Chills and Thrills

This article will also be a sort of hodge-podge of everything, since I do not have a Farm Series for 2021 yet and I am not sure we will even be here in this particular situation for much longer to make it worth my while. I have toyed with different themes, but they are all negative, and I would rather create a series for the New World than the dying one. Plus, of all the articles I do, these Farm Series articles expend the most of my time. I scrambled to publish my The Cosmic Dream Farm Gallery of Insect Photos to end the year, and since December 31, only two people have viewed it. Thank you. I thought it was a cool page . . . . It is the top link in the right column of my Home Page, as it has been the entire year, so it is easy to access. And also let me once again remind you to enter my site on my Welcome Page, ( to ensure that the most recent Home Page opens. I continue to see Code 304s and partial pages opened, which means your browser is opening the last version you viewed, for instance, if you read an article, then the next day clicked that article to enter my site, you may very well get an old page. This is especially true if you do not clear your browsing cache frequently. I clear my after every couple sites I visit. That is just good computer hygiene. And all this is made even worse if you are using a cell phone to view my site or any site. PLEASE DITCH YOUR CELL PHONES. If you do NOT, then YOU are part of the segment of the population who is bringing us to the brink of worse than destruction. DYSTOPIA is a better word, worse than George Orwell could have possibly imagined. And that is what this article will be about.

I called it Chills and Thrills because it's all coming to a head, and what is being revealed now is utterly chilling, but those who are speaking out and capturing more and more of the population's attention are thrilling. So what our goal must be is to override the chills with the thrills to bring about victory IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS. And that means TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your behavior. So let me begin with the events of the past week or so.

In my last A Hodge-Podge to End the Year, I quoted Simple Horseman who said, "Personally, I resent that the air I breath has turned me into a two legged walking talking micro wave receiver." I remember sitting here at my computer and realizing that that sentence was going round and round in my mind, and suddenly I got these chills up and down my spine, which often happens when we recognize a profound truth. But it didn't stop there, it actually sent me shivering, and opened up another window to the bigger picture. I would expect that all my readers are now completely aware that these vaccines the controllers are pushing, or perhaps soon forcing onto the population, DO contain RNA-altering materials, and computerized nano-particles, all part of the massive agenda to surveille and control every human on the planet, except of course the Elite. So we all have made up our minds to NOT allow anyone to vaccinate us under any circumstances. However, Horseman is correct, because they ARE including substances in the spraying that does the same, and I realized that we are ALREADY being pulled into their control. We have been for quite a while, but it has gotten SO much worse.

Here in Northeast Ohio, we have seen the sun ONCE since December 23, and that was on December 29. and there are some specks of sun today, but quickly covered, as they spray now 24/7. All the other days have been this thick, murky white or grey, and rain or "snow" nearly every day, mostly rain. Every day is like twilight. We are being deprived not only of the sun and warmth but LIGHT. I have had a hell of a time doing my Lightwork, and have truly felt the Darkness descending upon me, which of course IT IS. This is not "normal" darkness, it is an unspeakable EVIL, and it all ties together with the heinous criminal activity in the skies, vaccines and the whole Covid farce, and numerous other activities which have been going on for quite a while but are now being brought into the Light. Let me paraphrase what Paul Levy says in Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil, which is that as the Light increases, so does the Darkness, and they will meet in the middle. He does not believe we can totally be rid of evil, nor should we want to, which I TOTALLY disagree with. I believe LIGHT can overcome the darkness and dispel it forever. A speck of darkness will not be noticed in the Light, but light a match in a dark room, and that Light will spread far and wide.

We are at this meeting point, and it is REALLY UGLY. We continue to be pulled back into this horrible physical reality when we would much rather be off this planet altogether. We must complete our work, then we can leave. For those of you waiting for someone else to do YOUR share of the responsibility, YOU will not be leaving. We ALL have a personal assignment. And we have a collective assignment. As much as I would like to say that we can disappear once we reach our personal realization, that has just not proven to be possible. Painful as it is, we must continue to descend to this PIT called Planet Earth and do our part to banish the Alien Controllers that stole this planet from its rightful creators, which would be US, eons ago. That is what we are here for now. The Pleiadians in Bringers of the Dawn told us that point blank, and what they foretold nearly thirty years ago is now coming to pass. So now, let me share what material I've gathered, and I've got some really good stuff. First, I have some farm photos. I sent these to Dane, and rather than re-type my letter, I'll just copy it here, and his response. I sent the email yesterday. The snow is STILL there today, after ten days of above freezing temps! Here are the two photos.

