Musings for the End of the Year—Or Maybe Just the End, Period

I am haunted by the end of the movie They Live as Holly and Nada are on the rooftop of the TV station, where he plans to destroy the dish that is the main means for communication between the aliens on earth and those off planet. He is shocked to find that she is on their side, as she tells him he he can't fight it because "they own this planet." I fear the modern Tower of Babel is succeeding.

I remember long, long ago, watching an episode of The Twilight Zone where a man gets up one morning to find he is having trouble conversing with his wife because she is using inappropriate words. She tells her husband of an appointment with "Dr. Bumper," I believe was the name, and he kind of laughed, saying that was a strange name. But she thought nothing of it. By the time he gets to work, it is even worse. More and more people are substituting incorrect words for the right ones. Everyone else can understand each other, and he becomes the odd one. At the end of the episode, we see him huddled in the corner like a toddler, with a child's book in hand—the kind that would be used to teach a very young one the alphabet. As I have always said, the ooey-gooey monster tales never scare me, but the ones that deal with the inability to perceive reality, I find a terror. It is that sense of losing one's mind that is the most horrifying thought I can imagine. Yet I am finding myself in this place where I no longer speak the same language as those around me. Am I insane? Or is the rest of the world? Some of the most horrifying dystopian novels, such as Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four are about a civilization going insane or reaching the ultimate level of evil, while a handful remain sane. I think we are well on our way, and the fact that few people even notice is the biggest clue. Dane's site has been a refuge from the asylum for many of us, but even there, I see fewer and fewer intelligent conversations. A few years ago, his Saturday broadcasts would generate upwards of 200 comments, but now, here it is Thursday already, and as of this morning, there were only 28.

We are becoming more and more isolated—remember, it's "divide and conquer." I am an extremely solitary person, but like the Tibetan monks, and Catholic ones, too, I use my solitude for meditation, or for practicing my shamanic arts and advancing my wisdom and knowledge. No TV or radio in this house. Silence is how I abide, and it is healthy to the mind, and yet, even I am finding myself struggling to focus. If I'm having difficulty, I cannot imagine the general population. Yet they have not a clue. Those who "own this planet" have carefully orchestrated this isolationism. More and more people are buying everything they need online, and even groceries are being delivered to one's door. I also do some online shopping, but not much, in fact, I really don't buy much to begin with. I can't imagine ever buying groceries online because buying food is a very personal experience for me. I don't trust anyone else to pick out the right bag of carrots.

Of course, everyone staying at home should mean less people on the roads, and less carbon pollution, but obviously that is far from true. The roads, even out here, become more and more clogged every year. And people when they do stay home—what are they doing? Watching sports or some other mindless activity that only serves to atrophy their brains even more. Most have reached past the point when they are even capable of noticing most of what is going on around them, other than that which serves their own selfish needs.

And selfishness is the key word here. The vast majority of the population is not staying at home to train their minds or put their solitude to work for the good of the planet. I have a long-time friend, a close friend, too, that I am beginning to question her motives, a disturbing process for me. She is a "strong Christian," and we have learned to live with our differences. The thing is, she ABSOLUTELY knows about climate engineering and Dane and what is happening. But she has this distorted idea that "god" is orchestrating it because "he's" bringing about the end of the world and she doesn't want to interfere because she just can't wait to get to heaven. If she was six years old, I might be amused, but she's an adult and believes herself to be faithful to her "god." I agree, she is being faithful to her god, but our disagreement is who her god actually is. From what I see going on here, the wealthy elite are killing off the innocents, especially the beautiful plants and animals that once shared our world in peace, and as for the rest of us, they are either creating transhumans with the easy prey, or terrorizing those they cannot control. And I wonder how much longer we will hold out. Ignorance is not bliss, it is IGNORANCE, and so is blind faith. I trust nothing because the lies on this planet have greatly exceeded the truth. Anyone who thinks their future is heaven, and they can sit around and wait for Jesus to swoop down and carry them off had better think again. Do I think there is some "Great Plan?" A destiny?? I think there are lots of great plans according to what side you are on, and the question is, "whose plan will win?"

But, like the man from The Twilight Zone, I feel myself slipping farther away from . . . what? Everything seems to be fading and the creation of the future more and more difficult to imagine. It has been too hard just to survive from day to day, and that of course is the whole idea. I personally wonder why I even write any more. Where is everyone? I am getting almost no traffic on my site except 'bots and would-be hackers, yet I have written a great deal. I see I.P.s—remember, those are just numbers assigned to every internet user, which does not supply names or any other information—anyways, I see many who get on my Home page without even opening up anything. They flit on and off, yet I have, in addition to all my articles, Bible articles, and farm articles, written lots of book reviews that my regular readers should find enlightening. There's Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit, Mercy Shake The World, and the short story collection, Don't Look Now, of which everyone should at least read The Birds.

Even while I've struggled to regain my health, I still write, and yet not only do I get zero support financially—not that I would even expect that, but even worse, never even a note, an email, like "hey, LC, I really appreciate what you're doing." Again, it is this epidemic of self-absorption that is literally leading us down the road to oblivion. Even my friend who thinks she is being such a good Christian, is filled with it. The planet does not exist for her pleasure, and going along her merry way, waiting for "god" to take her home is the epitome of selfishness, while there is so much that needs to be done.

