I want to make sure everyone understands the spirit in which I wrote my last article The Myriad Ways That They F**k With Our Minds. It was not meant to make people paranoid, it was meant to give everyone a heads-up on the fact that all this terrible stuff that is happening to us is not just "life." LIFE was never supposed to be like this, and our goal is to set it right. "The Best Defense is a Good Offense, "Knowledge is Power," and "Know Your Enemy" are three sayings that come to mind. If we know what is coming at us and understand the hidden agenda, then we can take powerful steps to steer it in a different direction. This is about POWER, not WHINING. I am not interested in a tirad of endless "poor me" scenerios about all the terrible things they are doing to me. We're all getting it, so stop bitching and take positive steps. Remember, ultimately, we are ALL responsible for our destiny, and we NEED to clearly understand that so we can make the necessary changes in order to move ourselves into the realm of freedom. If your life is nothing but one disaster after another and you are not taking drastic steps to do the deep inner work that is required, then you are enabling and multiplying the disasters, and being pulled deeper into the muck. There is not one day that I am not spending serious time working on myself and uncovering more and more truth and strength and power for us all to use. As Dane says, "Courage is not defined as a lack of fear, it means doing what is right in spite of fear." We keep moving forward no matter what. PERIOD. There is no room for self-pity here. I am dead serious about what I do, and the fulfillment of my goals. I would love to hear from you to let me know that you find my articles helpful, and even personal steps you have been inspired to undertake in order to bring the insanity to a screeching halt. If you have questions or comments or do not understand something happening in your life, I would like to hear that, too. What I am NOT interested in is an extended bitch session with no hint of personal responsibility. Those emails will get deleted without response. I have neither the time nor energy for that kind of shit.

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