All this shit is coming to a screeching halt. It is. It is the Matrix crashing, like the worn-out computer program that it is, and those in control do not know how to fit it. Finally. And there are numerous reasons for that. First, as I've been saying, there's a massive number of people dying all at once, which is accelerating as the vaccines kick in and do what they were programmed to do, or perhaps they were just meant as a mind-control implant and went all wrong. Add to that all the climate-related deaths, and it has shifted the energy. Immensely. They didn't think of that, did they? Here's my opinion on that one. Those who have the population control agenda on their to-do list have not actually taken into consideration the consequences because they are agents of the off-planet controllers, which are bots and droids, and, as any computer, do not have the capabilities of organic reasoning. And so when something doesn't work, their solution is to keep trying the same function to make it work. That's why everything is becoming so beyond absurd, and the ones who have long ago succumbed to the mind control system and are just way too fucking stupid to reason for themselves are the ones who believe the outrageous absurdities now being thrown at us at blinding speed by those who are minions of the controllers. OK, so that would be the ones who readily agreed to be vaccinated and those are the ones who account for the massive deaths. IT'S ON THE CDC WEBSITE, but according to the American Medical Association and others, VAERS data only accounts for one percent of the actual number. Here is a quote from a comment by Dr. Jonathan O'Quinn, who is a practitioner at a hospital in North Carolina, and a regular community member of Dane's site.

Jonathan OQuinn says:
July 11, 2021 at 4:13 am

A couple of days ago the vaccine adverse event reporting system was updated to include 9,000 deaths following the procedures. It jumped 2,000 people in just one week. If you recall, a Harvard study has shown that less than 1% of those types of things are ever reported so the real number would be around 900,000 deaths just in America in the past 7 months. There are a few physicians in my area who are not on board with this government tyranny.

OK, so if you are an off-planet Reptilian invader who has been using vulnerable human creatures as avatars in your demented computer game called Planet Earth, that would be a big "Oopsie," would it not? THESE are the people who have succumbed and carried out your agenda for all these millennia. Right?? Hmm. Didn't think this through, did they, or just maybe WE and our allies fucked something up for them. We'll soon find out, I believe. Because with all these easy victims dead, it will be next to impossible to carry out their nefarious agendas. That is the reward of apathy. Even Dante Alighieri, back in 1300, had a special place in Hell for them, in his Divine Comedy.

So as more people who have been the majority of the collective mind continue to leave the planet, those of us who have been hard at work, evolving and awakening for all these years and lifetimes, will begin to occupy a greater chunk of the collective mind. That's what happened when the dinosaurs died, and that is what will happen when the human dinosaurs die, too. So BE READY. This is getting VERY UGLY. Remember way back when I wrote at length about using your "special phrase?" I haven't stopped with mine. It has become a regular mantra, because it represents my awareness that the world we are living in now is NOT REAL. The more you train your mind to comprehend that, the more it will. Remember, it is not just a matter of knowing it is a matter of making new concepts part of your life. LIVING THEM. As we see everything we once thought was real collapse and disappear, it will get pretty terrifying. It is happening now, so the more you are aware just how UNreal it all is, the more you can be confident that the collapse of the illusion makes way for us to create with our minds the new paradigm. The sooner you face this and move into and through the Matrix, the sooner you will be free. PLEASE take this seriously. I've been working on this for forty-one years now in this lifetime alone, and I trust my glimpses into the future. My last several years' articles and Bible articles reflect my knowledge and discoveries and confirm their validity. If you still prefer the soothing words of the gurus out there who are making a living to speak comforting lies, please beware that you will discover your folly the hard way.

