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My goodness, I have shitloads of urgent news to share, and all of it heading into positive territory. Yes! This is not the article I had planned—that one will follow soon, and is about the increasing proof and awareness of Alien occupation on this planet. The only disclosure that is more urgent than the one concerning weather warfare and the climate intervention agenda is the one concerning Aliens. The climate engineering atrocity contains most of the other atrocities taking place now, from the everyday weather disasters to the deadly experimental vaccines to the impending food crisis to the complete collapse of the monetary system and society on the whole, but the Alien issue contains ALL THAT and much more. Disclosure of both of these covert and desperately guarded agendas is coming fast.

First, I hope everyone read my latest Farm Article, published on June 30. I am now including a short summary of what each issue contains on the Shifting Realities Index Page. This issue includes a lot of information on pet health, plus the usual articles on the weather and food crisis. So I hope everyone has read it. Remember, the Farm Articles are at the top of the both the right and left columns on my Home Page, plus on the Farm Page, linked at the top of every page. When the date changes in the right column, a new article has been posted

Here's a couple other bits I want to share. I am finally beginning to feel better. I've had little to no energy all year, due to the extreme crisis I went through this winter. I came very close to dying, and I think most people probably think I was exaggerating the conditions I was under, but I assure you, this was a VERY BAD winter for me. Not only coming close to freezing to death, but my back has been so screwed up from dragging those heavy kerosene cans down my very long drive for two months in that deep, deep snow. I have been doing serious yoga and stretches, and I am finding my energy is returing. I can read without falling asleep, and am ready to get up at my usual time now, around 6:30 a.m.. Something else happened this winter that, over these months I can perceive what a vast difference it has made, and I have my dear, precious Molly to thank for it. She literally saved me from doing something terrible (no, I don't mean suicide—I am not suicidal at all), but it all happened in a flash, and something left my body, and it was like the difference between night and day. Whether you like it or not YOU and everyone else here is filled with implants. We get them every day from the toxic shit being sprayed on us and the mind control programs being carried out by the CIA, the military, and other nefarious entities, especially off-planet, using H.A.A.R.P. and other dangerous technology. Those of us who are diligent with our spiritual maintenance can usually recognize those and use whatever methods we have developed to eject them. I try to keep a mantra going, especially when I notice my mind wandering. That is the worst when I am doing things that require little thinking, such as doing my farm labors and chores.

But what I'm speaking of here are the implants many of us have in our DNA, especially those of us who have come from another planet, star, or dimension at this particular time to participate in the eradication of this evil force that has controlled the planet for so many millions of years. Those were put there when we incarnated into these bodies in order to make it extremely difficult to carry out our tasks. One by one, I personally, and I suspect most of us in this group, have found ways to get rid of them. As we do away with each one, the controllers lose a "hook" on us which makes it increasingly difficult for them to control us. That's why they have had to revert to this horrendously powerful technology to keep us in check. It's all been so horrible and so difficult, but as we continue to "come clean," our tasks for which we came will get easier. Peace, ease, and healing. That is my focus at this moment, and little by little, I note changes. Getting rid of this hook was a big accomplishment, because something shifted for me that was drastic. Then I re-read the book I mentioned, and I'm on a new path. That does NOT mean they can't still do damage. They can take down the whole planet, and that is one of the things Dane speaks of.

One more point, then on to the interviews. No matter what happens, there are several certainties. As Dane says, this paradigm is over and we are not going back, even if we can stop the weather warfare agenda in time. I say that, too, so everybody, we need to get over it and move on. Money is not your life. Change your focus to spiritual matters, because that will be the most important aspect of our new existence. And having said that, also, no matter what happens, there is going to be massive death on this planet when all is said and done. It is already happening and the depopulation agenda will continue to accelerate until everything crashes. The global elite WILL NOT WIN. They are not really that smart in their planning, because the very people who got the toxic jab and are doing what they're told are the very people who support them energetically. When they are dead, all that energetic support will be gone. It is ALREADY happening, but since these creatures DO NOT have a soul, they know NOTHING about the way energy works. All one has to do is observe how the official narrative is falling apart. Yes, indeed, they could spray something lethal on us and we'd ALL be gone. But as they lose their grip, I think they will find their options are becoming more limited, and I will say more on this when I talk about the interviews.

