The Encapsulated Earth

As has been the case all winter, I began this article over a week ago, but was disrupted by the scheduled weekly "weekend weather event" that has hit much of the east and always right smack through NE Ohio. Though it was only four inches of snow, the chemical ice nucleation was absolutely insane. Once again, I am recovering from it, both physically and psychologically, of which I will speak more about later. In any case, I have not been able to even use my computer until now because it has been so cold, my fingers go numb as soon as I enter my office, even though it has been in the upper 50s. So this will be a long article, because so much more has happened since I first began it. Please read it in sections if you need to. Everything here is important.

Clif High's November, 2021 interview with Greg Hunter continues to haunt me, so I will once again link it here.
Collapse of Civilization Coming—Clif High
Please listen to this, if you have not already. At one point he spoke of the space junk which was breaking up and hitting other junk and breaking them up, as they hurled around the planet. This includes satellites, and Elon Musk alone has probably sent up enough junk to encapsulate the earth. Clif High used that word, apparently from science-fiction, in which the earth becomes encapsulated, or enclosed so that nothing can escape or enter its atmosphere. It was sort of a hazy vision he had, but he is a very wise and researched man, so I trust his visions.

Dane always talks about how the greenhouse gasses are like a layer of glass around the earth, and that, combined with the information he shared about the jet pilots' forced descent because the atmosphere was too thin to support the weight of the plane due to its anomalously high temperature, suddenly gave me a vision of the earth encapsulated by heat. Perhaps Clif saw that, too, but didn't know how to interpret it. Remember, every Saturday at 8 a.m. Pacific Time, which would be 11 a.m. here in the east, Dane has his new Q&A on radio called The Coming Collapse. Unlike the Q&A he did briefly on, which also carries his Global Alert News, this station is WAY better. There were too many technical problems at KQMS, which made it difficult for listeners to hear and understand the audio. KSCO is a different story, plus if you miss it when it is live, you can go back and listen to it any time, anywhere in the world. Dane has his own page, and here is the direct link:
The Coming Collapse Q&A

I have always believed in the existence of a benevolent and beneficient force, not a "god" but an energy, and the more who embrace and embody it, the stronger it becomes. So let me spend a few minutes here in the As Above, So Below part of this article, in keeping with my theme for this year until the Paradigm Shift comes. And that is what this is all about. I don't know if anyone will be here, but frankly, I don't WANT to be here. This paradigm is not and never was sustainable. And though most people scoff at my beliefs, I, as in the The Trials of Job, believe in myself, my goals, and what I have continued to teach for all these decades, and refuse to succumb to others who mock me and attempt to prove me wrong. And believe me, I know how Job must have felt because I am being treated like a vagrant nut case these days by people around here. People must know in their hearts I am right, because the resistance is becoming stronger. Dane said in his latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 12, 2022
that he is used to people looking at him like he has grown antennae, or is some kind of alien. I live for the day we and others like us will be vindicated, just as Job was, and so will we be.

I believe that the reason Jesus came to earth was to help us remember our creator abilities. As we move out of the Old Paradigm, we will no longer be able to obtain what we need by way of the old physical means, that is, through money and manufacturing and technology. As we see everything we need slipping away from us, we either work every day to nurture our latent abilities which will be the way of the New Paradigm, (and I CAN'T WAIT!!), or we succumb to starvation and everything else about to hit us. These past couple years have taught me to trust—something I have not been very good at, but it has paid off, because there is something else building within me that is overtaking the old mindset. I now work with that non-stop, because I want to be ready to make the leap to the new when the old crashes. The thing is, I have been speaking of this for decades, yet how many of you actually follow my advice? Remember, working with energy is THE most powerful thing we can do to shift the physical world. It costs nothing, but requires time and determination. And as the Hundredth Monkey story teaches us, thought energy travels far and wide and becomes stronger the more who embrace it. When you realize those are the ONLY things you have left, then perhaps you will heed my advice. If everyone had spent as much time as I have creating their reality with their minds, we would have awakened long ago and be living in a world immensely different than we are now. There is NOTHING more important than awakening.