So, that's where we are now. Just the fact that over half the country is under water and the West Coast is bone dry, blistering hot and going up in flames, all courtesy of the climate engineering/weather warfare agenda should tell you there is something so drastically wrong with this picture that no one in their right mind could fail to notice. I have been making a list of "absurdities" that I've found in articles being published online now, and discovered that Dane has, too. PLEASE, listen to his latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 10, 2021. While he and I have different ideas about the agenda at hand, I am in no way saying I am in disagreement with his, for the most part. I just take things a step further than he does, factoring the alien agenda, which does make the absurdities make more sense. He always says. "We are living in an asylum," and is bewildered. Yeah, I'm bewildered, too, but knowing about off-planet controllers and the fact that they're losing control at least allows me to see beyond the catastrophic situation we are in. Even Dane has mentioned, more than once of the possibility there is a source of help of which we are not yet aware, and it is GOOD that he acknowledges that. But when you finally have trained your mind to NOTICE all the anomalous things happening in the physical world right now that CANNOT POSSIBLY BE REAL, then you will be able to see beyond what you see with your eyes. Once you see through the illusion, then it has no more power over you. And as more and more people die, those of us who are creating the new "collective mind" will find that our powers of creation and manifestation become stronger every day. YOU MUST PRACTICE. Relentlessly, no matter what you see happening around you. Trust that what you are creating IS being manifested, you just cannot see it yet. As all the energetic junk and rubble gets swept away, you will see all much more clearly. Furthermore, if nothing we experience in the physical world is actually "real" then projecting the reality of our choice should be easy. Quantum physics has proven what Jesus taught us 2,000 years ago. It's called "mastery of the physical world." (Because it's not real anyways.) So the less real you make it the more you can take control of it. And remember, we are being attacked with attempts to draw us into feedback loops, in which a reaction to one event triggers a whole slew of them.

And keep in mind that those of us who have not ignorantly succumbed to the mind-control program through TV, the media, government and vaccines are still being targeted through what is being sprayed on us. Especially those of us in the eastern U.S. who are victims of these latest non-stop deluges that certainly illustrates just how desperate they are at this point. I always feel confused after these events, and usually also feel that I've forgotten points on which I had clarified the day before. That's why I write stuff down. But lately I've also found that I can recover more quickly now with each passing day. I attribute that to the fact that I've become keenly aware of when I am being lured into feedback loops and consciously avoid being pulled into reactions that separate me from my agenda. Once you allow that to happen, you're lost and it may take days or weeks to recover. And I must say that for the past several weeks I have definitely been targeted, and have had the living crap beaten out of me, relentlessly. It has been one thing after another after another after another and it is NOT random. Always keep in front of your mind that, as more people realize the illusion of the physical world, the off-planet (and on), controllers continue to make the physical world more bizarre, chaotic and dangerous to keep us focused on the Matrix. That is a very important point for those who want to dispel the illusion

And as I mention in nearly every article, we have passed the place where ANYTHING is fixable at the physical level. The collapse and breaking down of everything we perceive as real cannot be fixed. Period. It seems it's all caught up in a feedback loop of its own, perhaps just a result of the ancient program crashing because there is less and less to support it. As more of us evolve, that energy has moved to a level beyond what is needed to run the program. I think the controllers here on the planet know that, which is what is making them so desperate to finish us off and put their agenda in place, but, for all the above reasons, that is not to be. Biosphere collapse will beat them to the punch, or, to use Dane's phrase, beat them to the intersection. I often think he gives them more power than they deserve, and I suppose if I lived in California, I would feel the same way. Yes, they are succeeding in blocking the rain from the West Coast using H.A.A.R.P.. But overall, their climate agenda is failing by the minute, as are all their other agendas. They certainly cannot cool the planet down. That should be obvious to all but the terminally stupid.

There's just one more point I want to make, then we'll continue with more absurdities. As I stated at the top, this shit is gonna stop. Even if we don't stop it, it will stop because there will be no physical means to continue it. We know military pilots have been dying from exposure to the toxic substances they spray, We also know that a great many of them have gotten the vaccine, which means they will develop some disease soon that kills or debilitates them. So, who will fly the planes that carry out the nefarious climate engineering agenda? In Dane's previous GAN,
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 3, 2021, he said that British Airways was cancelling flights due to so many pilot deaths of the recently vaccinated. Just wait. I don't think we have a CLUE as to how many massive deaths there's been from the vaccine. I do, because I can feel the energy shifts and they are now massive. The deaths alone can and will shut down the entire infrastructure of the planet. Yeah, they could spray us with drones, but sooner or later, and probably sooner, there will be supply—not just shortages, but total depletion of all the metals, chemicals and other toxic shit they're spraying on us. Who's going to mine it, manufacture it when 10 percent of the population is dead? 25 percent? 50 percent? In some U.S. states, up to 70 percent of the population has been vaccinated. I believe Ohio is one of them. None of this shit will matter then, will it? One way or another, THE SPRAYING WILL STOP. And so will H.A.A.R.P., and all this other technology. The world will look a whole lot different then, and if we concentrate on creating with our minds at the highest moral, ethical and spiritual levels we will end up where we want to be.

