatsoever from the sun's radiation, and neither will plants or anything else on the planet. Everyone who lives on the west coast, southern U.S. or anywhere in the world experiencing severe drought needs to watch this video, and then the next documentary, to learn that these droughts are not happening on their own, but are being orchestrated by the climate engineers.
Domino Effect: Weather Warfare, Wasted Forests and Worldwide Collapse Of Ecosystems
Here is another concerning water shortages that will only continue to worsen.
Drought-stricken California imposes new round of water cuts

Holes In Heaven? HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology
Though outdated and the filming is rather tacky, this documentary still provides an immense amount of information about H.A.A.R.P. and other ionosphere heaters, and this is scary stuff. And even more scary are the criminally insane people running them. As Dane says, these people are using the atmosphere as a physics lab. They seem to have no grasp that at any moment they could do something that could literally destroy the entire planet. Ooops. Tesla believed there was technology here that could split the planet in two. Let us hope that does not become the next experiment. Martin Sheen is the narrator.

This documentary dates back to 1998. I was hoping to learn more about how these ionosphere heaters are used to create the hot, high-pressures domes that are blocking rainfall from the U.S. west. Perhaps when the film was made, they had not begun using it for that purpose. Dane says that the cut-off of rain in his area in Shasta County in Northern California began in 2007. The film is truly horrifying of what they could do with H.A.A.R.P. twenty-four years ago. I shudder at what they are doing now. But what was even more disturbing is its use in the mind control agenda. Some of the same people featured in The Minds of Men were also mentioned here. And I wonder if this is not the tool they are using to "hack our minds," as mentioned above. They are indeed doing that, to all of us, though most are not aware that their thoughts are not their own, and think nothing of sudden shifts in their mental state. I, however, have paid a GREAT DEAL of attention to that. Numerous years ago, I made a point of noting that on many days, I would have terrible feelings of anxiety, for seemingly no reason, that would suddenly stop at 4 p.m.. Every day. Anyone believe THAT is just coincidence? But so few people even consider that what is going on INSIDE them is being caused by someone OUTSIDE of them. Know thyself and know what isn't thyself.

The thing that thoroughly annoyed and distracted me about the filming of this work was that fact that often the people being interviewed would be SO CLOSE UP to the point where I didn't even want to look. I don't want to see someone's nostrils or teeth so close that I can examine every flaw. I've seen other documentaries filmed this way, and wonder why anyone would do it, or ALLOW it to be done to them. Now I will continue with some notes I took as I watched it (twice).

The film begins with this quote by one of my heroes, the late Carl Sagan:

"We've arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces."

Imagine the earth's atmosphere, or ionosphere as a thick soap bubble, a membrane, a natural electrically charged shield around the earth protecting all life from the sun's radiation, it begins. Nikola Tesla, 1912, saw ways to tame the atmosphere, a way to make the earth glow. He developed alternating current, high-frequency radio current and free energy. (Yeah, and J.P. Morgan ruined him . . . .) The list goes on about Tesla's visions and inventions, way before their time. 1985, Bernard Eastlund, a Plasma Physicist, applied for patents to make some of these ideas real, which became the blueprint for H.A.A.R.P.—High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Eastlund began with ARCO approaching him to find a use for the massive amount of natural gas on the east slope of Alaska, enough to produce all the electricty in the U.S. for a year. He originated some ideas for both military and beneficial civilian applications.

OK, next we move to the lying creeps employed by H.A.A.R.P., who make it all sound benign, starting with Rich Garcia, Director or Public Affairs, and he tells us the history of H.A.A.R.P.. The other smiling liar—John Hecksher, Project Manager, is probably the most nefarious of all the people interviewed, consistently claiming they are doing nothing harmful. Smiling Faces Sometimes . . . . I want to point out that as the film progresses, more and more people are interviewed who seriously question the safety of what is being done. The two people representing H.A.A.R.P. were portrayed as villains, which they probably were.