No matter how it appears on the surface, we STILL do not see a fraction of what is going on in the background, that is, "Above." The Old Paradigm must be completely dismantled and all its energy swept away, and that is where we are headed now. Move forward. Don't stay stuck in what is dying. When the old energy is all cleared, we will find our paths also free of debris and obstacles. Trust. And as Dane always says, we really don't know the true condition of the planet and won't until all the climate intervention operations have been TOTALLY shut down, and they will be and I believe VERY SOON. Then we will see how the planet reacts and what it will do to try to rebalance, if anything. Will it be the same Planet Earth? Indeed not, because there is more than just physical shifts happening here. And keeping with the same mindset, WE have been so tampered with, that WE have no idea who we are or what we can do. Though we are heading into an extremely uncomfortable situation, I refuse to allow it to alter me or destroy my soul. I have had a vision of and for myself for a very long time, and believe in the power of my own mind.

And we must also remember that most people are NOT on the right path here. They are still firmly entrenched in the old paradigm where money is the only thing of importance. They will be gone. Good riddance. I am sick of them. THEY work very hard to bring the rest of us down, as did Job's "friends" who were more interested in proving him wrong than in comforting and supporting him. Yeah, I got lots of those around me now, and they can just get thee hence. DO NOT allow them to bring YOU down. I have done what I could to educate them. They will have to learn the truth the hard way and most will not survive. We do not know if anyone will survive what is coming, but what I DO KNOW is that we will be going to different places when it's all over, and I am NOT going with them. I've been spending lots of time furnishing My Own Little Planet and it is lookin' GOOD!!

Mastery of the physical world;
Triumph over the illusion;
Conquer all fear;
Awaken and be free.

OK. Now back to the "So Below," part of the article, but I will keep returning to the "As Above," as they cannot be separated. Now I want to discuss mostly weather-related issues, because I am quite sure that when the big shock comes that jolts people out of their stupor, it will be weather-related. The most important and dire issue on the planet is the weather, and stopping the criminally insane people that believe they have the right to control it. Stopping it WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING. Physically it will probably be pretty horrendous, but THE ENERGY WILL SHIFT and the mind-control programs will STOP. Those who have been building their new reality with their minds will find their efforts reaching fruition.

One of my very faithful readers lives in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We were discussing the flooding here in the east, and he shared with me that many wells went dry last year, and have not gone back up. He said it is hard to be self-sufficient without water. Yes, and also under too much water, too hot, too cold, UVC radiation or no sun at all. They DO NOT WANT us to be self-sufficient. But keep in mind what I just wrote above. In the New Paradigm, we will not be able to use the same methods to obtain what we need. Right now we are stuck in the Old Paradigm, being controlled by psychopathic Alien Agents. They will be gone and ARE being dealt with. When we "awaken and are free," new avenues will open up for those who are willing to let go of the old. Perhaps not all of us were originally a "Creator Being," as I know I was and will return to, but there will be other benevolent means for the people and beings to survive and thrive in a way that harms nothing.

Anyways, I was familiar with the Klamath Falls area, because Dane spoke of it last year. There were water/irrigation disputes going on because many farmers got their water from California, who decided to cut them off and I do not know what the final outcome was on that, but California has no water either. If people want to go after the ONE PERSON in California that KNOWS exactly why there is no rain in his state, it is Gavin Newsom, Klaus Schwab's budding protégé. Dane MADE SURE he knew when he was elected Governor. Anyways, Klamath Falls is just north of California, east of the Cascade Mountains. Here is the most recent Drought Monitor map from NOAA.
National Integrated Drought Information System.
Here is a good page with lots of stats and maps.
National Current Conditions.

