Cultivating Awareness With Detachment

First things first. If you are having trouble accessing my website PLEASE let me know. Email me at For the past several weeks, my site visitation has dropped to almost nothing, whereas previous to that, it was the best it had ever been. I had no idea what had happened until this morning. I will try not to get technical, but a number of years ago, Hostgator offered all their customers free SSL certificates, which has to do with website security because Google was cracking down on insecure sites. There are two ways you can tell if a site is secure. One is that in the address bar, a secure site will begin with https:// which means hypertext transfer protocol secure, which is the means by which your browser can transfer the page you want to view on my directory to your screen. If you type in a website without the "www" and you can still access the page, it is secure. Not-secure sites are only http:// and require the "www." Well, the problem was, if I used the secure version, none of my graphics would display. Hostgator wasn't the least bit interested in helping solve the problem because they thought it was on MY end. I run ALL MY PAGES through two validators and will not post them unless they pass code. is the international organization that sets the standards for HTML5 and CSS. Anyways, it had not been a problem up to this point, because I just ran everything on the insecure version. I do NOT use scripting or software, nor is there any way to interact with my site, such as typing in credit cards numbers, etc.. I believe it is called a "static" site.

Well, just in the past few weeks, apparently, Google has stopped supporting non-secure sites, so all that ground I had gained was now lost. So I called Hostgator this morning, and I haven't really messed with them in years. I got the Phillipines, and I HATE when I get foreign countries when I have to discuss something so technical. I don't even like working with people that speak English because unless you are REALLY trained in web design, you will have no clue. Well, this guy DID have a clue. He understood perfectly what the problem was and was determined to help the best he could. He contacted admin. and said he would let me know as soon as he found out something, but he also told me that Hostgator really doesn't support people who write their own code. So I wasted several hours trying to find a host that DOES. Everyone was in the Phillipines and nobody could answer any of my questions.

Lately, since I have been working on this soul alignment method, I have been just walking away from issues, and find that they miraculously solve themselves. So I went out into the greenhouse, planted peppers, and my anger and frustration went away. I thought of a possible way I could get around the website problem, so I came back to my computer to discover that Hostgator had fixed the problem and my website now opens beautifully at HTTPS, graphics and all!! There have been a series of these events—issues I have been trying to solve for years that just solved themselves in the past couple weeks. I will be spending more time discussing what I am consciously doing differently. It is what I've done for years, that yield moments of complete energy flow. I would know something shifted, but could not recall it because I didn't know what IT was. And add to that the off-planet controllers would quickly step in and scramble everything again, so I would once more feel like I had lost what was gained for the moment. But now I KNOW what I am doing. I am aligning with my soul/energy which moves me up and out to a higher plane of consciousness, and even if they scramble me, I can make the effort to reconnect, because I NOW KNOW what I have connected to.

But the thing is, weird shit IS happening. I got on The Weather Channel site, as I do dozens of times a day, and part of it was in Spanish. WTF? I think Dane is having more problems with his site, as it had not been updated, or at least I was not accessing an updated page. Interestingly, THAT issue cleared today, too. I know he recently got a new computer system, but I think there are internet problems. I know another person in California who mostly doesn't get nor is able to send emails. I have that problem, too. It is all gonna go down, you know, and that's what this article is about. Communication systems will soon be zilch. And now on to the article.

This will be another one of those with tons of links, as I have been collecting them for a number of weeks. I have them all organized by subject, so this article can be used for quick reference. I have found that many readers continually return to these types over a period of time to check out the materials when convenient. But there is a twist to this one—a new perspective for dealing with all this horrible shit that is now happening on this planet. As I mentioned in my last Bible article, Crime and Punishment, I have taken another leap in my awakening process, assisted by a book I had read twenty-two years ago, and re-read in the past couple weeks. It is one of the few New Age books that I never would have considered dropping off at Goodwill, because it rang so true to me then, and even more so now. I suspect this will be another instance where I combine an article and book review in one, but I will begin to incorporate new ideas that have, thus far, created a massive shift for me. About time. And the one that I have been working with now constantly is as I've been saying, Soul Alignment. I will do a separate article on that subject coming up, and my next Bible article will be based on the prophesy of Obadiah.

