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In this article I want to cover some of the information I was not able to include in This Hell Called Planet Earth. Please read that one if you have not already. I am also working on a Bible article, a very important one. Today, however, we might possibly have probably one of the two days in February where we might see sunshine, yesterday being the other, accompanied by very heavy spraying. Then we have scheduled, at least so far, two weeks of rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain and "cloudiness," which the NWS always refers to as "overcast" because they know fucking well that shit up there is NOT clouds. Anyways, I plan to spend this day outside coloring, so this will be a short and sweet article.

I have lots of odds and ends to report, starting with the latest email I got from Arthur Firstenberg from the Cell Phone Task Force. If you are one of the millions of people scared shitless about 5G, and you still own a cell phone, you are a hypocrite. Remember what I said about changing voluntarily, or we will BE changed involuntarily? We need to take a good realistic look at our priorities and honestly face all the shit we have that is killing everything on the planet that we can live without. That will include electricity and the internet, AND cell phones, when the grid and everything else goes down. If anyone is to survive, it will be those who know how to survive with very little. I have given you volumes of information and ideas, but it will not do you any good unless you put it to use and that means now, NOT when you are forced to. At the rate we are going, that day is woefully soon. But on the bright side, the collapse of everything could also mean the dawning of a New Reality, where our physical world is created with our minds, so we will have no need of money or this toxic technology. We should have evolved there long ago, if not for this horrendous force that has kept us locked in Hell. We have to do our work first, and if we succeed, we will earn our freedom. And that means sacrifice. NOW.

Here is a bit from the email mentioned above. If anyone wants me to forward it, please email me at That is not a link; you must copy and paste it into your email recipient box. Or you can get on Firstenberg's mailing list. In this email, he is pleading for the honeybees. He makes the statement that when the first radio station was set up on the Isle of Wight, the bees started dying.

On the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of England, Giuglielmo Marconi built the world’s first permanent radio station. And the bees’ first warning to humanity was heard. “They are often to be seen crawling up grass stems, or up the supports of the hive, where they remain until they fall back to the earth from sheer weakness, and soon afterwards die,” wrote Augustus Imms of Christ’s College, Cambridge in 1906. Ninety percent of the bees had already vanished from the entire island. Unable to find a cause, he called it, simply, Isle of Wight disease. Swarms of healthy bees were imported from the mainland, but it was of no use: within a week the fresh bees were dying off by the thousands.

The description, more than a century later, is exactly the same. On November 19, 2019, a 5G antenna was placed 250 meters from Angela’s house in Melbourne, Australia. "I photographed the new mast going onto the cell tower," she writes, "and the next day, I was in the driveway talking to our carpenter, and we saw bees dropping on the driveway then dying. I managed to film one trying to collect pollen, but it was hanging upside down and could not seem to make it to the centre of the flower, then it rolled off the petals to the ground."

I have seen this, too. It is like they are dazed or drunk. I usually have lots of bees and other pollinators, but last year was the first time I saw an extreme decline in insects. Here are a couple more paragraphs from the email.

Radio waves are poison to life. They penetrate skin and bones, cell walls and mitochondria. They prevent electrons from our food from combining with the oxygen we breathe. They give us diabetes, and heart disease, and cancer. They disorient migratory birds, and they kill outright tiny forms of life that pollinate flowers and have high rates of metabolism.

I asked, in a previous newsletter, "which do we want more: our phones or our planet?" There is only one sane answer. I ask all of you who are reading this newsletter to join with me in putting this world back on a path to survival by throwing away your cell phones, now, today. Not next year, and not tomorrow. Today. There is no other option. Tomorrow we can deal, if we dare, with climate change. But if we are to have time to answer that urgent call, we must first deal with this emergency. We must extinguish this fire.

The thing is, we have to trust that there is a non-destructive way to create all we want. I have to share a story of my extreme naïvity, back in late 2003 when I got my first computer, an old Mac that the son of a friend of mine gave me because the graphics business he worked for had their old computers stored away and was looking to get rid of them. Another friend of mine had just given me a word processor the year before. You must understand that previous to that, the extent of my technology was an electric typewriter. And so when this son came to dump the Mac and accessories off on my porch, I asked him, "Can it do everything my word processor does?" OH MY. Here, sixteen years later, now as a fairly proficient code-writer, that question makes me wince. But my point is we have to trust that there is something so much better for us when we totally free ourselves from this entire system. We have been so imprisoned here that we are incapable of seeing that we are still at the word processor stage because we have been mind-controlled in this slavery to money dimension.