Here is the latest map from the first link above. I will talk about flooding in a bit, but you will note the area that is absolutely clear of any drouight outlook. Yep, it's the path these "weather events" which have assaulted us here in the east EVERY WEEKEND for five weeks, has taken. And yes, we have another coming this weekend, although it seems like a minor event, so far, and the temperatures are to remain fairly warm. BUT they have already scheduled the one for the FOLLOWING weekend, and it looks REALLY BAD at this point. IT WILL NOT STOP unless WE STOP IT, both the droughts and the floods. NONE of it is even remotely natural. Would "Nature" schedule a flood or blizzard every weekend like clockwork??? THAT map is below the drought map.

Drought Outlook

QPF Map for Monday, March 21, 8. p.m. to Wednesday, March 23, 8 p.m.

I went into the Ravenna ALDI last week and the bread shelves were empty. The cashier said someone messed up the ordering, and I thought, "Is that what they're telling you to say to customers?" I said, we have a famine coming. She admitted she knew there was a wheat shortage. Not just wheat, honey. FOOD. She was also someone to whom I had given Dane's flyers, so I told her to go back and get on his site.

So let me rant again. NO, we CANNOT be self-sufficient, ever again, at least at the physical level. The first caller to Dane's Q&A was the former NASA contractor who has been doing the ozone analysis. He and Dane obviously had it planned for him to call in first, and he will be doing an interview with Dane on this subject to be posted on Dane's site. The situation is beyond bad—as Dane says, an extinction event in itself. Dane asked him how long he thinks we have, and he answered that by next year, no one will be able to grow food. Dane pointed out that even now farmers are having to shade their crops, and he also said that if we can STOP all these climate intervention agendas, we might be able to stop the disappearance of the ozone. According to Ray, there is now only 30 percent of it left.

And so, all these people that stock up on their money, thinking they will be able to buy food will find themselves shit out of luck. And these global elites who believe they are going to depopulate us and buy up the land to feed us toxic GMO crops, while they, of course, will eat the good stuff are not thinking out this problem clearly. Dane has pointed out that when they burned the forests then came in and planted GMO trees, those all died, too. He also mentioned that the forests do not smell like forest any more. Neither does even grass. I remember years ago when you mowed, the air was filled with that wonderful fragrance of fresh-cut grass. Now everything, the air, water, soil, plants, all smell like chemicals. And there is NO "good" food being grown now because it is all contaminated with 75 years' worth of toxic shit raining down on us, plus glyphosate and all the other poisons Monsanto has spread across the planet.

And the farmers are some of the most thick-headed people in the world. You would THINK that, of every calling in life, those who have been called to work with the land would be the most sensitive to the fact that it is being violated, along with every living thing on this planet. I am bewildered that I CANNOT get farmers to listen. I have been to the county here to attempt to get something organized, but it all falls on deaf ears. All people care about is their money, and using the land to get it. I am so disgusted with humanity. So, fucking EAT YOUR MONEY, 'cause that's all there will be to eat.

Here are a couple food related articles. For those of you who are owned by cats, as I am, have you noticed the issues with salmon? I mix a tiny bit of canned food with dry for my three old cats, and don't even bother buying salmon, which they used to like. Plus, the whole genetic modification thing has become so appalling. It was bad enough with plants, but now any species of the animal world, including homo sapiens is game, just 'cause they can, and to hell with the consequences. Again, WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT OUT WITH THEIR PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES??
FDA Sued Over Failure to Release Documents Regarding Approval of Genetically Engineered Salmon, Planned Ohio Production Facility
OK, so here is another. I have purposely NOT spoken of the "war" because I think it is mostly a weapon of mass distraction, not that it couldn't turn dangerous, especially, as I mentioned before, the use of nukes to cool the planet, and I think that's Dane's biggest worry, otherwise, he and his community have had little to say about it. Do I think it is a false flag?? Hell, yes, in the sense that 9/11 was also. OF COURSE, innocent people were and are being killed, but that has always been the case. The controllers start the wars, then watch others suffer from them. It has been like that forever, escept when King Arthur ruled, and if there was a war, he forced the kings and knights into battle, NOT the peasants. And yes, he was a real person. Anyways, by "false flag," I mean that what is presented to the public has nothing to do with the real agenda.
This article is more to the point of our current theme, that is orchestrated starvation.
War and a "Hurricane of Hunger"—Transforming Food Systems
Of course, none of it will matter if we DO NOT stop the climate intervention agenda NOW, while there is still 30 percent of the ozone remaining. Incidentally, Walmart used to carry a wonderful Non-GMO sunflower oil run by an all-women company in the Ukraine. It was very good and inexpensive, but they stopped carrying it because it was not longer available.