One of the issues I have struggled with in my activist work is keeping myself clean when I am immersed in so much filth. My years as a Shamanic Warrior have damn near destroyed me. The spirit/off-planet beings that guide me have been telling me I need to stop, and the advice has become nearly a command, for a couple reasons. If I am interpreting things correctly, they are telling me that enough has been done, at least on my part, for them to be able to step in. They have also told me that I am getting in the way now, and that what needs to be done cannot be done by those of us in human form living on this planet. That all makes sense to me and is a great relief. They have also stressed that I came here to be a healer and a creator, not a warrior, although as it turned out, that's where I was needed and had been trained to do that also. But now, it is a matter of a short time before the whole shebang goes down, and when it does, we will have no resources from the old paradigm, which I have said for years, but it is happening very fast now. The book I spoke of also covers our ability to manifest and create, so those are the areas that will be my prime focus.

However, we still must remain acutely aware of EVERYTHING going on now at all levels, because the current events now are part of the collapse AND a pathway to the new world we are creating, whether it be here or on another planet. So we must pay EXTREME ATTENTION to what is going on around us, at both the physical and non-physical levels. But the most important message in this article is to completely detach emotionally from it all, and to refrain from all judgment. That is REALLY DIFFICULT, so we must work on cultivating a deep connection—alignment—with our Soul. That way we can be aware of the filth without getting dirty ourselves. As we work to keep aligned and connected to our souls, we can put our energetic focus on peace, joy, love, integrity, freedom, beauty—all of the qualities that we would want to be prevalent in the new reality we are creating.

When we work on soul alignment, we have a constant connection to the world of light, wisdom, and limitless creation. The more we can become one with our Soul, the less the darkness can affect us. We will find ourselves slowly easing out of the old paradigm and into a new creation. Remember, I am referring to energy, which may or may not manifest on the planet. So why, you may ask, must we still pay attention to all the evil shit going on now, if it's gonna be gone? First, we cannot be free of the old if we pretend it's not there. By paying careful attention, we can view the collapse, both physically and energetically. As we become more detached emotionally with the old, we can also use our creative powers that we are developing to make leaps and steer things in the direction we want to go. Rather than lamenting over the food crisis, collapse of the financial system, and the worst, of course, is the collapse of the entire life-support system of the planet, we can ease ourselves out of them and perceive our reality in a new way. Our energy will be focused on the building of the new, rather than the collapse of the old. If we keep ourselves emotionally and spiritually attached to what is collapsing, we will surely go down with it. I am not in any way contradicting Dane. He knows we are done with this paradigm and it will never come back. He just wants to awaken people so that there will be a basic something left upon which to build the new.

In my opinion, I just cannot wait for the collapse, and I don't understand why anyone would want to cling to it. We are mostly miserable here, are we not? I remember the days which seem SO long ago, that I just couldn't wait to get up and get going, because I enjoyed doing the things I did. I am one of those people who cannot imagine boredom or needing to be with people. Even as an only child I was rarely bored because I knew how to play creatively. My mother taught me how to cook and sew and embroider when I was a teeny tot. I looked forward to laundry days because hanging laundry was so much fun. I still enjoy it. I had my dolls and paper dolls and my own tackle box, as my father was an avid fisherman. Now? Kids stick their heads in their cell phones and have no clue . . . .

I remember when I lived life joyfully. We should ALL be living joyfully. Why are we settling for this terrible misery that we do not deserve? What we have left of this paradigm offers no possibilities whatsoever of returning to joy. Why would we want to cling to it? People are afraid that this is all there is and the devil they know is better than the one they don't know, as the saying goes. So how 'bout we get the devil away from us all together and create a life built on light and beauty, love and freedom. And peace. I remember, vaguely, peace. I remember when the weather was peaceful. I remember when people were mostly peacful. With all the mind-control and manipulation, genocide, omnicide, tyranny, and those who believe they can destroy our souls, how can anyone live a life of peace? Why would we want to remain in this reality? Aligning with our souls strengthens the bond and transports us to a different reality. In a very short time, a great change has taken place within me. What if all of us reading this article were to practice the same method? Just think how fast we could collapse the old and move on to a reality that is worthy of ourselves and our souls. Too many people, however, are afraid to let go. I will attempt in upcoming articles to help my readers let go and break away from this toxic life—toxic at all levels: physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. Why would anyone want to remain here?

