As Above, So Below

That phrase is from The Kybalion, by the way. It has been adapted to other religions, such as in the Christian prayer, "On Earth, as it is in Heaven," and can be interpreted in slightly different ways. For anyone who has spent a lifetime in holistic healing, it means that whatever happens in the higher realms, the non-physical aspects of our existence, will eventually make its way into the dense regions of physical illusion, which is our mirror to the greater reality, invisible to most people. Dis-ease begins in those realms and when not acknowledged, it works its way into the physical body. Healing works the same way. When dis-ease has been healed at the spiritual levels, then the body can and often does spontaneously heal.

At the end of last year, I said I would be writing about the non-physical realms, and I am beginning that now. I hesitate, because, well, if you are familiar with those realms, you will understand what I am speaking of, but if you have never done this sort of work, you may not understand it. So be it, I must write of this because it is where I spend a good amount of my time. All I ask is that you, for your own sake, do not judge what you don't understand.

In this article, I will be moving back and forth between worlds, beginning with a great big thanks to those who so generously made a donation to me/my site. Everyone should have received a thank-you email. I hope this weather horror is coming to an end. Supposedly, we are to drop below zero. We shall see. The highs lately have been WAY higher than scheduled, and the lows also. This totally unneccessary engineered blizzard that dumped a foot of snow here on Sunday night has actually insulated us. Tuesday night, it dropped, very briefly, to 24.6 degrees, then did an about face and was in the mid-thirties at dawn. The house has stayed warm, no frozen washcloths or water bowls, and it feel like they are dumping very little ice nucleation chemicals on us. Outside feels pleasant. Why? Supply shortage? Not enough pilots? Have they finally begun to drop dead? Let us hope.

Please note: this has been "corrected" in today's update.

I "fixed" my sixth kerosene heater, at least enough to make it work, though it cannot turn off until the tank burns down. I finally broke down and am using it to heat my office. If it does get really cold, I need to supply some heat for my equipment, and nothing will bother my defective heater in here. I actually can walk in and feel a blast, so I will be able to get some work done. Then, it seems, the temperatures, by the end of the month will begin to really rise. They should not be cold to begin with. Arctic News Blogspot gives us until 2022 before human extinction begins. Em. No, that's not a typo. The amount of methane leaking out from Northern Siberia is enough to turn us into Planet Venus. Any time. Fucking with the weather has only accelerated a bad problem. Dane has gone on about this for years. At this point, we need intervention by our benevolent Alien allies, and apart from that, I think the chances of our survival to next year are very dim indeed. It is this intervention of which I will speak in this article.

The past several months have been the worst living hell I think I have ever endured, not only because of dealing with one weather attack after another, but after the liquid propane attack, I had really struggled with my appetite to the point where I was getting seriously concerned. After this blizzard mess hit, digging my car out on a day that was pleasantly warm actually put everything right. I guess just doing physical activity made the difference. But the mental torture I had been enduring was even worse, and I felt I was struggling every moment to keep my sanity. This was being DONE TO ME, as I was well aware. We know for a fact that the CIA CAN and DOES engage in this activity. It is my belief that the entire CIA are at this point nothing but Alien agents. In any case, I kept getting the feeling that something very massive was coming for me, and all this was a desperate attempt on their part to make sure they stopped it.

Several nights ago, I had a dream that I could not ignore. A beautiful Black woman kept appearing to me. The fingernail of her left index finger was encrusted with a thick white coating that was studded with thousands of tiny brilliant multicolored crystals. She kept showing it to me and I ignored it. Finally, she made me look. At that moment, a massive flash of light, which was perpedicular to her nail and a mirror of the crystals appeared. She said simply, "match the symbols." When I woke up, I suspected I had been activated with something, so I began exploring. I certainly began to feel better, and I realized these crystals were being mirrored and multiplying within my body. At last, as on the sacred woman's nail, a flash of light connected to the top of my head. I was told that it would be a means of communication and information. The more I worked with these crystals, the stronger and more powerful they, and I, would become.

