Thoughts Like Cancers Spreading

I have to continually ask myself, "Is this real?" The horrors I see in the world today are beyond my worst nightmares, more akin to the most bizarre fantasy films and horror flicks combined. Lies sprout like fungus on the rotting trees that are strewn everywhere you look, and worse yet, within a few days the lies suddenly become truth.

I have been continuing my journeys across time and space, as I spoke of in my last article, Journeys. I graduated to the dimension of silver and gold, where I found my mind spread out across the vastness of space, where the healing lights purged the old thoughtforms from the depths of my cells. I moved on to the diamond light dimension, and from there, I sought the Universal Mind. But when I was able to access that, it was not what I was expecting. I was seeking the truth, but what I found was The Void, the absence of thought, the Great Potential. "What is the Truth?" I cried out, and the answer was "Your thoughts are the truth." Ah, yes . . . how stupid of me.

There is no truth, only thoughts, and when those thoughts gain mass support, they become a truth. Blessings to Dan Brown and his lovely wife Blythe, whose combined genius put forth in Dan's six novels (soon to be seven), have led me to this epiphany, especially with The Da Vinci Code, and my research on the "truth" about Jesus. Please see my Bible article, The Pagan Jesus.

The Nag Hammadi Codices are changing the "truth" about Jesus, perhaps not yet with the church leaders, but certainly with Bible history researchers. It is obvious to anyone with an open mind that the story of Jesus is nothing but a restatement of Pagan beliefs, with different names and different places, established by a political institution run by MALES, who were determined to keep the masses under control and women in a place of subservience. But this too shall pass. And just as the followers of Zeus and Apollo, Isis, Quetzalcoatl, Odin, and all the other gods and goddesses of the past, they will be replaced by a new god. And that holy trinity is Money, Power, and Technology. The Doomsday Gods, in the final period of decline.

And couple all this with the speed of the internet, and lies become truth overnight, and thus we have a new reality. Even worse, it has a name: Fake News, and yet people STILL believe it. Doublethink. George Orwell is probably rolling over in his grave. His fiction is being played out more accurately than he probably ever imagined.

And so, I return to my first question: Is it real? Is anything real? Our reality is in our own minds, which we manifest into our physical world. Therefore, yes, it IS our current reality. So then the next question is, is anything true? The current thoughts are that there is a Negative Alien Agenda, descibed under different names and guises. There is a government/military industrial complex/CIA/Deep State agenda to kill off/control the population. Chemtrails are poisoning the planet. Vaccines are poisoning people. But I have been asking myself over and over again, is any of this actually physically real, or is it a dream, being played out in our collective mind? And why can we not wake up? Maybe NONE of it is "true." Again Dan Brown has helped me to view the issue from a totally different screen, having just read his sixth novel, Inferno. This one is about over-population, which is an issue that has caused raging anger within me since I was quite young. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that you can only queeze so many sardines in a can. Only so many rats in a cage. I made a decision at a very early age that I would never bring another life into this world. And that goes for puppies and kittens, too. Any body to which I was responsible would never bring another living creature to life on a planet that is already so overcrowded. After reading Inferno, I was able to grasp the phenomenon taking place now through a different set of eyes.

Just imagine how much mental energy goes out from yourself, every hour, minute, second of the day, and during the night even as you dream. Imagine those thoughts are strings that go out into the world (which they are). The strings go out and get entangled with other people's strings, and that double string goes on to tangle with millions and millions and millions. EVERY SECOND. What we have now is this tightly-wadded, knotted up ball of string that represents the total thought-energy on the planet, and it gets more compacted and compounded EVERY SECOND. Add to that all the millions of babies being born EVERY SECOND, and you get a pretty good picture of the energetic degradation to which we are bound. We cannot think, we cannot breathe, we CANNOT LIVE under these circumstances. And we will not much longer.