I literally have shitloads of articles saved to share, which should make it blatantly apparent that total collapse is imminent, as is drastic population reduction, or I should say that people will be exiting to go where they need to be in order to grow, or perhaps be assisted in reconnecting with their souls, if possible. Wherever they are in this lifetime will determine where they end up next. I have numerous categories here, so let us begin with the food crisis.

The Food Crisis
I have mentioned before that we are getting little to no nourishment from food, even what is supposedly grown organically/Non-GMO, because of Monsanto and other evil companies like them, along with all the other toxins being sprayed on us from planes or tractors, we are drowning in a sea of poison that has killed the soil, water and air. How could anyone expect nourishing food in such an environment? Of course, too many people are making too much money killing the planet, so it won't stop, but it will BE STOPPED by forces beyond our control. That would be our off-planet allies, both in bodies and energetic ones. But ultimately, the collapse will shut down everything and THAT IS GOOD.
Just take a look at these maps! Does any of that look natural? That that ONE AREA, which includes Ohio, should be SO WET while everyone else is SO DRY? Again, always look for anomalies, so when you point out these facts to others, it will make an impression.
Farmers in the Plains are in 'dire straits' due to drought, wildfire conditions
And meanwhile we here in the East are under water. I actually did some seeds starts in the past few days, but then much of my greenhouse was under water again after yet another "system" of severe storms moved through. Then we got cold and sunless again. I remember when May and June through at least mid-October meant warm to hot, sunny and mostly dry. Peaceful weather, nearly every day when I was growing up.
I think the whole "Green" movement is a sham and a scam, HOWEVER, we SHOULD stop using toxic fertilizers. There are better ways to replace nutrients in the soil, such as cover crops, and ESPECIALLY putting an end to weather warfare which has KILLED soil all over the planet. We certainly need to stop wasting valuable resources to grow "biofuels" and all animal husbandry NEEDS to stop. But again, we are out of time. Don't look back, but create the new with your mind and soul as the old collapses and disappears.
US and World Gripped by Fertilizer Crisis: High Commodity Prices and Food Insecurity
Neoliberalism Coupled with GMO: Farmers’ Struggle Not Over, Corporate Takeover of Indian Agriculture Still Looms
It's not just India, of course. Why do you think Bill Gates is buying up all the land in the U.S. west that farmers are forced to sell because of this completely orchestrated drought? Along with his buddies at Monsanto, of course. Dane has stated that stopping all climate intervention programs (especially H.A.A.R.P. and other ionosphere heaters) would put an end to the drought in the west and across the globe. When the collapse comes, NOBODY will be growing food, not even Monsanto. When the ozone is gone, in about a year from now, not even GMOs will grow. Again, we have to remove ourselves from the mindset that still believes there is a fix for any of this. There is not. Move your energy down a new path.

Everything is being genetically engineered now, without our consent. These people who believe they have the right to play "god," will find they have engineered their own demise. We must guard our souls now with great effort. Not only from the effects of these vaccines, but I am certain there are genetically altering substances being sprayed on us also. The stronger the bond we form with our souls, the more difficult it will be for them to break them. Their conconctions will fail miserably, and they will find themselve genetic misfits in a reality that can no longer support them.
"Genetically Edited" Food—The Next Stage of the Great Reset?
These people think they have the right to mess with everything that was once natural, which is why I believe that the planet we think we live on is no longer Planet Earth, but some genetically modified, tampered-with and computerized simulation. Why is that so hard for people to fathom? Our once-beautiful Gaia, a living spirit, has had her own soul stolen. Everything natural is gone, so why should we be surprised that there is so little spiritual energy in most people?

Hmm. Well, this is interesting . . . . Unfortunately, the ONE factor that IS GENUINELY causing not only a food shortage, but the lack of food all together is biosphere collapse, due to climate engineering. STOPPING it right now might possibly buy us time, will certainly STOP the drought in the west and all over the globe, and might allow the planet to begin to rebalance herself, but other than that, we are in deep shit. Yes, this IS an orchestrated food crisis, but this article is not listing the most dire causal factor.
Five Signs They Are Creating a Food Crisis
War Within the War: The Fight Over Land and Genetically Engineered Agriculture
Here's a quote from the above article. Hmm.
"Six years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to seize economic opportunities around the growing of food by opposing genetically engineered agriculture and Monsanto’s Roundup, the world’s most widely used herbicide; he initiated a program to eliminate pesticides and genetically engineered crops from Russia’s fields. The goal was to out-compete the U.S. and Canada as the world’s number one and two grain exporters by going organic, which mattered especially in Europe with its stricter laws regarding the import and planting of GMOs."

