Utterly Speechless

When I can sit for an hour slumped over my computer desk watching Queen videos, you KNOW I am seriously at the end of my rope. The horrors on this planet that are unfolding at blinding speed are incomprehensible to me, but the reaction of the majority of the population leaves me with a sense of despair and hopelessness that is normally not part of my emotional gamut. People are going about their lives, planning for the holidays and shopping as if they have a future. WE DO NOT HAVE A FUTURE!!! What will it take up to wake up the terminally comotose? In Bringers of the Dawn, the Pleiadians predicted a sudden wipe out of 20 million people, which they thought would finally get people's attention. I see that on the VERY near horizon. Where will it happen? I can easily see it happening here in the States. The West Coast? Northeast? We are both teetering on the edge of a disaster of apocolyptic proportions, yet people are planning their Thanksgiving parties. OMG! Another one bites the dust . . . .

And then there's Trump. He goes to survey the damage in California, and I didn't save the article because it made me sick to my stomach, but he was quoted as saying, "I want good climate." WTF!!!??? I want good climate? I WANT GOOD CLIMATE??? Like, he wants a cup of coffee, or he wants to go take a shit. WHAT A FUCKING MORON. My dog has more brains up her asshole than he has in his head. And not the smart dog either, the stupid one. He went on to say that the Campfire disaster would be the last. ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME? Of course it won't be the last. California is a tinderbox, with this catastrophic drought, clearly caused by geoengineering, where EVERYTHING is coated with extremely incendiary, desiccant nano-particles of aluminum, as a result of geoengineering, that can and will explode into flames with the slightest spark. Of course, if you people in California would just rake your weeds . . . . OMG!!! Trump does not have one molecule of compassion in his entire body. He is totally incapable of feeling anything even resembling empathy. HE CANNOT EVEN FAKE EMPATHY. There are no words in the English language, or probably any other language that can adequately express the magnitude of loathing I feel toward that man. I believe I am not alone.

I thought for a minute there that THIS would finally open people's mouths about the atrocity being carried out in the skies. Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom. They both know, as do SO MANY OTHERS. Apparently they would rather see their entire state burned to the ground than speak the truth. If that lack of morals, ethics, and honor is the accepted behavior of the "human" species at this point, the ONLY hope any of us have is non-physical intervention, (which I will write about one of these days). Either way, I think even if changes are made immediately, non-physical intervention is probably still the only solution. It is all about disclosure. Lisa Renee recently wrote about disclosure, and she believes it is coming, not about geoengineering, but alien interference. I agree, however I still believe that disclosure about geoengineering will open the doors wide to the truth about what is REALLY happening to us here, and it will leave the vast majority of people in such a state of shock that they will die of terror. As for me, I just want the truth and justice, and disclosure will end the alien reign. The only way they can have control over us is by complete secrecy. Really. Out them, and the game is over. And then I want to see all those beings who have acted as agents and sold out, to be loaded into a spaceship and blasted off on a one-way trip to the sun, where they will fry to smithereens so that no sub-atomic particles of their beings can ever combine again and manifest into any life-form, in this galaxy or any other galaxy or any dimension, EVER. And we need not worry about their souls because they have none. They are empty shells doing the bidding of evil. This makes "selling your soul to the devil" seem like a trip to the grocery store. The fires of Hell are WAY too good for this load of rot.

Here are some related articles. By the way Trump, as usual, lied about Finland raking their forests. He sure does like those light-skinned blonds, doesn't he? Hell, they're the only kind of people that deserve to live, you know. By the way, I have a friend, actually the man who owns the little car lot where I bought my Rabbit, who is from Sweden. The Scandinavians don't WANT to immigrate to the U.S.. Finland denied making the raking statment to Trump, then they proceeded to mock him. By the way, PLEASE open the Twitter page and look at the pictures. They are hysterical and we all need a good laugh. Yay, Finland!

#RakeAmericaGreatAgain: Finland social media users troll Trump for saying the country rakes its forests

I wonder if Trump has the capacity to grasp that people are mocking him because he is such a clueless fucking idiot. Probably not.