It's been a long time since I have mentioned the side-splittingly funny British Sci-Fi comedy Red Dwarf, my favorite TV show back when I had a TV. I think you can watch most of the episodes online for free, and I HIGHLY recommend it. Start from the very beginning. Even though the first season wasn't that funny, it is necessary to establish the situation. Each season gets better and better, and more relevant to what we are experiencing now. Rob Grant and Doug Naylor knew their metaphysics!! So the later episodes became fascinating comedy-dramas. Here, I thought of the one called Legion where they were pulled onto a structure ruled by an entity that was actually made up of the energies of the people around him. He treats the crew with great hospitality until they realize they are being held prisoner. It is Kryten, the lovable "transhuman,"—a domestic robot with an organic brain and deep emotions—he is the one that realizes Legion is simply a collection of their energies. So he begins knocking out the rest of the crew, and in their unconsious state, Legion is identical to Kryten, the only one remaining conscious, who cannot harm a human. Therefore Legion had no power over them and they escape. You can watch it, and PLEASE watch the whole series. They stopped production for a while, then began making more episodes, same cast, but I no longer had a TV, so I have never seen those. I believe they made a movie, too. It is definitely adult humor, by the way.
Red Dwarf Season 06 Episode 02—Legion
This episode will definitely give you some laughs, and we all need that right now. I have always had a great sense of humor, but I am struggling with it these days. And speaking of laughing, Maria actually made Dane laugh in the first interview. That's only the second time I've seen him laugh in the almost ten years I've known him! I suspect he once had a sense of humor, too. Red Dwarf, by the way, during its peak production, had the highest special effects budget of any BBC series, ever.

And now, on to the interviews. WOW! I can count on every interview Dane does to be excellent.The man is a walking encyclopedia on weather warfare/climate engineering. Greg Hunter says his website is the "Library of Congress of Geoengineering," and he is correct. And not only geoengineering, but everything else it encompasses, which is a pretty good chunk of all the horror we are going through now, and at the root of it. But what makes these so great is the energy between Maria Zeee and Dane. Not only is she a beautiful young lady and extremely well-informed, enlightened, and determined, but she has this same level of passion for stopping this atrocity in the skies, and everything that goes with it. In order to have that level of passion, one must REALLY understand the full ramifications of what is going on in the skies and in the world. SHE DOES! Dane has been interviewed by so many great people, and I thank them all from the depths of my soul. He is gaining more and more ground every day, and WOW!!! We are GETTING THERE, eh? But no one that has ever interviewed him that I HAVE HEARD, really understands what he is saying. Greg Hunter is a great friend to Dane, and I thank him every time he has Dane on his show. But then he's off to the same old stuff that doesn't matter, like finances and politics. If we do NOT STOP THE ATROCITY IN THE SKIES, nothing else at this physical level will matter. Period. Dane has been stressing that lately, and Maria TOTALLY "got it." That's why these interviews are so tremendous. PLEASE LISTEN TO THEM. Maria, by the way, is in Australia, and they are suffering through many similar situations as we are here in the states, and Canada. Well, I mean, it's going on all over, right? But Australia seems very close to our situation.

This one is from June 18, the more recent one.
Dane Wigington—Vaccines in the Air & Relentless Poisoning of Humanity

They covered a great deal of material here and I took notes, so I will share those, plus additional thoughts and materials. For a good part of the interview, she just let him talk, because he can, and he's got so much on the tip of his tongue, and even for those of us who practically have his materials memorized, he's always got new material because he never stops researching this agenda. The first thing I noted, and they spent quite a bit of time on this, was those cattle deaths, and many people are saying that it wasn't the heat, that something was sprayed on them, so Maria brought up that question. Dane said that he thought it was the heat, but doesn't rule out other nefarious activities, because they obviously ARE DELIBERATELY killing off livestock, ruining farmland and targeting crops.