FINALLY someone other than Dane and his people is pointing out that H.A.A.R.P. and other ionosphere heaters are manipulating the weather, causing these orchestrated droughts and floods. I was very pleased to see this one published by Global Reseach. And I remind everyone to watch the documentary, Holes in Heaven narrated by Martin Sheen about H.A.A.R.P. and its capabilities. As Dane has said, if these climate intervention agendas are shut down, the droughts will end, and I would think the flooding would, too. That means all these microwave towers, and everything that is creating this horrendously anomalous and deadly weather.
Famine is the Name of the Game
Here's more about Monsanto and their lies and cover-ups.
Monsanto’s Former CEO Testifies in Roundup Trial, Points to EPA Safety Findings
Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, helped to found the EPA to put an end to the use of toxic chemicals, and look what they have become. She must be rolling over in her grave.

And still more on the food "crisis." This next one is just, full of it. Oh, my! As I have been saying, it should be obvious that food is no longer nourishing. This is true even with pet foods. For quite a while, both Molly and the cats have been eating the Walmart brand called Pure Balance, which contains nothing artificial, no fillers, and comes in numerous varieties, including grain-free. My old cats settled on the Senior Formula, and Molly was happy with the chicken and brown rice. The cost was way below that of other "natural" brands, everybody liked their food, and their health improved. Then, all of a sudden, no one would eat it. I asked a manager at the Alliance Walmart if Walmart changed companies that manufactured it, and the answer was "yes." So I told her to pass it on to Corporate that none of my animals would eat it any more. I found another food at Walmart that is reasonably priced for Molly. It is Nutro, and is Non-GMO, and she likes it, but it doesn't come in cat, or at least Walmart doesn't carry it. The manager I spoke with complained that their cat food sales were down. Well, half the time their shelves are empty, so, go figure . . . .
"Globalist Takeover": New Food System Will Stop at Nothing to Control You
Here is a quote from the above article:
"In April 2019, FFAR launched the Precision Indoor Plants (PIP) Consortium, a public-private partnership of indoor growers, breeders and genetics companies with the shared goal of advancing speed-breeding and altering plant chemicals responsible for flavor, nutrition and medicinal value. Five key crops being worked on are lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, cilantro and blueberries."
These people just can't leave anything alone, can they? Of course, NONE of this is going to work because. as Dane says, biosphere collapse is beating them to the intersection. Here's another quote. Gosh, I'll bet Bill Gates is funding all these climate engineering agendas that are CAUSING climate change.
"Bill Gates insists that droughts and climate change is destroying our ability to farm and that the future will consist of populations moving into metropolitan cities where indoor vertical farming is necessary to feed people."
Please listen to these videos. They are chilling, and foretell of a living nightmare that I will not participate in. Period. "Edible vaccine heads of lettuce . . . ." Total tyranny. How much can I stress that we must strengthen our bond with our souls and use our latent powers to rise above this evil and create a new reality based on freedom, expansion, integrity and sovereignty. Here is one more quote:
"Their ultimate goal—every human being, every piece of food, resource, and product on this planet will be tracked and traced via blockchain. This isn't a theory—it is their goal. In July, 2021, the FDA released their 'New Era of Smarter Food Safety' which consists of using tech-enabled traceability for a digital, traceable food system, from farm to plate using blockchain."
The first video also mentions the drastic increase of heart disease, allergies, obesity, etc.. They point out also that much of this sounds great, until you realize the companies and people behind it. These people have been lying to us for decades about the success of GMO seeds and food, NONE of which is even remotely true. We know for a fact that GMO foods ARE NOT SAFE.
And as far as vertical growing, those of you who have been long-time readers of my website know that I have been growing cucumbers and squash that way for years. It is not something I studied, but began doing it because my land has been so decimated by these non-stop torrential rains for the past 15-20 years, plus the fact that my greenhouse is 16 feet high and I wanted to utilize all that space. So I don't have issues with vertical growing. I am not against technology as such, but the problem is that, again, the people that are controlling all this DO NOT have our best interest in mind and cannot be trusted. We have no idea what they intend to insert in all this "food," and anyone who is not brain-dead should know by now that we are nothing but lab rats to these people. This whole vaccine nightmare should make that apparent to everyone.
This page, by the way comes from Dr. Joseph Mercola's website.

