Worlds at War, Part 6: Leaving the Matrix and the End of All Wars

I am in the process of recovering from a horrendous (scheduled) accident. Has anyone noticed that I was absent for three weeks?? This is the last article in this series, and the last article, period, of this type. As I have been mentioning, I sense my duties here are done, at least my old mission. It is time to move into the next dimension, out of the Matrix, and all articles now will focus on building the new. I will return to Bible Articles, Farm Articles, and continue my newsletter series, In Training.

About a week or so before this accident, I had a strange dream. Normally I do not focus on dreams, as I've learned that they are being used as part of the mind-control agenda, so the best thing to do is to delete them ASAP. But this was different. I was in this surreal setting, when all of a sudden I was thrown to the ground. At that moment I saw myself lying there, and thought I was dead, but then I was back in my body and looked around. What I saw was a stage with a play in progress. I woke up and knew immediately that there was an important message here, not a warning, but assurance that IT IS ALL just a play—an illusion made to seem real. Yes, the Matrix. A computer program being run by off-planet entities, that have us convinced this is real life.

During that last flooding weather event in October, part of a rotten tree was hurled at me, and indeed, something threw me out of its way. I bumped my head badly and screwed up my back, but was able to walk. I got into the house and immediately did ice/heat treatment. The lump on my head went right down, and I didn't think too much of it until a few days later when I woke up looking like half-a-racoon. As of today, nearly all the bruises are gone. As for my back, I also immediately began the therapeutic stretches I've been using on my back for decades. By the next day it was better, but unfortunately, several days later I was too overconfident and REALLY screwed things up by lifting something too heavy. That put me out of commission for two weeks, when I could hardly move and barely eat. As of now, except for slight pain, especially in the evening when I'm tired, I am pretty much OK. I've been putting a hot water bottle under my back when I sleep, which has helped immensely. The alternative to this would have been something resembling decapitation, leaving nine precious little souls who count on me as their caretaker, as orphans. No, that wouldn't do.

Anyways, meanwhile, my beloved computer died. That's another story, but I think it is just in a coma. Unfortunately, I've lost contact with all the people that putter with old computers and have them to give away, so against my wishes, I was compelled to buy a used one, Windows 10. How many ways can I express how much I hate this computer? I won't even go there, but I am confident that as rapidly as the energies are shifting now I will be able to create whatever I want very soon. In any case, I've spent the last week reconfiguring this one to be as much like XP as possible. I have my old Word program, all my docs and bookmarks, pictures, and desktop. I was able to even download the old Microsoft Picture Manager, which is my second most used program/accessory next to Notepad, followed by Word, and of course my browsers.

Then after I got all this set up, my modem shorted out. Except for the fact that I had to deal with Spectrum, that was a blessing in disguise, because I've been telling them since I switched to Spectrum phone service that the modem was crap and NEVER worked right. Nobody would believe me. The one I have now is, so far, GREAT. My vaccuum sweeper also died. Do I think someone is out to get me? Yep, and that has been so most of my life, but now desperation has set in and those who are the warriors and truth-tellers are getting the shit beat out of them. This is truly a thankless job. I totally understand how Dane feels. Not only do we have to put up with every effort to thwart what we have been assigned to do, we have to put up with the majority of people who just don't give a shit. That was made even more clear by the fact that NOT ONE READER thought to email me to see if I was OK. Fuck it. Am I angry? Hell yes I am. If everyone did their part, we would be done with all this shit, or better yet, it never would have been allowed to manifest in the first place. And Dane is angry for the same reason.

But let me say this. To those of you who think that your time should be spent taking care of yourselves and doing what you need to do to keep your own lives in order, your time is coming. The majority of the population, especially those who have COME HERE to be the Bringers of the Dawn have truly lost their way. We are at the end of an epoch, and how we conduct ourselves will determine where we go from here, and those who are sitting back, afraid to do their part, more concerned with their material comforts, will find they will NOT PASS THE TEST. We are being tested—the final exam, as I see it. Dane has spoken of always taking the time to speak to the homeless when he is in the city. He says that THEY will be the ones to survive because they know how to live without. Remember, Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