Eastlund tells us some of the applications, which included destroying missiles, communications control and disruption and to possibly modify weather, and to "lift a portion of the upper atmosphere farther out into space," which I would guess is related to the high-pressure domes cutting of the rain to he U.S. west and other places aound the globe, but here the idea was to deflect missile trajectory. Next, Garcia explains that when you beam up radio frequencies into the atmosphere, it makes the sub-atomic particles move faster and increases their temperature, up to 1600 degrees. Bruce Agnew, Earth Tomographer, tell how he used radio tomagraphy with 30 Watts beaming straight into solid rock, looking for oil in the ground and found 26 oil wells over nine states one hundred percent accurate. H.A.A.R.P. uses ONE BILLION WATTS beaming straight into the ionosphere for "experiments." OK, so here is where we start getting into the scary facts and numbers. He then uses the strings of a piano to demonstrate how frequencies are used, with the vibration of individual strings, with 30 Watts. He says the entire house would vibrate with one billion Watts, and would be so violent if used underground, it could cause an earthquake.

Hmm. Now, haven't we all been wondering if these earthquakes happening now are the result of tampering by the climate engineers? There's your answer. The point is made that there are other ionosphere heaters around the world, but H.A.A.R.P. has unique abilities. Remember, this was back in 1998. Good Lord! How many of these dangerous monsters are there now? Garcia tells us that H.A.A.R.P. can "paint designs" in the sky, like the Aurora Borealis. Eastlund then shows us an experiment of putting a tube in a microwave oven containing gasses similar to the atmosphere, and just WATCH WHAT HAPPENS with only ONE WATT. H.A.A.R.P. uses 3.6 MILLION WATTS.

We meet Dr. Beverly Rubik, Biophysicist who questions how do we know what we're doing when we blast the upper atmosphere with a huge amount of energy. She appears throughout the film, and clearly points out the dangers of these types of experiments when we have no idea what might happen. Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Electromagnetic Specialist, also seriously questions the prudence of these activities. He says, "H.A.A.R.P. is playing with the energy systems of the earth."

But it is when we get ten minutes into the film and Hecksher blatantly says "H.A.A.R.P. has no effect on the earth," that you know he's lying through his teeth. And he has that Bill Gates brand of smugness about him. Maybe he's dead by now. Dr. Rubik then returns and reminds us that when H.A.A.R.P. began in the 1980s when scientists were first learning about chaos theory, how a tiny stimulus can change the dynamic of a living system. Well, we are now living with the horrendous results of these experiments, are we not? They HAVE completely dismantled the earth's entire life-support system. Agnew then returns and points out that they are not paying attention to what is happening to the ionosphere while it is being held eight mile out into space by this high-energy beam. Of course we know now that they ARE paying attention, because it is being used for the purpose of causing orchestrated droughts, not only in the U.S. west, but all over the world. Agnew then points to a scenario that might cause all this energy to return and strike the earth. In the film, at that point lightning was being filmed, and we KNOW that lightning is now extremely dangerous and behaving more violently and erratically than before these programs began. Agnew says it would be about one hundred times the energy being released from a thunderbolt. Below this review I have included a link to an article concerning lightning, and I personally have written numerous times that I no longer recognize the sound of thunder. Was that thunder? An explosion? Someone setting off fireworks? A gun going off? The sound has become so distorted. And given that H.A.A.R.P. or some other ionosphere heater is being used in ALL these storms, why wouldn't the lightning be more and more violent?

And not just thunder. I am noticing more and more that ALL sounds are not only distorted, but their point of origin is often difficult to discern. We have lots of railroad tracks out here, but the closest one to me is about seven miles, yet on certain days, it sound like these trains are in my back yard. Is that because we have distorted the atmosphere so drastically? Even in my house, I will hear something and think it is coming from one place, when it actually came from the opposite side of the room, which is very disconcerting. And last, the violent levels of winds, especially inland, where hurricane force wind speeds are now occuring, is another effect of playing this dangerous game.

Dr. Nick Begich, co-author of Angels Don't Play This H.A.A.R.P. which you can download for free below, talks about lifting the upper atmosphere, and the lower atmosphere rushing in to fill the whole, changing localized weather patterns. Dr. Rubik questions what would happen if you create enough holes and the atmosphere cannot take care of itself. Garcia returns, and says it is like the displacement that happens when you put your hand in water. All this in only the first thirteen minutes of this nearly 53 minute documentary. I will now just mention key points, and let you get the rest on your own. H.A.A.R.P. began with 48 antennas, and the projected number in the future was 180 poles which make up one antenna, at least that's how I understood it. Dr. Rubik points out that everything, including our bodies and the earth, has a magnetic field. H.A.A.R.P. is altering the magnetic field around the earth which must be having an effect on our health. Jeanne Manning, co-author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP, speaks about how they planned (remember, this was 1998) to cause it to dip down into the earth to be used to generate electrical power, which is insanity, because they're dealing with the planet's electrical system. Speaking from the present, we know that the entire atmosphere has been turned into an electrical grid. Dane says the grid WILL go down at some point. Do you not wonder what kind of shock effect that will cause when all these ionosphere heaters and microwave towers go down all of a sudden?

