Doing Some Damage

This, as usual of late, is not the next article I had planned to write. It is actually a follow-up on my last Bible article, Blinding Them With Light. It was preceded by the proverbial ton of bricks, which, along with Light, also works to awaken. OK, so brace yourself. Is everyone sitting down? Yesterday, I actually sided with Trump. Whew. I'm glad I got that off my chest. It happened like this: I got on, and the lead story was that Trump refused to sign the "Stimulus Bill" that had been so long in negotiation. Fiddle-farting around as usual, but these people that have not a penny to their name because they are trying to survive this Government orchestrated PLANNEDemic really need help NOW. So, of course, I spouted my usual string of profanities at what a miserable fucking SOB still occupies the White House. There were numerous stories, but I only read the headlines, mind you. Well, then I wandered over to, and realized that the REASON Trump gave for not signing it was because he wanted the individual stimulus checks to be $2000 rather than $600, and I TOTALLY AGREE. $600 is an insult to people who are behind on their rent, have no money to buy food, pay utilities, put fuel in their vehicle. He also criticized the waste in this bill. Most people don't perhaps realize that all these bills that are put in the public's eye also have lots of other, more secret agendas built in, in this case absolutely NOTHING to do with Covid relief, like a tax break for 2-martini lunches. REALLY??? Again, I totally agree with Trump's refusal to sign. Trust me, I still think he's a fucking SOB and if he would have participated in the stimulus talks or voiced his opinion in the first place this all would have been done and people would be receiving their checks. Now, do I think he did this because he cares so much about the American people? Hell, no, he wants revenge, but whatever his motive, HE has the power, until January 20 to make a vast difference in this country.

So I went back and actually read one of those stories on CNN, and it was halfway down before they even mentioned, briefly, why Trump DID refuse to sign the bill. This was such an absolutely biased story, I had to wonder, again, what the truth is, about everything in general. Trump is a scoundrel. He always has been, but is there not a chance that he has tried, whatever his motive, to expose the corruption going on in this world for the past four years? For instance, in his denial of the Covid crisis, perhaps we are not hearing what he has really tried to communicate, and he is NOT very good at communication, but when CNN jumps on everything he does with negative connotations, well, that is just as bad. When he got elected, though I loathed him then, and always have, I also was completely ready to give him a chance, and even now, I am. I will explain.

What have I been saying about this Covid racket? That, yes, people ARE dying, but NOT from that. They are dying of heavy metals, EMF, and radiation poisoning. Perhaps HE tried to convey that message, too. Let's connect some dots, including the president's insistance of not wearing a mask or getting the vaccine. He KNOWS the truth. As I pondered this all day, I realized how similar it is to the Bible passage I quoted in the above article. When Jesus called upon Ananias to go heal Saul's eyes, he protested that Saul was their enemy. Jesus told him, "Just never you mind, I know what I'm doing. Now go and do as I say." Of course, Jesus was right, and Saul (Paul) became probably the most important disciple in speading the teachings of Jesus. My point here, of course, is that again, we cannot see the big picture yet, so we must keep an open mind, because we really never know what will happen to collapse this whole miserable reality in which we are imprisoned. So it really does not matter what Trump's motives are. If he can make the difference and expose the truth, then so be it.

When I say truth, I am referring to the atrocity going on above us, because there is NOTHING ON THIS PLANET now that even comes close to this catastrophe—NOTHING!! And if you still think other agendas are more important, you DO NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND the whole program behind the spraying, and everything that goes with it. If you are uniformed, PLEASE take time on Dane's site every day and educate yourself. That means reading the comments of his community, most of whom really DO get it. THIS is the root of everything horrific going on now, which is why I say if—WHEN—it stops, it will change absolutely, positively EVERYTHING on this planet. At this point, everything I do is SO FOCUSED on exposing and stopping this crime, that most all else is falling by the wayside. With Dane soon to release his documnetary, and the unfathomable increase in weather terrorism activities going on in this country, coast to coast now, it indicates that THEY know the game is up soon, and are out to destroy as much as they can, mostly our minds and brains, which is obvious by this push for these toxic vaccines. They spray 24/7 out here now, day and night, and I have been aiming my blinding light straight to them. One of my faithful readers says it is like "Directed Energy Weapons without the Kill switch," which is a perfect description. But I have added something new.

OK, so we know Trump is out of control and is planning revenge. Why is the Pentagon so anxious? He really cannot start a war by himself. Granted, he fired a lot of people and put loyalists in, but that backfired on him for the Supreme Court, didn't it? I read that some are worrying about getting fired at the Pentagon, but seriously, what could Trump do that could really, and I mean REALLY do some damage? Hmm. Well, you know, he has access to government intelligence. Hmm. Well, he could announce to the world the CRIMINAL ACTS OF WEATHER TERRORISM going on day in and day out, including all the deaths and damage done to OUR OWN U.S. CITIZENS by OUR OWN MILITARY. Yep, he'd get what he wanted, and, though I cringe to even write this, he would become a hero. And so, what I personally am doing is fucking BLASTING him with light. I don't give a shit what his motives are, he NEEDS TO TELL THIS TRUTH TO THE WORLD. Wow! What an exit that would be. And so I am pleading with every one of you, even if he totally grosses you out, send him lots and lots and lots of light and whisper in his ear what he needs to announce to the world. JUST DO IT. We cannot see everything that is going on in the background, and if HE is the one who came to Earth to complete this task, who are we to question? He has all the data to make his announcement credible, and since he has lied so much, many would try to make this a lie, too. But ALL of this has been documented. We NEED to stop this atrocity, and I don't care how the fuck we do it, we just need to DO IT NOW.