For a while I had pulled away from reading Lisa Renee, especially during the whole Trump thing, but I am finding now that once again we are really in sync. Here is her latest blog. When I read it, I heaved a sigh of relief because she is going through EXACTLY what I am. All of us who are true to our missions are being targeted. If you are NOT, then you are NOT on the right path. Now may be a good time to reassess your priorities, because we have very little time.
Holding the Line

Lisa talks about how painful this whole scenario has become, but I'll bet she's angry, too. I want to mention some points from her transcript that I found particularly apropo, beginning with the first paragraphs. She says, "Because what we're enduring in this world is not normal human behavior. It is the overlay of anti-humans, negative alien agenda, super imposing their deviant behaviors and value systems upon us." How many times have I said that? THIS IS NOT HUMAN. And this one, too, from the next paragraph: "Everything we have learned in this reality has been a lie." How many times have I said THAT?? We really do NOT know the true nature of our reality because everything we are experiencing is FALSE. And as Dane says, we cannot have a discussion on climate issues without first addressing the ongoing climate intervention agenda. Likewise, we DO NOT KNOW what we are capable of doing, as human/divine beings because we have never had the opportunity to discover the truth about who we really are. So for those of you that scoff at my firm belief that we are capable of manifesting our physical world with our minds and suggest that I should focus more on our "reality," WE DON'T KNOW what our "real" reality is. As my dream showed me very clearly, we are part of some hideous play—a sordid computer game being used to entertain an alien race. IS THAT OK WITH YOU??

And here is an entire paragraph, again, what I've been saying. THIS IS IT, folks. This is what we have been waiting for, for millions of years—our opportunity to rid the planet of alien interference, or I should say, to rid our MINDS of them, then the entire landscape will change. We are projecting this horror into physical reality. WE MUST STOP.

What we're currently enduring in the world today is unprecedented spiritual warfare in our lifetime. This is the final spiritual battle for the soul of humanity and the Earth. We knew it was going to get crazy. We knew it was going to be incoherent and confusing. We're living through that process of consciousness rebirth now, and it can be extremely surreal and bizarre which can be destabilizing.

Surreal and bizarre indeed. OMG! How anyone could think any of this is "real" is beyond me. But that doesn't mean it can't hurt us or kill us because it most certainly is doing that. But it the the stuff they are doing with our minds that is the most dangerous. Once we lose control of our own thinking process, regaining it will be nearly impossible. And we see more and more people heading down that deadly path. More and more experts are saying that the vaccine contains chips or some kind of operating system, and once injected, it is there to stay. Perhaps that has been the final exam, and those who have allowed this into their bodies have failed. It is merciful they are dying, and they ARE now, in droves. Some days in the local obituaries here, there are four or five "died unexpectedly." They are dying of blood clots, I would be willing to bet. And it is not just the general population, it is happening to well-known people, too. Here is a recent one. Well, I didn't know what a pulmonary embolism was but I guessed it was some kind of blood clot. It was, of course.
NPR books editor Petra Mayer has died

I want to quote two last points from Lisa's blog, which I absolutely highly recommend everyone read, then I will speak more about death.

When you look and see how many people that said they would not get the shot and they did it anyway, many caved under pressure or as a result of not wanting to be inconvenienced in their lifestyle. Many of us as a result have been absolutely shocked that so many people took the shot for mere convenience. They based their reasons on personal needs and desires like travelling abroad, going to events that demanded proof of vaccinations or passports or whatever else. Our choices should be made on our own sense of personal integrity, deep convictions, ethics, and moral considerations.

And this, from the following paragraph, again, as I've been saying. OMG, you have no idea how I am living—what I've given up in order to refuse to cooperate with the alien agenda. For one thing, I am freezing. With all the so-called "climate action" supposedly being taken to reduce "carbon" . . . what a BUNCH OF FUCKING LIES. The planet is in meltdown, and we here in Ohio are being doused with chemically nucleated ice to keep us cold. This of course requires constant use of petroleum products to fuel the planes that spray us 24/7, plus all the other toxic processes involved in order to produce the chemical coolants and ship them. HOW INSANE IS THAT?? If THAT would stop, we would ALL here in the U.S. be so hot there would be NO NEED TO HEAT our homes. It is all nothing but lies. I got into an unpleasant "conversation" at Dollar Tree yesterday, when the cashier asked the person ahead of me if she wanted to donate to the military. When it was my turn, I told her to not even ask me, and if people knew what our military was REALLY up to, NO ONE would support them. THEY ARE LITERALLY SPRAYING US WITH POISON. Of course, this drew ire from both register lines. One woman said to me that when we go to war, I'll wish I had supported the military. I was ready to spew out, "If we go to war, it will be the U.S. that starts it," but I held my tongue. What good would it have done? As Lisa says in her blog, "We are enduring the collective hologram of mass hypnosis that puts enchantments and spells on those weakened by fear in order to take the blue pill and go to sleep in compliance with the tyrants demands."

