Cosmic Dreaming

Every year about this time, I seem to become more silent and meditative, almost dreamy. Back when life was just a little normal, it was a sense of looking forward to the new year and what it would bring. Not that there is any difference between the last millisecond of December 31 and the first millisecond of January 1, unless you're a numerologist, but I think people like to use it as an opportunity to clear the slate. Over the past couple decades, it seems no matter what so many people plan, more and more lives are being interrupted by the evil forces that control us that are now finally losing that control. For the last couple years, I have looked forward to the end of it all—the end of life on this planet, and going to some other one—the ultimate in slate clearing.

However, this year, I am almost feeling that it is upon me, as my articles have reflected mostly since Covid. I am just so done with it all. As I mentioned when the whole Covid thing broke out, two really quite awesome things happened for me, one was a speeding up of ending a particular situation, which I was able to make much speedier. The other one was instantaneous, and happened in a fantasy sort of way, in fact, ending almost exactly how I visualized it in my wildest dreams. Since then other things have happened to allow me to separate even more from (unwanted) attachments I have to this old paradigm. And through this grew the knowledge of my "special phrase" which was promised to unlock doors, and it has. I still say it constantly, as I focus more and more on manifesting the reality in which I wish to live. Each success strengthens my confidence.

So now I find myself facing the biggie—ultimate removal from this planet, either to the one whence I came, or to the new one I have been creating in my mind. But what is happening to me in this world is a transformation I now recognize, as it preceded the events mentioned above. In every case, I reached zero-tolerance of the current situation, and sort of slipped out of it because my vibrational frequency had also changed and everything began to feel irrelelvant. My spirit was in the new place, and it was just a matter of time before my body arrived. I was not aware of this transformation until recently, when I realized I am at that place again, so therefore, moving on is imminent.

One of the things that is making it easier for me, and perhaps many other awakening people is this repetition we are being forced to endure. One weather distraction after another; one political distraction after another. And now, these vaccines . . . . At first, they were telling people that life would get back to normal in a few months when everybody (over my dead body) got the vaccine. But now they are sort of walking back on that one and pushing a return to normal farther and farther into the future. In time for them to create something else—anything to divert peoples' attention from the fact that we are in massive, full-blown climate collapse. But the part that just has me so confounded is that most of the population really does think we will get back to "normal" and everything will be fine. Slowly but slowly more and more people are awakening to the shock that that has zero possibility of happenining.

And so people react to this horror in several ways. Suicides are really an epidemic now, especially among certain groups, such as military veterans who suddenly realize they have been used and abused, then thrown away. I also saw an article recently of rising suicide rates in Japan, especially women. For other people, it is a soul decision, made beyond the person's consciousness. When the soul of a person realizes it is not equipped in this present incarnation to handle its challenges, there is no reason to remain in a body. There are other cases where a person just no longer desires to live, and, putting out that energy, finds a means to die, either through illness or accident. Mystical masters have also been able to consciously leave their bodies when they know a new place has been prepared for them.

But there is also a group of people that have become just so sick and tired of all we have endured, that they suddenly shift. Actually, the shift is not sudden, nor does it happen without an immense amount of spiritual work being done. Those people, myself included, find that so much has been cleared and purged that the chains which hold them bound fall away on their own. That is the whole philosophy behind holistic healing. Once the soul is healed, it trickles down through the more dense physical chakras, and the person's physical reality then changes, often drastically. Most of us on the path have experienced that throughout our lives, with the current changes becoming much more intense.

In the meantime, they are now spraying the living shit out of us here. There is nothing that can relieve this pentrating cold of the lead iodide/silver iodide concoction mixed with dry ice. Every bone in my body aches. They must continue to fool the fools who think, well, it's winter and it should be cold. I remember when I was a little kid, going out all the time to play in the snow. I don't think I ever owned a pair of sunglasses back then, and the sun would always be shining and the snow so bright it hurt my eyes, then I'd come in and couldn't see a thing for a few minutes. Now, we have barely seen even a speck of sunshine for most of the month; just a thick grey mass that blocks out the entire sky and makes every day seem like twilight. Plus we had another "winter storm" to contend with, which, this time, they did not over-dramtize for us. Last night, Molly and I went for an evening walk. I was wearing my ankle-high rubber boots and the snow, except on thick grassy areas, did not even come above the soles. And when I got up this morning, not much had changed.