And again, concerning the Ukraine and the growing consciousness of many people (though not NEARLY enough), please read this one.
Majority of Americans Sense Something Doesn’t Add Up in the Media Ukraine Narrative

Anyways, back to food. Lori called in to Dane's Q&A and mentioned that people she knows think they can go off in the wilderness and live in a yurt, and survive like that, and she asked Dane to comment. His comment was "good luck." And that goes for the global elites that, when all else fails, they can escape into their underground bunkers. Yeah, good luck on that one, too. Which brings me back to the "encapsulated earth" vision. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The only escape is to AWAKEN. Are you hearing me out there?

Do you notice that food never satisfies your hunger anymore? I do, and I cook good meals. I FINALLY, after two months, did some serious grocery shopping and stocked up on enough to probably get me through to the end of April. It is a pity everyone doesn't have a Marc's. They have one-pound bags of lentils, split peas, bulk barley, etc. for only $1.29. I have been boiling them with chopped carrots, celery, and onion, sprinkled with ALDI lemon pepper, and it should be a hearty and filling meal, but it isn't. I made a big pot of barley vegetable soup yesterday that should feed me for two more days, and it filled me when I was eating, but I was hungry again soon after, even though I felt full. Incidentally, I see Southern California has gotten some ALDI stores, although they are still mostly in the eastern half of the country. By the way, Trader Joe's is another name for ALDI. Many of my European readers also are blessed with these stores, which feed a great many people who could not afford food otherwise, and I am one, and it is good quality food, mostly.

And THAT is another reason we must work every day toward manifesting what we need with our minds. This makes so much sense to me, and here, also, I am bewildered that EVERYONE is not working on this skill as I am. I guess most people want instant gratification, and this ISN'T. Go back to the Gospel of John 2: 1-10, Water to Wine. The wine Jesus created with his mind was of a superior quality, unlike even the best that had been served at the beginning of the celebration. Why? Because it was created with pure energy apart of all the energetic contaminants on the earth. We are all ENERGY, and the way we nurture it determines its quality. EVERYTHING is just energy. Quantum physics has proven that. Food that we create with our minds will bypass the toxins that earth-grown foods have absorbed.

So, this is what I have been doing. I thought, well, what am I REALLY craving? The answer was Hough Bakery doughnuts. When I was growing up, back in the 50s and 60s, my mom's best friend, Mary, worked at Hough bakery in Cleveland, and when they came to visit, she would always bring a box of those doughnuts. I haven't given them a thought until I began my food-manifestation ritual. I see the box sitting on top of my range. I open it and remove the one with the puff of chocolate cream on top. I sit down, and eat every bite. I can feel it in my mouth and taste it. I do this every day. I always work on manifesting, but the food thing seems most important right now. I chose the doughnuts because it was something I was craving and had no access to, because I don't even know if Hough Bakery still exists. Mock me if you want, but you would be putting your energy to better use if you joined me instead.

One more comment on food, then more on the weather. This is part of a comment from the Dane's latest GAN, linked above. When people in Minnesota complain of the winter, you know it is bad, and there have been lots.

