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I have a Toward the Peaceable Kingdom article that I worked on yesterday nearly ready to publish, but I got this emergency information email from Dane this morning. I was going to include it in the farm article, but there is just too much here, plus I found other stories of interest this morning, too, and I did not want to crowd the farm article. That should be published later today, Wednesday, or early tomorrow, so be sure to read it also, as it contains related information. No matter how you look at it, everything is coming to a head, which, one way or another MUST happen. If anyone would like me to forward Dane's email to them, just contact me: laughingcrow.LC@gmail.com. Then you can distribute it amongst your own circle, or you can send them the link to this article. Here is the message as it appears in my Inbox.

All the data below was sent to me by an anonymous contact. Though there is much yet to be uncovered and revealed, given all that we do know, given the known science stated in the equation outlined below, given the gravity and immediacy of the unfolding climate/environmental collapse, given the now total desperation of the power structure, the conclusions cited below are certainly plausible at minium.

FYI (again, sent from southern hemisphere contact)

This is of life and death importance. Share far and wide! Your life depends on it!

I am now 100% certain that covid-19 vaccines contain genetically engineered prions with long incubation periods designed to cause transmissible encephalopathy, thus brain damage that leads to death.

Prions: the danger of biochemical weapons

Volunteer’s doc blames SII vaccine for neuro disorder

The military-industrial complex has been studying prions for decades and has not only been able to make them in the lab since 2016 but also to have precise control over their pathogenic behavior.

Prions made in the lab

The prions chosen for this method of depopulation were most likely taken from minks, which are their natural hosts. The encephalopathy pandemic caused by the covid-19 vaccines will then be blamed on the minks. In preparation for this deception the system has manufactured an unspecified epidemic of a supposedly "covid-19 like virus" among the mink population of Denmark and has euthanized with big fanfare millions of these animals.

Coronavirus: Denmark shaken by cull of millions of mink

Do not accept any covid-19 vaccine! You have been warned!

Since the damage caused to the brain is transmissible from the infected, thus from vaccinated people, to the healthy, thus unvaccinated people, there is no need to vaccinate the entire population. The vaccinated will infect the unvaccinated through their bodily fluids, thus through sexual intercourse.

Prion Diseases

The system may have chosen to get rid of the old by spiking with prions only the vaccines destined for the old, which is why the old are immunized separately from the rest and are the first to be immunized. But there is no telling. The criminals who govern us are capable of anything. The brain damage done to the old and their death will be reported as the result of dementia or Alzheimer's disease so as to prevent honest scientists from discovering the true cause long enough to inject as many people as the system deems necessary with deadly prions.

When will you be eligible for the Covid vaccine?

Preventing honest and independent scientists from discovering that covid-19 vaccines contain prions is accomplished primarily by the extraordinarily low temperatures (-70 degrees Celsius) under which these vaccines are kept; temperatures that require special freezers that enable governments to control access to these vaccines and thus prevent anyone from studying their ingredients.

Here’s why COVID-19 vaccines like Pfizer’s need to be kept so cold

In some countries the military has assumed control of the transport, storage and distribution of these vaccines to make sure no one finds out their true contents.

Military will help distribute Covid-19 vaccine, says Hancock

For maximum control some countries have also placed hospitals under military control.

Military management in some of Romania’s hospitals

Do not accept any covid-19 tests either. I am convinced that the swabs are used to insert prions close the brain, which is why they use such long sticks and shove them all the way to the base of the brain; the brain being the organ most vulnerable to prion infections and damage. The article in the link below describes the technology by which poisons or drugs can be released slowly into our bodies.

Johns Hopkins Researchers engineer tiny machines that deliver medicine efficiently

Our governments are genocidal because they are desperate and do not know how else to solve the existential problems we have.

That concludes Dane's message. I want to clearly point out that this is all potentially true, but not proven yet, and Dane also makes that clear in his opening paragraph. Therefore, the WORST reaction we can have is of fear and panic. Always remember, BE PREPARED, and work every single day to strengthen your mind and ability to manifest life as you want it. However, no matter how you look at it, the entire planet is speeding towards a brick wall, and that is NOT conjecture. It IS happening as we speak. The only thing uncertain is how it will all play itself out.

Therefore, I warn you one more time, NOTHING is more important than practicing your manifestation skills in everything you do. When this collapse finally happens, it will be in an instant, no matter how the controllers believe they have it all worked out to their benefit. THEY will drop dead like everyone else. But for those of us who have put extreme effort into creating our next existence, WE can rise above it all and escape. NEVER forget that, or doubt it. We have no idea just how powerful we are, or how powerful are our minds. Here are more related articles I found this morning.
Florida Agents Raid Home Of Rebekah Jones, Former State Data Scientist
Back in 1974, I had an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting and almost died. You do NOT want to mess with this.
U.K. Regulators Tell People With Severe Allergies Not To Get Vaccine
"Alarming" and "extraordinary" rate of change as the Arctic warms, NOAA report says
Venice flooded as new $8 billion dam system fails to activate
Air National Guard F-16 crashes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

And here are two articles I got from The Weather Channel yesterday. The first pertains to what Dane calls "Freeze/Fry," as I have discussed numerous times. It has been SO COLD here, even though the temperatures hover around freezing and today, quite a bit higher. They are spraying us SO HEAVILY with lead iodide, dry ice, liquid propane and whatever else is in their toxic concoction, that my body is just chilled to the bone. I can barely move my fingers, and it has been like that for at least four-five days. Disclosure cannot come soon enough, as far as I'm concerned. The second article caught my attention, as I thought of Andrew of Scotland, who has not posted on Dane's site for a long time. He was the one that always said THEY would untimately nuke a volcano to bring on another ice age, or "nuclear winter," as he called it. But that would certainly bring the entire world to extinction, even those who think they are in control, so I had my doubts. However, the act could still happen more subtly and with milder effects.
Pattern Change Could Bring Weekend Storm
How Super-Eruption Near Alaska Could Alter Weather Around the World

And that is all I will cover here. Be sure to check out my upcoming Toward the Peaceable Kingdom, as mentioned above.

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