At War With An Alien Race

I am getting so much information now, I can barely keep up. But something here lately has really caught my eye as being vital to our unfolding consciousness and pulling off the veils to what has been (supposedly) hidden. So let me review some beliefs and ideas I have put forth in the past, and some new revelations that seem to strengthen those ideas. Remember, what I express in my articles is my own perception of what is happening, and I don't care how "expert" others claim to be, anyone speaking about the non-physical world speaks from their own unprovable beliefs, and that includes religious leaders.

The ongoing atrocities in the sky that are decimating the entire planet are subjecting all of us to more and more severe weather misery day by day, but as I have been saying it is NOT about the weather." It is about warfare. War with whom? Russia? North Korea? ISIS? Or are those just distractions to keep us from noticing that there is a much more terrifying war being waged? One that would most likely drive the majority of the population to total shock, panic and insanity if (or more likely when) it is revealed. What is going on up there that they are hiding? They're hiding something. Here in Northeast Ohio, one never sees the sky any more. Every day just gets darker and darker and darker. Even on days when it "appears" there are no clouds, there is like a film over the sky, blocking the full radiance of the sun.

Lately I have been finding more and more articles from the Mainstream Media speaking of the Pentagon and contact with aliens. Here is one:

New videos shed light on Pentagon's secretive UFO program

Note the date at the bottom of the page. 1947. Remember, these geoengineering programs were instigated in the '40s. Did someone know then that we had a problem? Here is a more recent story, which shows actual video footage from BBC News:

UFO spotted by US fighter jet pilots, new footage reveals

And here is another from the BBC:

Pentagon ran secret multi-million dollar UFO programme

At this point, there are certainly more questions than answers, but I will say that I am certain there has been a huge energy shift that is finally allowing truth to percolate up through the layers of lies, thickened through eons of mind-control and amnesia. More on that in a bit.

Here, however, is a post from "Hawkeye" on GeoengineeringWatch, whom I have quoted before. The other readers replied with a "pooh, pooh" attitude, but I, like Hawkeye, thought it was interesting, and there may also be a hint of truth in it. It appeared on the December 13, 2017 article, Geoengineering, Weather Warfare, And The Contrail Deception:

Now, I want to tell Dane and everyone something I have been told recently. Did a job for a woman from W. Virginia who was married to a big wig lobbyist who was very tight with many in the WH since the 80's. Before I knew that I pointed to the sky as we chatted outside to see her reaction as big huge Geo trails were being deployed. She looked up and said, " good Lord! What the frig is that?" So I explained and then she changed her expressions and looked me in the eyrs and said there is another reason for it you know. I asked what.

She said it is a dome, a sprayed shield military secret to protect us from a nuke missle from other nations. She said shhhh, her husband was told this by government officials. Wow! I have heard this excuse reason before but never right from the mouth of a real government person. This is what those in our gov depts are being told geoengineering is!? And they believe this!!?? Well the ironic part is she was in the middle of a divorce from this lobbyist husband while he was becoming ill from Alzheimer's. She said he was shouting out loud in public many times of these secret military missions and people were after him to shut up. He died from the disease.

Just wanted to tell this, interesting isn't it?!

OK, so I agree, the shit they are spraying on us is global, so, indeed, who is being "protected" from whom? All the more reason to ask, is it perhaps that we are all being protected from something that is not "us?"

Now, let me throw out some random thoughts that I hope will get more of you thinking. I am not seeing many people thinking these days, and even those that I thought I was making headway with have succumbed once again to comatose. But before I do that, here are more documented facts. We KNOW the government has done covert "experiments" on U.S. citizens, and global citizens, too. What government? Who approved it? The Shadow Government? And who are they, really? Aliens in human form? I have thought that for a long time. Or humans that have been purged of their humanity because of inborn selfishness and greed, perfect specimens to house an alien energy/entity. And what about all those people, such as James Gilliland who claim to have been in contact with benevolent aliens for years? Do I believe whatever is in that footage is benevolent. HELL NO!! I think some people have crawled into bed with something that might look and seem nice, but looks like hell when they wake up in the morning. DO I believe there are benevolent entities out there that have our greater good in mind. Yes, but I don't believe they travel in spaceships. I think their contact with us is through our minds. Are they perhaps our original "families?" I have long believed that we who are so intent on the awakening were the original starseeds who owned this planet. Perhaps we were a collection of very advanced, both technologically and spiritually, entities, maybe even from different dimensions.