I want to make a point here about food growing methods, but this applies to absolutely everything that is going on now. If you watch the second video in the article right above, on the surface it seems good. The food looks fresh and clean and abundant. But there is ONE essential element that is missing from all of this. Can anyone guess what it is? Everything is just too sterile. Why? Because there is no spiritual energy being utilized in much of anything any more. If you know anything about ancient mythology, you will know that the gods and goddesses and just about everything revolved around the natural flow of the universe. And that natural flow was the guide which indicated when it was time to plant, time to harvest; for everything there is a season. If the people did not follow the natural flow and guidance of nature, they would starve. It was a connecting between the spirit world and the physical world. And it all revolved around growing food. A few years ago, I read a really interesting book, The Dawn of Astronomy: A Study of Temple Worship and Mythology of the Ancient Egyptians,
that proved the pyramids were built as a means to know the season—a calendar.

All life on earth is infused with energy that interacts with everything else. Plants draw energy from the soil, water, sun, and their surroundings. This is NOT tangible. It is NOT something you can mess with in gene editing. It is the miraculous, the mysterious, that certain element that connects everything in the Universe to a divine source of energy and spirit. It is the giver of life. AND IT IS BEING SLOWLY TAKEN FROM US. Do you understand the gravity of the situation? THEY CANNOT SUCCEED in this, but they CAN take us down with them. We must all take soul alignment seriously. Plants that are grown with bots and other high-tech lack the interaction with spiritual life, thus they are no longer infused with it. How can they nourish us. How can anything nourish us in the direction we are heading? We are having the spiritual energy sucked out of us. WE MUST NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN.

As a bizarre example of just how much we have allowed technology to creep into our lives and take control, I saw this article and nearly choked. Seriously?? How about just using a calendar???? That's what women have done for centuries. People are literally BEGGING to be tracked by using all this absurd technology. How much DUMBER are people going to get?
How period tracking apps and data privacy fit into a post-Roe v. Wade climate

Here is more on food quality and safety issues. Please note: if you are out here in the Great Lakes area, some of these food recalls involve Giant Eagle grocery stores and their gas station/convenience stores, Get Go. For a much larger area, ALDI is also named in the recalls.
FDA investigating hepatitis A outbreak possibly linked to fresh strawberries
Several food companies pull products linked to Jif peanut butter recall
Baked goods, peanut butter cups and sandwiches made with Jif now being recalled

I don't buy that much produce, and in the summer I buy hardly any. Last summer I literally lived on cucumbers and hope to do it again. A loaf of bread and jar of mayonnaise is perfect for cucumber sandwiches, but if that's not available, a little salt and vinegar will do. But in the winter I usually keep fresh carrots and celery, sweet onions, and whatever fruit is on sale, usually apples or bananas that Molly and I eat for breakfast. She loves fresh carrots, too. I mostly get produce from Marc's because it is usually very good. Not any more. I had been buying those huge round sweet onions because I like them raw on sandwiches or chopped in salads. They were so good—sugary and crunchy with only a hint of onion flavor. But when the spring stock began arriving, they changed to a different farm—Shuman—. The first one I cut into set my face burning!! So I complained. The next week they had new Vidalias, which should NEVER be hot, but were just as bad. Then they got bagged ones in from Bland Farms, and they were even worse. I paid $1.49 for a stalk of celery, which was pretty steep, but when I began to use it, I realized the ribs were growing up the core of the stalk, instead of all shooting out from the bottom. What looked like a solid stalk of celery ended up with these tiny short ribs and a thick core. I brought THAT one in to show a manager. I took it back home and cut the core up in spaghetti sauce. And to what do I attribute this problem? The way-too-hot "sweet" onions were perhaps victims of drought , too hot growing conditions, or genetic tampering, which could have happened when a GMO variety crossed with another by "accident," and I have been warning of this for years. And the weather conditions, along with the toxic water and soil WILL make a difference in food quality, so I don't want to hear it when these people in these videos go on about how great this food is. The only great food is that grown naturally. Now let's move on to the "humans as lab rats" category.

