Continuing Desperation

This is the remainder of information I couldn't fit into my last article, Desperation, plus a bit more I've collected. I seem to be finally catching up on eveything after this past month of frigid cold that pretty much paralyzed me from getting much accomplished. Remember, articles like the one below are ALL part of the cover up. These lying meteorologists have GOT to know none of this is real, or they should NOT have the title of meteorologist. Or maybe the stations just choose to hire the stupidest of the lot. Or those most easily bribed, blackmailed, or threatened.
Brrr! February was ice cold. The coldest in more than 30 years
And if they had NOT dumped all this toxic ice nucleation shit on us, it would have been the WARMEST. Fucking liars and cowards. But not all. Here's a great comment from Dane's latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 6, 2021.

Stan Sylvester says:
March 7, 2021 at 4:35 am

Kari Lake, a very popular news anchor in Phoenix recently resigned. After 22 years, she said that she no longer was proud to be in her profession. She then went on to say that things got really bad when Covid hit. She said that the news she was asked to read was not "fully truthful." BOOM!!! This is what is needed. The mass awareness Dane talks about requires people like Kari that have tremendous spheres of influence. I'll try to find an address to mail her some geoengineering info.

Yes, that is EXACTLY what is needed. For people to find their courage and be willing to TAKE A RISK for the greater good. Those who continue to focus on themselves rather than serving others for the greater good will find themselves in a very dark place very soon. And no one will give a shit and no one will bail them out. We reap what we sow, and if we stand by and watch all these atrocities unfolding and do NOTHING, that will be our reward. NOTHING. Take heed now. We need everyone to do their part, and the most dire and desperate situation now is the criminal activity in the skies. Stop that and everything else will shift. THEN we will be able to see clearly exactly where we are, and go forward accordingly. Here are more LIES being published by the MSM, attempting to make all this completely anomalous weather sound normal or natural. Remember, by using microwaves and the heavy metals in the aerosol dispersions, the climate engineers are able to steer the jet stream ANYWHERE they want. Sort of. As all the earth's natural systems continue to collapse, soon THEY will not be able to control ANYTHING. That is when SHIT HITS THE FAN.

La Niña could supercharge this year's tornado season, just like it did to deadly effect in 2011
Here's why the US has more tornadoes than any other country

So I guess they're preparing us for the next planned disasters. And it appears Texas will be under attack again. OMG, seriously? Here are the two latest NOAA Outlook Maps for temperatures I downloaded yesterday, for the 6-10 day outlook and 8-14 day outlook.

6-10 Day Outlook

8-14 Day Outlook

And here's more bad news from Texas.
Texas Won't Reduce $16 Billion In Electricity Charges From Winter Storm
At least 6 people hospitalized after a natural gas explosion and fire in Texas
OMG! I cannot even comprehend paying such a bill. And I hope these people DO NOT. If everyone refuses to pay, and cater to these thieves and criminals, it will all have to STOP. It's all gonna stop anyways, when the collapse comes. But if we ALL work together, we can bring about the shock wave that we in Dane's community yearn for. When people finally realize what is being done to them, the whole world will be turned upside down, and the controllers will be at the mercy of the PEOPLE. Do you not want that?? PLEASE HELP distribute Dane's materials.

I still will publish my letter to the media when I get ready to email it, but after Dane's esposé on Bill Gates, I decided to write a cover letter to my seed companies, and snail mail it along with Dane's booklets. He sent me everything I need to get this stuff in circulation. that's all he wants, especially since The Dimming should be coming out any day now. It just seems to me that people involved in Non-GMO/traditional/organic farming would be the ones most likely to help and support us, but that has proven to be anything but true. How can these people NOT know that there is nothing normal about the weather now? I'm hoping that this second effort will get them ordering flyers to include in their seed orders. Wouldn't that be great!!! As I addressed these envelopes, I looked carefully at each catalogue to find an owner/manager or other person of importance to whom I could directly address the envelope. The message in the Pinetree catalogue was the most truthful of all, admitting there is a seed shortage, and painting a less optimistic picture of the situation, and for that I commend them. In the cover letter I'm including, I especially pointed out Dane's broadcast this past week, LINKED ABOVE, which was the most damning exposé of Bill Gates I've ever heard. He must have spent days digging up that dirt. If you were a Non-GMO seed producer, wouldn't the fact that Bill Gates, who owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock, and the fact that he is now the largest owner of American Farmland, be a red flag? How could anyone in this vocation blindly ignore something like that? I hope all of you have listened to that broadcast, Global Alert News, from March 6.

