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December 31, 2021
Updated January 6, 2022

As we end this truly miserable year, there is evidence that a huge movement is under way to bring the global insanity concerning this false pandemic and the extremely dangerous vaccines being foisted upon the ignorant public to a halt. I watched this video—twice— several days ago, and have not been the same since. This incredible lawyer from England has been gathering a huge team of international lawyers and experts, such as doctors, scientists, psychologists and others who are qualified to provide evidence that our current global scenario is nothing short of genocide, and massive Crimes Against Humanity. She is not a person to be messed with, so it stands to reason that those she has gathered are of the same mindset. These people are now working on rooting out all individuals who have played a role in perpetrating this criminal activity, and making them accountable. That includes the crime of silence, which is complicity, and ignorance, or following orders that are illegal, which cannot be used as a defense. According to the latest VAERS data, which, remember, only represents 1% of the actual total, then the number of people just in the U.S. that have been injured, permanently disabled or killed by these vaccines would be over 47 million. Those who are responsible must be called to answer for their behavior. Therefore, I have drafted this document to be distributed to everyone, either emailed or printed, to friends, businesses and the media who have promoted these vaccines as "safe and effective," of which they are neither, or those who have been injured or have loved ones that have been injured or killed from them. That also includes businesses that have mandated vaccines or masks, for their employees and/or customers. It is all illegal. My purpose is to provide links so people can inform themselves about the dangers of these vaccines, the lies that are being told concerning this entire Covid false pandemic, and also about our rights, according to International Laws and what we can do to protect ourselves against those who do not have our health in mind. These vaccines are not about health. They are about control and tyranny. I have spent great effort gathering this material, so PLEASE put it to good use. As Anna says, it is our constitutional duty to uphold the law.

Video: Experimental Injections. “Biggest Crimes Against Humanity Ever Committed.” Anna de Bouisseret Explains Who Will be Held Liable Under the Law

Here is another excellent short video. I took some notes for both of these which follow.

Anna De Buisseret: Every Lawyer I’ve Spoken To Says This Is Crimes Against Humanity

The team has compiled a 175-page Declaration of Human Rights which is being distributed. It also contains an affidavit, and those being served have fourteen days to respond. 79% of schools in the U.K. have been served and arrest warrants also served. Teachers are coercing or threatening children to submit to the vaccine. She also makes it clear that silence not an option. Silence is a war crime. Police and members of the military are also being served. According to the International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg, you are not entitled to follow illegal orders and you will be held personally responsible for your actions. What is going on now, according to the International Criminal Court, is Crimes Against Humanity, genocide, and military-grade psychological warfare. She makes it clear that those perpetrating these crimes, participating in them, or allowing them to continue without speaking out will be held accountable, and there will be no place to run, no place to hide. She says that today, with the internet, everyone has access to truthful information. There are those in all professions and societies speaking the truth, so there is no excuse for anyone to claim they didn't know what was going on. And this is a comment from me personally: All one has to do is check the local obituaries, and when, day after day, more and more people, including young children, are "dying unexpectedly," to NOT question that is a sin of omission, and inexcusable.

Now, here are some updates on the Crimes Against Humanity charges filed against Bill and Melinda Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, and twelve others, including Boris Johnson, Tedros Adhanhom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, and the CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and AstraZeneca.

Gates, Fauci, & Daszak charged with Genocide in International Court Filing

Top Public Health Figures Accused of Genocide in Historic Complaint Sent to the International Criminal Court

Before the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Corona Virus “Vaccines”. Nuremberg Code, Crimes against humanity, War Crimes and Crimes of Aggression”

Now here are a great many articles and videos I've collected that make it clear to anyone willing to investigate, that these vaccines and anything but safe.

US Pilot Deaths increase by 1,750% after Covid Vaccine Rollout
367 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 209 Dead, After COVID Shot
Video: Dr. Charles Hoffe Delivers A Dose Of Reality on mRNA Vaccine You Can’t Afford To Miss!!!

Something else that bewilders me is that people are not wondering why SO MANY health-care workers are willing to be fired rather than get the vaccine. These people have good-paying jobs, many with seniority and benefits. They would not be giving all that up if they didn't know something was very wrong with these vaccines.

More hospital nurses blow whistle on “overwhelming” number of heart attacks, blood clots occurring in the fully vaccinated
Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine
CV19 Booster Shot Also a Bioweapon—Karen Kingston
Covid vaccines “most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history,” says Dr. Peter McCullough
ODMS: “Oxygen Deprivation Mask Syndrome” Now Sweeping Across the Globe
Here's one from a while back, and an excellent exposé.
Nurses Speak Out at Minnesota Town Hall Meeting on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Lack of Reporting to VAERS

And more on Crimes Against Humanity.