Nucleated Snow

Nucleated Snow

I am so thrilled and proud for your new Q&A radio show. I will listen next week, and am including all the info in my upcoming article.
I also watched the video of Catherine Austin Fitts submitted by V. Susan Ferguson. OMG!!!
It is my opinion that even if we do not receive the vaccine, we are being sprayed with nano-particles that contain computerized implants. I am usually mentally very focused and clear, but for the past few days I've been unable to think or hold a thought, which is terrifying. The skies here in NE Ohio just keep getting more and more unbelievable.
Check out these photos. On Dec. 24, we went up to 51.1 degrees, then overnight and into the 25th, we had that "snowstorm" which dropped about 6 inches of fluffy white and dry substance that amazingly turned to tons of water when it began to melt. But it did not melt completely, in fact the roofs were covered for nearly a week. This first photo was taken on Jan. 2. JUST LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW. On Dec. 27, after an anomalously cold drop to 12.7 degrees, we shot up to 44.8. The highs after that were 45.1; 36.1; 48.7; 34.3; 44.6 . . . ALL above freezing. And not only that, on Jan. 1 we had this horrendous "system" that dumped .7 inches of RAIN on us, and it has rained every day since, dropping nearly another half inch. So why the F**K is there still "snow" on the ground? The answer is that it is NOT snow. The second photo was taken today. Yep, it's still there.
I feel like I just want to curl up and die sometimes. We have days and days of endless twilight--no sunrise, no sunset, just dark, then less dark, then dark again. You can tell from the photos.
And I agree with your people who mention the bitter cold. It feels like dry ice because it IS dry ice, one of the ingredients in the Knollenberg patent, and yes it burns your skin.
Like you, I have no intention of giving up or giving in. Something BIG is coming very soon. We will win, but it will still be very ugly.
Please take care,

Hello, LC, hope you are well.
Thanks for the pics, yes, the chemically nucleated "snow", I know it well.
Thank you for staying the course, Friend, I will do the same on this end.
Stay safe,

I, like so many others, do not know what I would do without Dane and his community. While I am extremely independent and would prefer to be off on my own little planet that I've been creating in my mind, first things must come first, and this group of people is mostly the only human thread I have remaining, as I work frantically to complete my, our task. There is this force that keeps pulling us back into the physical world, probably two forces. The first is the evil one that creates is creating one crisis after another that, try as we might, we must deal with at the physical level unless we want to be like the religious hermits who spend their life in solitude in some cave or atop the Himalayan Mountains. They may be saving their own souls, but not much else at this point. The second force is our own, perhaps which continues to remind us that we are here to rid the planet of alien vermin. That does not imply "saving the world," because there won't be much left to it when it is all said and done, but at least we will be free to go on and create something new without this evil interference.

Just a couple more random points, then I will get to some articles I've saved, plus more on Dane and Catherine Austin Fitts.

I have said for years and years that we are living in an illusion. Most likely, in the end, we will discover that this is all just a computer program begin projected from within us, which just rattles my brain. That is another reason we must fight to bring its falseness to Light. As above, so below. When we bring about disclosure, or transparency, as Austin Fitts calls it, it will also be healed and removed at the non-physical levels. OK, so that's the chills. The thrills are that SO MANY are observing the anomalies and calling them out. Like the "snow" above. But there are other things I am experiencing that scream out at me that NOTHING is real. Several days ago, I was meditating in my warm and comfy spot in the dining room in front of a kerosene heater, when I felt water splash on me. Of course, my skin was completely dry. I have also seen "beings" in the house with me out of the corner of my eye. Again, there's nothing but someone or something fucking with my senses, which are the most unreliable means to perceive the truth, yet the most powerful sensing mechanism in our human bodies. Most likely, the entire climate engineering issue is also just part of the projected fake reality, but again, it represents what is happening in the non-physical world. Call it out; disclose it, and the illusion will be shattered. That's why we continue to be pulled back into this physical hell.

As I said, this past week has been really bad. Everything breaks, nothing works, I am clumsy and disoriented, but what really is bizarre, and I've noticed this in the past is that when I seem to be attacked from all sides, I also suffer severe depletion, which, to anyone who questions reality, will know that this is not just simply running out of things. No matter what I buy, it seems I am out of everything—food, pet food, clean laundry, and on and on. No matter what I do to supply what I need, I am depleted. I have also been physically exhausted. If I sit down, I fall asleep. For hours. Most people would not see anything out of the ordinary here, but, I assure you it is. If this computerized reality can make us see or feel something that is not there, then it can also take away what we believe we have. The whole concept of time is an illusion. The more you pay attention to anomalies, the less ANYTHING makes sense.