In this painful and difficult experience, we can see that many human beings are lacking courage and self-discipline because they are run by the unchecked fear of the negative ego. There is a lack of development of core self-identity and thus a lack of personal strength and moral character when they are being pushed hard into compliance and they fall into lockstep with the tyrannical demands and become consciousness slaves. For those of us in the community that are holding the line, this experience has been the further development of not only our moral character, but a testing of the integrity of our inner spiritual being to become self-sovereign individuals.

The only point Lisa makes that I disagree with is that these people are "not bad." Yes, they are, and Dane says this all the time that everything going on now would never be happening without the consent of the people. Complacency is complicity, and if you do not take a stand AGAINST evil, it is the same as allowing it. The people who have spent more time concerned with their own lives have unwittingly connected to this evil force and it is drawing them further into the abyss.


I want to once again state clearly my opinion on the nature of these massive deaths that are occuring as a result of these toxic vaccines. I think my opinions are my own, because I've not read them anywhere else, although lately bits and pieces are showing up. I will share those, beginning with a re-post of an interview with one of my favorite people, Catherine Austin Fitts, who states that she does not believe these vaccines are part of a depopulation agenda—the only other person besides myself that I've ever noticed has said that. Here, once again is the excellent interview:
Greatest Violations of Nuremberg Code in History—Catherine Austin Fitts
She believes an operating system is being implanted to have complete financial (and other) control over the population. I want to add to that, that I would venture to bet that the toxic shit being constantly sprayed on us also contains nano-chips, and, gosh, just about all this toxic technology is being used for mind control. I know that I've been being used as a lab rat for decades. In another interview, Austin Fitts further explained that these chips would enable the controllers to cut off our funds whan we "misbehaved." But in fact, that's EXACTLY what is happening to me. For years and years, there has been a ceiling put on my available funds, and even when I get ahead, something always happens, such as my car breaks down or, in this recent case, I had to actually buy a used computer—the first time in my life. So once again, I am wiped out, financially, through no mismanagement of my own. I am sure there is no one reading this that can even imagine the poverty and loss I've endured over the past 25 years. But the other thing it serves is to demean and demoralize me, because living under such conditions as I do gives others cause to pass judgment, that I am deficient as a human being. It is bullying and shaming being done by off-planet forces. NOW with these chips being installed in people, it is moving to on-planet forces. As above, so below, remember. And, incidentally, this has also made me determined to regain my powers of manifestation in the physical world, thus ending my need for money or reliance on anyone else to supply what I need—the last step toward true sovereignity.

But this is my unique opinion on these deaths, which we know, by the research of physicians such as Dr. Charles Hoffe, studying the build-up of these spike proteins at the microscopic levels, that if the vaccines do not kill you within a couple weeks after the injection, which are the ones recorded in the VAERS data on the CDC website (only about one to ten percent of actual cases, remember), these are the ones that are making people just drop dead. The obituaries, again, are FILLED with "died unexpectedly." Most people, as yet, have not made the connection. Anyways, it is my opinion, as I stated at the beginning, that the operating systems are the work of the Negative Alien Agenda, but the deaths are the final exam to test people on how much effort they've put into spiritual development in this lifetime and those of the past. If you choose your job over your life, you have failed the test. I believe it is an act of mercy, on the part of our Alien Allies, to remove these people to somewhere else for several reasons. If they remain alive with this operating system within them, they will lose their souls and become a machine. Austin Fitts has also said that, so I believe death is giving them another chance to evolve in some other reality. In addition, for us here now, there is ZERO possibility for us to reach our goals of ridding the planet of alien interference while the collective energy is so much against us. And that's another reason I think the whole death thing was an oopsie on their part. Why would they want to kill off the people they can control?? So, adjust your mind to think of all these deaths as an act of mercy. And at the same time, when these unevolved souls leave the planet, it will GREATLY empower ther rest of us to complete our goal and shut the Matrix down. That is already happening. I see all this horror in a positive light, because it is flushing out what does not belong here, and moving us into the NEW PARADIGM.

