Practicing Extreme Discernment

I have always been one to welcome diversity, but the place where we are now requires us to hone in on exactly where we want to end up, and that means only allowing into your life that which resonates with your spiritual goals. I have readers send me the silliest "information" that they have gleaned from other sites. At one time all of us broadened our viewpoints with a variety of opinions, but at this point, all who wish to graduate beyond this earthly preschool and jump directly to post-doctoral work should be be done feeding from the spiritual buffet and discard the ethereal potpourris. If what I write is in tune with where you want to go, that is great, but if not, then you must find what you are seeking elsewhere.

We must establish a set of criteria to ascertain whether a certain website matches our frequency, or the frequency we wish to attain. The split between the ones on the path toward awakening and those who are only pretending or even worse, deliberately trying to steer us in a downhill direction is now a chasm, a gulf that can no longer be bridged. And as for the ones who are terminally asleep, I believe many of us have separated from them altogether. There are lots of people out there who claim some sort of spiritual superiority or integrity. Many are just sucking money from the desperate ones who have not learned to think for themselves and will follow any-old-guru. But there are also a GREAT many who are possessed with a demonic or more often alien parasitic entity that is not satisfied with one host, but seeks a mass banquet. They especially give airs of "knowing" that mesmerize those who are easily led astray. Once those poor souls are grasped, they do not have the wherewithal to escape. We see this in countless individuals now, and in organizations, such as QAnon, which most certainly IS a potpourri of legitimate concerns swirled around total rubbish and bullshit. And that goes for the delusional psychopath that will soon be leaving the White House.

When people latch on to the absurdities that are circulating, they become what my mother would have called "nuttier than a fruitcake." We have an abundance of fruitcakes in our midst, and while they are powerless, they are being controlled by a dangerous force, so it is essential to steer far and wide away from them. I realize that many of us seem a bit "off" to the sleeping masses, but remember, and this is very important—spiritual people who are genuine will be thoroughly grounded in wisdom, acquired through intense personal sacrifice and self-examination. I consider myself to be an example, having spent years and years in deep inner work. And they carry about them a common sense that is both ethereal and earthly. They are straightforward and honest; they do not put on airs or operate from their ego. Nor are they concerned about what others think of them because they are so focused on their mission, without any hidden agendas. So this sort of pettiness is irrelevant. And yet an aura of something "beyond" surrounds them without effort on their part.

People who are spiritually grounded are also completely aware that we presently live in a physical world. And though the goal for many of us is to leave this particular one as soon as possible, while we are here we must always consider the effects it is having on our spiritual journey. We cannot live with our heads in the clouds. If we had reached that point, we would not be here at all.

Therefore, in order for me to give legitimacy to a person or organization, they must first and foremost be totally aware of what we have done to our earthly environment. But haven't I said that the physical world is all an illusion? Absolutely!! But it exists so we can recognize what is going on in the non-physical world that is presently invisible to us. If we are abusing our environment; if we are abusing the innocent animals; if we refuse to see the truth about the controllers and their hidden motives, then THAT is what we will take with us when we move on. If I encounter anyone who cries "conspiracy theory" or "hoax" about climate engineering/terrorism, or the dangers of 5G and EMFs (PLEASE ditch your cellphones!!!), vaccines, GMOs and on and on, these people are NOT awakened OR telling the truth. That includes Arthur Firstenberg and Jon Rappaport. If you believe what I have just listed really IS happening, then aligning yourself with people such as these creates an incongruency, and incongruencies make our spiritual journey more arduous. That's why is it essential, in these final days in this paradigm, to be rid of what creates obstacles. Simplify and focus on the straight and narrow path that takes you where you want to be.

The other big deal concerns money. How many of these people have a financial interest in what they preach? Dane has pointed out that non-profit organizations are beholden to the government, which limits what they are allowed to say and do and ADMIT. THAT is why it has been SO diffilcult for people like Dane to get the truth out. He is NOT a non-profit organization, in fact he is just him and relies on what he is able to have given to him in support, which at this point, I believe, is no where near what he needs in order to do what he is trying to do. And he has one obstacle after another to deal with. And even though there are some things he says that I disagree with, his honor and integrity is absolutely congruent with mine. And that goes for Chautauqua also, but other than those two, I have pretty much dumped everyone else.