I remember way back when the New Age was in its glory, one of its main mantras was "When one door closes, another opens." If we didn't like our job, we could just quit and another one would come along. If our house or car wasn't good enough, we had to just TRUST in the "universe," which was merely a more trendy name for "God." I bought into that bullshit, hook, line and sinker, and none of it proved to be true, and here is why: because the whole concept was built on the money system and obtaining physical wealth through the material world. In the end, our controllers were the ones who reaped the greatest rewards, and those gurus who made millions from suckers.

But ultimately, the truth of the matter is clear. We have to distance ourselves as much as possible from the material world. We like to blame those rich and nasty villians for all the damage they have done to the world, but Dane and every awake person on the planet will be the first to say that they NEVER would have been able to do what they have done without the support of the population. The solution to most of the world's problem is simple: just refuse to cooperate. Do without, knowing that there is a BETTER way to have what we need. Get rid of cell phones and 5G would flop. Refuse to fly and REFUSE to join the military and air traffic would cease and so would war. Set limits on spending. This past week Aldi and Marc's had bananas on sale for under 40 cents a pound, so I bought them. 39 cents is my limit, and I don't care how much I want bananas, I REFUSE to buy them at any higher price. I go to Giant Eagle ONLY when they have an item seriously cheap, like Maxwell House coffee for $4.99, or Quorn vegetarian products buy-one-get-one free. But I see people whose baskets are loaded, spending three times more than they would spend for the same products at Aldi. WHY??? Giant Eagle is known as the local gouger, and I have to say that since Aldi moved in, they have suffered. But the point is, we can bitch and complain about the desperate situation we are in, but WE have the power to change things by simply giving up this delusion about needing what we don't need. If the population had any balls at all NONE of these rotten people who now own the planet would have gained the wealth or power that they have. Even knowing that they are minions of off-planet rulers, they STILL would have gotten nowhere. Remember the movie, They Live. It was the "humans," lured by the promise of wealth that enabled the aliens to gain control. There are three more points I want to make on these themes, then we'll go on to the next. First, here is another article on bees.
Trump EPA Approves “Emergency” Use of Bee-killing Pesticide On 13.9 Million Acres For The Next 4-6 Years
Trump—how did such a miserable creature EVER gain such "power?" 'Caus he promised wealth and the suckers bought into it, and still do. Rachel Carson must be rolling over in her grave. She helped establish the EPA to work FOR safety, and now we have to FIGHT the EPA to stop poisoning us. And here is my second point. This one makes me gag, but that is just my natural reaction to Trump.
Trump’s Rosy Economic Outlook Is a Big Lie
Of course, Dane speaks often about our financial state being nothing but a Ponzi scheme. The Fed literally makes money appear from nothing, and the greedy brokers and bankers and billionaires and politicians buy into it. I'm sure they know it's not real, but who cares as long as they have the delusion they are rich.
The Zombification Of America—Over 40% Of Listed Companies Don't Make Money
And speaking of Tesla, here's another paragraph from the email, my third point. Elon Musk is bad news no matter how you look at it.

This morning, at 9:06 a.m., SpaceX launched another 60 "Starlink" satellites, bringing the number of these satellites in low orbit around the Earth up to 240. These are already streaking photographic plates at observatories around the world, although they are not even one percent of what SpaceX is ultimately planning. SpaceX already has permission from the Federal Communications Commission to litter our night skies with 12,000 satellites, has applied for an incredible total of 42,000, and is now launching them, 60 at a time, twice a month, indefinitely into the future, unless someone puts a stop to it. If they are all launched, they will far outnumber the approximately 9,000 visible stars, and will be brighter than all but 172 of them.

This act of global vandalism also threatens to bring about the sudden extinction of all or most life on the surface of the Earth, as the 12,000+ satellites will be located in the Earth’s ionosphere, and will emit extremely powerful pulsating beams of radiation into it. The ionosphere is a source of high voltage, charged at all times to an average 300,000 volts. It controls the global electrical circuit which connects every living thing—bird, animal, tree and human—to the Earth and sky; the electrical circuit that courses through our veins, which the Chinese call qi, and the Indians call prana. An eternal circuit of life that has been gentle and unchanging for three billion years.

People have lost all connection with the natural world. That's an understatement. No one who is connected to nature could possibly look up into the sky and NOT NOTICE that something is terribly wrong.

And how about this. OMG!! A new little Musk on the way. I wonder if it will be born with brain chips.

Grimes confirms that she's pregnant, and 'woefully ill prepared'

Of course, we must also return to the coronavirus situation. of which many of Dane's community are speculating, as to whether it was created in a lab, (of course it was), and as to whether we are being sprayed with biological warfare ingredients. Yep, on that one, too.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 1, 2020
Read Lori's post on February 1, 9:31 p.m.. Interesting. And here is a link provided by V. Susan Ferguson. Remember in my last article I mentioned about AIDS and Lyme Disease being created at the Plum Island secret biolab?
Coronavirus Contains "HIV Insertions", Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon

Obviously this article is turning out longer than planned. I am going out to my greenhouse, where I have a table set up with my coloring books. I will finish and post in the evening. . . . . . . . . .