I've found some articles that were posted briefly often by only one source, then disappeared. Here is one that really sent chills, AND thrills because it was published. Some may say that, well, he was some loony who blew up himself and his dog and part of Nashville, but others will say, "Hmm, well, yes, he was right, of course." The one thing I DISagree with is that this did NOT start with 9/11. Alien interference has been around for millions of years, but the unveiling of their final agenda really began after WWII. All this new technology, super-poisonous pesticides, surveillance, mind control, climate warfare/terrorism, GMOs, depopulation, and on and on sort of burst onto the scene at that time.
Nashville bomber sent writings espousing conspiracy theories to multiple people days before blast
This one has appeared in multiple news sources, and IS true. It is unfortunate the pharmacist chose that method to refuse to obey, because now he looks like a criminal. But I suppose one of these days, all of us who refuse to obey will be branded as criminals. Unless we can reveal the TRUE criminals at work.
Wisconsin pharmacist accused of tampering with COVID-19 vaccine doses allegedly had false belief it would change people's DNA
And here's one that indicates Ohio is waking up! These are all thrills!!
Ohio offered nursing home workers early dibs on a vaccine. Many said no.

I want to end this section with a comment by Earth Angel on Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 26, 2020 edition. She comments regularly and is always observant, as are SO MANY of his people now that not only notice these gigantic anomalies (that most of the herd does NOT notice), but can also connect the dots as to why it is happening. More thrills!!

Earth Angel says:
December 30, 2020 at 10:42 am

Wow, It just keeps getting weirder with the artificially induced cold! Today I was just outside and walked to the barn from the house, about 150ft. away. I brought a drink of water to my better half who was blowing leaves there. Upon turning to return, to my utter surprise, I could see my breaths blowing out from my mouth—but the temperature here as shown by our thermostat outside the house AND just confirmed by the noon news weather report on Fox 5 is 45 degrees! As I returned to the house it ceased, even though by then I was purposely making an effort to blow hot breath out into the air around me. So weird! Never happened before in my life and heretofore by the laws of natural physics (to my knowledge) . . . impossible! Another recent anomaly happened after our scheduled Christmas eve light snow fall and bitter cold spell. A couple of days after I found a thick layer of ice covering a plastic water tub (1-2 inches) totally covering the water yet the same exact type of tub filled with about the same amount of water only 50 ft. away had only a razor thin film remnant of ice floating around in it! The cats plastic water tub (which holds about a half a gallon) inside the tack/feed room contained NO ICE in it at all. I have experienced something similar to this occurrance previously with the water situation but only in the recent past several years. I guess wherever the concentration of artificial ice nucleiation (AIN) ingredients falls the most heavily the thicker the ice, and in the case of the enclosed feed room, little to none at all. I've NEVER before seen my breath at 45 degrees F. Who can live with this insanity?! Whats worse is those who don't even see it happening.

I want to point out one more weather item, and that is how NWS/NOAA (and The Weather Channel) likes to keep us in a weather drama situation. This map was published on Saturday, January 2, which is a "Forecast Map" for days 1, 2, and 3—3 being Monday. That is the view I shot. Now, just look at the Great Lakes area. It seems, according to this map that there would be another significant snowfall coming, does it not? I got on the big National Map and began checking a bunch of local areas, and, well, here for my forecast was a 20 percent chance of snow—not too significant, eh? But most others had zero chance. The most I saw was eastern Wisconsin that had a 30 percent chance. So why would NWS publish a map like that? If one flake of snow is expected, they try to turn it into a blizzard. Well, they didn't. We ended up with .02 inches of drizzle with a little sleet. But it is just part of the mind-control program to keep us in a state of mental crisis.

Forecast Map

OK, so now to Dane. As I mentioned previously he now does a Q&A radio show out of Redding, California, from 8 to 9 am on Saturdays, so adjust your time accordingly. I could not remember what date it started, so I checked the site out early on Saturday, my time, but there was no mention of new programming, so I thought maybe I got the date wrong. I didn't. He began on January 2, and I guess it went pretty well. This is a BIG THRILL. Lori Bridgeford, who is also from Redding, I believe, made this comment.

Lori M. Bridgeford says:
January 2, 2021 at 10:01 pm

The depicted Georgia sky image of Dec. 19th is awfully stunning and a total FRIGHT. Any wonder on WHAT toxins were deployed in broad daylight. At this point might be another "CV strain". Thanks to ANON person who sent it. Dane, Your new LIVE Skype Q and A was a success on radio today, callers and chat room comments all helpful in forming more of the masses to UNIFY and challenge the power structure /controllers! Climate eng & CV19 are tied together. Variety of questions & international listeners; Dave from Iowa was very aware too! Shall tune in again Sat. 8-9 am PST. NO commercials! Congrats on this latest extension to educate & make "last call" impact before entire collapse. Tipping point is NOW. Jan 6th is a serious date for fate of USA. Be prepped for violent reactions . Once forces at your driveway/ door—it is too late. Deep swamp may be getting sloppy in their rush to control it all- they are met with resistence. I will not submit.