But Dane said that they probably got hit by a heat blast, and the reason that other mammals were not killed is because in that area, mammals like prairie dogs would go underground to escape the heat, and there is nowhere for these cattle to get relief. He said there's no woods here, plus the cattle are black, making them absorb more heat. He said he's even seen cattle try to find shade in the winter. Remember, we are now getting hit with UVC and X-rays, so even when the thermometer says it's cold, the sun feels scorching, depending on where you live, because it is so intense now. And add to that, no nighttime recovery and high humidity, which causes the wet bulb effect because the body can no longer cool itself. I do not know if cows sweat, or how their body-cooling mechanism works, but that's why this heat is becoming more dangerous for people. Dane also pointed out that when the heat goes up, the humidity should go down, but it is not now. Anyways, it makes me sick, those poor cows that had to suffer. Kinda makes you want to lock these perpetrators in a hot car, eh?
What Happens When You Leave Jolly Rancher Candies In A Hot Car?
In that experiment, it reached 191 degrees.

Dane also mentioned that overnight lows were only going down to 100 degrees, (like last year in Northern California). Then he spoke more on H.A.A.R.P., and how they can and DO raise the temperatures in the ionosphere to thousands of degrees F.! With 3.5 million watts!! On a planet that's in meltdown!! That's how they create these high-pressure heat domes that are causing all these droughts. People need to THINK THIS THROUGH. How could ANYONE just sit back and do nothing who fully understands the entire picture? This is the epitome of criminal insanity. We are about to hit temperatures that will be killing US, and these CREATURES are playing with these ionosphere heaters because they want to put farmers out of business so Bill Gates can buy up the land. Please listen to these videos. They're very funny but will make you want to lock BILL GATES in his Porsche when it's 100 degrees outside.
Bill Gates Granted Authority to Buy 2100 More Acres of North Dakota Farmland

Dane has been pointing out how meteorologists are using the term "heat dome" all the time now, which is in fact H.A.A.R.P. induced and is creating the catastrophic droughts all over the globe, and not just H.A.A.R.P., but the hundreds of other ionosphere heaters, too. Here is a quote from a "Forecast Discussion" from the Cleveland NWS office.

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Cleveland OH
351 PM EDT Mon Jul 4 2022

A big airmass change will take place Tuesday as the big mid/upper
ridge (heat dome) centered over the Mid MS Valley bulges
northward in response to enhanced jet energy moving into the Pacific NW.

Notice how the word "bulges" is used! Be sure to watch Holes in Heaven to learn more about the destruction the U.S. Air Force is causing with H.A.A.R.P.. You can watch that for free. I have it linked on my "Recommended Links" page, which is on the bottom of my Book Reviews page. Coming up in a few weeks, I will also be posting the review to the Dr. Nick Begich book Angels Don't Play This HAARP. And here's one The Weather Channel just posted:
Where It Will Be The Hottest This Week

And as far as them spraying something else on the cattle, of COURSE they would. Dane said in New Zealand they are using a horrific poison called 1080. They're spraying it on carrots!! It gets worse. They use it to kill POSSUMS. OMG!! NOOOOOOO! How could ANYONE kill such a gentle harmless creature as a possum? He said they are covering the land with it. Here are some links.
New Zealand, The Poisoned Nation

Then Maria brought up the story that a GMO cholera vaccine from PaxVax was supposedly being sprayed through aerosol dispersions on Australia. I do not know the source she was using, but this article, published June 16, 2022, states the story began back in 2016, and has recently had a resurgence on Facebook. It denies that any such thing happened or could happen. Right. We DO know that, of course, they can spray us with vaccines and they probably are. I often wonder if those of us who think we are so smart by avoiding the jabs are in just as much danger as the ones who submitted to them. Dane said, "They can put us down, literally, overnight."
Here's a bit about PaxVax.
Chemtrails vaccine claim is a flight of fancy