Jaime says:
March 13, 2022 at 12:24 pm

Hi Dane, again great presentation. I first was introduced to GeoEngineering about 2008. I farm in NW MN. I was then certified organic farming for 15 years and it was getting harder and harder as the rain falls were getting bigger and bigger. But something changed I could now see the planes spraying the skies and our precipitation began to wain. Now 15 years later we can hardly get a drop of rain. We had our worst crop ever 2021. We had less then 2" of rain for the growing season. We had 1/4 crop Wheat. 1/6th crop of soybeans. 1/5th crop of corn. Last spring it was 80 degrees April 1st and 6" snow a couple days later. They allowed us or missed stopping about 12" rain last fall so we have some good moisture to start with this spring. Fertilizer is about 3 times as much as it was a year ago. I am not looking forward to this growing season at all this year!

We have had our nastiest winter ever this year. Large snows then 20 below zero to snow every other day not much just enough to blow and make snow banks. I now have to use my bulldozer now to push the snow like substance away from roads. A heavy quick snow came down a couple days ago. I got sick so fast I had to seek shelter inside. I have a very hard time breathing outside and nobody denies it when I ask them if they do. About a month ago I awoke in the night and found it very difficult to breath. I was breathing as deep as I could but felt I was suffocating no oxygen. It was the first time I got scared with this unfolding apocalypse. If that was a canary in the coal mine of things to come, I would rather drown, or be hit with meteorite.

That that comment will take me into the next subject I want to discuss, and that is the growing danger of these ice nucleation events. I have spent the winter one inch from freezing to death, and if people think my panic pleas for help are over-dramatized, think again. I spent more on kerosene in January and February this year than I ever have for an entire year. Let me share that with you. I went through the greater part of three social security checks, which are very small to begin with, PLUS the generous donations I got from you, my readers, PLUS, my dear mechanic loaned me $300, out of pocket, nothing in writing, because he trusted me to pay him back which I have, PLUS, I ended up having to TAKE OUT A SMALL LOAN from my bank, which I can ill-afford to pay back but it was that or literally freeze to death. I have SO LITTLE to begin with. I own nothing of value. My house is totalled, my farm is a toxic swamp, and most of my possessions have been ruined from all the flooding. I require little, and could easily live on my small income, but THIS. THIS fills me with such a rage. I never thought I was capable of becoming SO ANGRY. I feel like I am living in Medieval feudal society, where the peasants starved so the lazy aristocrats could live in luxury, and indeed, if people would WAKE THE FUCK UP, they would see that WE ARE THERE. But, the problem is, there are still WAY too many people living WAY too comfortably, and as long as they can afford to keep their standard of living, they will keep their mouths shut and go with the program, when instead, those pitchforks and torches should be filling the streets now. IS THERE NO ONE WHO FEELS THE RAGE THAT I FEEL? Well, Dane does, I know. We are being violated in every possible way, stolen from, lied to, poisoned, mind controlled and tampered with right before our very eyes. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??

I have felt like a beggar this winter resorting to the charity of others to keep me alive. Do you have any idea how that feels? HOW DEMEANING? Yes, that's the idea of it all, of course. So you do not need to feel sorry for me. As Dane has said, over and over, we will soon resort to the law of the jungle. Soon NO ONE will be able to help ANYONE. We will be forced to beg borrow and steal in order to survive. Indeed, I know for a fact that some of the donations I recieved that kept me alive this winter were a sacrifice from the giver, and those donations were particularly blessed. But what about all those people who can still well-afford to give, and I'm not talking about donations to me, I am speaking of people in general, who cover their own asses and fill their wallets. THOSE people will be particularly cursed. EVERYONE will soon know how I have felt, because EVERYONE will be struggling to survive. So we have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and start giving up all that stuff we think is so important, NOW, so get used to it because you will lose it anyways. Practice living without all but the essentials. As Dane says, Food, Water, Shelter, and yeah, I realize even THOSE are getting scarce.

And so, please permit me one more rant, then I will end this with weather information. The Anthropocene, the Age of Man epoch is over. This current paradigm is done, like it or not. I don't like it, but I refuse to sit back and do nothing. If you prefer to do that, then I suggest you get your papers in order, then lie down and die. We are in an extinction event, but extinction always leads to a new form of life. What will that be? Will we be forced to become transhumans? Or will we fulfill our original mission, to evolve into spiritual beings that reside in a body in the physical world? You decide, as Dane would say.