This morning I read a new Newsletter by Lisa Renee, which confirms what I have experienced.
The Liberation of Ezekiel

Since this all happened, I have been given additional information, which Lisa's newsletter, in a roundabout way, continues to confirm, and I am very careful to not jump to conclusions about any of this stuff, but, GOOD LORD, something needs to break for us really soon. The information I have been given is that up until this point, all attempts of our Alien allies have been thwarted, but these crystals were given to us by extremely advanced beings from another dimension, that is more powerful than what the current Alien controllers of Planet Earth can resist. Millions of us, we who came here as the Bringers of the Dawn, have been strategically placed all over the planet awaiting activatation. As each of us work with this new tool, it is setting up a crystal grid that will counteract the lethal one that is now in place and killing everything on the planet. This is being formed by the lights that are now connected to our bodies, which are moving upward and dispersing into space. So millions of us are now connected that way, forming an impermeable crystal grid. If you feel you are meant to be part of this, please take steps to pursue it through deep meditation, and you will be shown the way.

I don't believe I would have been able to endure what I've endured, if I did not firmly believe that most of what we are experiencing is an illusion of the Matrix. When the light first shot up out of my head, I began getting a pulse that has repeated over and over. It says, "Restoration has begun," and I have been using it as a mantra. Verbalizing a thought strengthens it. Thoughts and words have their own power and energy. All of this along with the inevitable fact that a great percentage of the population will soon be gone, followed by those who are masquerading as humans, who are soon to find they will no longer have anything here to support them, will leave us with a much more manageable population that will be in line with ascension and spiritual goals. Once we do not have the constant roadblocks, obstacles and balls-and-chains attached to us, we will be able to move quickly. It is my belief, and has been for decades, that when the spell is broken, everything will change in an instant. What we think we see and experience now will prove to be an illusion, the lens will clear, and there will be an entirely different physical reality than what we perceive now. I have way too many times experienced something that I know cannot possibly be real.

February 4, 2022
Please note: I wrote the first part of this article two weeks ago. After that blizzard that dropped over a foot of snow, the controllers were able to keep us SO COLD. Here at the farm, I have been getting ten to fifteen degrees lower than "scheduled," although I am certain that is what they scheduled for me. Every day has been an effort to stay alive, with temperatures over 15 degrees BELOW ZERO. The first time, it froze all my pipes and split or burst them, plus froze my kitchen sink drain. We warmed up after that enough to at least get the sink unfroze, and I patched one pipe, so I at least had running water. But after another night even colder, in which I was afraid to even sleep because of hypothermia, everything is gone, including my water pump. I thought I could thaw snow to flush the toilet, but when I put it in a big pot and set it on high heat, it only scorched the pot, so if anyone is still under the delusion that the shit coming down on us is actually "snow," get over it right now. I also want to point out that these temps are WAAAAAAY too cold for NE Ohio, at least in the past five years or so, since the planet's temperature rise has gone exponential. Typically, we might have three nights the entire season that drop to the single digits. This is all desperately engineered to keep the populations from knowing how HOT the earth really is. That will change, and people will have NO CHOICE but to finally "get it."

Needless to say, my financial situation is completely depleted. I did not even buy groceries this past month. I consider this THEFT, because NO ONE should have to waste money on fuel this year because the planet is now so hot. Other than the four small monthy bills I pay, ALL OF MY SS CHECK has gone to kerosene. Anyone who can help will be immensely blessed.