I listened to a fascinating interview of Greg Hunter with Clif High last night. I kind of skipped around, as it was very long and I wasn't really interested in the financial part. But what made me want to listen was, in the written text supplied by Hunter, he made this comment: " In one prediction months ago, he said there would be increased traffic accidents that he named “vaxxidents,” and vehicle accidents recently reported are up more than 20% since the so-called vaccinations started." OMG!!! Haven't I been saying that I really don't even want to drive much these days. Quite a number of the "died unexpectedly" have been truck drivers, including my former neighbor that I had previous mentioned. Would you want to be on the road when the driver of a semi "dies unexpectedly"???
Collapse of Civilization Coming—Clif High
Anyways, there was a great deal in this interview I disagreed with, but there was also great food for thought, and what I found so interesting was his belief that early next year there would be a sudden shift in people's perceptions, cause by some event. And while this was really not a metaphysical interview, it also contained those elements, or elements of instinct. I've had those thoughts, too, constantly now, that we are almost done with this, which is why I have been guided to move on to the "Post-Matrix" world. He not only predicts that death will be so massive, that the elite will no longer be able to hide it, but he says in places other than the U.S. it is already happening. He said in England there have been over 70,000 "in home" deaths, and he predicts that UPS, Fed-Ex and other delivery companies will be cautioned to pay attention. In one such case, he mentioned, a delivery had been made to a rural home, and the next week, when another delivery was made, the first one was still on the porch. He also predicts that world-class athletes will be dropping dead, and indeed, in other countries, they already are, for instance, death on the field during the Superbowl. He said that the nature of these spike proteins makes them cause more damage to someone who is physically active.

He also mentioned that we have become an "encapsulated earth" by the volume of space junk now circling us, which is breaking up into particles being hurled at 35,000 mph, (I believe that's what he said), which are hitting other junk and breaking them up into new particles which are also being hurled. And CREEPS like Elon Musk just keep sending them up. But Clif says that will stop because we will be unable to do it any more. For the same reason I say that the criminal atrocity of climate engineering/weather warfare, will also stop. I live for the day when the ONLY THING up in the sky is birds and bats and insects, clouds, sun and what should naturally be there. I have envisioned a life of the end of all air traffic for a long, long time. The other thing Clif said in this interview is that the elites will NOT have their way, and I totally agree. He also sees the end of Hollywood and that would be good, too, and WOW!! the end of the Central Banks!!

Dane always says that they will not have their way because biosphere collapse will beat them to the intersection, but I think MASSIVE DEATH will be the game changer. As I've said numerous times, when all these vaccinated pilots are dead, who will fly the planes? It will all work out. I give these people much less credit than Dane does. He says that all this happening with the plandemic is a reaction to upcoming biosphere collapse, but I really do not agree with that, either. In fact, though he is certain they know it is happening, I'm not sure they really do. These people are so wrapped up in their own hubris and self-importance that they think they can do anything they wish and it will succeed. They think because they have the money to bribe, blackmail, or eliminate anyone or anything that gets in their way, that they are omnipotent. They are not. Dane reported that Douglas McMartin stated that he was "100% certain" that they could cool the planet." Yeah, and the Arctic Circle reached 110 degree this past summer. And even though I DO believe this will all stop on its own for the reasons stated, the harder everyone works to speed up that process, the quicker we will shut down the Matrix. Ending WEATHER WARFARE will shift EVERYTHING in this reality because it is being used for SO MUCH EVIL. I was glad to see that Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research has gathered a great list of specialists to publish a free eBook.
Global WAR-NING!: Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity
Dane did not participate in this one, but he is cited as a resource.

Here are two more articles of interest, then I will be permanently done with current events, as I will shortly explain.
Army whistleblower who warned vaccine could kill pilots testifies at Ron Johnson roundtable
Gov. Newsom Injured by Moderna Booster Shot, Source Tells The Defender
Governor Newsom rates right on top of the evil list, along with Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Ken Caldeira, David Keith, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Henry Kissinger, and a laundry list of others. Catherine Austin Fitts said that there are MILLIONS of them.