overpopulation graph

So why is it so difficult for those of us that are completely aware that our world is being built upon lies to break away and manifest our own truths? The graph above comes from Wikipedia, and it is similar to the one used in Brown's book, although his projects to 2050, with an estimated population of 9 BILLION. It is more concerned with people vs. food production, but the more dire emergency is the increasing inability for us to control our own thoughts, which quickly get sucked in and bound with the collective mess. In addition, for the last twenty years or so, I have found that my own creative source has been increasingly "stolen." I have pondered for years to discover the root of this matter, which has left me basically unable to function in the physical world as I was able to do in my earlier years with quite a bit of excellence. I was easily able to manifest nearly everything I needed to support myself and my creative projects. Then all of a sudden, the flow came to a stop, and all efforts resulted in dead ends. Consequently, for two decades I have been living on the fringe of survival. A few years I could deal with, but my situation now has reached desperation. I am not alone, and I see more and more people, spiritual people, losing their skills in the physical world. Those of us with the energetic skills are finding them siphoned off by the lowering-frequency masses. There is no way out except escape through our minds to a different dimension, massive deaths, or most probably total or near total annihilation.

So why are people so ignorant about this issue, and why do people not MAKE THE WISE DECISION TO STOP BEARING CHILDREN? According to Brown's book, (and he does lots of research for his novels), half of the children born are unplanned, which rises to 70% in underdeveloped countries. In the novel, it is the WHO (World Health Organization) that is greatly to blame, by sticking their heads in the sand and refusing to deal honestly with this coming disaster. In one of the book's dialogues, the point is made that the WHO handed out condoms in Africa, only to have the Church come in and teach the people that birth control was a sin. OMG. I don't even have a response for that other than a string of four-letter words.

One of the problems is that way too many people believe that "God sends babies." Ditto my above comment. GOD doesn't create babies. SEX creates babies. Period. Once people grasp that god is a myth just like Zeus and Apollo, perhaps they will perceive the ignorance in their thinking. And furthermore, if people believe "God is Love" how could they possibly bring children into the world as it is? And worse yet, I know way too many people who absolutely do not have the financial means to raise a child, yet they have one after another because they know their welfare checks will increase with each baby. God has sent me this baby, let the taxpayers support it. That has nothing to do with "God" or love. It is selfish and irresposible sex.

I'm sorry, but that is the HEIGHT OF IMMORAL THINKING. Love means responsibility, and in the extremely dire situation we now find ourselves, that responsibility extends to the ENTIRE planet, people, animals, trees and plants, the oceans, the air, the soil. We've encroached upon the habitat of every other living species. Our blatant disregard for the good of the whole planet is killing off all other life and will soon kill off our own. The attitude that "just because I have the reproductive equipment, I have a right to use it" is bringing us the death knell, and fast. Here is a quote from the novel, where Dr. Sienna Brooks is explaining the problem to Robert:

Sienna gave him a solemn shrug. "Robert, speaking from a purely scientific standpoint—all logic, no heart—I can tell you without a doubt that without some kind of drastic change, the end of our species is coming. And it's coming fast. It won't be fire, brimstone, apocalypse, or nuclear war . . . it will be total collapse due to the number of people on the planet. The mathematics is indisputable.

And here is a quote from Machiavelli:

When every province of the world so teems with inhabitants that they can neither susbist where they are nor remove themselves elsewhere, every region being equally crowded and over-peopled, and when human craft and wickedness have reached their highest pitch, it must needs come about that the world will purge herself in one or another of these three ways: floods, plague and famine.

Humanity has reached its pinnacle, ages ago. We have been on the decline for a long, long time, and, just as the graph above shoots straight up, our graph of decline shoots down in the same manner. And so I continue to concentrate on movng my mind outside the entangled ball of energy, though it seems to be getting more and more difficult every day. And I keep myself removed from society as much as possible. I don't own a TV or cell phone, a microwave, Wi-Fi, or anything that begins with the word "smart." I don't do doctors or take any medications whatsoever. I don't eat meat. I don't eat at restaurants. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. And yet I still find myself entangled in this horrible mess of lies-by-the-minute, immorality, greed, and corruption which has become the truths of mass consciousness, the collective mind.

If MIND is REALITY and REALITY is MIND, then the survival of the fittest will be those with the purest minds, purged to the best we am able. In my astral travels I have found a little planet where I wish to take up my abode. Will I get there in time? In life, or after "death.?" All I know is I refuse to succumb to the collective energy that now has complete control of this planet, and I will work as long as I exist to escape this hell-hole, this Inferno which was once our beautiful Earth.

One more point I want to make: Please read my review of Inferno, (See the link above), as it contains further information related to this article. And I end this with a quote by Dante Alighieri:

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis.

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