Things have gotten even worse, including another blizzard that dropped nearly ANOTHER foot of "snow." My car has been parked at the end of my drive all this time, so I have to drag my kerosene cans a tenth-of-a-mile to get them back to the house. My car door froze up, and in my attempt to pry it open, the window for the back seat shattered. Everything is just SO FUCKING COLD. Plus, I had another "accident," although this one did not leave me injured, but as the first, easily could have killed me. It "appears" we finally have a string of days above freezing coming, so the "snow" will at least begin to melt without flooding, as we got on Wednesday before the blizzard. I will continue now with where I left off two weeks ago, then share some articles. I firmly believe we are about to end this Matrix nightmare, then EVERYTHING will change. That is the only thought that keeps me alive. If I am able, I want to get another article out at soon as possible, with more about the spiritual aspect of, certainly what is going on with me, but I suspect, everyone on the ascension path is experiencing similar scenarios.

Just a bit more on the crystal activation. I have been working intensely with it and also a light grid that is intended to knock out the lethal grid that has been established by the Alien agents and their weather warfare agenda. Something quite amazing also happened to assure me I was on the right path. Shortly after I began this crystal work, I stepped out on the porch at the appointed time, apparently. I looked up and there was—well, I'm not sure what it was. At first glance it appeared to be a flock of silver, glittering birds, but I cannot imagine what kind of birds they would be. Certainly nothing I'ver ever seen. But the amazing thing was that they were perfectly silent—this mass of crystal beings floating across the sky. Flocks of birds are noisy. They flap and squawk or honk, but these were more like a vision.

The last thing I will do here is to share some links, then save the rest for the next article. Here is something that should make us all wonder what is REALLY going on. Was this set off on purpose in another attempt to cool the planet?
Nuclear-test monitor calls Tonga volcano blast "biggest thing that we've ever seen"
Here is more on the agenda I covered concerning attorney Anna De Buisseret in Please Circulate Far and Wide.
Video: The Covid-19 Vaccine is under Police Criminal Investigation in the U.K.
And for those of you who read The Blooming of a Lotus.
Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk and peace activist, dies at 95

As mentioned before, I have become a big fan of Clif High. Here is his latest interview with Greg Hunter, and he states very clearly that he knows for a fact there is an underground movement forming to "take out" the elites that have caused SO MANY DEATHS. He is a data mining expert, remember, so he gets news you will never hear on MSM. I found this part of the interview extremely interesting, and will continue with it in my next article. Remember, Dane has been saying for years that the pitchforks and torches would appear when people realized what had been done to them. Clif is a little less tactful, with his sniper bullets and nooses.
Vax Die-Off for Next Three Years—Clif High
Here is one from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, who is being drawn into the global agenda spelled out by Anna De Buisseret. Good. I was hoping he would.
Video: Defeat the Covid Mandates, Worldwide Walkouts—An Ongoing Campaign
And speaking of Dane, I have never liked Alex Jones, in fact I always intensely disliked him. But this interview is EXCELLENT!!! Alex is going to feature him in a series of podcasts. I believe a new one might have come out today.
Geoengineering Expert Dane Wigington Lays Out Shocking New Details of Globalist Weather Control Program

And here's some good news. The faster these people drop dead, the faster this criminal atrocity going on in the skies will stop.
Act of War? Thanks to covid “vaccines,” the military’s cancer rate has more than TRIPLED
And here are some articles about this massive trucker "Freedom Convoy." WOW!!! The last I heard it is 93 miles long, which is a trip to Cleveland and back for me.
With Trudeau In Hiding, CBC Suggests Putin Behind Truckers' Freedom Convoy
‘America Is Next’: US Truckers Mobilizing Convoy to Washington DC, White House ‘In Full Panic’
‘Freedom Convoy’ Vows to Stay in Ottawa Until COVID Vaccine Mandates Lifted
Video: Gravitas: Canada’s Freedom Convoy Grows in Strength
What kind of dimwit government official would issue this? I'm sure if a 93-mile long semi-truck convoy wants to enter Nova Scotia, they will.
Nova Scotia Moves Quickly Using Emergency Declaration to Ban Truck Convoys and Highway Cheering, $10,000 Fine for Cheering on Roadway

I will end now to finally get this published, but continue on similar themes in my next article.

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