Afflicting the Comfortable

This is the third article in the series of "zooming in," or doing extreme soul-searching and seeking of self-knowledge. First of all, I want to state clearly that these articles are to help you find your right path. I am not here to judge, nor is it any of my business what path you choose. But it is a pretty good chance that the people who read my writings week after week are seeking awakening and escape, which also requires responsibility in our present situation, not to necessarily wake more people up, but to rid the planet of the evil force that stole it from its rightful owners millions of years ago. And the most effective way to do that is to stop participating in their programs! And a reminder to ALWAYS check the right column of my Home Page before clicking the Articles Index, or you will miss two thirds of my articles. Everything new is always displayed on my Home Page. When the date changes at the top, something new has been posted.

There is that old saying that Jesus came to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." That can be said about any honest spiritual leader, which includes myself. If you visit other websites who use sweeter words than I, please ask yourself if they make a living by "healing" clients. They dare not rock the boat of their livelihood, eh? There are those of us who have no livelihood any more, such as myself and Dane, so people like us have no reason to not speak the truth. We answer to our conscience and no one else.

It is extremely important now that we all make a decision as to what path we are on, then make it a priority to embrace it. If we do not make our own decision, it will be made for us, and I shudder to even imagine where that would lead. In my previous article, The Eye of the Needle, I spoke of the evils of money and why, if we are totally committed to the awakening, we must let go of it. In fact, we must give up all comfort and hit bottom, to the deepest levels of despair. Sorry folks, but it is a requirement to anyone seriously on the path. We must be stripped bare of all our physical resources which make it far too easy to fall back upon when things get a bit rough. And only by laying our souls vulnerable to all horrors, will we be able to build a new strength and resources, that are based on ourselves rather than some outside force. And if you are not willing to do that, then you are lying to yourself about seeking awakening. Be honest!!

All the outside forces are corrupt and have strings attached. When we build from our own inner strength, NOTHING controls us but our own sense of morals and integrity and our own inner power. Been there, done that. I have survived so much horror, and looking back, I can see how magnificently I was able to create little things here and there to get me through each extreme challenge. And, also looking back, I am amazed at just how much I was able to manifest into the physical world using only my energy. Too often we do not take credit for what we have created or challenges we have solved. Most religions teach us that we are nothing and there is some "god" that does everything "good," but it seems that "god" does more horrible than good, now and throughout the history of this planet. It is all a lie and a Reptilian means to keep us under control and feeling helpless. I now notice every little thing I create and give myself five stars. I have many stars now. But what about those things I failed to create, which are still numerous? Those get stars, too, because if we are in the correct mindset, we see them as a stepping-stone to greater opportunities of learning and honing our long-atrophied skills of creation. Pamper yourself spiritually while depriving yourself of the false physical world!

And so, we must all ask ourselves, just how uncomfortable must we get before we begin to give up all those luxuries and conveniences, trinkets and do-dads and technical devices that we believe we need? Trust me, I've been giving up more and more and more for over ten years now, and I am truly down to the edge of this physical reality. We have no idea just what we are capable of doing until we begin to do it. Remember, necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes, so when you let go of more and more physical resources, you will uncover so many more inner resources. Sooner or later, the supply chain for food and everything else is going to break. Dane has gone on about that for years, and so have I. Wouldn't you rather be skilled at living independent of anything going on in the outside world? Because once we can do that then we will be free of the Matrix, and it will no longer have power over us. But if we wait until everything around us hits bottom, we have no chance whatsoever of surviving, and certainly not escaping, and the chains we feel now will become even stronger. If you live in the US, especially, that is happening at blinding speed.

For instance, there's this election farce that we all suffered through—even those of us who do NOT participate were affected by it. In the end, we exchanged one criminal for another one, and meanwhile, we were in this stasis for all these days, where the energy did not move at all. Stagnancy is extremely draining. Energy needs to move. It was all nothing but an orchestrated mass distraction, and meanwhile everything around us spins out of control, including and especially the climate disaster. It is common for people to celebrate when their candidate wins, but I have never in my life seen SO MANY PEOPLE so happy to get rid of a president, and I agree with THAT! I am even more astounded at how many people have revealed their belief in QAnon and the ABSOLUTELY FABRICATED LIE that Trump was secretly dismantling the "Deep State," and that the Democrats are behind all this evil, such as pedophile rings. OMG!!!!! Lisa Renee? V. Susan Ferguson?? These are people I thought were just a tiny bit wiser than that! All anyone needs to do is read Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation to see that every president, both Republican and Democrat since at least Nixon, (and previous to him, no doubt), has been behind the depopulation agenda and all the toxic and sordid shit that accompanies it. We do NOT have a two-party system in this country. It is all a sham. What the fuck are these people thinking? I am so glad I have Dane to fall back on. There are minor things he says that I might not agree with, but his general philosophy is immensely wise. He is one of the most spiritual people I know.

Currently there are millions and millions of people now living in utter despair, but who are unable to seek their own inner sources, for whatever reason, so they choose suicide, which is now an epidemic in itself. Add to that those who fall back on drugs and alcohol, or violence and crime, and we can see that the majority of the population will probably not awaken in this cycle. I am not judging. In many eastern philosophies, suicide is considered the noble and courageous solution in many cases. I am NOT an advocate of suicide, though there are times I thought about it, and I know others who have also. But there was always that pinpoint of light that made itself visible in the right moment, and so therefore, I continued on. And my strength and determination grew and grew, as did my inner knowledge and remembrance of who I am and why I came here at this particular time. I am NOT a fan of suffering. It is a mental attitude, remember. If we consciously move away from what is killing us and holding us prisoner, we are empowered. It is only when we cannot get past loss and see it as an end, that there is suffering. If we see it as a means to gain control of our own lives, then it is a pathway out, and the material world can no longer control us. We build up endurance and courage as we peel off the layers of what we thought we were, until we finally recognize ourselves as the super-creators—the gods and goddesses which are our true selves. But it comes with a price because a metamorphosis of this magnitude cannot be free and given away to just anyone. By the time we reach this level, we have also evolved to the highest level of moral integrity and spiritual realization. That's why we must all do very difficult self-searching, here as we reach the end of this cycle and the end of time on earth. If you have set high goals for yourself, do not expect to reach them unless your behavior is congruent with your goals. I personally am willing to do whatever I need to do to reach complete awakening and freedom, and none of it is easy. But continuing at this low level of spiritual evolution is not even remotely an option any more, and so I keep moving forward. We must all cross the River Styx in order to reach Paradise.

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