Dr. Flanagan speaks of ELF and how these low frequencies can effect moods, because the human brain operates on very low frequencies. He says when you can control these frequencies, you can generate all kinds of emotions, as I spoke of earlier. SO, if you find you are having sudden mood swings, don't be too sure it is just you. It is Dr. Begich that refers to a book written by Dr. Hosé Delgado, Physical Control of the Mind, and of whom a great amount of information is supplied in The Minds of Men. And it isn't nice. Flanagan says that H.A.A.R.P. scares him because he knows what it can do, and that is to control the human mind. Dr. Rubik points out that humans are made up of energy, and I point that out all the time, don't I? Liar Hecksher says he has no idea what the statement "humans are made up of energy" means. Dr. Rubik continues that all living things are sensitive to even the tinest amounts of energy. Of course, I totally agree. Ah, now, it is stated that this is being used for electromagnetic warfare, explained by Adam Trombly, Physicist for the Institute of Advanced Studies. He points to a U.S. Air Force document called Low-Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology, which explains the use of electromagnetic technologies for debilitating human beings, both psychologically and physically, such as causing cancer. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars?

Dr. Eastlund, though he held the original patent for what became H.A.A.R.P., left the program, and clearly was concerned of the direction it took. He spoke of finding the "ionospheric warfare was being investigated, denied, of course, by Liar Hecksher. Let me mention that, of course, we KNOW it IS being used by the U.S. Military for Weather Warfare, against the American people, which is an act of treason, and at one time was punishable by death by firing squad, and should be again. Mr. Liar denies that they had ever intended to build anything associated with Eastlund, who firmly states that his intentions were that it would be defensive and beneficial. But even back then, it was known that terrorists had electromagnetic weapons that could modify weather, create volcanic eruptions, and cause earthquakes. Jeannette James, who was a Representative from Alaska at the time, commented on the growing frequency of earthquakes. In fact, they are showing up all over the U.S. in places that never had them before. Beginning around the 32 minute mark, Weather Warfare is briefly discussed, and the fact that there was an agreement to make it illegal. Perhaps the most terrifying discussion in the entire film was about creating a "Highly Ionized Column," which, if aimed to the ground under certain conditions would cause lighting one-hundred times stronger than normal, because energy from the entire ionosphere would be drawn to that column, and it would hit 30-40 times a second, and keep hitting until there were no more electrons available and it would vaporize the ground, the water and everything around it. Agnew likens it to 3-4 Mount St. Helens going off each second that the bolt discharges. If this isn't an argument to cease and desist with this toxic technology, then I don't know what is.

And on that, I will end this review. Please watch all these essential videos, but begin with this one because in our current situation, this monstrosity could be used to kill off the majority of the population, if the controllers feel threatened enough, and they do. What is going on in the skies being sprayed on us is horrendous enough, but this—this is a disaster waiting to happen, even by accident, or carelessness. And certainly, those suffering from relentless drought need to educate themselves and everyone around them to put a stop to these programs.
Holes In Heaven? HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology
Here is the IMDb page.
Holes in Heaven (1998)
And here is the link to download the book, Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances In Tesla Technology by Dr. Nick Begich.
It is free from Internet Archive. I have not read it as of this article, but will have it to post on my Home Page book review column in the next rotation.
Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances In Tesla Technology

Here are some articles related to the film:
A pair of monster lightning strikes have shattered records for distance and duration
'The Most Insane' Lightning Caught on Camera
Wildfire Forces Evacuations Near Gatlinburg, Tennessee
The Weaponization of 'Industrial Accidents', 'Natural Disasters' and 'Environmental Engineering'
Hmm. What about this?
Mysterious 'odd radio circles' seen in space, new image shows