The COVID-19 “Vaccine” and the Nuremberg Code. Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide

World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the COVID-19 Experimental “Vaccines”
The link above contains "basic principles of common law, constitutional law and natural justice, as well as the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration, and other international treaties." It also states "The Council declares that every living man and woman has a moral and legal duty to take immediate and decisive action to halt this unprecedented medical experiment, which continues to cause unnecessary and immeasurable harm." That means EVERYONE must do their part to stop this atrocity. Dr. Michael Yeadon, formerly Chief Scientist at Pfizer and one of the signers of the above document, is also one of those who filed the criminal charges against Gates and others. So is Funeral Director John O’Looney, in the link below.
Video: Funeral Director John O’Looney: “Deaths due to Heart Attack, Stroke, Aneurysm, as Direct Result of Thrombosis Embolisms in the Lungs”
Here is a much better one from September.
Video: Funeral Director John O’Looney Blows the Whistle on COVID

And now we get to the really creepy stuff. Again, Michael Yeadon explains.
Video: Ex-Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon: Mass Murder with Vaccine Passports/Top Up Vaccines
And here are three videos by one of my favorite people, Catherine Austin Fitts. She is the former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George W. Bush, who left that position, appalled at what she experienced. She now has her own very successful financial business, which also includes helping people break free from toxic institutions. She has been speaking on digital tyranny and complete control of people's money by a chip implant. Because most people would refuse to allow that, she believes these vaccines contain just such an operating system. Many others, along with Austin Fitts and Yeadon agree, and microscopic analysis of the vaccine contents has revealed unidentifiable objects that replicate.
Catherine Austin Fitts
Using Disaster Capitalism to Control All Humans—Catherine Austin Fitts
Greatest Violations of Nuremberg Code in History—Catherine Austin Fitts

Here is some updated information and further clarity on certain issues.
Louisiana Nurse Blows the Whistle: “We Have Had More Children Die from the COVID Vaccine Than of COVID Itself”
She, like so many others, points out that the "variants" are the VACCINES. The adverse reactions people are suffering from the vaccines are called "symptoms" of the variants. The vaccines are producing the variants. John O'Looney, above, in the first video also points that out. And here is more proof of people "dying unexpectedly," now in droves. This one is based on data from a large life insurance company in Indiana. Here is a quote: "OneAmerica is a large life insurance company in Indianapolis. The chief executive officer, Scott Davison just announced that judging by policy claims Americans of working age are suddenly dying in unprecedented numbers. He reports that all life insurance companies are experiencing a 40% rise in the death rate." OH, MY!!
Now People Are Dying from the Vaccine. "All Vaccinations Must be Stopped"

And there is something else I personally want to make clear, and that is the TOTAL LIES being perpetrated that this is a pandemic of the "unvaccinated." O'Looney and all the others here I have linked also make that clear, as does the data, for anyone willing to pursue the truth. Please be aware that the CDC's definition of "vaccinated" changes, as each new shot comes along. At first, if you got a vaccine, you were "vaccinated, and if not, you were "unvaccinated." But as it became glaringly clear that the vaccines did nothing to stop the spread of Covid, then people were told they had to get a second vaccine, PLUS, they would not be considered "vaccinated" until fourteen days after receiving their second shot. Keep in mind that the VAERS data only includes adverse reactions for fourteen days. If you died fifteen days later, then it would not be counted as a vaccine death. Hmm. Imagine that. Now, with so many people dropping dead, the brainwashing has become so severe that these deaths are not even considered by most people to be related to the vaccine, even though doctors and scientists are screaming out their discoveries about the long-term effects and damage of these toxic shots. Here is the link to the VAERS data:
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Of course, the second shot was no better, and only increased the number of vaccine deaths and adverse events, so people were urged to get the "booster," also completely ineffective and causing even more illness. And as for the CDC, in order to be considered "fully vaccinated," you had to have gotten both shots plus the booster. So all these people who are mostly sick FROM the vaccines are considered "unvaccinated" unless they have had all three shots. And the data makes it clear that the "fully vaccinated" are still the overwhelming majority of those who are sick. We are being lied to left and right. WAKE UP!

It is a known fact that the vaccines are decimating people's immune system—as many experts point out, they are essentially causing AIDS. The mRNA jabs alter their victim's DNA so the body turns upon itself. With each infection, the body will have less and less ability to fight disease. We see that happening now. The holidays are done, and flights are still being cancelled because of sickness. Or is it really deaths? Or permanent disabilities? More and more people are unable to carry on with their lives.

The purpose of a vaccine is to prevent the illness for which it is intended. Period. When I was born, I got a vaccine for, I believe, four illnesses: polio, diphtheria, whooping cough and smallpox, I think they were. When I was in the second or third grade, one day we all got a booster. It was a sugar cube we ate. The parents were there when they were being distributed. I have NEVER needed another "booster," and I am 66 years old and have not taken any medicine whatsoever for nearly thirty years. I allow my body to do what it was intended to do, naturally, and keep myself healthy through holistic living. As I have stated above, everyone has a duty to uphold their constitution and stand up for their rights and freedom. If you do not, then you deserve neither. "'The Universal Declaration of Human Rights' is exactly what it says—Human Rights are universal and we are all entitled to these rights. Unfortunately, violations exist in every part of the world." The website quoted here lists ten countries as "'extreme risk' for human rights abuse," but what we are experiencing now with these vaccines is an explosion of human rights violations all over the globe, especially in countries that supposedly are respected for their human rights enforcement. That would include the U.S., U.K. and numerous western nations.

The growing team that has committed themselves to stopping this criminal activity and seeing the perpetrators punished has no intentions of giving up before they reach their goal. Attorney Anna de Bouisseret tells us it is our duty to speak out and spread this information, and that is what I also intend to do. This may be the last step needed to bring upon us the Great Awakening we so much need. And when the criminality of these vaccines and mandates are finally exposed to the public, all arrows will then point to the root of it all, which is climate engineering/weather warfare.
GeoEngineering Watch

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