I am now back to my computer. Our temps went almost ten degrees above Raytheon's "scheduled" high for the day, which was 55 degrees. My porch thermometer hit 64.4, and it is not in the sun. Sun? Desperate attempts to cover it all day, but it was there. I hope you have been watching the daily QPF page at the NWS that I discussed last article. They have been trying for two weeks to push another deluge into Northeast Ohio, but these "systems" all seem to want to head East/Southeast. It looks like the coastal states will get dumped on, but we shall see. Again, I urge you to pay very close attention to this tool, because it supplies a great deal of information as to the way the minds of these weather-manipulators work, and they do not always get their way. It would be fascinating if it wasn't so sick.

These are some articles about space junk and air collisions and more and more reasons why we must ground all air traffic, including satellites and rockets.
Satellites avoid collision in Pennsylvania sky
Air Canada plane makes emergency landing in Spain's Madrid airport
DirecTV rushes to dispose of satellite that might explode
Jet with 135 aboard skids onto highway

And now more bullshit from so-called experts "explaining" why certain things are happening. Really?? The Weather Channel is the WORST for absurd explanations, and yet most people never question what the "experts" say. The reason temperatures are going up and down is because the planet at this point is SO FUCKING HOT that it is getting more and more difficult to maintain the illusion of "cold, cold, cold," which has been The Weather Channel's main theme this year. It is only cold right after they dump on us, then the temps go right back up. This is the first time in my life that we have not hit zero or below during the winter. That recent 6.8 degrees was the lowest we've been all winter. And this is Ohio! Ohio gets cold in the winter. We have reached that point Dane always talks about, when they will no longer be able to hide what is going on. WE ARE THERE. Is that what the coronavirus is? A desperate move on their part? What is coming next? Again, I cannot express how important it is to GROUND ALL AIR TRAFFIC. They will then have no means to hide or distract.
Chinook Winds Cause Temperature in a Montana Town to Rise Nearly 30 Degrees in an Hour
And whadaya think of this one?? Real, or engineered? Hmmm. Don't you wonder why suddenly all these new "clouds" are showing up???
A New Form Of Northern Lights Discovered In Finland—By Amateur Sky Watchers
And here's another brilliant article from The Weather Channel.
Evidence Points to Weather as Key Factor in Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash, Experts Say
And this is a quote from the article.

"The largest killer in aviation, bar none, is weather," Michael Lenz, a retired safety program analyst with the Federal Aviation Administration, told the Los Angeles Times. "The types of weather where this occurs aren’t usually severe like thunderstorms, but simply restrictions to visibility."

Well, no shit. I cannot believe ANYONE can see to fly any more.

These next articles are heartbreaking. ANOTHER activist killed, trying to save butterflies. My heart and soul grieves for good people like them, and their loved ones. There WILL be a day of reckoning when all the world will have to face the truth.
Outpouring of Grief After Missing Mexican Monarch Butterfly Defender Homero Gómez González Found Dead
A second monarch butterfly conservationist has been found dead in Mexico

And the last point point I want to make concerns the food crisis. Remember when I wrote in the fall how my big fourteen foot patch of winter squash in the greenhouse produced only one small butternut squash? Well, when I ate it, another shock came. It had NO SEEDS. Waltham Butternut is an open-pollinated variety, like a gene-pool type, that breeders use as the basis for producing hybrids, which are NOT the same as GMOs. An open-pollinated variety of ANYTHING should NEVER be sterile, ever. It did not even have the typical seed pouch. It was solid meat. Unless people understand agriculture and food production, they cannot possibly grasp the gravity of the situation. It is my guess that Monsanto's Frankenseeds have infiltrated just about everything at this point. Of course you know Monsanto purposely creates them sterile so farmers will be forced to buy seeds from them every year. It is truly a contract with the devil. But for those of us that DON'T buy from them, we are shit out of luck, too.

Like Dane, I specialize in connecting the dots. I have presented all the materials I have saved, well most of it, and I might take some weeks off, except for that Bible article I mentioned. I want to sit back and observe, and these are the things we should ALL be watching as we are preparing. The coronavirus. Was there an "oops" involved? Did something escape that should not have? Will arrogant assholes like Trump be just as much at risk as everyone else? And the other thing is to pay VERY close attention to EVERYTHING happening in the sky. The virus could shut down a great deal of air traffic, and if that doesn't, something else will. I believe we are heading towards the end-game. Fast. Keep alert. Be ready.

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