Worlds at War, Part 4: The Collapse of the Towers of Babble

I have been suffering from mental paralysis, due to too much information. My Notepad page where I save all my article links and notes I make to myself is now a short novel. I have a Farm Article started, but I changed my mind on what I wanted to include, since I have so much about the farm and weather and environmental stuff. SO I will limit that to mostly Hurricane Ida and the farm, and plan to have that published on the heels of this one. Check back soon.

Here, in continuing the theme of warfare, I am actually seeing some VERY POSITIVE events now. I want to focus on the lying babble being put forth by the government, media, and medical/pharmaceutical/industrial complex, and the fact that fewer and fewer people are buying into it. The truth is finally coming out!! And the more that happens, the more desperate they become, and the more they actually screw up, making them appear more and more foolish by the day! GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!! So I have some very interesting information to share, concerning disclosure of the TRUTH on so many fronts.

Let's begin with the most exciting ones. Dane has been invited to speak for a UN webinar!! It is called
Online Webinar: Downfall of Democracy–COVID-19 & Natural Disasters: Visions toward Solutions
and is sponsored by the
Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) and The Light Millennium, Charitable Global Human Advancement Organization (LM), associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications, and Turkish Anti-Defamation Alliance (TADA)
WOW! eh?? I'll bet LOTS of people will hear the truth about climate engineering/weather warfare. I have already registered. It only takes about 30 seconds. All they need is your name and email address. I got immediate approval and an email with my password. I think it might also be available later as a video. It is this coming Sunday (at 12:30 p.m. here in Ohio). I hope my antiquated computer equipment can handle it.

Ok, so here's another great event that already happened, but since it was published on Global Research, which is translated into 51 languages, it is likely to inspire others who are enraged at the tyranny which has crept into global societies, heading, they think, to totalitarianism. But as more people realize that THEY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE by speaking out, those who think they will control the world will find themselves in an increasingly vulnerable position. Why anyone would risk their lives just to keep a job is beyond me, and EVERYONE who has gotten the vaccine just to keep their job has made a deathly choice.

It is a town hall meeting in Minnesota, between nurses and health-care related people who are threatened with being fired if they do not get the vaccine. It is conducted by a sympathetic Minnesota State Representative Erik Mortensen. You can listen in three formats. Rumble and Bitchute work but you have to turn the volume up a little higher than normal to understand what they are saying. It got better after everyone started speaking into the microphone. The audio and visual are out of sync, but not in the YouTube. However, that one quit working for me after a couple minutes.
Nurses Speak Out at Minnesota Town Hall Meeting on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Lack of Reporting to VAERS
It is an hour video WELL-WORTH watching. These people were angry. They have had enough, and though they didn't reveal which facility was their employer, they called out their supervisors with scathing remarks, and for locals, it would not be difficult to discover of whom they spoke, and there were lots of positions and facilities represented. Perhaps the most absurd was a data technician who worked from his basement, and HE was also required to get the vaccine or lose his job!!! THAT should make it clear that there is another much more desperate agenda behind these vaccines than most people can imagine. As I've said before, my guess is that it is a nano-chip or bot, for the purpose of tracking and mind control. Remember that video of Catherine Austin Fitts telling us that part of the Great Reset was the elites' plan to switch over to digital currency, so if you have tons of money in the bank and think that you will be able to withdraw it when all of this crashes, think again. There will be no cash transactions any more, and through this chip, you will be monitored for your behavior, and if you behave "badly," all your funds will be cut off. Numerous articles are being written about this. Here, once again, is Catherine Austin Fitts, plus numerous other articles.
Catherine Austin Fitts

In any case, I am SO PROUD of these health care workers and Mr. Mortensen for producing and making public this EXTREMELY revealing town hall meeting. These people have balls, and we ALL NEED BALLS now. If you are still thinking about your job and money YOU ARE FOOLISH. Dane made the remark on his latest
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 4, 2021
about people buying new cars with no money down and no interest. Talk about partying on the Titanic. That new car won't do much good if:
1) You are under twelve feet of water, as were some New Jersey residents;
2) You are starving;
3) There is no fuel;
4) It is 400 degrees or more (yes, that is Venus Syndrome, where we are now heading);
5) You are dead. In other words, NOBODY has anything to lose any more, so WHY are we not all gathering for townhalls, then publishing the results??? WHY?

And here is more evidence of desperation, resulting in sloppiness of keeping the lies straight.
American Medical Association Releases Stunning Document Teaching Doctors to Lie to Patients While Deliberately Exaggerating COVID Death Claims
This is the introductory paragraph:

The self-destruct sequence that will bring down the death cult cabal of anti-human globalists has already been activated. With hilarious fake news attempts like the recent Rolling Stone hit piece against ivermectin, the cabal media is self-destructing by the day. With endless fiat currency printing by the Fed, the entire financial underpinning of illegitimate Big Government is imploding. And with the laughable, desperate attempts to imply covid vaccine "approval" while pushing utterly unproven booster shots backed by no supporting data whatsoever, Big Science is ripping its own eyeballs out and throwing them across the room.