Genetic Tampering, Mind Control and Other Nefarious Activities
Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System
I have spoken of this numerous times, about knowing that my mind was being fucked with, then to have it completely stop at 4 p.m., over a period of years. At the time I did not know about H.A.A.R.P. and the numerous other ionosphere heaters installed all over the globe, but, c'mon people. Wake up. The U.S. Air Force had this facility built as a weapon. They just didn't say at the time it would be a weapon used on their own population. This is NOT conspiracy theory. Watch Holes in Heaven and read Nick Begich's book, Angels Don't Play This HAARP. You can download both for free.
The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and the Age of Bioweapons: 20 Years of Psychological Terror
Homeland Security’s "Disinformation Board" Is Even More Pernicious Than It Seems
And OHIO was one of them!
Twenty States Threaten Legal Action against Biden Administration Over “The Ministry of Truth”. Call for Disbanding The Disinformation Governance Board (DGB)
We waste so much time on such bullshit, when instead, all of humanity should band together to rise above it all, to a higher state of consciousness where matters such as this do not exist. If all who read this do just that—align with our souls so we can access frequencies of higher values that move us upwards rather than pulling us down, we can change the course of Planet Earth. It is the only way. We must not fight these people because they love conflict. We must raise ourselves so far above them that they self-destruct—cease to be because there is no longer the energy to support them.
The Final Battle for Humanity: It Is ‘Now or Never’ in the Long War Against Homo Sapiens
The Brave New World of Genetically Modified People
Corbett describes Gates as "a canker sore in the mouth of humanity." HAHA!! Gates has a way of making people (stupid people) think he is so dedicated to the health of the global population; he has this uncanny theatrical talent to actually sound, on the surface, sincere.
Bill Gates Lays Out Plan for Global Takeover
Here's a quote from the article: "It's every bit as infuriating, nauseating, ridiculous, laughable and risible as you would expect," he says. "This is a ridiculous book … There’s certainly nothing of medical or scientific value in here . . . It’s a baffling book even from a propagandistic perspective . . .
The WHO “Stealth Coup” to Dictate Global Health Agenda of Gates, Big Pharma
The WHO as a "Proxy World Government"? Abolition of the Nation State? Say NO to "Global Tyranny"
This one contains a video by Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientist at Pfizer, and one of the most outspoken against the whole Covid scene, and one of the people who filed the Crimes Against Humanity charges at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands. He is always worth listening to. He again speaks about the vaccine passport which is being injected into people through the vaccine, and will run your life until you die, he says. But keep in mind, when biosphere collapse happens all of this will collapse.
Reporting From Davos: WEF's Klaus Schwab Talks with Pfizer’s Albert Bourla: "We rather prevent the disease by vaccination, than cure it."
And here is a Global Research free eBook
Our Species Is Being Genetically Modified. Are We Witnessing Humanity’s March Toward Extinction? Viruses Are Our Friends, Not Our Foes

And if you don't read anything else in this category, PLEASE read this one:
Reality vs. Illusion. People have been Robbed of their Ability to "Decipher between Fact and Fiction"

More on Disease, Death
Autopsies are being conducted on the guests found dead at a Sandals resort in the Bahamas. Here's what we know
Plus the fact that EMFs are extremely toxic and killing everything on the planet. If parents would actually RAISE THEIR CHILDREN correctly, these kids wouldn't even be allowed to HAVE their own phone. In my childhood days, the idea would have been preposterous.
Smartphones Are Killing Kids
I think this is more about the orchestrated food crisis. People have GOT to realize the absurdity of all of this and STOP PLAYING THE GAME with these people. Rise above it and there will be no more energy to support it.
Will a Weaponized Bird Flu Become the Next Pandemic?
The Fauci/ COVID-19 Dossier. The 2002 SARS-CoV Patent. Dr. David Martin New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out on Deaths Following Vaccination—"Let’s make our police and MPs put a stop to this now!"