Dane continued with the opposite of the heat, and how all these animals have been killed by these flash-freezes from chemical ice nucleation. I believe it was 2013 when 10,000 cattle were killed from that. He also spoke of the 250,000 cold-hardy alpacas that died in South America from chemical ice nucleation. We have become a planet of crude and cruel and cold-hearted people, where the deaths of animals such as this means nothing, nor does the deaths of people any more, it seems, which is why it is imperative that we keep firmly connected to our souls and the higher aspects of ourselves, lest we become like them. Pay attention. People have forgotten what it means to be human. Maria brought that up. There are so many forces working to disconnect us from our spiritual selves that we must constantly consciously work to keep connected. I will cover that a great deal more in my next article.

Dane also spoke of how these flash freezes are used for areas of protests, such as "Occupy Wall Street," and the Dakota Pipeline protests, and of course this winter, FOUR storms in a row that hit Ottawa during the Trucker's Convoy. Dane also mentioned things like the ten-mile wide stripe of snow that was 300 miles long, and the media (especially The Weather Channel) make it all sound normal and natural. Maria said she is always pointing out the anomalous weather in Australia.
Sydney is flooded, again, as climate crisis becomes new normal for Australia's most populous state
No, there's nothing normal or natural about any of this. She said most people don't realize what these psychopaths are willing to do, and with most, it is inconceivable that the government or military would do purposeful harm to people, animals and the land. Like those horrific fires. And now all these floods. Dane pointed out the these controllers should be the first to walk the planks. Yes, or line them all up against a wall and shoot them, and when people DO realize the horrors they have committed, as I've said, it will be another French Revolution with or without the guillotines.

They then discussed more about crop damage. India expected a bumper crop of wheat, but at the essential time, was hit with a "heat dome." Coincidence? Hell, no. Fifty percent of the crops were killed. He also said that the climate engineers must have abundant moisture to cool things down. Yes, I certainly am aware of that. I remember when I was growing up, we had rain. Just. Plain. Rain. We looked forward to it in the summer, because we didn't have to water, and the crops would be so refreshed and grow a couple inches over night. It was beautiful and natural. Now, I dread looking at the maps. EVERY rain we get is a potentially life-threatening, property-threatening event that goes on for days and days. Torrential rain with drops the size of peas, and PWATS up to 2 inches. I'm not saying we never had storms back then, or heavy rain, but it was the exception. I LONG for those days of peaceful and beneficial weather. I used to love all weather. Now it is nothing but a toxic killer. Here's another video I just saw this morning from The Weather Channel.
Hailstorm Wiped Out Entire Crop In Minutes
Of course, they blamed it on "Mother Nature."

Dane said that one particular mid-west state that they were monitoring very carefully received 450,000 TONS of nanoparticles in one year. He would not name the state, and said his people are experiencing blowback for helping him with these projects, such as losing grant money. He put things in perspective when Maria asked him a way to give people a means to comprehend such an amount. He said a dump truck holds ten tons, and SIX MILLION TONS of nanoparticles are sprayed per year. He also pointed out that tens of thousands would fit on a human hair. And that the Pentagon is missing 31 TRILLION DOLLARS which is being used for black-ops. That number keeps going up. Several years ago, it was only 20 trillion, and this is OUTSIDE of their regular budget. Well, we know where it's going. The DOD is currently leasing 400 commercial aircraft to be used in the weather warfare agenda.

Just a few more points. Dane mentioned the movie Gasland, which I had never heard of, and this was the first I've heard him mention it. It is a 2010 documentary about fracking and how it is poisoning all the groundwater on the planet. I found it to watch for free, so I will cover it in an upcoming article. Maria mentioned that people have noticed that the spraying seems a bit less. This was an interesting conversation to end the interview, and I've meant to bring this up also. Dane said that his people in the U.S. have mentioned that, too, but by no means has the spraying stopped. The composition of the aerosols change frequently now. He said they are using perhaps less alumninum, but more graphene oxide which is much worse, and I have more to say about that in the next interview. Dane said now we really do not know from day to day what is coming down on us.