Wednesday morning I went early to Alliance, as I wanted to pick up a few necessities in case we actually did get a snowstorm, plus Molly had a vet appointment for her heartworm check at 11:15. When I was pumping kerosene, I could not believe, it almost felt balmy. I wasn't wearing gloves and my hands weren't cold. Which once again goes to prove how they target certain areas, that there would have been such a drastic difference between my house and Alliance. The visit to the vet was something I just rather be done with altogether. Here are all these educated professionals who are absolutely clueless as to the real state of the world. If I try to point out something, people like that usually humor me or patronize me, like I'm a bit mentally off. It is these things I have repeated ad nauseum, and we as a planet are stuck in this Groundhog Day scenario, or as some of Dane's people say, "rinse and repeat." When the plandemic first began and everything just shut down, there was such a shift in the energy. We all need to just STOP, and most people missed their opportunity. I did not, and this "shutting down" enabled me to shift a lot of garbage. And it also enabled me to reach this final zero tolerance point. Obviously the majority of people will never reach it.

I have also had some very strange dreams, which I've not been able to remember, but I awaken with a feeling of clearing away yet one more ethereal obstacle keeping me from reaching full realization. It is bad enough we have to deal with this dystopian lifetime, but we also have to clear away the crud from past lives and even worse, inherited crap that was never ours to begin with. In T.H. White's The Once and Future King, he puts great emphasis on the whole burden of "the sins of the father," (and mother). In fact that, and White's personal struggle with war, are the two main themes running in his modern interpretation of King Arthur. And speaking of dreams, I am careful with what I embrace. Over the years, so many dreams have been nothing but alien programming into my unconscious mind, but those are of a different quality, and I delete them from my mind when I awaken so they do not effect me.

In Greek mythology, Oedipus, too, suffered the consequences of sin through ignorant innocence. We all have had to bear burdens that were never our own, and yet we seem to repeat them, such as people whose parents were alcoholics become so themselves. I made it a point to be as unlike my parents as possible. I did not always succeed, but now, at age 65, I really lack any connection to what they were. With all the DNA work I have done on myself, I probably, in truth, have become genetically different than when I was born. I've also seriously wondered if I didn't step into someone else's body, in which case, the person who was born of my parents was not me.

In any case, I have been allowing my mind to just wander over these perplexities in a non-stressful manner, because, again, that feeling, that shift I have experienced these past few years is upon me again, and I seem to be letting things fly by me without stopping to grasp them, always looking to where I am going and not where I am now. I have reached the place where many of us are headed, that "shit or get off the pot" scenario where I either reach my goals or will be forced to succumb to the unimaginable horrors overtaking the planet now. It certainly gives one inspiration.

The coming articles between now and 2021, if we make it—if I am still here—will continue in this dreamy or musing vein. I have a follow-up planned for this article that will be posted very soon. I have also been exploring the Old Testament, and will have a Bible article forthcoming, and will do an Insect Gallery of Photos for my Farm Series, as I did last year with the possum photos. I have lots of praying mantis photos, and a number of butterflies and moths. Other than that, I am keeping on high alert for current events that could create a major shift, release an immense amount of energy, and allow many of us to complete out goals and leave. So I am playing the waiting game, which has never been one of my favorite activities, but a necessary evil. I am particularly concerned with this vaccine, and the ultimate global effect it might produce. I am also, as usual, paying very close attention to the weather activities in the skies which are reaching frenzy level. Of course, any sign of disclosure, or a situation that will demand disclosure, always catches my eye, and there are many.

One last point I want to make is that I've added a new "essential" movie to my Home Page. Raymond mentioned it in a comment on Dane's site, and I believe Dane has discussed it. It is Soylent Green, and I will be discussing it at length, but I want to give everyone a chance to watch it. It was made in 1973 and stars Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson, who died twelve days after they completed the filming, from cancer. Toward the end, when his character, Sol Roth, is dying, and he and Thorn, (Heston) are saying goodbye, I got the feeling that the tears Heston was crying were not acting. I watched this on Tuesday, and was so extremely disturbed by it that I still have not recovered. It is loosely based on the book, Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison about the consequences of the population explosion. It is set in Manhattan, 2022, and is chillingly accurate, at least the movie is. I have not read the book yet. It is also about the climate disaster and extreme food shortages, which apparently were not stressed in the book, but take over in the movie. Warning: the end will make you sick, but I have to also comment that even though it appears to be the most grotesque sci-fi horror, I could easily see companies, such as Monsanto, that have not a shred of decency, proceed with a similar activity provided they had political protection, (of COURSE they do), and could get away with it. This movie will make an impact on your psyche, guaranteed.

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