Planet of the Humans
I reviewed this one last year, so I won't do it again here, but I wanted to post this link where you can watch it for free. Greg Hunter supplied it when he did his interview with Dane this past Wednesday. It is about the false narrative surrounding renewable energy and the "Green" movement, which not only is NOT that beneficial to the planet, but often, in the long run, is even more destructive. The Bechtel site which is covered in the film is where Dane worked. It is an excellent documentary presented by Michael Moore, who always has something interesting to communicate. It is also deeply heartbreaking, and highly recommended to watch. It is about one hour and forty minutes long. It will open your eyes and change your perception of "renewable" energy and resources. As typical, Moore exposes hypocrisy with a sense of humor, so it is also an entertaining film. I plan to watch it again, but the material covered here is not of the same urgency as the other documentaries I've included.
Planet of the Humans

PBS Nova: Arctic Sinkholes
OMG! GASP!! Not only is the filming of this one amazing and awesome, but the subject matter is of the utmost urgency. The nearly 54 minute documentary covers the disaster unfolding in the Arctic, at blinding speed, as Dane would say. The first event takes place on the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Siberia, where a massive methane crater was discovered. Unlike regular sinkholes that collapse into themselves and are becoming more common all over the world, swallowing up cars, houses and people, these explode, and you DO NOT want to be near one when it does, because it is like a volcanic eruption. The one being investigated here is 150 feet deep. This area covers 47,000 square miles and is home to 10,000 nomadic reindeer herders.

The next destination was Esieh Lake in Alaska on the Arctic Circle, though I was unable to find it on a map. It is a shallow lake, only about three feet deep, but it is full of boiling hot water bubbling up to the surface. Upon investigation, the team discovered a deep crater releasing the methane from the bottom of the lake, also cause by the heating of the Arctic regions, which are heating faster than anywhere else on the planet. The permafrost is melting, and allowing the release of the methane stored within it, but it gets scarier. They ended up doing a sonar scan, which revealed a "chimney" that had formed, allowing not only the methane from the permafrost to be released, but fossil methane, which is miles deep in the earth. No need to mention this is bad news.

The film also visited the "Drunken Forest" in Fox, Alaska, 450 miles from Esieh Lake, where the permafrost is melting so fast, the trees can no longer stand upright, but are collapsing into craters. We also visited the northernmost town of Utqiagvik, built entirely on permafrost, and how the people are trying to cope. They won't be able to much longer. In addition to their collapsing land, the lack of sea ice makes their coast vulnerable to storm surges. There is an estimated 1.3 trillion tons of methane stored beneath the Arctic. And people wonder why Dane is so concerned about "Venus Syndrome."

Of course, there was absolutely NO mention of the decimation caused by climate engineering. Are these so-called "experts" really THAT STUPID? There was mention of the immense number of faults beneath Alaska, which ties in with the earthquakes and H.A.A.R.P.. One other point to make. The animated graphics they showed depicting greenhouse gasses—tell me if THAT doesn't seem like an encapsulated earth!!
PBS Nova: Arctic Sinkholes

Here are some links related to the above video and the one below. Keep in mind that both The Weather Channel and Common Dreams are PAID LIARS, refusing to address the REAL ISSUE, which is climate engineering/weather warfare. Anyone paying attention would NOT be "shocked."
Freak Heat in Antarctica: Temperatures 70 Degrees Above Normal
'Unthinkable': Scientists Shocked as Polar Temperatures Soar 50 to 90 Degrees Above Normal.

Chasing Ice
Whereas Arctic Sinkholes is an awesome and amazing work of filming, this present one is simply a magnificent work of art, filmed by a great artist, James Balog. This documentary is as much about him as the glaciers, and his determination to use his gifts as a photographer to alert the world about the crisis occurring in the Arctic. Here is his website:
James Balog Photography

The name of the project was Extreme Ice Survey, and photos from that may be viewed under the "Portfolio" link. At the beginning of the film, he was compared to Ansel Adams, whose interest was also humans and nature. Here, Balog hoped to capture the emotion of climate change. Wow! Did he ever. I found myself gasping through the film, drop-jawed. Absolutely breathtaking!

This was not an easy project, nor cheap, nor safe. OMG!! They had to design custom equipment to do what was required, that is, take timed photos over a six month period. The cameras—over thirty were set up in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, and Montana—but when they returned, they found, to their heartbreaking dismay, that they had malfunctioned and some had been destroyed. They had nothing after ALL THAT WORK. Keep in mind they had to CLIMB these glaciers to set up the cameras. So, they had to redesign them and replace them all. THOSE worked magnificently! They got over 2300 frames. With these, Balog was able to create a time-lapse-like animation, so when people viewed them, they could see these glaciers disappear before their very eyes.