And so, maybe, as many people DO believe, our government or global governments did sign an agreement with aliens back in the '40s in exchange for advanced technology. But then they found out their bedfellows weren't all that nice, and they, who were supposed to be rewarded with wealth and power were just being used. Or maybe their "reward" was the destruction of their own innards to be replaced with an alien life force. So now they neither know what they are doing, or have control of their actions. Transhumanism, you know.

And here is the other possibility that I have pondered even longer. Many of us believe, since a 26,000 year cycle has ended, that we will finally be free to advance and evolve, as we should have done eons ago. All things must come to an end, and that means our amnesia and imprisonment. And so, the cosmic war that may be in process above us is also between the spiritual/benevolent forces assisting us to evolve and those that prefer to keep us ignorant.

And I also wonder if there are not certain alien "hotspots" here on the planet that are seeming to suffer the most from various form of "persecution." The Middle East. And Far East, such as Japan, and across the ocean to the West Coast which is probably suffering the worst abuse from the spraying. If you noticed, in the one article above, the UFO was sighted at San Diego. Here in the East, it is always Northeast Ohio that gets pummeled with precipitation. I live dangerously close to what was originally the Ravenna Arsenal. It had sat vacant for years, then suddenly it seemed to burst into life again, and now many of us wonder just what the hell goes on there.

In my last article, I mentioned the weather map contract with Raytheon. I found a more up-to-date article here:

Raytheon to support NOAA's weather forecasting toolkit critical to hurricane watches and warnings

Now why is that a big deal? Because Raytheon is primarily a defense corporation: missiles, weapons, electronic warfare, cyber-attack prevention. What have weapons to do with weather? They are one and the same. If you don't get that at this point, you are hopeless.

But in spite of all their effort, there is a hell-of-a-lot of information bursting forth at this point on the Mainstream Media. And again, I return to the Harvey Weinstein moment, when all the women who put up with abuse and humiliation were FINALLY taken seriously. It seems now, there is an OMG moment nearly every day. Even if you do not read these links, please at least open them up and read the main points. This first one, however, I suggest reading the entire transcript or listening to it.

Daniel Ellsberg Reveals He was a Nuclear War Planner, Warns of Nuclear Winter & Global Starvation

Here is another one I mentioned but couldn't find last week, about toxic snow. Get your snow tested. I'll bet you will find it is more metal than water. And not from car exhaust either. How these people can lie, deny and avoid the real cause of these pollutants is bewildering.

Snow Soaks Up Pollutants From Car Exhaust Like A Sponge

And here are two that I really don't need to post because they were such big stories, but I will anyways. Don't you wonder what would make someone drive a passenger train 80 MPH in a 30 MPH zone? And don't you wonder if someday, soon, something will happen to ground all air traffic. That is my dream. Lots of things that need to happen would happen if ALL air traffic were grounded, including the planes and drones spreading us with poison. If only for just two or three weeks, everything would change and much would be revealed. Although I would not want that to happen until all the California fires are put out because they need the planes to fight fires.

Amtrak derailment: Train was traveling at 80 mph in 30-mph zone
Atlanta airport blackout snarls air travel a week before Christmas

And this one leaves me wondering . . . . Although why I would even wonder about anything concerning Trump at this point is beyond me. How does one predict the behavior of a nut case? I read that even doctors and psychiatrists are questioning his mental capacity to govern as President.

Trump’s voter fraud panel has gone dark. Members don’t know why.

This next one may turn into something with dire consequences. Most do not realize how much money "innocent" people are making from drug trafficking. Please read my review on Dispelling Wetiko linked below.

Whistleblowers: DEA attorneys went easy on McKesson, the country's largest drug distributor

And here is a really excellent article published in E.P.I.C. magazine. The author is one of the community members are GeoengineeringWatch. Great job, Eva!!!

What’s Happening to Our Skies

Here now are some articles that are much more positive—not Mainstream Media stories, but from those with a more spiritual and intuitive attitude, who like myself and many of you, I hope, are able to see the handwriting on the wall and the downfall of all that has imprisoned us on this planet. The first is by Chautauqua:

Tis the Season

And this last one from Lisa Renee helps confirm what I spoke of at the beginning of this article. Though I do not usually agree with all she says, I believe she is one of the few sincere writers on the Awakening/Ascension, and certainly alien interference. Her comments in this month's newsletter clearly state that she also believes an end is coming to the alien frequency lockdown, imprisonment, and amnesia having been suffered by us here on earth for eons. She also speaks a great deal about "closed source systems," and the need for those of us who are ready to remember how to provide for ourselves through "open source systems." I may be in error about this, but I interpret it to be a confirmation of what I have been saying all these years and years: we are capable of manifesting through our own energy systems whatever we need. She also mentions the parasitic property of money. I want to stress that both Lisa Renee and Chautauqua believe that it is getting more and more difficult for these former controllers to carry out their agendas, and I see that trend growing stronger. But that doesn't mean we should slack off, it means we must push harder to the finish. Below are some quotes from Lisa Renee's article.

