The Gift

I have had an extremely intense couple of weeks. For the past several years I have been intent on activism, and what's is going on in the outside world, and less concerned with working on myself, although I monitor my self-awareness at all times. But lately I have lost interest in the news and have begun to focus on retreating into myself to finish up work that needs to be done before the apocalypse. I have a series of perhaps four articles planned on this subject, which includes what I have discovered concerning the Reptilian Invasion, and that has changed my life. With this article I want to talk about all the "gifts" that the COVID-19 "crisis" has given us, for those who are paying attention. To most, they are not welcome gifts, of course, but shocking and jolting ones, and necessary as we prepare for what is to come. Finally, finally, I believe, the horrors of our earthly existence are being brought to Light, purged from the bowels of the earth—the deeply hidden memories of the invasion, the heinous goings-on beneath the surface, the lies, fakery and this phantom reality that we believe is our physical world. I have a lot of material here and will try to communicate it while I can. What this "crisis" has done is basically shattered the very substance of our existence. Nothing works any more, if you pay attention. I am haunted by two books I have read lately, and will cite them frequently. The one that has REALLY come back to haunt me is Ten Nights Dreaming and The Cat's Grave. If you have not read that review, please do so, and better yet, read the book. But first, I want to talk about Bernhard Guenther's latest blog, which echoes SO MUCH of what I have been saying and have yet to say. Here are some thoughts on it.

We must do our spiritual work, but also take action for the "Divine." Sitting on the sidelines and waiting for someone else to take care of us will be our destruction. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO THINK OF "SELF." Incidentally, he usually gives this awakening "lifetimes" to happen, but in this one he has really shortened the timeline. And of course, it is an ongoing process, but the destruction of humanity is imminent, short term at this point, and the entire planet, as we know it, but as we know it may have nothing at all to do with reality. I believe we will be finding that out soon.

He also uses the term "operating system," which, as you know, has been my way of trying to explain this change for years. As on a computer, you cannot install a new operating system while the previous one is running. And our new operating system MUST be one in which we use our minds to create, rather than money and all the life-draining institutions that go along with it, which are nothing but slavery and imprisonment at this point. I yearn for the day the stock market crashes, never to be revived again. Patience. It WILL HAPPEN. But the point is, we must let this whole reality crash, burn-out, and disappear, as we are creating the new one. There is nothing to salvage in this one because it is built on memories we have stored in our DNA, and have been re-projecting over all these millions of years. And like an obsolete computer program that simply cannot function, neither can we, no matter what we do in this present physical reality.

Anyways, here is a quote from Guenther's blog. It is an excellent one, and everyone reading this needs to read it, and take heed. Again I say that this "crisis" has offered us the opportunity to ascend and awaken, and we must use this down time, not to bitch about "restrictions," but utilize our solitude for purposes of inner work. I am not one that is normally out and about, but this shutdown has affected all of us in numerous ways, which I have found beneficial. As I wrote when this whole thing began, do not be so sure about who is in control of it. I realize most people believe it was planned, and it was, and that creeps like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have an agenda for the human population, and they do, but that does not necessarily mean they will succeed. Because there is another energy at work, and it is serving to finally show humanity the truth, for those who are ready to awaken. Here is Guenther's blog.

Embodying the Warrior Archetype in Service of the Divine

Here are a couple quotes from the blog.

But this resistance and activism need to have a spiritual foundation and be in service to the Divine, so we don’t repeat the old mechanical way of past revolutions. We need a complete shift in consciousness and not just another “revolution”. As Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” The majority of the current state of activism on this planet is still based on this outdated “human operating system” of mental consciousness, shadow projections, and emotional reactivity.

Wow! Does that sound like everything I've been saying!! I have used Einstein's quote on numerous occasions, too. Our physical choices and actions are making ABSOLUTELY no difference now in our physical world. Do you notice? We must always make mental choices, of course, such as behaving with the utmost honesty and moral integrity, and ALWAYS focus our energy towards the world we wish to create, but at this point, it is having very little effect, which is why I say THIS world is DONE. We must now work towards shifting into a reality totally operated with the mind in preparation for the new energy. I am absolutely certain of this. We ARE changing "operating systems" without a doubt, and whether our next existence will be here on this planet in a totally new way of behaving, or whether it will be somewhere else, we NEED to get rid of all our shit, both personally and globally. Those who do not will be stuck having to repeat this scenario, and even worse, in another lifetime. And so I say again, we must take heed now. Here is another quote.

The world is going through a massive change and it won’t just get back to "normal" in a few weeks or months. In fact, there is no "normal" to go back to as the world was never "normal" to begin with. For most of us what we might see is a world gone “crazy”; but what we are really seeing is that the pathologies, control mechanisms, and shadows are coming more and more to light. Everything that most people have ignored and avoided looking at, within themselves and within the world, is rising up to be faced and transmuted.

