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As we continue these final days of life on earth as we know it, I have found myself inundated with news and information that must be shared, so check my Articles Index, (link at page top) for new articles. I have a whole slew I am working on.

There is a new trend to "commemorate" Thanksgiving Day as a day of mourning all the Indigenous Americans brutally slaughtered by the invasion of greedy white men centuries ago. I hope many of you, like myself, chose to focus on that perspective, rather than stuffing yourself with dead animals and giving thanks that some people's ancestors were aggressive and self-serving thieves. There. I've had my say. Won't mention it again. In this article at least.

You will also note that these people gave birth to what has become our nation's government and military, who still believe they have a right to take whatever they want and do whatever they want for their own sick agenda. I believe that will be coming to an end very soon, one way or another. "One way or another" is really the way I am viewing the future of the entire planet at this point. No one really knows how everything will play out, but I am 100% certain that 2018 ain't gonna look nothin' like 2017, "one way or another." If we make it to 2018.

Many of us believe that the only thing worse that could happen to the planet now is a nuclear holocaust, and most people think in terms of war. However, at least in my opinion, there is a much more desperate nuclear situation that is in progress now and has been for years and will continue to be for, well, until the end, and that is Fukushima, and it is not only not getting better, but getting worse. Add to that an apparent nuclear accident that happened in Russia, perhaps near the Ural Mountains, of which Russia is not speaking, but we know something happened. If you are not aware of the Energy News website, please become aware. They supply news alerts, plus links to other media and literature, a very good source. Here is another informative article about the insanity of developing nuclear energy to power anything. It was written by Gordon Edwards, Ph.D., President, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, entitled The Age of Nuclear Waste: From Fukushima to Indian Point. (PLEASE READ!—This is one scary article.) Note that Strontium-90 (strontium is one of the ingredients in chemtrails), goes to the "bones, teeth and mother's milk," so if any of you are nursing, you should get your milk tested.

As I have mentioned before, the main reason I continue to visit GeoengineeringWatch is to read the community comments. They are a lot of really sharp and knowledgeable people, from whom I obtain much current news. I lifted the below post from the November 18, 2017 Global Alert News. It appears that much of this info is from the article above, and we can see that the situation there cannot be contained. That's the nature of nuclear power plants, and I also know that it will continue to poison the ocean as long as we are alive. In other words, by the time this monster burns itself out, we, the entire planet most likely, will be long gone. Here is the post. The author goes by the name "Hawkeye." (Note: I corrected most of the typos 'cause there were lots and they drive me crazy.)