Here is an article from Dane concerning his meeting with Gavin Newsom, incoming governor of California. The next article is is latest Global Alert News, and even if you do not listen to it, be sure to look at the pictures. WOW! Look at what the activists have done in Australia!! As the light increases, so does the darkness. More and more people are becoming aware. We must use all our force, whether at the physical or non-physical level to reach that "hundredth monkey." I personally have become more obnoxious than ever, stopping people EVERYWHERE I go to give them a lecture and Dane's website.

Governor Newsom, Geoengineering And Unprecedented Wildfires
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 17, 2018, #171

Incidentally, I see that outgoing governor Jerry Brown has quickly passed a law to protect PG&E from their irresponsibility in dealing with what they knew were problems in their lines and fire hazards!! OMG. Why are the people of California not marching to the State Capital with pitchforks and torches. Or maybe rakes. Jerry Brown is clearly a man who cares more about business interests than his people. How many years did he "serve?" Why do people VOTE for people like that?? I cannot wrap my mind around this level of ignorance any more.

Of course, Trump has no clue about climate change, but I doubt whether he has even in his entire life observed anything in nature. Can anyone even imagine him planting a seed or watching a butterfly, remembering skies when they were clear blue and the air was clean and smelled like earth or fresh-mown grass? I'm sure he beleives the only benefit to having animals on the planet is to eat them, and if they're not edible than the hell with them. If it doesn't concern his wealth and power, it isn't important. He is so wrapped up in self that the entire world could be wiped out and as long as he still had his money and property, he probably wouldn't even notice. WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR THIS MAN? He is beyond scary. You know, people really didn't understand Hitler's motives until it was too late . . . .

I have said before that if I had to choose between living on a planet with only animals and no humans, and a planet with only humans and no animals, the choice would be a no-brainer. Homo sapiens has become my least favorite species. Even "regular" people don't have a clue. Here in Northeast Ohio, we have seen the sun ONCE in November. It has rained or snowed 15 out of the 20 days so far. FIFTEEN. And yet, if you point out to people that the sun never shines any more, you get this deer-in-the-headlights look. WTF?? I went back over my old records and took some random readings. For the same period in other years, this is the number of days we had of precipitation: 2006-1; 2012-2; 1994-3; 1996-5; and 2003-8. OK, so that year was a bit wetter, but 8 is a far cry from 15. The situation has been like this for years here, like the drought in California, but now it is the whole northeast and east coast. Many people from Ohio, Michigan, New York and the New England states are beginning to comment on Dane's site. But the vast majority here, and in California STILL do not grasp that there is something VERY wrong with this picture. When I was growing up there would be maybe one weather disaster a year somewhere in the country, and it was a big deal. Now, there is a weather disaster every single day. It absolutely stuns me that people do not notice.

And the thing is, we in the east were supposed to have a warm dry winter, according to the NWS climate prediction maps. But they are spraying the hell out of us, and the ingredients in the Knollenberg Patent are so extremely toxic to me and my animals, including lead iodide and silver iodide. When the snow touches you, it burns your skin, like touching a piece of frozen metal. We were supposed to finally have a week of sunshine and warm temperature. NWS entices us with the hopes of better weather. Their long-term weather "predictions" changes drastically as the day approaches. This week was supposed to be up in the mid-to-upper 40s. but now, Thursday's high, which was previously to be 45 degrees, is "forecast" (scheduled) to be 27 degrees!! It gets lower every day. That is quite a difference. And it is the only sunny day out of all the string of originally sunny days we were supposed to get. Friday still looks sunny, but rain comes back that night. We are California reversed. The magnitude of their drought is the magnitude of our wet. I wish I could send them all our rain for the next five months. We would not miss it. And it is their rain, anyways, rerouted by the planes and radio frequencies to give the foolish people the perception that we are actually cold. Don't be fooled!! The planet is burning up. The coldest place on the globe is the eastern part of North America.

Climate Reanalyzer

And do people not notice that the leaves do not change into beautiful colors any more? In more "normal" times, we would get a frost, then "Indian Summer," when it would warm back up again. The leaves would turn red and yellow and gold, but now they just get brown and shrivel up. Dane has been writing about this for years. They are spraying defoliants now, to fool people into thinking the trees are naturally dropping their leaves. But the trees are smarter than that.

