They Live

This is a follow-up on my last article, Holy Shit!. I wanted to give myself time to let it all sink in, which it has, but will continue to sink in as other major books and movies do over a long period of time. Plus, I wanted to give you all a chance to watch it and form your own ideas, and not give away the ending. I trust you all have watched the movie. No? Then why the hell not? It's required for anyone who is serious about the atrocities going on on the planet. Not that aliens haven't been here for a long, long time, but all is coming to a head 'cause we have found the sunglasses and the longer we wear them, the more we see. Here is the link to the movie:
They Live
So here are my random thoughts, but first, the weather, because what is happening in the sky is THE major means of keeping us, literally, from seeing what is going on beyond those thick and massive piles of toxic chemicals and heavy metals most people call clouds. For starters, here is today's anomalies map from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. As you can see, the eastern half of the US is more below normal temperatures than any other place on the globe. Here we go again, heh? Maybe not. I truly believe there is an end to this game.

Anomalies Map, November 12, 2019

But for now, the anomalous cold will be even farther east by tomorrow with this geoengineered cool down we are suffering through as the rest of the world burns. The drought and fire situation in Australia may be even worse than California, if you can imagine that. Of course, the lying media always has a very "logical" explanation for the weather atrocities, which are beyond anything normal or logical to anyone not terminally stupid, as in the majority of the global population. Feed them their pabulum and back to sleep they go. Here is a blatant lie from

Here's your answer when someone asks 'How can it be so cold if there's global warming?'

And by the way, by next week, we will be ABOVE "normal" temperature, across the whole country, and of course, that means we will probably get lots of rain, because that is their means of cooling us down, plus the fact that we are not ALLOWED to have pleasant weather any more, anywhere, period. If you live on the west coast you will probably be hot and bone dry. All of us who follow Dane have become pretty accurate in making our own weather "forecasts." These are the latest maps from the Climate Prediction Center at the NWS as of this morning. (It will update in the afternoon.) This is for November 19-25, 2019.

Temperature Outlook for November 19-25, 2019

Precipitation Outlook for November 19-25, 2019

And by the way, this blizzard that was supposed to hit us ended up dropping about an inch-and-a-half of snow on my driveway—a bit more on my car. I am not complaining; I would have prefered no snow at all, especially this stuff that is less water and more chemicals that become a gel-like ice when stepped on, which is why more and more people are having accidents when it snows.
4 Killed on Slick Roads as Snowstorm Hits Plains, Midwest
And what's this? REALLY????? I don't think so. Leave it to The Weather Channel to tell the most most bizarre lies, and expect people to believe them. AND THEY DO!! Worse than Trump, I swear . . .
Cold Temperatures Create Lake-Effect Snow Far From the Great Lakes

When I took Molly for a walk in the late morning, the sun was desperately trying to peek through the toxic shit, in fact, the skies really cleared during the day. It hardly snowed at all today, only a few flurries and snow blowing off the trees, yet the NWS kept raising the snow amounts we were supposed to get, even though there was NOTHING near on radar. They and especially The Weather Channel always exagerate and dramatize the potentially dangerous weather to keep people in a state of alarm and anxiety. But sun was HOT today where it beamed down full strength, even with this so-called "Arctic Blast." And that's what should be alarming. They exagerate the low temps, but lie about the highs. If we could stop the planes, we, even here in Ohio, would probably have a hot, dry winter, and the west coast would get their much-needed rain. And so WHY are we not stopping it? Here's where I will begin speaking of the movie, They Live.

And I have so much to say. This movie can and should be watched at two levels: symbolic and literal because Aliens ARE HERE and they DO own the planet, as Holly states at the very end. Or else they think they do. But we shall raise our middle fingers to THAT, as Nada does at the end, and hopefully remain alive.

One of the main points that hit me so hard, was the way it represented the mass population's resistance to waking up. The fight between Nada and Frank was so perfect. All Nada wanted Frank to do was to put on the sunglasses!! THAT'S ALL. But they nearly killed each other in order for Nada to get his way, and untimately he had to pin Frank down and PUT them on his face. THEN of course, Frank could see the truth. Believe me, I, and the rest of us at GeoengineeringWatch and all who strive to spread the truth, are living this reality, without beating the shit out of anyone. I hope not. But that desperation to just get people to PAY ATTENTION. Get on Dane's site and start listening. Get on my site and read. FOLLOW MY LINKS. You cannot learn unless you do the work, and we all need to be well-armed with all the credible information that we can find. This is not a game, and neither Dane nor I or Lisa Renee put all these hours and hours of work on our sites because we want to entertain the public. JUST PUT ON THE FUCKING SUNGLASSES!! That's all we ask of people but the resistance is unfathomable.

And the resistance is the mind-control program. People will deny and deny and deny, and make up every excuse in the book as to why they did not follow through with what they said they would do . . . Read that article or watch that documentary or get on that website. But the root of the matter is that they or you or any of us that avoids seeking the truth and doing what they know they should, is being mind controlled. PERIOD. Am I mind controlled. SURE I am, even though I analyze everything in my life, they still find ways to get to me, or else I would not still be here. It is THAT invasive, so please do not kid yourself. As each new person puts on those sunglasses, they become a little less potent. And did you get that, at the end, when Nada blasted the dish that provided their communication which revealed them as they really were, people noticed that something was wrong but still did not completely "get it." Like the woman on the newscast. Shouldn't the others in the station have been shocked? Or the woman having sex, and then seeing her partner become this hideous being. Wouldn't you have screamed and ran? Actually, I must share something that happened to me about fifteen years ago. I was dating this guy who was a well-known local figure, and very popular. I had stopped in where he worked one day, just to say "hi". The door was open so I walked right into his office. I wasn't sneaking up on him or even trying to surprise him, I just happened to be nearby and stopped in. He was involved with his computer with his back to me, and he suddenly turned around and growled at me that he couldn't tolerate people sneaking up on him, which was totally out of character because he was such a good-natured and humorous man. But what terrified me was that when he first turned around, it was NOT his face I saw. And yes, I ran, and got away from him then and there. Yes, they DO live. And yes, I still believe, to this day, that he was one of "them."