Due to spotting so many posted links about new enews for Fukushima is why I write my post here…….
Note: the first use of nuclear weapons was in August 1945, 70 years ago. / the first use of climate engineering was 70 years ago. Both activities are the use of nuclear chems on the planet and all life forms.
"Fukushima is a crisis without end. I can't see it ever being remedied. There have been three meltdowns, which has never occurred in the history of the nuclear age. They don't know where those radioactive cores are, each weighing 100 tons. They may have melted their way into the Earth, or may be on the floor of the containment vessel with cracks and holes. The buildings 1, 2, & 3, where the meltdowns occurred, are so radioactive no humans can go in there. They send robots in there and they get fried……….."
"Now that the reactors are all cracked and broken there is water pouring out from the mountains behind the plant, 1000 tons a day, and flooding around the reactor cores becoming extremely radioactive. The Japanese are pumping up 400 tons of that water a day and putting it in make-shift tanks that are covered up with plastic parts and duct tape, some were just made to last 5 years. They've got over 1000 tanks—huge like three story buildings, they build two tanks a week, they are running out of storage space, and still 400 tons of radioactive water is pouring in to the Pacific Ocean every day as it has been since the accident began—DAILY.
If there is an earthquake 7 mag or higher, quite likely those tanks are going to collapse and that tank tainted water is going in to the Pacific too. There is no way to stop that water from pouring out of the mountains. Some engineers have thought of ways to build a wall around it to divert the clean water before it touches the cores, but no evidence of that happening in reality because Tokyo power is operating on a shoestring, their losing money, their shareholders are panicking, and they are using homeless people off the streets of Tokyo to do their operating work.
And so, then there is building #4. Building 4 is very very buckled and fragile. On the top of building 4 is the cooling pool, with hundreds of tons of very very radioactive fuel rods, and so if an earthquake of 7 or higher hits down will come the cooling pool and the water will leak out. The rods will catch fire and ten times more cesium then was released in Chernobyl will be released in to the atmosphere or the equivalent of 14000 Hiroshima bombs. Nuclear engineers say that would be the end of Japan.
The radiation will go around the globe, not in the southern hemisphere because the two don't mix at the equator, but you will get it in the northern hemisphere. All countries in the northern hemisphere will incur huge amounts of all kinds of cancers. …….."
"Now there is another problem. Because of the risk of quakes they've put a big crane outside #4 and it's been reinforced to prevent it from toppling, and they are going to try to remove the coils with the crane in bundles of 70 . Each coil rod is so radioactive if you stand next to it you will get a lethal dose of radiation and be dead in a few weeks.  The rods are twelve feet long and half an inch thick. So in bundles of 70 they can lift them up with a hook on the crane and pull them out. Trouble is the racks in which the rods are stored in have become cracked and broke from the original quake. So as you pull them out they could crack open and out would come huge amounts of radioactive gases. Krypton, xenon, Argonne, radioactive iodine, etc. That would cause the whole facility to be evacuated and suggested that Tokyo too be evacuated but how do you evacuate 35 million people in an instant? So, no plan to do it. Disaster.
The other thing that could happen is apparently there is no boron left on the plates covering the rods to stop the outflow of neutrons, they have been cooling them with saltwater because they boiled at one point, so the real problem is if two bundles touch each other you are going to get a fission reaction – kaboom- and it would spread to the whole pool, I don't know, nuclear engineers I spoke to don't know except that then you would gave a real disaster on your hands! AND, this is all being done virtually by hand, no computer accuracy room to spare. This whole process is said to take 14 months to complete and people are really really worried!" ………
" America used 360 tons of radioactive bombs in Falusha Iraq where they absolutely deluged the place with radioactive uranium 238. Also used in Basra etc. The particles are less than 5 microns." ( sound familiar folks? ) "very carcinogenic" are the exact words. ……..
" So this has contaminated all life for the rest of time due to the shelf life being billions of years, which means anomalies, birth defects, cancers etc., will be occurring for the rest of time. Its already too late."
In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia we used these weapons as well and we are selling them all around the world!
So, we have got to get this info out to the American public along with all the info on the real time geoengineering climate control project because these are THE two worst case scenario events that could happen in our life time and literally end all life on Earth and including Earth. People get the nuclear thing. Geoengineering patents also have nuclear ingredients and are blatantly released in to the skies every day and for years. Try this incorporation of info, maybe it will help our cause.
Not so sure what we are saving to salvage…..but hey, can't do nothing can we?!
** this info is from the documentary film, The world Awaits, a film by Don Haderlein. Speakers: Noam Chomsky, Helen Caldicott, David Krieger.
Helen wrote a medical article all about this plus lots more describing the human effects of nuclear weapons blast exposure that this poses and she sent it to the NY Times to publish. Point being, you don't need an H Bomb worry alone because any nuclear energy plant has the capability of becoming an H Bomb simply by accident, so the nuclear threat is much more than just military weapons, it is in all nuclear energy—" peaceful purposes"—operations and so in every damn backyard on the planet. The Times wrote her back saying they were unable to publish her article! She says the Pentagon has a very tight wrap on this nuclear truth from reaching the public.

God Bless

Now, who thinks we have a future in this situation?

Incidentally, here is more info on the situation in Russia, with lots of other links included, also from Energy News.

One of the points Hawkeye makes above is, if an emergency should happen in Tokyo, "how do you evacuate 35 million people in an instant?" That is one of the impending disasters to add to all the others on this planet. There are just TOO FUCKING MANY PEOPLE. From the time I was a little one, I made the decision that no babies would come out of this body. It was one of the best life decisions I made. Why is it that people have been brainwashed into thinking they are not "complete" unless they have children? Very few families I know have children because they really wanted them. They were either "accidents" or the result of parents teaching their children that "that is the way life is—you are born, grow up, get married, have children, earn a living, grow old, retire, and die." YUK. That was NEVER my ideal. But the point is, there is a growing trend of people finally "getting it," that just because you have the equipment, it doesn't mean you have a right to use it as much as you want. Here is a recent article Science proves kids are bad for Earth. Morality suggests we stop having them.