Energetic Parasites
One important lesson many people are learning now is that we must remove the concepts we had around money as the first directive to achieve in life and begin to see that the primary motivation for money lies in our darkest fears of survival. People should not pray for money, they should pray for their fear to be removed and their higher spiritual purpose to be revealed. As with higher spiritual purpose in action, dedicated in Service to Others, comes everything that you will need to fulfill that higher purpose, which brings unconditional love and meaningful connection into your life.

Most people are unaware that satanic forces are actually hiding behind an astral mirage made up of a colossal field of ravenous Energy Parasites. Satanic controlled systems are also closed source parasitic systems that a few people benefit from. Taking the overall energy resources for their personal advantage at an extreme energetic cost to many others, generating severe imbalances that contribute to energy wars, poverty, disease and world suffering. We are in the end times, the crossroads that define who on the earth is willing to evolve beyond the closed source systems of consciousness-energy enslavement that was administered through off planet Archontic Engineered Parasitism. Those who refuse to change their parasitic behaviors will have more dire consequences to their actions, individually and globally, and thus the fight for control over the access to others energy resources will appear to be greatly magnified on the surface as this transition occurs on the planet.

Additionally, most people on earth do not have access to their other lifetime consciousness memories, and thus are not aware that they have spiritual bodies that are made of electromagnetic frequency and pure intelligent consciousness energy that exist in other dimensions. If these spiritual bodies are ignored by the person while they are incarnated in the physical reality, it means that predatorial people and parasitic entities can use the consciousness energy of that person without their consent and awareness.

From the Guardian perspective, the Luciferian Rebellion reached its culmination during the Atlantian cataclysm, which set into motion the darkest of Dark Aeons, the cycle in which the fallen predators in this Universe would rise to rule as the False Gods on the earth plane. The last 26,000 years is delineated as the darkest descent into the phantom and underworld realms that are upheld by predatorial parasitism, blood sacrifice and consciousness enslavement which was enforced by the False Alien Gods or Archons, under which the entire planetary soul was imprisoned in a closed source system. As a consequence of these events, the earth and her inhabitants would experience the furthest separation that is possible from the Universal Godhead, as the Archon predators built frequency fences and bi-wave machinery around the planet's body that would continually recycle souls and continue to harvest all living things on the earth for energy and food source.

The other person who I believe is one of the world's foremost experts on alien interference is Bernhard Guenther. I posted this video months ago, (and it is permanently on my Recommended Links page. If you have not watched it, please do, or watch it again. One other thing I want to mention about both of these people and, in fact, most "spiritual" writers is that, though they fully confirm the spraying of chemtrails and link it with disease, aliens, and covert activities by the global governments and military, I do not think most of them realize that we are truly on the edge of obliteration. So there is a bit of hurry up involved in stopping this, waking up, and cleaning up, or else escaping. I am noticing a slacking off, even in my readership. Buying Christmas presents is NOT a priority for global survival.

UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact v2.0

And last, I want to share more information from Paul Levy's book, Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil In the chapter entitled Vampires, Parasites, and Aliens Levy quotes from Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan. (Note: Bernhard Guenther is also a fan of Castaneda.)

Don Juan explains, "We have a companion for life . . . .We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. the predator is our lord and master.

Levy speaks of the evils of government and military:

The U.S. government's lying and criminality is so pervasive that we have become desensitized to its corruption, which is how this elephant-sized evil is able to make itself at home in our national living room. Our government's evil has become so "normalized" that we are like people who regularly watch TV and become numb to the violence continually being portrayed: we have become anesthetized to the horror of what our government is doing right in front of our very eyes day after day. . . .

It is striking how Don Juan's description of the effects of this predator is being enacted in our increasingly militarized society, as our freedoms and liberties get taken away step by step.

And here is another reason why overpopulation is becoming deadly"

The wetiko virus particularly flourishes in over-populated cities, where people are "cooped up." As history shows us again and again, when we buy into group-think and are enlisted as members of the herd, we become like cattle who are being raised by our leading psychopaths to be used in the service of their sinister agenda.

And on that quote, I will end this long article. I hope that with the weakening evil forces, we can all unite to purge this plague from the planet, or escape to found a new world. I am working on both which I will soon share.

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