Now this next one! WOW!! It is filled with additional links, but the most important part is the call for boycotting and NON-COOPERATION. Now, how many times have I said that? If everyone would learn to give up these things that are SUPPORTING the elites' agenda, they would be instantly defeated, but most people CANNOT EVEN DO THAT. What. The. Fuck. I'm sorry, I just do not understand. Your CELL PHONE is more important than stopping this criminal atrocity? You would rather be turned into a bot or droid, remote-controlled and tracked 24/7 by a massive central computer system, than give up your cell phone? REALLY??? I have advocated following Henry David Thoreau's "Voluntary Poverty." If you learn to live without, you will truly learn to live. The posters at the bottom of the page are EXCELLENT and a perfect guideline to give you ideas on how to STOP the elite in their tracks. REFUSE TO COOPERATE. It is easier than you can imagine. I've been doing it for years and years.
Are We Human? Are We Free? Defeating the World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset' before It Destroys Us

One of the posters advocates refusing to wear masks and practice social distancing. Now, Portage County Ohio is, well, not real progressive, shall we say. But I went to Ravenna yesterday to run errands, and very few people other than store employees, were wearing masks. AND making light conversation with people of late leads me to believe that even these normally "do what you're told" people are raising their middle finger, realizing what a scam it all is, and getting damn sick and tired of it all. Now THAT is a good sign! Anyways, this article has a great many links that take you outside the Global Research website. Here are a few really good ones. This whole transhumanism thing. We REALLY need to take this seriously. IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO BECOME? Some people have this mistaken idea that they will have superhuman powers if they become an organic/computer hybrid. Well, yeah, but only those in control, and they'll lose their souls but they don't care and they've probably already lost them. The rest of us will be mere robotic slaves. Is THAT what you want? Do you STILL think your smart phone is that important??? Please note, also: I am NOT a fan of Jon Rappaport because of his refusal to support Dane or recognize his work as legitimate. But I still highly recommend reading this article.
Beware the Transhumanists: How ‘Being Human’ Is Being Re-Engineered by the Elite’s Coup
I have written so much on the power of our minds. WHY do you think THAT is what the elites want to control? Because they KNOW what we are capable of doing with our minds. When we are free of the Reptilian agenda and this Matrix, this simulated reality in which we live, those who have devoted their lives to creating their reality with their minds will reach their goals. Do you not get this? Once we can create everything with our minds, why would we need money or any of these institutions that are being used to keep us imprisoned? Talk about boycotting!!! We would have no need for THEM. We would be free. And you STILL are not willing to give up your smart phone, even though the rewards of giving up everything would be to gain something infinitely better?? I just do NOT understand.

Here are more links that show the desperation of the controllers by the absurdity of their words and deeds. This next one is a perfect example. The countries that are the highest vaccinated are those with the worst outbreaks of Covid, although many are now saying that it is the VACCINE that is creating the variants. In any case, it seems the solution is to vaccinate even more. If that's not the definition of insanity, I don't know what is. And criminality and evil.
The Powerful Case Against COVID mRNA Vaccine
And here's another. These people are bringing about their own demise. Again, just look at the health care situation.What are these institutions going to do when they lose all their staff? Again, the perfect and most effective way to stop this legally and morally reprehensible agenda is to refuse to cooperate, and boycott. All people can think about is not wanting to give up anything. In Dane's latest GAN, he told of a monkey species that could easily be caught by putting a banana in a jar. When the monkey reached in to get it, he could not remove his hand without letting go of the banana, and therefore, he was trapped and the natives easily captured him. Dane also paraphrased Benjamin Franklin: "People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both."
Authoritarianism Pandemic Is the Real Threat
And here is more of what is to come unless we stop it. Or biosphere collapse stops it first. WHO gave these people the right to decide how the world should be run? Well, the PEOPLE did, who participate in only what concerns their personal lives. This concerns ALL OUR LIVES. Complacency is complicity.
The Great Reset Demands Firing All Unvaccinated Employees
The article mentions that health care workers in Cincinnati, Ohio are suing six hospital systems. Yeah, lawyers are going to recommend that, but it is costly and time consuming, and we have neither the time or money to mess with it. Townhall meeting as linked above, and losing your job, if you must, are MUCH more effective and can bring these people TO THEIR KNEES. Do you not want to see that?? I certainly do! When nobody cooperates, they are DONE.
And speaking of lawyers, here's an interesting interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.. I'm not completely sure I totally trust him. Yeah, he's spoken out and done a lot of good things, and has written a scathing book about Fauci, which is a best-seller at Amazon, but he was also in the documentary, Planet of the Humans, which did not put him in a favorable light, and a couple things he said in this interview made me question him, such as that he usually doesn't advocate resistance because people could lose their career. So he's still mostly putting money ahead of what is the right thing to do. Well. Anyways, in case you don't know, he has "spasmodic dysphonia, which causes his voice to quaver and makes speech difficult. It is a form of an involuntary movement disorder called dystonia that affects only the larynx." That was from Wikipedia.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Warns America: "We All Need to Resist” Vaccine Tyranny . . . The Time Has Come!"