And so people who use money as their motivation are also going to be the ones who, sorta want to awaken, but are much too comfortable here to admit that this is happening right now, not in fifty years or two hundred. Those people still have ties to the physical world that makes them prefer to delay the coming of the new paradigm. That would include Bernhard Guenther, who, as far as I am concerned, sold his soul to the devil when he embraced QAnon and Trump. Yeah, yeah, one more time—Bringers of the Dawn foretold this.

I am not trying to be a shitty person by dissing other spiritual people. The ones named above do have worthy qualities. Maybe. In any case, as I've said before, when we are released to our freedom, we will be able to choose and create our ideal existence. That will greatly vary according to each person's level of creative imagination. If you still want to remain in a reality where you have to work and earn money in order to eat and live, then that is certainly your choice. I prefer to imagine my new existence as one where I can freely create with my mind and energy all that I need, so I can spend my time exploring the universe, creating, and giving my gifts where they are needed. And having FUN doing it. I don't do tragedy anymore. I've had way more than enough of that. My mind and soul are focused down the path of joy.

Now I want to cover one more area, and it is on the more practical side, which is working with light and, of course, our minds. I have worked with light for SO many years in so many ways, and my conclusion is that there is an infinite variety of light and ways of working with it. It seems to me that each individual has their own types of light and methods, so I just want to share a little of what I am doing, plus I also think that there is a bit of personal and private involved in this. The point is, we should all be experimenting with light and find our own way of using it, always, of course, for benevolent works. Lately I have been working with three varieties. One is very personal and pertains only to myself, my property, my animals and my concerns. Another is global and universal, along with also being personal. The third is the most unusual. It is a "celestial" light and is often in a swirling rainbow of colors, and feels very comforting. It seems that this one is a connector to celestial objects and beings. I have been using it to connect to the sun, which the climate terrorists are deperately attempting to block from us. OK, so I have a success story here, complete with screenshots to confirm what I am telling you. This will sort of bridge the gap between my farm articles and this format.

So, here in the east, we had our weekly attack of water and brutal weather. Sort of. I have been working long and hard to use my mind to stop this criminal activity, or, to bend, diminish, or thwart the scheduled weekly act of terror using the weather. Now, as I have mentioned, NWS is getting really bizarre in their "forecasts" which are scripted by Raytheon, and more and more they have little to do with the weather we actually get. At least here. The precipitation amounts have been WAY higher than what really happens. And this "Winter Storm Warning," . . . which, as it was clearly diminishing, the forecast had it worsening. By the way, The Weather Channel named it Winter Storm DANE!!! Haha! Really!
Winter Storm Bringing Wind-Driven Snow to Eastern Great Lakes, Appalachians
As I studied the maps, it was clear that what they were predicting was much less than what was going to happen. But I took it a step further, being totally and absolutely SICK of non-stop liquid or frozen substances falling on me. So, I spent quite a bit of the day working with my lights and the sun.

I had gone to Alliance to get stocked up on kerosene, but their pump broke down, so I knew I had to go back on the day the Winter Storm Warning was in effect—Tuesday, December 1. We were supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow the night before, but instead it rained, but this rain was SO LIGHT that for hours and hours, my rain gauge remained unchanged. Eventually, late, it did change to snow, but not much. I woke up Tuesday with maybe an inch. As I watched my interactive radar map, I noticed something humorously peculiar. This was, as you can see, from 10:05 a.m. on Tuesday, December 1. The snow literally fell around me, but not ON me, OR on the route I take to Alliance. And this was not just a fluke. It was like that ALL DAY.

Interactive Radar

So in early afternoon, I went to Alliance. There was almost no snow anywhere and the roads were absolutely clear and mostly dry. When I got home, I checked my interactive map again. Here is the second screenshot. Yep, that's still me—not a flake of snow except the inch or so that fell over the previous night. Meanwhile NWS raised my snowfall totals from 2-4 inches to 3-5 inches!! As you can see, this was taken at 3:25 p.m..

Interactive Radar

This next one is what my driveway looked like when I got home from Alliance. Anyways, it did snow here for a few hours in the evening. I ended up with maybe two more inches, much of which melted the next day. Do you think that is just coincidence? I do NOT. I believe I did it through using my mind and light. Remember, Jesus told us point blank that we could do everything he did, and more. He could control the storms, so we can TOO!