Well, here's my own commentary. There are days when the sky "looks" blue at first glance, but at second glance, you can see it is a blue sky with a white background. Spraying, but you do not see the trails. Perhaps they have drifted from elsewhere. There are also days when the sky is a deep azure blue, BUT, when you look towards the sun, it is hazy, and you do not feel it beating down upon you. Spraying again, but less obvious.

But having said that, Dane also mentioned that this will stop, and then he went on his typical rant of reaching enough people from the inside. He brought up again his very brief—5:38 minutes long—video called
Is It Game Over? New NASA Report
The importance of this one is that sooner or later, people from these instutions will be FORCED to face the fact that they are participating in their own extinction, in this case, NASA, who put out this report debunking the official narrative that spraying particulates into the atmosphere cools the plane. But it is only a short-term cool-down, and substantially HEATS the planet over the long run. We're in the long run now and 75 years of fucking with the weather is way past the tipping point. People will very soon be FORCED to stop this atrocity, and to stop supporting those who won't stop, AND to expose them. When they realize we are fighting for our lives, this will happen and the pitchforks and torches will appear. There are other factors, too. Fuel shortages, massive pilot deaths and permanent disabilities, not only from the jabs, but from the toxic conditions under which they fly. All that radiation and EMFs plus the rising heating of the upper atmosphere which is guaranteed to ground all air traffic at some point soon.
Pilots Injured by COVID Vaccines Speak Out: 'I Will Probably Never Fly Again'
But what if they're all dead?
Flight cancelled? Pete Buttigieg is telling airlines to step up their game

And so I will assert my opinion once again that I think there's a pretty good chance we will not have a winter this year, because when the spraying stops, we will get HOT. I am flabbergasted that so many people DO NOT get this, even the ones who know all about chemical ice nucleation. WTF?? THAT is what has been giving us a winter here in the eastern half for the past ten years. Dane brought that up. I cannot understand why people are not outraged at having to pay horrendous heating bills when the planet is in meltdown and NO ONE here in the lower 48 should have to heat their homes, and they WON'T when the spraying stops. In any case, I did a second planting of tomatoes. And by the way, with a few exceptions, the nights around here have been downright cold. Still. I am not only wearing flannel pajamas, but FLEECE. I sleep with a comforter on my bed nearly every night and I am even closing my front door. Usually I open it in June, and don't close it until at least October, so they are still carrying out the farce here in the east that the planet isn't burning up, and the vast majority of people don't give it a thought. Dane pointed out that it is all to mask the severity of the situation so the controllers can carry on business as usual. Just wait.

I found both of these interviews very uplifting and positive, which had much to do with Maria's go-get 'em mindset, but Dane has also been more positive lately, perhaps because the halting of this atrocity is inevitable and coming soon. He said there is no way for us to stop the collapse. We're through the guardrail and on our way to the bottom of the canyon. But if we can stop this while the planet still has enough of her life-support system left, we can change the composition of the collapse, and I found that statement very true. And I will add that we must center our focus on our higher aspects—our soul and multidimensional selves, so that we will have the power to take over and restore/rebuild after the collapse.

As you all know, I have never been shy about stating my opinion that the people who are committing mass genocide/omnicide on this planet, and everyone that participates in the lies, cover-ups and treason, should all be lined up against a wall and shot. Dane has begun voicing his opinion about the fate of these people, but he has much more tact than I do, saying that they should be the first to walk the plank. Well, David Keith has been coming up in Dane's conversations, I mean, the man is an Alien reptile, seriously. Maria and Dane discussed him in both interviews. He said that Keith has aged a great deal in the past few years. (yeah, well, that's what evil deeds do). Dane's opinion was that it couldn't happen fast enough for him to "move to another level." HAHA! What a discreet way of saying he should drop dead soon! And now, on to the second interview.