Here are more important links.
'Herd Stupidity": The Manufactured Covid Crisis, the Gene-based mRNA "Vaccine" and "The Pinnacles of Wealth and Power"
Dane has mentioned the navy commander who has spoken out against vaccine mandates because it would create a national security threat. But as I've said, when all these people in the military have died from the vaccine, who will fly the planes that are killing the entire planet? Perhaps that's the way it will end. When there is nobody left to do the dirty-work, then it will stop. Anyways, here's some articles.
U.S. Navy commander sounds the alarm on mandatory COVID vaccine for all military: It will create a national security crisis
Military Members and Vets Are Having Health Issues after Getting Their COVID Shots
Here's more from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr..
Military Service Members with Natural Immunity File Lawsuit Against DOD, FDA, HHS over COVID Vaccine Mandate
Why did they crash???
5 crew members unaccounted for after US Navy helicopter crashes off the San Diego coast
You know, I am really getting to not want to even drive. These people who get these blood clots, the microscopic ones that form over a period of time after receiving the mRNA vaccines, just sort of drop dead, like sudden massive heart attacks. At least that's my understanding. Plus they get mentally confused. Do you want to be out driving when these people are on the road?
Here's more evidence of people refusing to cooperate.
Oregon Vaccine Mandate Could Lead to Mass Exodus of Firefighters and Paramedics Across the State
The next one doesn't mention all those who quit because they refused the vaccine. Businesses are committing suicide. Those who refuse the vaccine are quitting and those who don't are dying. It's the end of the paradigm.
'I think we already broke': Mississippi's nurses are resigning to protect themselves from Covid-19 burnout
Partially true but on the right track.
AP Breaks with Mainstream Media Narrative: Time to Retire 'Pandemic of the Unvaccinated' Sound Bite
I want to also mention that Dane said in his latest GAN linked above, that the CDC has changed the way they define "vaccinated," In order to be considered thus it must be two weeks after you have received ALL your Covid vaccines. What are we up to now? Three? Four?? How 'bout those boosters?? He also mentioned that Covid vaccine injuries jumped 27,000 in one week, according to VAERS.

Of course, the big LIE is that it's the unvaccinated and that it's Covid. IT IS THE VACCINE THAT'S KILLING.
In Florida, funeral home workers struggle to keep up with the dying
Millions Of People Are Missing From CDC COVID Data As States Fail To Report Cases
Too many Catholics?? Need a population reduction? Yep, just kill 'em off with those vaccines. And it's not just the Catholics. Somebody must be offering some big money.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas will not issue religious exemptions for Covid-19 vaccine
Universities will find themselves in the same situation as health care facilities. Because soon, the only healthy people on the planet will be the ones who have refused the vaccine.
University of Virginia disenrolls 238 students for not complying with university's vaccine mandate

Just a few more. Here's a couple by Paul Craig Roberts.
Florida Governor DeSantis Pulls the Rug Out from Under the False COVID Narrative
Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Chief Scientist for Mass Murder
The Vaccinated Are Getting Sick at High Rates as Scientists Are Clueless As to Why
Cardiologist Says No Case of COVID-19 Vaccine-induced Myocarditis Is Mild
The FDA Has Proved Itself to be a Totally Corrupt and Criminal Organization
Massive Death Wave Coming Amidst Vaccine Mandates While Truth and Revolution Fill the Air
Never Has a Vaccine Harmed So Many

As you can see, the official narrative is beginning to break down, or unravel as Dane would say. But the best part is that not only are people waking up, but they are DOING SOMETHING, taking action, or refusing to take some action. That is the first major step toward full disclosure. About everything, from the corruption in absolutely every facet of our lives here on earth, to the, especially, climate engineering/weather warfare agenda and imminent biosphere collapse and everything that goes with it. To, ultimately, disclosure concerning alien interference, and THAT will be the big one that will send us off to the NEW PARADIGM. Here? Or somewhere else? It matters not to me. I just want to be free to live and create my life as I please. The LIES are this extremely heavy energy we all feel. They are weighing us down and making us weary, but we CANNOT stop until our work is done. As more come on board, our load will feel lighter. If you are not doing your part, you need to change that now. Everybody must complete their mission before they can move on and there is no easy way out.

I will try to get the farm article out on Friday, or Saturday at the latest. I have about two, or maybe three more articles planned in this series, then I may stop writing articles. I am tired.

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