One more time: We will no longer be able to obtain what we need as we have for all these centuries of the Old Paradigm. We will either be mechanical slaves to Alien robot controllers that look like humans, for the time being, or we will advance to the spiritual level of mastery of the physical world, as Jesus came to teach us.

There are still questions as to exactly what happened during the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE. Of course, Christians, especially Catholics, report one thing, while others who question authority report another. Just in doing a bit of minimal research with DuckDuckGo, Dan Brown was trashed for his opinion in his book, The Da Vinci Code. But he didn't make it up. It is based on serious research, one book in particular, which by the way, gets LOTS of hits on my website:
The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ,
and which I found absolutely fascinating, even if I didn't agree with all of it. I strongly suggest reading at least my review. In any case, since the Church has a history of lies and fraud, particularly the Catholic Church, PLUS, we know for a fact that there was a whole body of gospels written, many even earlier than the ones that made it into the New Testament, I think it is ridiculous to believe the Council of Nicaea did not suppress and tamper with the truth about Jesus. The MEN who ruled wished to keep it that way, therfore, the four gospels chosen could be easily manipulated so that people for ages on would still feel powerless, and be forced to rely on something outside themselves to obtain everything they needed. And they were constantly reminded that they were but worthless sinners whom Jesus came to "save." Plus the fact that "male superiority" was not to be questioned.

Well, it's all rubish. The Nag Hammadi Codices have verified that the "official" narrative about Jesus simply was not true. And yet, for those who are not brainwashed in the "official" narrative about the reason Jesus came to earth and are willing to read between the lines and emphasize those verses that the Church has suppressed, it is easy to see that his time here on earth was about empowering us. He was a master of the physical world. He could manifest, heal, and bring the "dead" back to life. He taught us this world we think is real is but an illusion, including death, and that everything he could do, so could we. He tells us that point blank, and yet, if you try to get a "Christian" to actually understand what is written in the Bible, they reject it. People are still caught up in the "sin and helplessness" issues. We need to stop. My Bible Article Index is on my Home Page. Please read especially, my Gospel articles. Here is the very first one, which is appropriate to what I am saying here.
Word Play.
And, incidentally, if anyone has a better idea on how we are to support ourselves in what is coming at us at blinding speed, PLEASE speak up. I would love to hear it. I think most people are frightened to death to acknowledge their own power because if they did, they would actually have to take responsibility for the mess we are in. How about you???

I will now end this with the current weather situation, beginning with two articles on flooding.
Flood Photos from Australia
Deadly Flooding, Landslides in Brazil After Heaviest Rain in Nearly a Century
OK, so here is one of the numerous brainless articles from CNN. We are WAY past being able to adapt to what is coming and yet the MEDIA still REFUSES to acknowlege climate engineering/weather warfare.
'Delay means death': We're running out of ways to adapt to the climate crisis, new report shows. Here are the key takeaways
And by the way, I really HATE that term "climate change." It sounds so innocent, doesn't it, like we had nothing to do with it. Kinda like "change of life," like Mother Earth is going through menopause and having hot flashes, but she'll be OK in time.

Here is some info on the flooding we had two weekends ago. The heaviest rain came very early in the morning, dumping 1.6 inches on my already flooded land. It slowed to an occassional trickle WAY before it was scheduled, about 8:30 a.m.. If you have not seen my Welcome Page (, I have a full-size photo of the flooding. Here it is again, followed by that snow I showed you in the last article, and even after ALL THAT, it still remained. In the next photo, I am standing in the water right near the snow. You can't even see the bottom of my boots, which come up almost to my knees. The next is what my driveway looked like after all that rain. There was a frog in my house. THAT'S how wet it is. The last is a screen shot. After ALL THAT RAIN, then the "cold front," of course, always a "cold front," because that is the whole idea, which was moving very fast, so it only dropped a tenth-of-an-inch more of torrential, followed by fierce winds, which serve to enhance the ice nucleation seeded at the passing of the "cold front." God, I am SO SICK OF THIS. It was taken at 2:30 p.m., just after it passed my house.