Plagued with knee problems, Balog finally had surgery, but basically undid it when he returned to climbing, as he was warned not to do. In the end, he sent his two assistants out alone to await a calving event—when a chunk of the glacier breaks away. After 17 days, it happened, and I literally gasped through the entire sequence. In actuality, it took 75 minutes, and of course, only pieces were included here but that was enough. This planet is so awesome. WHY HAVE WE FUCKED IT UP?

And on that commentary, I will stop. PLEASE watch these films.
Chasing Ice

I will end this long article with current weather conditions. This is the most current drought map published by NDIS, as of March 29, 2022.
U.S. Drought Monitor, Current Conditions

U.S. Drought Monitor, Current Conditions, March 29, 2022

As Dane says, and have also said, these maps are far from being accurate. In Northern California where Dane lives, he should have received around 50 inches of rain during the "rainy" season, which has passed, and all he has gotten is a fraction of an inch and this has been going on for years. As of last year, he says he has about a 500-inch deficit over the past fourteen years. Here in the east, at least in MY immediate area, I would suspect, I probably RECEIVED those 500 inches over normal. But, seriously, WTF is NORMAL any more? Here is the latest NOAA Outlook for Temperatures and Precipitation, posted March 31. It is a bit ridiculous, is it not. Wells are going dry in parts of Oregon, and according to that map, there are "Equal Chances" for "Above Normal" and "Below Normal" precipitation. Are you shitting me? How absurd. Of course, the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes area are scheduled for flooding.

NOAA Outlook for Temperatures and Precipitation, March 31 2022

Last, here is a series of QPF Maps (Quantitative Precipitation Forecast), where, as expected, the west is mostly bone dry and the east deluged, HOWEVER, they have not been able to drench Ohio for the past couple weeks. Precipitation, yes, but not deluge. They have tried, but the last several had petered out, going around Ohio but not hitting it, smack on. The first maps depicting this "system" actually DID come right through Ohio, but each successive map had it more detoured. I didn't think to capture the first one, but here are the subsequent ones. I will not label them here, but they are in order, and the times and dates came be read in the lower left corner. You can see how they are attempting to fill in that gap with heavier rain, but it dissipates.

BTW, "Z" is used to label all these maps. They go in 6-hour increments and are updated every twelve hours. In the east, Daylight Savings Time, 00Z is 8 p.m., in other words, "Thursday 00Z" is actually 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Before the time-change, it was 7 p.m.. 06Z is 2 a.m. (1 a.m. Eastern Standard), 12Z, 8 a.m. (7 a.m.) and 18Z is 2 p.m. (1 p.m.). You can adjust that for your time zone. The QPF Maps are posted as Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, then Days 4-5, and Days 6-7. There are also other combinations, including a 7-Day Forecast. In the left column on that page you can also access the Excessive Rainfall Forecasts. Everyone needs to learn to use these resources. Here is the website:
Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Maps




This next one depicts the seven days, and how that system went around Ohio but not through it. Interesting, eh? And just LOOK at the VAST difference between the west and east. Does that look NORMAL?? The one below that is the system they are trying to deluge us with currently. The very bottom image is the latest for today, and again it appears that the bulk of the rain will once again avoid Ohio.




And on that, I will end this long article. I have put an immense amount of work into collecting/review this material. It has taken me a couple weeks. I hope that most of you don't just skim through it. Keep it bookmarked and return to it frequently to study and view what I have presented. Knowledge is power, and the ONLY chance we have of survival is to arm ourselves with the truth and use it as our weapon against those who, well, basically want to kill us. I'm not going down without a fight, as you all know. And keep in mind I really hate sitting and watching videos, so putting this together wasn't exactly a labor or love. All the documentaries are permanently listed on my Recommended Links Page, which can be accessed by clicking Book reviews above. It is at the bottom of the page. It is also on the left column of my Home Page, at the bottom of the Book Reviews Section.

And last, I want to dedicate this song to all the Global Elite and their minions ESPECIALLY the lying, miserable members of the media, who have CHOSEN to withold the truth from the public about EVERYTHING going on now, when they could have alerted the public, decades ago, and we would NOT be hurling toward extinction. May you, ALL OF YOU, be charged with crimes against humanity and planetary omnicide, tried in criminal courts, convicted and sentenced to be lined up against a wall and shot. There is a VAST number of you who are guilty of treason and treachery. We will need lots of walls and lots of bullets.
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