PLEASE SIGN THIS GOVERNMENT PETITION!!! I have seen other anti-geoengineering petitions that I would not sign because they looked like they were written by a ten-year-old. This one is succinct and to the point, everything spelled correctly and expressed professionally. It is time-sensitive in that 100,000 signatures must be obtained by March 5.

Do I think this will stop the spraying? No, not directly, but we need to let these miserable bastards know that WE know what they are doing, and all their attempts to confuse and distract us are NOT working.

Here in Ohio, well, gosh, I have forgotten what sunshine looks like. Every day is dark, dark, DARK. Even when the sun "shines," (once every two weeks, if we're lucky), it is no longer bright. This chemically nucleated ice/snow they are dropping on us is SOOO toxic. It contains lead, which is why it feels SO cold and burns your skin when you touch it. DO NOT let these liars deceive you. If you live in the middle or eastern section of the US, you would NOT be having a cold and miserable winter if they were not spraying us! If you live on the west coast, you have your own set of horrors. Pay attention, wake up and don't be fooled. None of this is natural.

If you participate in any social media, please post this and urge people to sign.

Here is a great natural product that heals skin cracked from the chemicals and desiccants in the sprays. It is also great for insect bites and stings. One jar will last a long, long time. I have used it for decades. It comes from Amish Country, right here in my neck of the woods, (or at least it used to).

Skinner's Salve

Please Sign This Petition

Ban all funding for Aluminum, Barium, and Arsenic for use in atmospheric modification for any purpose

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