I know people here who cannot afford to have children, yet they keep having them because they know they will get more food stamps and welfare. Society condones irresponsibility and unaccountability, and no one wants to say that out loud. Is that insanity or not??! I realize that people need help who have lost their jobs or are on a fixed income and I totally understand that our governments at all levels are making it increasingly difficult to barely survive. I understand that personally, and I personally have learned to do without. But I see with my own eyes these welfare people that have smart phones, drive a nice vehicle, and always have money for booze and cigarettes. WE NEED TO TAKE AN HONEST LOOK AT RESPONSIBILITY, and lack of it. Because people have learned to be unaccountable, we have the situation we are in now—irresponsibility to the planet and total denial of what is being done to us. The powers-that-be have trained us to be unconscious. And obviously this applies to underdeveloped and warring countries. How can people continue to bring children into a world where there is so little chance they will survive? That is not just irresponsible, selfish and insane, IT IS EVIL!!!

And it is not just poor people that should not have children!! The planet is a finite resource. We do NOT have unlimited space, food, water, and oxygen, and most people will be in such a state of shock when they go to a grocery store one of these days and there is no food. IT IS COMING. We had record crop loss this year because of the severely worsening state of the earth's life-support systems, including the increasingly toxic air, soil, and water, not to mention lack of sunlight in which NOTHING can grow. People have lost all connection to Nature. FOOD COMES FROM THE EARTH, NOT FROM A GROCERY STORE. And it is these people who will literally be traumatized to death when they finally are forced to come to grips with the reality of our situation.

But hopefully the readers of my articles are not in that category, so I will continue with some positive ideas—discoveries I've recently made on detoxifying ourselves, and I have tons of information on that. I have tried this for a week, and the difference in my body is unbelievable. It began last week when my foot started to hurt to the point where I could hardly walk. Please note that I am really in good health. I take care of my body, don't drink, smoke, or take any kinds of drugs or medicine. I've been a vegetarian for 27 years, don't own a microwave or anything "smart." But I have felt over the past couple years an increasingly toxic element creeping into my body. There are lots of foods which are supposedly good for getting rid of toxins, but food itself is also toxic. I would suggest not to waste money on food labeled organic, because EVERYTHING now is filled with heavy metals and Monsanto's poison, whether or not the farmer has used it. As an organic farmer, I can attest that food quality is record poor at this point. Even if it doesn't contain chemical and metal toxins, all the life-supporting vitamins and minerals have been leached out of the soil because of the flooding, chemtrail spraying, and other farmers who use toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. I have noticed for a long while increasing muscle/bone pain, lack of coordination, foggy brain and memory deterioration, despite all my careful living. The foot pain was the last straw, along with the fact that I always felt hungry, and it should not take a lot of food to fuel a wee body like mine.

So, again, I found an answer by a reader's comment on Geoengineering Watch. This person suffered from arthritis, and discovered Borax as a cure. Yes, as in "20 Mule-Team" Borax, at least that's the way it is sold here in the states. So, out of desperation, I did LOTS of research. Believe me, before I drink laundry detergent booster, I am going to make pretty damn sure it is safe. And before any of you try this, you do your own research first. I have lots of good sites to get you started listed below. Incidentally, I have noticed that a whole bunch of Geoengineering Watch readers are now taking Borax and noting its benefits.