And so, here are some of the absurdities collected by Dane and I. Let's start with Dane, and his first commentary on the above broadcast, in which he quoted Biden as saying that there has not been one death from Covid by anyone who has been vaccinated. OK, that is not only a blatant lie but a just plain absurd statement. Even mainstream media has published articles about all the "breakthrough" cases. Dane said 62 percent of deaths in the UK from Covid were vaccinated. I did not see that article, so I'm not sure if these deaths were from Covid, or attributed to Covid without an autopsy, or caused by the vaccine, and the likelihood that anyone does know the truth, other than those hiding it, is probably slim. He then went on to speak of Dr. Jane Orient, and this one I did look up. She is the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, AAPS. Here is an article.
Those dying post-vaccine: Where are the autopsies?
She states that only 5 percent of deaths now are being autopsied and urges everyone to demand one if a loved one who is in good health dies suddenly, especially if they got the vaccine. GOOD FOR HER!! As I said, the energy is shifting and as we clear out the liars and those who support them, the truth-tellers will be more readily heard and certainly less persecuted.
And here's more lies about just who is getting Covid now. Here's a quote: "Of all the deaths from the virus in June, more than 99% were among unvaccinated people, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said."
Americans need to make a choice in order to avoid a Covid surge, expert says
And how about this baloney! OMG!! What's inexplicable? The fact that there are still some people that have a brain and use it to think??? If people REALLY looked at the data, NOBODY would allow this toxic shit to be injected into their bodies.
Fauci says it is "inexplicable" some Americans aren't getting vaccinated despite data

OK, take a look at this one. Jeezuz, I mean, REALLY? Like, WTF??? First of all, the article states temps in Celsius, WITHOUT putting the "C" after the temp. We here in the U.S. use Fahrenheit, so 30 degrees sounds pretty cold, right? THEN, here is a headline further down: "Scientist says this could happen every year by 2100." I literally burst out laughing. I KNOW it's not funny, but the absurdity of the media and those who believe it, IS. If we make it to 2022, I will be surprised at this point. We certainly will NOT be living life as we've known it and of THAT I'm quite sure. Anyways, this has to be one of the stupidest articles CNN has ever published.
Unprecedented heat, hundreds dead and a town destroyed. Climate change is frying the Northern Hemisphere
Here's another lying absurdity. We know DAMN WELL what's causing the lack of rain in California; that's for certain because Dane tells us nearly every week.
Pacific Northwest heat wave would have been "virtually impossible" without climate change, experts say
And another TOTALLY ABSURD article. We're at the beginning of the end. Or, no, more like way past the middle.
Seeking A Path Back To A Glorious Fourth As COVID Clouds Begin To Part

Now let's return to Dane. He commented that some military personnel said they would quit the military if vaccines were mandated. Here's an article I found, but there's some iffy-ness here. However, if you look at the number of military members that have already been vaccinated, think again about what I said above and who's gonna do the dirty-work when all these people are dead. And add to that the fact that U.S. military suicides are higher than any other sector of the population.
Pentagon Eyes Possible Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine as FDA Weighs Approval
And returning to the subject of airline pilots, here is a quote from BaneB, then a response from Raymond from Dane's
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 26, 2021. I thought I already posted this one, but can't find where I did, so the fact that it's still on my Notepad page tells me I probably didn't yet.

BBB says:M
June 28, 2021 at 1:42 pm

Raymond: I read there is concern about airline pilots who have taken the jab. Seems there is a problem with blood clots in the vaxxed. These pilots are sitting for hours on end in a pressurized tube. Thus airline pilots are more susceptible to these deadly blood clots. Naturally, I would like to know if my plane's pilot has been vaxxed. Before takeoff.
Raymond says:
June 29, 2021 at 11:19 am


Point well taken . . . and I would want to know if the pilot had been vaccinated too. But I don't fly anymore, because of the extreme levels of solar and cosmic radiation those planes are now exposed to . . . considering how thin our atmosphere is becoming and how little ozone is left to protect us. Remember too. The passenger area of the fuselage is pressurized as well and the air that everyone breathes, comes from outside the plane! Where all of the climate engineering trail poisons are very heavily saturated. There is no jet lag sickness. It's actually chemical air sickness!