Here's the radio site again, and at the bottom you can click to listen live.
KCNR1460 A.M.
Dane will also have an online Q&A where people can email him questions and I urge everyone to do that. This could be SO BIG. And prepares the public for the release of The Dimming. Here is the email address:

So Dane has certainly connected the dots between Covid and Climate Terrorism, but Catherine Austin Fitts connects even more dots. I am so glad she is also working with Dane on his documentary, and want to add a bit more commentary on her as a person.

You know how I've been going on and on about incongruencies, but there are rare times when a certain person or situation truly falls into two categories. This woman is so brilliant, and has had a long, successful career in finance, including a position as Assistant Secretary of Housing under George W. Bush, but at the same time, is a compassionate, fair, and spiritual person who has the best interest of the public in mind. Her very situation makes her an incongruency. I tend to shun "financial people,"—like the plague, actually, since, as you all know, my goal is to regain my abilities to manifest energy into the physical world. The other thing is, she worked for Bush, who, after Trump, was my most loathed president. And she voted for Trump, and in this talk made the point that it was so obvious there was election fraud. Well, had I been there talking with her, my response would have been, "Do you mean, as EVERY election that happens in the country is fraudulent?" There was no election more fraudulent than the one Al Gore lost, but he was mature and dignified about it. I guess people that see something of worth in Trump are never going to see what a scumbag he is, or as Chautauqua calls him, "just such a vile person." He was the most hated president, period, since I've been alive, so I really cannot believe as many people voted for him that supposedly did. I have always said that I have an open mind, and if he truly worked to serve the people, I would have supported his presidency. But he was a train wreck, and OMG! just look at the horrendous things he has done environmentally. So, there will never be an agreement between Catherine Austin Fitts and me on that matter. Maybe it will eventually sink in for her, like when she suddenly realized she was doing business with the scummiest bank, and made the decision to change. The thing is, all the good things she stands for are opposite of what Trump stands for, so why she could support him, I cannot imagine.

However, I must absolutely support her as an extremely important player in this game of disclosure, or as sha calls it, transparency. And so I urge—no. make that COMMAND every one of you to listen to this interview.
Catherine Austin Fitts Interview
Her talk is on Disaster Capitalism, or, no, make that Slavery, and you wanna talk about chills. OMG!! What these elites have planned for us is far worse than the most dystopian novel ever written, and it is in the process of happening now. And that's what ALL of this is about—Covid, Climate Terrorism, GMOs, Surveillance, Big Pharma, Big Banks—she ties it all together in this remarkable interview. BUT, the thrilling part is this. She makes it VERY CLEAR that it is THEY who are afraid of us. Think about that awhile, and see how it can shift our perceptions and empower us to STOP THEM. At least at this point we can, because all the pieces are not in place yet, and disclosure would shift EVERYTHING on the planet, which is what she also said about Dane's upcoming documentary. But if we DO NOT stop it, and THEY are allowed to put all the pieces into place, we will be nothing more than cattle. PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. Because the other point she made is that PEOPLE are supporting their own destruction. And I want to add that she has a reputation to protect, so she is taking a risk by speaking out. She has everything to lose and nothing to gain, so, like Dane, I would believe what she says. Actually there is something to gain, but it is global, not personal, and if we do not take heed of what these very brave and conscious people are telling us, we will end up in an inconceivable hell.

So, I want to make one more comment. You all know how I've gone on and on about boycotting, getting rid of cell phones, refusing to do business with companies who are integral in this agenda? If you continue to support the status quo, YOU will be as guilty as the perpetrators. The most important word you can use now is NO!! Get rid of anything "smart," and other high tech junk. LEARN TO DO WITHOUT. Do it voluntarily, or you will be forced into something much worse. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! She gives a list of the areas that are part of the agenda, which includes the military. Of course we know that because it is they who are spraying us with not only toxins but NANO-TECHNOLOGY. They are literally turning the sky into an electronic grid, which will and IS being used for mind-control and surveillance. STOP IT WHILE WE STILL CAN. She also talks about one day realizing she could no longer bank with J.P. Morgan/Chase. Of course not, they are one of the most criminal institutions on the face of the planet. And they have a lot of competition.

I've said this over and over, but if we do not learn to do without in order to remove our financial support from these toxic institutions, we will soon have absolutely no choice in anything at all. Just listen to this interview—several times if you need to. Which would you rather do, give up your cell phone now, or be forced to give up everything in the near future? Give up what you think you need, the practice manifesting it without money, using your mind. Then they WON'T be able to take it from you. Work with Light every day, no matter how much darkness they send you, and when you fall down, pick yourself up and keep going. We have arrived at the crossroads we've been awaiting, and the choice is simple. We can either ascend or descend. Make the decision now, then behave accordingly.

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