Borax, or boron, is not a detergent booster, it is simply a mineral, sodium tetraborate, related to salt and about as toxic. What is sold in the U.S. comes from Death Valley, which I read, is still one of the most pristine places on earth. It contains nothing added, so what is in the box is the mineral itself. Anyways, last Monday I gave it a try. The recommended "dosage" is about 1 teaspoon per quart of water, but I use much less. I mix a scant quarter teaspoon in a 12 or 16 ounce juice bottle filled with fresh water. But I only weigh 95 pounds. If you weigh more, try a larger dose. Experiment with it. In any case, about an hour after I took the first dose, the pain in my foot started to go away, and by the end of the day it was GONE. My body slightly tingled for a while, not an uncomfortable feeling, but noticeable, as the chelation (detoxifying from heavy metals) kicked in. I woke up in the middle of the night rather hot, again, not uncomfortable, but different. I suspect that my circulation was improving, too. Since then, it has been all uphill. WOW! I wake up now with no pain or stiffness (remember, I am soon to be 62). My head has cleared and I feel mentally sharp, in fact, the overwhelming train of thoughts that were going through my head have calmed down. And the ringing in my ears, which I know a lot of people are suffering from, related to the electromagnetic warfare that is being waged upon us, has amost stopped. The difference is really incredible.

I am also adding Borax to my compost buckets, because boron is one of the minerals that will leach out of the soil due to chemical sprays. So our plants are seriously deprived of it, and thus our bodies. It apparently is an extremely essential trace element. One of the articles says that you should not add it directly to the soil because it kills insects, and there are lots of beneficial insects in the soil that we don't want to kill. And I also note that, because SO much of soil's natural mineral elements have disappeared, not only is our food dead, but weeds and pest insects seem to thrive. Healthy soil, like healthy bodies contain their own built-in immunity. That's the way nature was intended to work.

Here are some of the articles I found helpful. Note all the health benefits of this one trace mineral. A little bit goes a long way! Incidentally, it really tastes terrible, kinda like chalk, so I keep a glass of fresh water to follow right after I drink the Borax water.

Grow Youthful: health at any age

This next link is about boron as a mineral, and about foods that naturally contain it. It also includes vegan recipes. But, keep in mind that we CANNOT count on foods any more to supply us with our nutritional needs.

One Green Planet

Here are some ideas for using Borax in your soil.

Plant Care Today

And last, here is a bit of interesting history on Rex Newnham, the arthritic man who discovered the wonderful properties of Borax—and how the pharmaceutical companies put him out of business!! Is anyone surprised? This, by the way, is the best article of them all, so be sure to read it.

The Borax Conspiracy: How the Arthritis Cure has been stopped

So why is this all important if we've only got a short time on earth left? As Yogi Berra would say, "It ain't over till it's over." And it ain't over yet. Until then, I will continue to believe that all of us here working so fervently on obtaining full consciousness would not be here unless there was something better to evolve out of all this. I do still believe most of the world will be destroyed, but, for those of us who have cleared our karma and taken the leap, we will be able to create anew. I've been aiming toward this for nearly 38 years and I'm not about to stop now. As I have said over and over, the best thing we can do is break away from the segment of the planet spiraling downward, and especially to protect ourselves from the alien force which is at the very root of all this evil, though so few people understand that. Sure, they are poisoning the entire planet. They are poisoning our bodies, but more importantly, they seek to disable our minds. It is our minds that pose the greatest threat to them. That's why the whole Borax thing is so exciting to me. It has given me a new weapon to prevent the takeover of my mind, and, as anyone who is even remotely paying attention can see, their technological weapons are getting stronger by the minute. The shit they are spraying on us gets heavier and heavier, and the electromagnetic frequencies are increasing. They are worried.

I will not give up my belief that we have an immensely powerful tool called the mind, which is capable of creating, and certainly repairing the damage done here on earth. But it will NOT happen with 7 billion people here. That I know for certain. And so I plod on. One way or another, everything about life as we know it will change. But that doesn't mean it is the end for all of us.

To end, let me again quote from Paul Levy's Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. If you have not yet read that review, please do so.

We are like magicians, enchanted and entrapped by our own natural facility for creation. To the extent we are not consciously aware of our power, however, we consciously dream up the universe in a way that not only doesn't serve us, but rather, is destroying us in insidious and systematic ways. We have unknowingly hypnotized ourselves with our God-given power to creatively call forth reality in such a way that it is boomeranging against us and undermining our potential for individual and collective evolution. It will greatly serve us to understand the myriad of ways that the wetiko virus deviates our perceptions and misguides us. There are multiple attitudes, stances, postures, perspectives, and points of view that are secret outposts from which wetiko can work its black magic. From wetiko's point of view, the last thing it would want, its worst nightmare, is for us to gain insight into its tactics, for then it would truly go out of business.

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