What is monkeypox and its signs and symptoms?
Airborne?? Perhaps one of Ken Caldeira's "biological experiments?"
How Has Monkeypox Spread All Over the Globe at Lightning Speed?
Over 100 Monkeypox Infections Detected in 10 Countries as Unprecedented Outbreak Spreads Globally
Is Monkeypox a Scapegoat for Covid Vaccine Adverse Events? Dr. Peter McCullough
"The public needs to realize they are under constant seige by propaganda."
The Monkey Business Behind Monkeypox Propaganda
For Bill Gates, It’s Moneypox: Simulation of Fictitious Monkeypox Virus Pandemic in March 2021, Goes Live in May 2022
Study Finds Latest Monkeypox Outbreak Is Result of Biolab-manipulated Virus Possibly Released Intentionally

Here is a recent interview by Greg Hunter with Dr. Betsy Eads, who always provides us with a great deal of interesting information. This is a quote from Greg's Introductory write-up:
"The DOD is also seeing exploding illness in the military population that started after our service men and women were coerced to be injected. Dr. Eads says, 'Let me read you the latest Department of Defense numbers, and these just came out: “Myocarditis is up 2,800%, cancer is up 900%, infertility both genders is up 500%, miscarriage is up 300%, neurological disorders are up over 1,000%, demyelinating disorders are up over 1,000%, Multiple Sclerosis is up 600%, Guillain-Barré, which is a progressive paralysis, that’s up 500%, HIV is up 500%, pulmonary embolism, which are blood clots in the lungs, are up over 400%. Those are the equivalent of the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) for the Department of Defense.'"
She also mentioned that drones were possibly spraying spike proteins in aerosols. I'm sure they are, and I've mentioned that before, and not just drones, but the same military tankers that spray us with all kinds of shit 24/7.
CV19 Vax Causing Extreme Disease—Dr. Betsy Eads

So from that, let us continue with other military news and commercial flight cancellations which most likely have NOTHING to do with the weather.

Military, Airlines
United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby on how gas prices and staffing could impact summer travelers
Top Airline Pilot Suffers Cardiac Arrest Between Flights Post Mandatory COVID Vaccination
Or perhaps the pilots are all dropping dead? Hm?
Hundreds more flights canceled Monday, disrupting the holiday weekend
Nepal's Tara Air plane goes missing with 22 on board
China Eastern jet deliberately crashed into mountainside, killing 132 on board, flight data reportedly suggests
Or maybe they're dead too.
As pools and beaches open for Memorial Day, experts warn a nationwide lifeguard shortage could prove deadly
Hey, why doesn't EVERYONE in the military JUST QUIT RIGHT NOW??? Gosh, how many problems would be instantly solved!!??
Sailors Are Deserting the Navy at a 'Staggering' Rate
C'mon already. We KNOW the military is in cahoots with Aliens. Let's have disclosure, finally. And I thought it was 1,500, not 400.
The military's UFO database now has info from about 400 reported incidents
U.S. Congress Holds First UFO Hearings in Fifty Years Just as Biden Administration Budgets Record $27.6 Billion for Space Weapons
Holding U.S. Treasurys? Beware: Uncle Sam Can’t Account for $21 Trillion

Next I want to talk about the weather, and I have the most articles saved on that subject. Then I will close with some odds and ends and comments. All anyone has to do is PAY ATTENTION to see that there is something so seriously wrong here, so anomalous to anything natural that to me it is impossible to not be aware of what is going on in the sky. While others bake in drought, we have non-stop rain. We are now 53 days of precipitation in the past 78 days. Colorado has snow while Florida gets the first tropical storm. The weather manipulators have gone berserk and the more desperate they get, the more damage they are doing and the faster we are heading toward climate collapse. These articles are from throughout May.
The two largest reservoirs in California are already at 'critically low levels' and the dry season is just starting
No, the problem is CLIMATE ENGINEERING and as Dane has stated, STOPPING IT would stop the droughts.
California is in a water crisis, yet usage is way up. Officials are focused on the wrong problem, advocates say
Texans asked to turn up thermostats after sweltering heat knocks six power plants offline
Fire weather worsens as heat wave spreads across southern US this week
Blackouts possible this summer due to heat and extreme weather, officials warn
Northeast heat wave to persist Sunday
Previously sunken boats are emerging at Lake Mead as water disappears
Disaster upon disaster: Wildfires are contaminating the West's depleting water with ashy sludge
Possible tornado destroys half of Minnesota city: "I've never seen nothing like this"
Michigan governor declares state of emergency after powerful tornado rips through town, killing 1 person and injuring more than 40
A tornado swept through Paderborn, Germany, and injured at least 30 people, authorities said
Train swept off its tracks as deadly floods slam northeast India while much of the country bakes in a heat wave
Tropical storm warnings issued for more of Florida, Cuba, Bahamas
Colorado to experience weather whiplash as heavy snow follows temperatures near 90
Winter storm warning in effect for Colorado while heat wave hits East Coast, South
Lightning Bolt Throws Up Fiery Chunks of Earth as Man Stands Nearby