Dane also did an interview with Greg Hunter. I seriously have issues with Greg's political viewpoints, as he is about as far right as you can get and Trump was his hero. HOWEVER, he has always supported Dane, and he has an active site, so therefore, I cannot dislike the man. Here is the link. I was shocked at how tired and haggard Dane looks in the video. OMG! He cannot do this himself, and what he's doing MUST be done. PLEASE HELP.
Weather Warfare in Texas—Snow That Doesn't Melt—Dane Wigington

Order his materials and pass them out wherever you go. I am having great success with people who really want to know what's going on. Much more than seven years ago when I first began my activism against climate engineering. The more you educate yourself on this subject, the more you can help educate others. But you can also just leave fliers. There is a laudromat in Alliance on one side of town that is totally unattended by anyone. The owners have a tax accounting business on the other side of town, and a cleaning lady comes in at closing, or so I've been told. It is always clean. I've had great result handing out materials and talking to people there who are interested. Plus I leave stuff on the table, and it's always gone when I return, and I don't think it is getting thrown away, so people must be taking it. There is another laudromat on the other side of town. I stopped there yesterday, and dropped some materials into the basket of magazines. That one IS attended, so hopefully they will not get thrown away. I also left one at the library in Alliance, plus always hand them out to cashiers and people in line. The cashier at the gas station where I buy kerosene was very interested. It is easy to do.

Here is one more comment from Texas, and it's part of a longer comment by Raymond. His mention of fly maggots comes from Dane's exposé on Bill Gates, where he suggested that insects are a great food for the poor and starving, especially MAGGOTS. Yeah, Bill. Let's see you eat them. In your case, it would be cannibalism. And I've mentioned numerous times that most of the Non-GMO foods that ALDI used to carry have disappeared during this past year, actually even before the beginning of this plandemic.

Raymond says:
March 6, 2021 at 8:45 pm

Grocery store shelves are finally beginning to fill up again here in Texas, weeks after the Polar Vortex WATERgate conspiratorial engineered climate tragedy. I stress Water because millions of people still have no clean water! And two gallon limit mandates are in effect at all stores. With absolutely No Emergency Food or Water distribution by (federally activated) National Guard, state or county organizations anywhere, except in Houston and Austin.

Store shelves are only being stocked with GMO Foods and Beverages while the traditional, organic and non GMO shelves remain empty. And "those" farmers are reporting that soil conditions have become so contaminated by chemicals that weeds won't even grow! They know that atmospheric and rain contaminants are to blame for obliterating their crop harvest ventures and refuse to be blackmailed by the weather warfare Gates minions, into becoming GMO Poison farmers. So, they're being forced to accept offers by commercial and residential development contractors.

20 years ago there was only large numbers of house flies in Summer and even then, it was nothing out of the ordinary. But through the years it has become more like an episode of the Twilight Zone! They appear in the millions now, from Spring through Fall and even when temperatures plummet in Winter. Which defies all logic in regards to the laws of Nature. I had flies literally crawling into my house, under gaps in doors . . . when the engineered polar vortex crippled this state in February! Couldn't fly . . . obviously because the cold had substantially lowered their metabolic rate. But what is up with that? Are common house flies being genetically cloned and manipulated by labs around the world to keep producing exorbitant quantities of maggots year round, for edible protein that's intended to supplement GMO food production, or what? I can literally find no rational explanation for this anomaly, as I can never remember (ever) seeing one single fly in my youth, when temperatures fell below the freezing point. Now I see them crawling on the ground as snow is falling from the sky . . . and grasshoppers desperately seeking shade from the sun during the Summer months. The intense solar radiation will kill grasshoppers (NOW) if they don't find shade in time . . . and in the days of my youth, I remember how they couldn't live without spending as much time as possible . . . in direct sunlight!

Alrighty then, let's move on to the next horror. Here's more on Covid vaccines. Apparently they think they can dangle a carrot to those who refuse vaccination by telling them all the things they'll be able to do. Yeah, until the reactions from the toxic vaccines set in.
Amount of people hesitant to get Covid-19 vaccine dropping rapidly
Here's what the CDC says fully vaccinated people can do

And how about this? Dane mentioned the use of wildfires to cool the planet in the interview wiht Greg Hunter, I believe, which he said has the same effect of volcanoes. Andrew of Scotland has been saying that for years. This next article, which quotes Ken Caldeira, the former government agent whom Dane mentions at least once a week, who stated ON RECORD, and Dane has the recording, that the U.S. government DOES spray pathogens on the American people. He works for Bill Gates now. So, keep in mind, this article is TOTAL BULLSHIT, once again, saying that geoengineering is merely theoretical, when of course it's been done for 75 years. But the idea of INTENTIONALLY setting off a volcano is clearly stated. I mean, really this article makes one gag it is so filled with lies, EXCEPT for the part about volcanoes cooling the planet.
Geoengineering versus a volcano
Now, check this out. A whole swarm of them, POOF!
Volcano Eruption Could be Terrible Preview
17,000 earthquakes hit Iceland in the past week. An eruption could be imminent
Guatemala Volcano Sends Hot Rocks 1,500 Feet into the Air
Study: Earthquakes in Utah Point to Active Volcano Field
Tsunami Warning Issued After Strong Earthquake Causes Severe Shaking in New Zealand
That was lifted soon after, I believe.