My Driveway

As you all know, I've been working with manifesting for over four decades. So many things have shifted for me this year, especially since I began using my Special Phrase. Through that, the knowledge of working with these particular lights also came, and I HAVE used them successfully to calm wind gusts, which were also scheduled but not received. And so, if I can do this SO CAN YOU. Despite all the activism work so many of us do, I still believe that ultimately, the changes will come through shifting reality with our minds. I have believed that for decades, and even though it seemed like no progress was being made, I NEVER GAVE UP.

Several weeks ago, I actually fixed something that was totally not working by using my mind, and it was something that I really needed to work. I kept thinking that I would just have it fixed, but resisted and resisted. I thought, "No, if I give in, I will never get what I want. If I am patient and do NOT give in, not only will I get what I want, but it will bolster my confidence to go on to more and more difficult tasks." My goal now is to heat my house with my mind. Y'know, I am sick of kerosene and I am sick of having to go to the store to buy ANYTHING. The employees are, if not totally rude, then totally stupid, and whenever I go somewhere, I just want to get home to get away from these horrid creatures. The way businesses are run these days makes me gasp—absolute incompetence, that seems to get worse every day.

The other day, as I mentioned in my November 29 Toward the Peaceable Kingdom article, the climate terrorists had dumped SO MUCH toxic coolant on us that I could not warm up to save my life. And so, I put my mind and my light to work, and the next day, I was amazingly comfortable though it was still cold outside. The thing is, I think THEY know that the power of our minds is what will shift the paradigm. As I've said over and over, why else would they be so intent on mind-control and an agenda that is turning our brains to mush? (PLEASE DITCH YOUR CELLPHONES.) And so I continue doing what I am doing, patiently and methodically and with determination. The track record I am building is setting a foundation to do so much more. And as we break down the frequency barrier that has kept us imprisoned for so long, those who have put immense effort into the sowing of these seeds will reap an abundant harvest.

And so, the last point I will mention has to do with reclaiming what is ours, but was stolen from us during the Reptilian Invasion. THEY think this is their planet to do as they please. It is NOT. And for this task, I am using this personal and private light variety I mentioned above, to infuse a similar vibration into all that is mine, that is, this fifteen acres and everything on it. In this process of adding light to all that is mine, it seems I am creating a less dense, and more "fluid" physical reality, which is probably what physical reality should have been. Over all these millions of years, everything on this planet, I suspect, has become more dense and inflexible, from an energetic standpoint. So that is the other project I am working on now. Raising the frequency of all that is mine helps to protect it and establish my ownership.

I remember about fifteen or twenty years ago, I kept having these dreams where my land had been taken over and there were all these houses and people here. Interestingly enough, I am not the only one in this area who had those dreams. And I am quite sure now they were probably not dreams at all. In any case, I believe THEY are all gone, so the next step would logically be to ensure nothing ever comes back, and when it is time to exit to my own little planet I am creating, the whole farm comes along with me, and it will be a compatible frequency, along with all the critters that live here, like my snakes and possums, birds and bugs, and the stray cat that recently moved onto my porch. I fixed up a warm and cozy spot for her under my coloring table.

And so, I will say this again. Give yourself credit for creating everything that you manifest, even though you may not think you did. Give yourself credit for manifesting "mistakes" and things you really did not want or want to happen. Claim them all for yourself, and you will be amazed at how much you are capable of creating. As we move through the final stages of this paradigm, the more we prepare for freedom, the faster you will have it. Set small goals, and allow each success to motivate you to greater goals. Let your imagination run wild. Wouldn't you love to dissolve all those aerosols being sprayed on us as fast as they come out of the planes? Wouldn't that freak THEM out? If one person's mind can bend reality, imagine what many working together could do. But remember, all we work to manifest must be done with ABSOLUTE moral integrity, or else it will turn upon us. We should never interfere with the rights of others to manifest their reality, however, we ARE responsible for banishing all this criminal activity and those who promote it. There is a fine line which we must not cross. We must always work with caution and prudence. Not doing so will only set us back. However, reclaiming my land means reclaiming the sky above it. I have the right to prevent someone from poisoning me. We've put up with about enough of this shit, for millions and millions of years. ENOUGH! We have the POWER to end it.

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