Here is a very short video by Dane that proves what he's been saying for all these years: That aerosol dispersions are NOT cooling the planet but only providing short-term cool downs, as we have drastically experienced here in the U.S., in fact more than anywhere in the world. In the long run, this in exacerbating global heating. NASA finally admits it, on record.
Is It Game Over? New NASA Report
Whether it's game over or not, they sure haven't stopped, have they? Here's another eBook from Global Research. I posted this last year, but they posted it again, so I thought I would, too.
Global WAR-NING! Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity

Here are some weather screenshots I took during May. This is from the storm "system" that moved through on May 5. You can see it being steered by microwave towers. I wish I knew how to capture the animation because it is even more obvious. Just look at the big donut in PA. The second is from May 26, and the donut was in Illinois and Indiana. See that swath of rain above it. That was spinning like a pinwheel. C'mon, really?? Natural RAIN does NOT fall in pinwheels.

May 5, 9:15 p.m.

May 26, 10:35:15 p.m.

The next ones are of the absurd "snow" that fell from Oregon to Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota . . . . The first is on May 20, then May 29, then May 30, and the last, yes, it was still snowing in Colorado on May 31, while Mexico and Florida were getting hit with the first Tropical Depression of the year. And people think this is NATURE??

May 20, 9:09 a.m.

May 29, 8 a.m.

May 30, 10:50 a.m.

May 31, 9:05 p.m.

There are more and more "weather reports" from all over within Dane's community, and that's good, because people are noticing the unnaturalness. Here is a good one from Malia in Oregon.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 7, 2022

Malia Autio says:
May 8, 2022 at 6:04 pm

Portland area, Oregon.

Last wednesday was a WHITE OUT of activity. Since then, rain. Hail. In the sun breaks, look up, and the sun is in white out above the "cloud" layer. And this evening, rain falling own the window like slime. Very thick consistency. Paint is peeling off multiple buildings around town? And everything seems to be growing a layer of black scum. Even moss on the trees is turning black. As the trees try to grow out leaves, some of the new growth on deciduous trees looks brown yellow instead of green. Many residential trees die off casualties of toxic rain and last years heat dome. My heart aches. The past 2 years I could feel some tide is turned in the health of our mother earth in her battle with her terminal anthropogenic cancer. Will start with a low of 36 C Tomorrow. Absolutely not recognizable pattern for this time of year, even if it were a "cool" year.

As I've mentioned many times, when these systems move through, they leave me all mentally foggy, It literally takes me days to recover, which is why I get behind on my web work. This should have been published days ago. Years ago I didn't know why, but I do now. H.A.A.R.P. is not only involved in steering these storms, but it is documented fact that it is being used for mind control. And not just H.A.A.R.P., but all these other ionosphere heaters and probably microwave towers. They want to keep us in a state of anxiety and drama. NWS will put us under a "Hazardous Weather Outlook" DAYS ahead of when a "system" is supposed to move through. Even my turtles become hyper. Berthe tends to be anyways, but Murdle is really laid back, even for a turtle. Gurdle goes either way.

I will obviously continue to pursue the path I am on with this soul alignment method. I will share more in my next regular article. My next article will be a Bible one as mentioned at the beginning. And what quality or value am I focusing on? PEACE. I just want peace, and it has been SO LONG since I've had it. I want to wake up in the morning not wondering who is trying to kill me, what poisons are being sprayed on me, what new "issue" am I going to have to deal with . . . . I just finished John Grisham's 1992 novel The Pelican Brief from which the movie of the same name was based, starring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. In it, a young law student accidentally discovers who murdered two Supreme Court justices, and spends a good part of the book trying to keep from being killed. Strangely, that feeling was very familiar to me.

As I said above, I am learning to walk away and detach emotionally from whatever is the current upset, and THAT is beginning to pay off. Solved problems with little effort. My cucumbers are germinating amazingly fast, and I even have some squash up today. I am working to use my mind to accomplish what formerly took heavy labor. My farm is a disaster, with all this non-stop rain. And I am practicing bending things to go my way. That is what manifestation is about, and we need to practice NOW.

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