This week I had a bit of a disaster here. My huge silver maple near the drive, which I planted about 27 or so years ago, had not lost any of its leaves at all, In fact, it still had all its GREEN leaves, because we never had a killing frost, but went from above-freezing to (fake) snow and that ice storm. This tree never formed a main trunk, but branched out into multiple trunks and spanned in the air, probably 50 feet. With all those leaves, the huge branches became so heavy, they just started to come down, crack, crunch, all over the place, tearing the power lines off my house. OMG, what a mess. My burning bush, which usually turns a blazing red never turned this year either. And my poor golden privet that I mentioned in my last article, which is so confused it loses its leaves in the spring and sends them out in the fall, peeled like a banana, the main trunk upright with the branches bent to the ground in a circle. My poor beautiful trees. I planted all of them, and now I watch them suffer. It breaks my heart.

The first two photos were taken the morning after the storm. You can see how the branches are seriously sagging. The next two were taken just a while ago. What a mess. The burning bush, below is right next to the maple. You can see all the debris behind it. It has a mixture of coral, peach and green leaves still hanging on, none of which are normal colors, along with the berries. The very bottom is a screen shot from my WFMJ Interactive Weather Map during that storm, November 15, at 1:20 pm. WTF?? DOES THAT LOOK NORMAL TO YOU???? It looks like some creature with a curled tail.

Silver Maple Sagging Limbs

Silver Maple Broken Limbs

Silver Maple Broken Limbs

Silver Maple Broken Limbs

Burning Bush

Screen Shot, November 15, at 1:20 pm

People ARE "getting it" that climate change is already past the breaking point, and the apocalyptic scenarios are here now. But, as Dane says, until people finally address the geoengineering issue, which is THE MOST important factor in this whole disaster, we cannot even BEGIN to address the problem. Geoengineering needs to STOP NOW IMMEDIATELY. PERIOD. Here is another article on climate change which clearly states the collapse is here now.

Climate change will bring multiple disasters at once, study warns

I have had one bright spot of hope this week, and it is through a post I saw on Dane's site and followed up.
Charles E. Jones III, Brig.Gen., USAF (Ret)
Apparently this Brigadier General Charles Jones statement was included in the interview with Richard Roellig, which I not only listened to but devoted an article to, which was called Compartmentalization. I do not remember the statement by Charles Jones, or if I heard it I apparently did not grasp it, so I can assume others missed it, too. Anyways, an author did not and his name is Denis Mills.
Aluminum Dust from Geoengineering Fueling Super Wildfires According to Author
This one I DID follow up on, and emailed him. He has not replied, but I think someone fucks with my email programs because half of what I send never gets there and very little mail reaches me. This is a person with whom I really need to communicate. I will try again, or perhaps call that number. This is very intriguing. I think that fiction has a greater impact on people than the news. Just look at all the fictional, fantasy, science fiction books and movies that have been incorporated into people's lives as reality, and this one seems like a winner that could have an immense influence on waking people up. And he is a former Naval Officer. We need those members of the military who still have a sense of honor and truth to speak up!!

Here are some other articles I have collected over the past month or so. The first one is yet another example of a film (horror) that has proven to be all too real. Please read this article. The second one speaks of what I have spoken about for ages, the fact that we are being mind controlled, all of us. Those of us who are aware of it get it in double doses, and it seems it takes all my energy just to resist is, but I KNOW they are fucking with my brain.

Has America Become a Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy?
Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain

And here is something really scary. 5G. Read about it, then sign the petition, PLEASE. I did.

An Emergency Appeal to the World’s Governments by Scientists, Doctors and Environmental Organizations

And last, here are more articles on the most evil corporation in the world, Monsanto.
The Monsanto Papers
The Destructive Weed Killer the EPA Refuses to Ban
I also want to mention that I wrote a follow-up to my Monsanto article and posted it on my In The Wild At Cosmic Dream Farm, October 29, 2018 page. So far, only four people have read it. It takes me nearly half a day to write these articles. I do it for free, but if people are not interested, I would much rather write book reviews, because Google has been giving me first page ratings lately on many of them, and I believe, as I said earlier, that often fiction is the better way to awaken people. I realize I am preaching to the choir, because the ones reading this are the ones that always do. I don't know who you are, but I see the same IPs showing up in my stats that are my faithful readers, and for you I am very grateful. But I am much too tired and overwhelmed all the time to continue writing what so few wish to read. We shall see where this goes, but I will take the route that leads me to the most effectiveness.

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