Dane Wigington—Geoengineering, Chemtrails & The Australian Weather

This one took place on April 30, and I believe it was the first time these two had interviewed. Maria had obviously prepared herself by watching The Dimming, and many other videos from Dane's site. But for her viewers who may not be familiar with the term "geoengineering," or anything concerning it, she asked Dane to explain a few basics, which was obviously a good idea, but I do not need to cover that here because we all know about it. Dane, by the way, has a fairly strong Australian support team in his community, so perhaps it was one of his people who enlightened Maria about Dane.

One of the things she began with was that the skies in Australia were always covered with trails now, which apparently had not been the case before. Plus, they had that terrible year of those horrendous fires, and now, in the same places, non-stop flooding. She said people were starting to realize something was very wrong. She said a lot of people were becoming aware of the weaponizing of the skies. So they discussed a lot of the same material as in the first interview, the heat—it was 120 degrees in India in April this year. She asked who was doing this, and why, then said something very interesting. She pointed out that the areas that were burned, then flooded are the ones chosen to be made into "Smart Cities." That's not the first time I had heard that, and I believe something similar is happening with the U.S. west. Cut off the water supply and FORCE people to move where you want them to go. Oh, my. People had better wake up and get really angry and go after these psychopaths who THINK they have a right to do that. She had a screenshot that she showed from a flight radar site. just look at those grid patterns AND the patterns of rain that she showed in another screenshot.

She pleaded with her viewers that it is not enough to KNOW, but one must DO all they can to stop this because we are in a fight for our lives. (And our freedoms, of course—what's left of them.) She said some very derogatory things about the Australian population, that they were comfortable compliant cowards with no backbone and Dane pointed out that the U.S. isn't much different and I will point out that neither is most of the global population living in developed nations. As I always say, people are still WAAAAAY too comfortable, and when THAT changes, and it WILL SOON, then everything's gonna change.

They also spoke of the ingredients in the aerosols, and Dane pointed out the 239 open-air biological experiments Ken Caldeira participated in, then bragged about on record, when he worked for the government in 1977. He also said that institutions who do water testing refuse to get involved with what Dane is doing. Talk about spineless cowards!! Of course, he has that anonymous friend with very high credentials doing his analysis for him now. They do not know how long graphene oxide has been in the mix because they weren't looking for it. But it is used a great deal in the chemical ice nucleation process, and is also a pathogen carrier, which would account for the fact that Covid spread across the globe in a few days. Maria said that making it airborne was part of the gain-of-function process.

Now this is really scary. She brought up the fact that graphene is a "self-assembling" technology found in these vaccines. Probably all of you who are reading this have seen examples of these robot-like things either from vaccine samples that form symmetrical patterns in a vial, or samples from human bodies and she asked Dane if the graphene we are breathing in was also self-assembling. He hesitated in this one and said he must answer with caution, because they do not have the credible proof that they do, but . . . . OK, now if THAT doesn't enrage people, they must be brain-dead. DO YOU want some technology in your body that self-assembles into something that is NOT part of your organism? Maria again said people need to be angry and Dane said he exists in a controlled rage."

I will make one more point here, and this was something of which I was NOT familiar. You know how I am always taking screen shots of these microwave towers working to steer these storms. Dane has tons of them, too, but his are animated, so they are much better. Maria asked him if these beams can come off the ocean, and if so, what is causing them. Well, here it is. It is called SBX Radar. It is actually for missile defense but they are also obviously using them for weather warfare. How much money have we wasted on ALL warfare that could have SHOULD HAVE gone towards making the planet more beautiful and harmonious and naturally abundant for ALL LIFE??
Sea-based X-band Radar

Sea-Based Radar

And last, Maria and Dane pointed out through both interviews that we are fighting for our lives and it's not like making the choice of whether or not to get the jab. WE ALL HAVE TO BREATHE. And every breath we take is poisoning us. Please circulate this article and especially the links to both interviews.

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