Flooding? Nope. Just the opposite. Blowout tide? Is that another new and trendy term for these completely anomalous events. I've certainly never heard it. But OMG!! Look at Venice. After they've been under water for so long. It makes you say, WTF?? And it is also disturbing. But I've often wondered, too, just how much stuff The Weather Channel makes up. I've seen videos of theirs that just have to be fake.
What Is a Blowout Tide?
Water in Venice Canals Slows to a Trickle

And here's more about ice nucleation. And the surfactants in it, which is the substance in soap that makes it soapy, and causes these horrendous pileups, which get worse every winter.
2 people injured in a 30-vehicle pileup in Montana
But here is the worst example of ice nucleation I've ever seen in my life. And some of those people are still living there. OF COURSE Russia did it ON PURPOSE. I went back through my articles, and found a picture I had posted back in the beginning of January. This one is from the 6th—a map from the Climate Change Institute in Maine, which I often use. It is the anomaly view, and I was shocked to see those bright red/pink colors, which signifies greatly above normal temperatures. Now, if you take a ruler and place it on the "6" in the key below, and hold it straight, then trace it to the northern coast of Siberia, just west of the Ural Mountains, THAT is Vorkuta, which was anomalously HOT on that date. I cringe to think how much toxic coolant was sprayed on those people to get it THAT COLD. I believe Dane said some places were 70 below zero, but I could be wrong about that. I don't think I am, though, because the second map is from today. JUST LOOK at the difference. THAT is what they're doing to us. Fuck the people, just cool the planet so they won't find out the damage we've done. And while I'm at it, just LOOK at how anomalously HOT it is in the central U.S.. Then look above at the "scheduled" cooldown area. It's all as clear as can be. How can people NOT NOTICE?? As Dane says, the media is told to make the people think it's COLD, COLD, COLD. Just like they want people to think everyone is demanding a vaccine.
Inside Russia's deep frozen ghost towns

Climatereanalyzer Anomalies Map from January 6, 2021

Climatereanalyzer Anomalies Map from March 9, 2021

And speaking of ice nucleation, remember when I mentioned that there was something cold dripping off my house when it was sunny and all the snow, ice, and water had been gone for days, and it made my house VERY COLD. Take a look at this. I was walking Molly on Sunday, and I saw it and thought my eyes were deceiving me. But I got under it, and they weren't. It finally fell. It was sunny and 44 degrees at the time. It was an "icicle," but surely not made of water. And there was not another one to be seen anywhere. Talk about WTF. It is now 66 degrees outside as I finish this up, but there is still that underlying cold. I finally took the tank out of my kerosene heater in my office, because it is 67 degrees in here. I have not seen THAT since last summer, or maybe fall. But as soon at the heater runs down, it will get cold, because the skies are filled with toxic shit that is COLD. But at least I'm functioning again. I am able to concentrate and work quickly, because I don't have to stop to thaw my hands every five minutes. I am so enraged that we are putting up with this shit.

Chemical Icicle at 44 degrees

Just a few more links and we'll be done. The first, well, I've mentioned numerous times that we actually ARE not only being spoken to in our dreams, but being PROGRAMMED. It's all part of the ongoing mind-control experiments, both on and off planet. Don't you sometimes wonder if this is ALL just a lucid dream?
Scientists Talked To People In Their Dreams. They Answered.
And this next one reminds me of the steampunk movie, The Golden Compass, based on Philip Pullman's trilogy, His Dark Materials, Book One. Both the movie and the trilogy are excellent. I cannot understand why the movie wasn't a hit. Oh, yeah, that's right. It offended Catholics.
The Golden Compass recap: how a literary triumph was turned to dust
The Golden Compass Photos
Anyways, since it was done in steampunk style, there were lots of mechanical oddities. One was a spy-fly, of which this reminded me. Below is a photos of the spy-fly from the movie.
Don't Swat This Bug. It Might Be A Robot On A Rescue Mission

Spy-Fly from The Golden Compass

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