Here's more from Dane. He said hundreds of people are seeking help from GoFundMe for vaccine injuries, because vaccine manufacturers are immune from lawsuits due to any human damage their concoctions cause. There is much more truth coming out, however, on vaccine reactions and deaths. He also said the inventor of the mRNA vaccine was censored for speaking out concerning safety issues. And the FDA stated there is an increased risk of heart inflammation from Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Their safety was expedited without sufficient data. Well, we knew that.

He went on to say that heat-related deaths are being underreported. I figured that much too. That people in the Middle East are dropping dead from heat. Here is an article that is so filled with absurdities, nearly every paragraph could be a quote. But what it actually is, is an attempt to make the climate situation out west—an area now COMPLETELY DECIMATED by climate engineering, sound benign. Here's one quote: ""There's no single person that you can point a finger to on climate change," Bernstein said. "Our brains are much more likely to pay attention when there's a person to point a finger at. There are other reasons, but all of those reasons make very clear to me that we have to make climate change personal, actionable and urgent." Really?? How 'bout let's point a finger at the military/industrial complex, not just in the U.S. but every major government in the world. AND, (this was curious), they pointed out that just at the same time all these people were dying from the heat, well, gosh, a condo collapsed in Miami. Hmm? Curious, eh?
Climate change is fueling mass-casualty heat waves. Here's why experts say we don't view them as crises

Just a couple more absurdities, and I'll save the rest for my next farm article which I plan to publish on Tuesday, provided I'm still alive, still here on this planet, my house is still standing, and I still have functional power and internet. One of these days one or all of these provisions will cease to be, not just for me, but the whole planet. But till then, the absurdities just keep coming, and now at a greatly accelerated pace. And make sure you are keeping up with my numerous Farm articles, as they are often now a cross-over to spiritual issues, along with my other articles. Here's the Index:
My Own Little Planet.

As Dane would say, without including climate engineering in the equation, everything else becomes moot. Big oil and big everything will all go down on its own, because what is coming is SO MUCH BIGGER, all the other issues on this planet will be dwarfed in comparison. As Dane has been saying: food, water, shelter. That is all everyone should be concerned with at this point. For those of you who are still focused on your job and bank account, you are in for a rude awakening. The best thing you can do now if you expect to survive, if survival is actually an option, is to practice voluntary poverty. GET OUT OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM and be ready for what is coming. If you have done your homework, you will be ready to create all you want and need with your mind when the illusions are finally swept away.
Climate change is about greed. It's time for big oil to pay us back
And this is for all those people who think they can just move and all will be better. THERE IS NO PLACE TO HIDE.
It's 'inescapable': Pacific Islanders have tried to flee the climate crisis, only to face new threats
And how 'bout this one. Gosh, silly us. It's that darn moon wobble that's causing all our problems, so if we just bear with it through the 2030s, we'll all be just fine. OMG!! The absurdities just keep proliferating . . . . (We will NOT make it to the 2030s—not even close, at least in this reality as we know it.)
A Study Predicts Record Flooding In The 2030s, And It's Partly Because Of The Moon

I want to close with just one more comment. Perhaps the greatest absurditiy of all is the fact that Congress demanded the Pentagon release a report about all those thousands of UFOs that have been seen and recorded by members of the military, not to mention all those observed by civilians. There was a catch to it, but I can't remember what it was. I believe they had to pay back some of their funding if they did not file a report. But the point is, for those of us who know so much about alien interference, the fact that these UFOs were using no known technology, admitted by the Pentagon, then explained away that it could be Russia or China. Right. China can't even send up a rocket successfully, and I'm SURE that whatever Russia can do, the U.S. can do, too. So basically they beat around the bush and we now know absolutely as much as we did before this investigation was required. Because THEY know we are being controlled by aliens and THEY are colluding, and not just OUR government but ALL major governments on this planet. And THAT is the root of EVERYTHING going on now, from climate engineering to Covid, to the increasingly ridiculous news articles being published by the MSM. Dane says there can be no legitimate discussion on the state of the climate without discussing climate engineering, but I take that a step further and say there can be no legitimate discussion on ANYTHING going on on this planet now without FULL DISCLOSURE of alien interference, particularly the mind control agenda and the fact that we are living in a computer simulated reality. As Dane would say, everything else becomes MOOT.

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