Of course, the people at the station most likely did know who and what they were, and went along with it because they were benefiting financially. In fact, we find out who the rats are in the end. Is this not also symbolic of the way the WHOLE PLANET is operating today? We have the general population being mind controlled so that they do not even notice the atrocities being committed. How anyone cannot SEE what is going on in the sky is absolutely stunning to me. Just look up and watch. JUST PUT ON THE SUNGLASSES. And so between the chemical and electromagnetic mind control methods, plus the human(ish) RATS that have gone over on their side, is it no wonder that it has been SUCH A GARGANTUAN JOB to awaken people? Yep, the movie got it dead right. And that is why we have such a humongous drug problem and why the mafia and all these other illegal thug groups continue to operate, no problem. It is why pirates, such as Blackbeard were able to thrive for so long. Because wealthy people in high places got a cut of the booty. Did then, and still do. (I just read a book about that.) These alien 'droids that invaded us so long ago sure knew how to ensure the cooperation they needed.

One has to wonder just how many of "us" are really "them." If the alien race was destroyed or banished from this planet, I think the population would be extremely diminished. I can recognize people who are not quite "right." There is a hollow look in their eyes, like they have no soul, and they don't really. I have a friend who is a radical animal rights activist, to the point where if she drives by a house and sees a dog tied out that looks neglected, she will knock on the door and start questioning the owner. Yes, she has been in trouble for it, but she is the most beautiful soul I know, and lives for the love of animals, as I do. She can spot people who are not "people," too, and absolutely believes in aliens.

And on that same thought, we must wonder about what is going on with 5G which absolutely will kill us when those satellites are turned on. Elon Musk and his SpaceX program have applied for the rights to lauch 30,000 more satellites next year, 120 per month!!! That makes a total of 42,000 just from SpaceX. Now add in all the other companies, and these toxic electromagnetic frequencies will wipe out a good part of the planet, I fear, when they are all turned on. That is what Arthur Firstenberg has been warning everyone about, and what the 5G Space Appeal petition was about. If anyone wants me to forward them the email I got from him with this additional information please email me at Anyways, I cannot help but think that, something so dangerous to humans would probably be fine for 'bots and 'droids that are posing as humans. And that includes all the people that have submitted to the "transhuman" agenda, to turn themselves into human-computer hybrids. Like Elon Musk, who is definitely NOT human.

SpaceX launches 60 more internet satellites

Another thing that is becoming more and more unbearable to me is to just have to be OUT AND AMONG these things. When I get home, I am drained of all my energy, like a battery run dead. Just like that, actually, and they are using us as batteries. A few nights ago, I curled up on the couch to read. I got through a couple pages, and the next thing I knew, I awoke and it was 5:30 a.m.. I find that almost scary to be THAT tired. I hadn't even turned off all my lights. I couldn't believe I slept THAT hard THAT long. I think that battery-draining thing is also why it takes me SO long to accomplish anything. I will work on something and it seems like I am working fast, yet when I look at the clock, hours have passed.

One of the other very chilling aspects of the movie was the police state, and THAT is most definitely real now, but was it like that in 1988? Remember, science fiction is more real than science, it is just ahead of itself. Like the method of communicating in an instant when they realzed another person could "see" them. Then the police stormed in and destroyed everything in their path. And those watches! OMG. I KNOW someone who has a watch that is a computer and she speaks into it. The whole idea of instant mass communication foretold the internet, which was not around back then, of course, at least as we know it now. But the most important thing, in the end, was the direct line of communication between the planet and the alien home base, and THAT is what was destroyed in the end, and what ended the illusion.

I have said over and over, What are they hiding in the sky? WHAT is going on up there? Why is "climate engineering" such a covert activity? Who or what is keeping these people from speaking out on the most devastating cause of the climate disaster we now face? It is not about climate at all, it is about something going on in the sky that they do NOT want us to see. We must sever THEIR communcation and have a "sunglasses moment" so we can REALLY see the subliminal messages posted all around us that are keeping us imprisoned without us even being aware. But as in the movie, people knew something was wrong, which is what began the awakening and the awakening began the investigating. Once someone put on the sunglasses and saw the truth, there was no going back.

As I have said over and again, DISCLOSURE is my deepest longing. This movie was SPOT ON about so many things happening RIGHT NOW, and the growing nunber of people who could SEE IT WITH THEIR EYES. That was what changed everything. At the beginning of the movie, someone, I think maybe the blind preacher made the remark that when we expose them, they will lose their power, but I'm a bit vague on that. But it is true. They operate clandestinely because that is the only way they have power. Cutting off their lines of communication would end their game and end their reign. I feel we are so close. We must all do our part.

As I have mentioned before, Lisa Renee is also focusing much of her writings now on the control/mind-control systems in place, and it does not matter whether we are speaking of Aliens or the government, military, CIA, ot whatever, they are all in cahoots. The best thing we all can do is to thoroughly educate ourselves on all the methods being used on us to confuse, distort, distract, and what have you, from the truth of what is actually going on. Here are a few more articles to explore.

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