Let me end this section with one last link. Well OF COURSE it's from the vaccine. DUH.
Worldwide Search Trend for "Died Suddenly" Spikes to Record Highs
Yesterday I went to Alliance to do some shopping, which was a shock in itself. Friskies is getting so hard to find. Walmart had none, but Giant Eagle, for some reason has been able to keep at least minimally stocked. Pet Supplies "Plus" ended up being well-stocked, too, which was good, because when I went past Giant Eagle plaza, there were flashing lights and the Rescue Squad. I'm glad I didn't have to stop there. My first thought was, "another blood clot." And how many of those people are driving vehicles? Or flying planes? Staying home is not a bad idea.

The Matrix is Shutting Down

"There is no spoon." I've lived for a couple decades with the knowledge that everything we experience is an illusion. But I keep getting drawn back in because there is work to be done. Dane needed help in spreading his information and warnings. My website needed to be used to inform readers of the truth. But is it really the truth? Perhaps "There is no biosphere." "There is no plandemic, there are no vaccines, WE ARE LIVING IN A COMPUTER PROGRAM." Yes, I firmly believe that. Even Lisa mentioned that we are "Double Agents" between these two worlds.

Before this "accident" happened, I had begun working with a meditation technique through a book called The Blooming of a Lotus, which will be showing up on my book reviews rotation very soon. It is by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, and is about using breathing along with affirmations. I've spent over four decades doing different meditation techniques, but this was different. I found that deep breathing opened me up, physically and spiritually, and my entire torso actually ached for weeks from using muscles I had not used before. Using this method, I developed a long meditation which consists of life free of the Matrix, and I will share some of that in the review.

For a very long time, I have barely been able to function in this false reality. It had gotten so bad that doing one small task would take me all day. So I began sending out the message that, no matter what it took, I needed to leave this reality, hopefully alive. The "accident" was what I got, and all those days spent doing little but sleeping and recuperating has clarified my next direction. I have been clearly guided to move on to the New Paradigm and not look back, because this one is deadly for me. I've done that before, but, not only am drawn back because others needed my help, but because the Matrix itself keeps you locked in the false physical realm by sending one distraction after another. In my case, I have been terrorized by the weather for at least twenty years. Weather warfare indeed. My greatest goal is to remember my gifts of manifestation and mastery of the physical world, just like Jesus. But it is clear that I cannot manifest while I am stuck in an alien computer game, especially since desperation has set in, and they are doing everything in their power to keep us locked in, especially when we are straddling two worlds.

So I have been clearly told to leave this one behind. Even writing this article draws me back. But my work is done here, and my new assignment is to begin building the new. Others must take my place, who should have done that years ago. Whether they choose to or not, they will finally do their part. I never chose to do what I've done or live like I've been, and neither has Dane, but circumstances made it impossible to avoid. If you have not been doing your part, you may find you have no other choice.

One thing I've learned is to not doubt the power of what I do. Too often, we look for immediate gratification, and too many give up when it doesn't come. I never did because what I wanted out of all this was like wanting to breathe. All this has helped me to develop a trust in myself that this horrible path is the right one. We must cross the River Styx to get to Paradise. No free passes. The weeks I spent disconnected from the internet, and just about everything else have given me fresh insight, which I am working with now in my meditation practice. This includes reclaiming everything that is rightfully mine, like this fifteen acres and everything on it; infusing everything and every creature here with my own spirit and energy, and harmonizing them with my vibration. All the plants and animals working in collaboration with me will form a huge mass of energy that will become impenetrable to outside evil forces. For so many years, my surroundings have been used as a weapon against me! Just like the weather. If we all claim what is rightfully ours and stamp it with our energy, then it will help us fight interference. So that is my current project. Any articles I write, will be focused on the New Paradigm. In the meantime, the Matrix IS shutting down, which accounts for the surreal "reality" many of us experience now. Hearing, seeing or feeling things that aren't there, dropping something, seeing it fall, then disappear, not to mention the bizarre and often creepy interactions with other people that may very well be Agent Smiths. The more I pull out, the more stable things become. How will that all end? I have no clue, but I know I need to move in this new direction, a world of peace, joy and freedom to be who and what we really are.

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