There is NOTHING I do any more that makes a difference in the physical world. I sweep my floor and ten minutes later it is filthy again. I scoop the litter pans and ten minutes later they are dirty. I try to accomplish something and I am distracted—Molly needs to go out or one of the cats throws up (and their health has been terrible lately because we are being assaulted non-stop now). And add to that the increasingly deadly 5G. I got a truly horrifying email from Arthur Firstenberg. And it is not only my pets. ANYTHING I try to do is immediately undone. I clean up after flooding and a few days later, there is more to clean up. I used to accomplish SO much, even when I worked full time. I farmed and cooked and did needlework and read and went to concerts. Now I barely accomplish anything. Or I will have something in my hand and it will just disappear. I had a very strange thing happen last month that I forgot to mention, and things like this happen more and more often. I was wearing tan gloves when I took Molly out for a late walk. I had a striped blanket hanging on the line that I wanted to put over the couch, so I took one glove off to see if it was dry, and it was. As I was carrying it in, I was aware that I was holding the glove in my hand, so I was certain that I brought it back to the house. When I went to wear it the next morning, one glove was by my coat, but the other glove was missing. Knowing I had put the blanket over the couch, I looked all over around it. I even took the blanket outside and shook it out. For two days I looked and on the third day, I happened to look on the floor by the arm of the couch and there is was in plain view. I had looked in that specific place numerous times. My point is that our physical world is breaking down and as we dredge up hidden events programmed within us from past lives and millions of traumas, bringing them to the Light and releasing them will leave us with a vastly different reality. As we accelerate in this process, we will see how more and more everyday functions will simply cease to work..

But my point is that we are now in the first stage of the apocalypse, and we will accelerate from here. Our whole physical reality is becoming dream-like, which is perhaps why so many of the Ten Nights Dreaming were so familiar to me, and no doubt I perceived them differently than Natsume Sōseki. In the tenth dream, which was meant to be humorous with sexual undertones, I have interpreted it differently. In the dream, a man is on a cliff, and because he will not jump, he is confronted with an unending line of pigs, that he knocks over the cliff with his cane for six days and seven nights, then cannot go on, and a pig licks him. He passes out and is expected to die when the dream ends.

I feel we are at the line of pigs. We keep doing the same thing over and over and over, and no matter how many times we do it, we must do it again. At some point, we must ask ourselves, "Is this normal or real?" or is it a program running within us that keeps generating the same activity with nothing gained. Once we are able to see through that, we recognize another gift that is being revealed to us. Everything here is just the preliminary material to what I will discuss in my next article on the Reptilian Invasion, and how our past-life memories are being played out on an individual and global scale, so bear with me.

And I promise you, it is happening to everyone, and this is what is really flashing red flags to anyone paying attention. People are ASSIMILATING all these anomalies as fast as they occur. As Dane would say, it is "normalcy bias." On steroids. All one needs to do is PAY ATTENTION. To Dane and geoengineering, Arthur Firstenberg and 5G, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, all the people suing Monsanto, all the people speaking out against government corruption, people screaming to stop fracking and fluoride and vaccines and war. LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE. And yet, NOTHING is changing. Do you not think there is something horrifically wrong? The fact that all these miserable, lying, cheating politicians are still getting paid by tax payers; the "miracle" that the stock market has not hit bottom, the bewildering truth that Trump is still president in spite of the most atrocious behavior I have EVER witnessed by anyone in public office, and the fact that he not only makes no attempt to hide it, but flaunts it and it is still okay, at least with enough of the public that there is not the massive outcry to have him removed which would happen if people were not assimilating this incomprehensibly anomalous human behavior. It is beyond belief for me.

The whole "agribusiness" needs to be gone. It is the cause of death for "regular" farmers like me that cannot even dream of success, certainly because most of these huge farms use Monsanto seeds and products which is killing everything else. The exceptions would be relationships between organic farmers and restaurants to compost food waste like they were doing in California, but I don't know if they still are. Corporate chain restaurants need to be gone as badly as agribusiness, ESPECIALLY "fast food" places, that are an insult to the human stomach. Another gift to emerge from this will hopefully be the end to the meat industry.
Blue Hill's Dan Barber says restaurants will never be the same

And here's another gift. EVERYONE needs to avoid the money systems as much as possible and ABSOLUTELY avoid debt. When people can no longer use their credit cards, THEN we will see the true financial situation in the country, and we need to see the TRUTH, no matter how ugly.
Nearly 50 million Americans just had their credit card limits cut

And here is something else that is interesting.
Seen 'Plandemic'? We Take A Close Look At The Viral Conspiracy Video's Claims
I have not seen this video, but apparently Dane knows about this woman, and spoke of her in one of his broadcasts. In his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 2, 2020, one of his community members, Tom Petrie wrote, on May 6, 2020 at 7:35 pm:

A week or two ago, I questioned your choice of supporting Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., since it was reported by scopes, that she had gotten arrested for breaking into a lab and stealing things. As you know, I am extremely skeptical of almost everything I read, so decided to investigate her further by watching some of her videos. (Caution! She speaks in a monotone but provides a lot of good information. She's brilliant!) I then bought her latest book "The Plague of Corruption." (It was co-authored by Kent Heckenlively and had a Forward written by Robert F. Kennedy.) I just finished the book this morning and can honestly say, I am sure glad I read it! You say all the time, "don't take my word for it, do your own investigation," so I did. Apparently, she was treated poorly since she was doing things with XMRV that took away some glory from others who lacked their honesty and character. (It's a long story, so I recommend you just get the book!) Her and that of her long-time partner (Frank Ruscetti), had their careers ruined by men and women of low character who will remain nameless here. Just another lesson to NOT believe any of the so-called fact checkers, something I did regarding Judy Mikovits. So as Dane says: Question Everything . . . Esp. if you think you're right! Maybe you're not!

