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As we head into these final battles which will end the 300,000-year reign of the Reptilian invaders who have enslaved us all these eons, information is pouring out all over the place, which needs to lead to disclosure of the truth about our false reality. That NEEDS to happen if we are to win our freedom and restore Earth (and ourselves) to their original design and intention. So, I plan to do a series of shorter articles that focus on one or two points. It is essential that you read the article/book review I just published—Bringers of the Dawn, which can be found on my Articles index. I also strongly urge you to read the book. And keep checking that index page. I also plan at least one more farm article, probably two as I have quite a bit of environmental stuff to share, particularly about Monsanto.

As I mentioned in Bringers of the Dawn, I am glad I did not read it when I first heard of it because it would not have had the impact it does now, 26 years later. That is mostly because hindsight is 20/20, and I can see clearly that much of what is in the book has indeed come to pass, with a fury! I hope the intended result does, too, but that still remains to be seen. However, we ARE getting closer. We just need for more people to wake up. That means not burying yourselves in spiritual bullshit but taking an honest look at what is happening in our physical world, which is ALWAYS a reflection of what is going on at the non-physical levels. There is a violent war being fought and many of us are participating in it at the non-physical levels as well as here on Earth. For some reason, even amidst my way-too-busy agenda, I have been drawn to read the complete surviving works of the ancient Greek playwrights. I can see why. My life is straight out of an Aeschylus or Sophocles drama. I am being tortured by Orestes' Furies and Promethues' Eagle and Io's Gadfly. People, ignorant ones, sometime mock ancient peoples for their beliefs and myths, chalking it up to ignorance about how the natural world works. I disagree. These cruel and vengeful gods are the same ones that invaded us 300,000 years ago, then became the cruel and jealous god of the Old Testament. And by the way, if you are NOT being sent forces that torment you, you are not pissing them off. You need to try harder. It is also important to remember that all myths, including the Christian one, are expressions of what we remember deep inside from the Invasion—an attempt to bring back the full memory so that we can regain our full power. Now is the time.

The other thing that I found so supportive in that book was that it expressed SO many of the things I have been saying for SO long, which go against the current spiritual bullshit of which so many are making a living by feeding to the gullible public. Lisa Renee and Bernhard Guenther are about the only two well-known spiritual evolution writers who are not afraid to tell the truth. I was pleased to see one of the latest blogs by Lisa that finally agreed that what we are fighting for now will happen in our lifetime. Too many "experts," whether it be in the spiritual field or scientific, particularly concerning the catastrophic climate situation, speak of years WAY off into the future. NO!!! It is NOW. WAKE UP, WE ARE OUT OF TIME. Here is the blog from Lisa's site: Pressurized Adaptation.

She also mentions that we are now at a point where we can "change the current location of our consciousness bodies" without leaving our present bodies and having to reincarnate. In Bringers of the Dawn, the Pleiadians say the same—that we will not have to "die" in order to travel to different realities. I have been saying that for years, but no one else has. That tells me that the culmination of this war is very, very near.

In Bringers of the Dawn, they point out that it will take a major shock to wake people up. They predict that something will happen that will kill off 20 million people at once, then people may start to notice. Frankly, I think that we could shed about 6 billion. At least then the animals and plants could live in relative peace. And don't think this is too far-fetched. The number of homeless Americans has reached epidemic proportions, mostly due to the climate engineering atrocities. There are more and more people from Ohio posting on Dane's sight, all talking about the unbelievable amount of rain we have gotten. And people are mentioning the mold, too. And now we have another "huuricane" (or manufactured disaster) set to hit the south and southeast again. Those poor people in the Carolinas!! My friend from Myrtle Beach, who lives up here said her mom is OK, but two miles away, houses are under water. And now more rain! OMG!! Below is an article speaking of people in Central America (and I wonder how many of those crops were ruined by Monsanto drift rather than drought, which I will speak about in an upcoming article). But no matter what, we are losing the ability to produce food on this planet, everywhere which equals homelessness and starvation and I don't care how fucking rich you are, YOU WILL SUFFER LIKE THE REST OF US.

‘Every Day You Become More Desperate’

But remember, just as 9/11, was an inside job, a purposely created disaster to make it look like we were being "attacked" by people from the Middle East, so we could have the support of ignorant and naive Americans to keep going there and killing, killing, killing. Innocent people who have done NOTHING to us, but rather to protect American corporations that have interests overseas. But even that is not the whole picture. As you read Bringers of the Dawn, you can see that at the non-physical level, we are protecting the portals located there that allow our invaders free passage onto this planet. You must connect ALL the dots. In addition, many of Dane's very intelligent and well-researched community members have commented on the number of people in Washington that have dual citizenship in the U.S. and Israel. Go figure.

And remember, all these disasters that we have to deal with are also being created to keep us distracted. The more time we have wrapped up dealing with survival, the less time we have to really do what is important, that is evolve and create and remember. Do you ever think about how much time we have to waste dealing with bullshit. Even for people like me who purposely have separated themselves from most of the rest of humanity, just surviving takes so much energy. When we regain our full memory, creating everything we need outside the system will be easy and natural. THEN those who still rely on the old way of working and having to buy what they need will be the ones in trouble. The thing is, there are SO many people who do NOTHING with their lives. They have all the time in the world, and waste it on useless or harmful activities—just dead energy, vulnerable to what is being fed to them. These people will not know what hit them.

And about my comment that we would do better if 6 billion people would leave the planet. Hopefully that would be the ones who have devolved into total stupidity, apathy, greed, and evil, which is probably about 6 billion of the population, or we would not be being sprayed with poison, fried, drowned, surveiled, and all the other atrocities that the VAST majority of the population appears to not notice or not care. And it IS getting MUCH worse. Here is an eye-opener. The only positive aspect of this is that, at the rate we are going, NO YOUNG PERSON will qualify for the military, and maybe then, perhaps, it will become obsolete. The obesity and drugs are bad, but, OMG, the fact that they don't READ!!! I cannot imagine life without books.

Shocking New Studies Find That America’s Young People Are Overweight, Unhealthy, Suicidal And Addicted To Alcohol And Drugs

Incidentally, even those military people who hold high positions are finally being called out for their atrocious behavior, either violence, drinking, sexual assault, or other acts, which they had previously, no doubt, gotten away with, perhaps with only a slap on the wrist. And that goes for priests, too.

Commander of 1,500 U.S. Marines in Australia sacked for drinking and driving

OK, so this stuff is pretty heavy, but we cannot be Pollyannas. We need to face this in both the non-physical and physical realities. However, sometimes you just need to laugh, and when I want a funny perspective of our current reality, I go to Augureye Express. I love his pictures.


I am working on several other projects, so please check back regularly for updates. Meanwhile, I hope everyone reads Bringers of the Dawn. If anyone needs help dpwnloading or converting it for an eReader, contact me at

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