Snow still there after flooding



Cold Front

One more point, then we'll be done. Both Dane and I have been speaking more and more of chemically nucleated ice. I have NEVER been so cold in my life. As I had shared in a previous article, when I was growing up we had a coal stove which would go out over night. My mom would get up early to fire up, but I STILL was never this cold. Why? Well, for one thing, even during the winter we had sunshine ALL THE TIME. It would hit the house and heat it up during the day and that heat would be absorbed and released at night, PLUS, it was natural cold. One could survive that, even very cold temperatures for a short period.

But what we are getting now is a different story, and I want to make sure everyone knows how extremely dangerous this has become. The substance we are being sprayed with is meant to flash freeze, and indeed, IT DOES, at very high temperatures. That is why I still have not pumped out all the standing water that needs to be pumped. Even with all these days in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, I STILL have ice over six inches thick in some places, especially where the sun has not hit. Now, our bodies are mostly made of water, and this stuff will freeze water at 50 degrees. So when you get hit with it, it begins with your skin, then keeps moving into your body. YES, they can and ARE flash freezing people and animals. I wonder how many people froze to death this winter that we will never hear about. The homeless or those with insufficient shelter could NEVER survive. And keep in mind that it is different everywhere. No one else I have spoken to in my county has been as cold as me. My temperatures are usually around ten degrees colder than "scheduled." Plus the fact that I have SO MUCH standing water, which holds the cold and freezes everything near it. As Dane says, it is being used to confuse and divide the population and most people couldn't care less what is going on with the weather other than in their immediate area, which is a BIG part of the problem.

This past weekend, after days of "warm" weather, they threw this blizzard on us. I was out of kerosene and had 41 cents to my name. I spent one night really VERY cold. That day had actually risen to 54 degrees, but it was the coldest 54 degrees I had ever felt. Even my quilted winter coat could not warm me. As Dane points out, these chemicals are endothermic, in other words, they absorb or draw off the heat. By the next day I was in a panic, but FINALLY found someone who would trade me a check for cash, as my SS check was due to arrive any day (and it did two days later). I NEVER would have survived. Instead of 12 degrees, we got down to 7, and keep in mind that the chemical ice nucleants actually make it FEEL like 30 degrees colder than the thermometer reading. Even with two heaters going in my living area, which is just a double room, it took until NOON the next day, Sunday, to get up to 50 degrees. THAT day was very cold, too, but finally late in the afternoon it rose to 41 degrees. A scheduled low of 35 degrees became 24, with another frigid night. It took me until yesteray to be able to sit at my computer for more than a few minutes without becoming numb. The house is finally beginning to warm. And it took me several days to recover psychologically, which I KNOW now is being stoked by H.A.A.R.P.. It has been a particularly bad week.

Now, what we have to look forward to is the severe storm season, and it is already scheduled. Until we STOP these weather assaults it will just keep getting worse and worse and WORSE. I finally watched the documentary Holes In Heaven? HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology, and the next article will cover THAT. OMG!!! What they are doing with this technology is even worse than the spraying, and the spraying would not be able to do what it is doing without H.A.A.R.P. and the microwave towers. This is beyond scary shit, and also what is causing the drought in the west. But it is the electrical and mind-control stuff that is . . .well, I don't even have a word for it. Not human.

I am going to spend a bit of time before that catching up on my book reviews, which I haven't written for months because it has been too cold. Google has been giving me VERY good coverage on my book reviews, finally, after all these years, and I am picking up lots of new readers who also read my articles.

Mastery of the physical world;
Triumph over the illusion;
Conquer all fear;
Awaken and be free.

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