And speaking of quotes from that same broadcast, remember the article I posted about all the poor innocent animals being killed and disposed of because of the meat industry's inability to process them? Earth Angel said, on May 2, 2020 at 9:10 pm:

Yes, And equally shocking to me was the complete and total disrespect for LIFE by suggesting that the backlog of livestock resulting from these shutdowns of packing plants would have to be simply destroyed and buried. What??! With hundreds of thousands around the world starving these idiots would just destroy and bury hundreds of thousands of innocent animals so they wouldn't have to keep feeding them? . . . because it wouldn't be PROFITABLE for them to do otherwise? I feel badly enough that we kill and eat animals; but to kill them simply to dispose of them is WORSE THAN DESPICABLE. Those even suggesting this are unconscienable brain dead idiots on par with the rats who needlessly slaughtered buffalo with rifles from trains in order to starve out the north American Native Peoples . . . very sick b@st*r$$$'s.

As I re-read Guenther's blog, I find myself wanting to quote just about every paragraph, it is all so similar to what I have been saying, and that is always a good thing when people who are not in contact with each other are thinking the same thoughts. Here are just a few more, then PLEASE read the entire article on your own.

The supramental consciousness of the Divine is also descending, which is what is stirring up the shadows by what its Light reveals. This evolutionary journey is a long process spanning over lifetimes, but these key "junctures"—like what’s happening now—and the choices we make when we meet them will determine the outcome. Disillusionment, as we are faced with the parts of ourselves we tried to avoid, IS part of the process. This collective Dark Night of the Soul is a necessary process. The only way out is (with)in and through.

Again, what we are both saying is that we must bring all of these horrors to Light, and as we are doing that, more and more Light and awareness begin to filter in. And so, even with all of us who have done SO MUCH activist work at the physical level, I do not believe that will stop ANY of this terrible stuff going on right now, and really since the Reptilian Invasion. But bringing it to Light allows us to see the falseness in it, and as more people awaken to the unreality in which we live, the Light will grow brighter. Will we all die in order to get to the New Life? Or will we simply disappear into another timeline that excludes this physical world? I really dunno at this point and the feeling that I will not be here much longer strengthens each day. But how will I leave? I will discuss this more in my next article.

And returning to Ten Nights Dreaming, just about all of them struck home in one way or another, but there were some more than others. In two of them, people thought they were able to do something and found they could not. In one, a samurai was enraged because his Zen teacher insulted him by saying that he should have reached enlightment by now. When he returns to his room, he vows to kill the teacher if he reaches enlightenment before the clock strikes the next hour. If he does not, then he will kill himself. I have felt the same way, although I have never had the urge to kill someone, but I understand the frustration.

In the other, an old man is certain he can make his towel turn into a snake. He has an audience, but the towel remains a towel. He puts it back in its box, and says it will change into a snake there. Then he walks into the river and never emerges. As you all know, I have believed for decades that we, like Jesus demonstrated and promised us, could change the water into wine, heal the sick, calm the storm, and bring the dead back to life. So why the hell can't we? Perhaps it is because the energy here is just too corrupted. After Jesus' death, his disciples could do these feats. Or perhaps it is because WE are just too corrupted with false DNA, karma, and implants that prohibit our creative abilities. And I DO also believe, as explained in Bringers of the Dawn that WE were the creators of this planet. If we can create a planet, then why the hell can we not do simple things? I will cover more of THAT, too, in the next article.

What made these ten dreams strike me in such an uncomfortable way, is probably that most of them were efforts in futility. In another dream, a man is on a ship, and has no idea where it is going. Almost everyone is a "foreigner," (meaning not Japanese), and almost no one will talk. Finally in his loneliness and frustrations, he jumps overboard, but the minute he does, he regrets his decision. This dream was certainly a reflection of Sōseki's own unhappy life, but the emotions behind all of them are universal and timeless. Please read this review, linked above, AND read the book. It is very short, for those who claim they don't have time to read.

My next article, as mentioned, will be what I have dredged up on the Reptilian Invasion, by doing intense past-life work, AND looking for mirrors in my own life, and past dreams. What has emerged is FAR worse than it was explained in Bringers of the Dawn. I will also continue with Gurnther's blog, since it is very good, and appropriate to what I am writing. He also speaks of the necessity of anger, of which I totally agree. And one of the things I appreciate in that particular piece is that fact that he has brought this apocalyptic scenario into the present, which, in the past, as many of these "spiritual" writers have done, he has spoken of it much further into the future. Again, COVID-19 has been a "gift" in so many ways, and we must be optimistic that it will jolt enough people into awakening before the program completely shuts down.

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