And not only Trump can do damage, but we all can. Bringers of the Dawn called us "systems busters." THAT is why we are here. The majority of people believe that in order to be a good person so "god" will take them to heaven, they have to be nice to everyone, even if that niceness is phony, which it often is. Over the past number of years I have been slipping away from nearly everyone I knew. The plandemic made it easy to get rid of the remaining ones. Changing my phone number helped, too . . . . These "friends" were NOT friends at all. Most of them were fake friends who scorned me for speaking the truth. All they cared about was saying or doing whatever they needed so that they would be "liked," even if that meant (and it often did) saying something to one person, then turning around and saying the complete opposite to another. They all made me sick. Only Cathy remains—the pet crematory lady, who does what she needs to do and fears nothing—a genuine person.

So those of us who "get it," should constantly be creating new ways to really fuck up the plans of those that control us. It has been extremely difficult for a very long time, but the energy is shifting. I am not into astrology at all, but one of my readers brought up to me about the significance of this particular solstice, which FINALLy ushered in the Age of Aquarius. I had just read an article on that, too. And the solstice also means the days once more begin to lengthen. Simple Horseman made a very appropriate comment on Dane's latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 19, 2020.

'a' simple horseman says:
December 21, 2020 at 5:52 pm

Tonight is "Winter Solstice" . . . . Finally!! Now comes the long haul back to more hours of day light. It's always the hardest for me. I'm already weary of the lack of day light hours. Guess I'm getting old(smile). With engineered skies stealing my sun light, some days are pretty dreary. Rare are the days of sun like we had when I came up here in the winter years ago. Every snow event we've had for 3 years now has come right out of the south . . . "Since when does cold air come from the south?!" Chemical ice nucleation and the snow it produces is killing everything over here, even people. 'ALL' of the Ponderosa are half dead or more. Do you remember when you could not see through the top of even just one Ponderosa? I hope you do, it's important. Now days you can see through the tops of 2 to 4 tops of Ponderosa. That fact should be more than alarming to the populous of my region, but like most everywhere else on this planet, people have their eyes wide shut.

He then goes on to talk about the vaccine and its connection to the "Mark of the Beast." Here is more of his comment.

The more I research, that shot that private industry is so anxious to give to everyone "is" the mark of the beast. It fits virtually every description and detail. Very, very soon we and our God will find out who has some staying power and who doesn't. Will you take that shot just so you can keep your slavelandia job? Just like all those innocent farmers that lost their farms when Monsanto pollen drifted over their crops and their crops became the property of that absolute monster. So will become our own sovereign bodies. That shot will change our DNA into an already existing patent and there ya go, we are now owned by big business. Believe me, it's coming faster than you can imagine. Basically, it's here already, people just don't understand it all yet.

Actually, this edition is filled with so many interesting comments, with another "Mark of the Beast" comment from Black Cat Italy—too many to post here, including articles about aluminum and vaccines from V. Susan Ferguson. So I recommend everyone to read them. THESE are people who are not afraid to tell the truth and take responsibility. Yes, SYSTEMS BUSTERS, indeed. And I am so glad that so many more people are keeping weather data and also notice just how much more aggressive the sprayers are becoming. Here is Rambo's comment.

Rambo says:
December 23, 2020 at 3:46 pm

We're being sprayed in So. Cal. right now like I've never seen before. It is beyond belief just how bad we're under attack by these sinister VIPERS!!! I hope you that are doing this, controlling this and executing these poisons reap what you sow.

I am doing a Bible article on the origins of that statement, and have been exploring Biblical prophesies, which I will share. One thing I can say for certain: there is NO PLACE in the Bible that says the Earth will last forever. Here is a comment from Barb E. that I also made in one of my last articles. There is NO WAY these government people are actually getting this toxic vaccine. NOT A CHANCE!!

Barb E says:
December 22, 2020 at 6:54 pm

What do YOU think was in the "vaccine" that Fauci, Biden, Pelosi, etc. received on tv? HA Saline most likely. They know what's in that shot, they would NEVER put it into their own bodies.

Every time we point out lies and atrocities to the public, we are being a systems buster. Every time we send light, every time we ILLUMINATE the planet, we are being a systems buster, and DOING SOME DAMAGE to the controllers and the status quo. Once you start doing it in earnest, you really never want to stop, because it leads you deeper to the truth. Those who are willing to speak the truth, will be led further towards enlightenment and that which cannot be seen by others. Reaching zero tolerance to all we are forced to obey on this planet becomes a force to be reckoned with. NO is a powerful word indeed!

I will end this article with some humor, because with each system we bust, we remember who we are: beings filled with Light and Joy, Playfulness and Creativity, and lots and lots of laughs! In this first one, we can see that we have the support of the Martian population!!
Mars spacecraft spots "angelic figure" near south pole ahead of Christmas
And what about this one. Somebody was doing some pretty serious Light-Work. Gosh, it could have even been ME! HA!! And watch the video that follows, on the whiteout in Colorado. THAT one is NOT funny.
Mysterious Flash of Light Appears in Sky Over China Possible Meteor
And finally, everybody has been watching for the "halos" around Biden's head, right? There have been lots more since I posted the ones I collected. But here, Nancy Pelosi gets a halo along with her "saline" shot. But hers has horns. HAHAHAHA!!!

Nancy Pelosi gets a halo.

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