And when we have reached that point where the only thing that matters is what it good for self, then THEY will have conquered. People notice almost nothing any more. Here in Northeast Ohio, we have suffered through weeks and weeks of black skies. Often the entire day looks like twilight, yet, even when I point it out to people, they STILL don't understand the implications. We are reaching total darkness, both physically and spiritually, making each step now, at least for me, a burden. What will it take to shake people out of their complacency? Will it come soon enough to make a difference? One must cross the River Styx to get to Paradise, at least as we are in our current situation, and anyone that thinks their religion is telling them they can just sit back and enjoy a selfish life until "god" is ready to take them home, subscribes to a religion of fools. Jesus NEVER told anyone they were allowed to do that, in fact, his teachings were just the opposite, and I challenge anyone to find me a quote in the Bible that says you will get to heaven by taking care of your own ass and the hell with responsibility to the rest of the planet. People have too long practiced the habit of creating god in their own image. Life is much easier that way.

I have a friend that I've known for years. She has a daughter that has suffered from an unknown illness, for maybe three years or so, or even more. But it was probably three years ago that I told her (the mother) that her daughter was suffering from heavy metal poisoning. I loaded her up with information, especially from Dane's site. Every time I saw her, she had lost it, or had some other excuse for not having her daughter tested. I finally lost patience, and lost touch with her. Last week, a mutual friend told me that she asked her to tell me that she finally had her daughter tested for heavy metal poisoning and it was off the charts. We all have heavy metal poisoning, of course. OK, so this was one tiny triumph. Sort of. I mean, I could have gotten a note or phone call—Hey, LC thanks.—No, of course not. But the thing is, now that they KNOW, they both have an obligation to campaign against the cause, which as WE all know is the toxic shit being sprayed on us 24/7. Do I think that will happen? Hell, no, not at all. Again, it is about self, self, self. SELF will do us in, the entire planet, and my heart breaks for the suffering of the innocents. If THEY had voices, all the beautiful birds and trees, rivers and opossums, dragonflies and mountains, they would be shouting to the heavens and earth, WAKE UP OR WE ALL PERISH. It all weighs heavier upon me, this tremendous burden. Each and every day its weight increases.

I sharply disagree with the New Age jargon that says everyone will wake up when they are ready or when their soul calls them. Perhaps centuries ago that might have been true, but now we have a force that is seeking to destroy our very souls that are meant to guide us. The video games on which so many are hooked are becoming their reality. WE are becoming avatars, hybrid human-droids; and mechanoids DO NOT have souls. This terrifies me even more than the climate thing, and they are both related, of course. I believe they are spraying microchips on us, the goal being to dehumanize the entire population, thus giving them ultimate control. I don't care how much you meditate or engage in spiritual practice, technology is not the same as spirituality, and while we are here in our physical bodies, we will all be subject, eventually, to technological warfare. Most succumb easily, and it is because of this total self-absorption. Does this not scare the shit out of you?

On Monday, here in Northeast Ohio, we were deluged for seventeen hours straight with toxic rain. What is in it that we DON'T know about yet? In fact, there is something falling from the skies almost non-stop these days, like yesterday and today, scheduled to be "sunny," and yet we barely see a peep of blue sky. IS THAT SUNNY? WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING UP THERE? Even if the climate thing doesn't scare you, losing your mind and soul should.

In Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News for this week, V. Susan Ferguson posted a comment from DARPA, in which over 300,000 who served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan returned with TBI. Here is the quote

This report is from DARPA’s own website. I came across this nightmare in a book I’m reading on DARPA, "The Pentagon’s Brain", which states that out of the 2.5 million Americans that served in Iraq & Afghanistan wars—more than 300,000 of them now returned home with TBI traumatic brain injuries, “brain-wounded warriors.” The idea that 300,000 + men are suffering and available as lab-rats for DARPA is haunting me. They are experimenting implanting chips in their brains: DBS Deep Brain Stimulation. Sick. DARPA declined the book’s author when she asked to interview the injured.

Here is the site for that:
Restoring Active Memory (RAM)
The article makes it sound like technology is there to "help," but if you believe that you are a fool. The goal is to brain-chip all of us, so we can be walking zombies. Like Elon Musk. Then when all these 5G satellites get turned on, does anyone think we will still have control of our minds or actions? Think I've been reading too much sci-fi? Dystopian Novels? Paranoid perhaps? NO on all accounts. PAY ATTENTION. My advice is to put everything on hold, and pour all your energy into seeking the TRUTH. Truth is a rare critter these days, but it is the only thing that will save us at this point. We need to know exactly where we are. Are we here on Planet Earth? Or trapped in a video game that looks very real, but not quite as real as it did before. Is that the awakening? We do not have our leisure to ponder this. It is urgent NOW. If you think I'm being goofy, once again I remind you to watch the documentary The Minds of Men. I have the link on my "Links" page, at the bottom of "Book Reviews."

I see Greta Thunberg has won Time Magazine's "Person of the Year." I am not denying that she is sincere—I think she absolutely is. But she is a child and she is NOT old enough to understand what is going on. I wrote recently that she was being pimped and I found an article to back me up. And THAT is why you will never hear a peep out of her about climate engineering. We can cut carbon and fossil fuels down to nothing, but unless we stop climate engineering NOTHING will change. PERIOD. When climate engineering is stopped, EVERYTHING will change, in a flash. Here in Ohio, we will finally see the sun and it will be HOT.
Climate and the Money Trail
And the same goes for AOC, who, I thought at first might make a difference. But she, too, has been bought and sold.
Greta Thunberg Is The 'Time' Person Of The Year For 2019

Greta Thunberg

I want to end this by saying a bit more on climate. It is my opinion that all this climate engineering was NOT begun to "combat global warming." It began as a means for a new weapon—weather warfare—and of course, a more subtle approach to the global mind control program. The catastrophic damage it has done to the climate and the Earth's ability to regulate herself in any way has been a nasty little side effect, which those in power are scrambling to undo BY DOING MORE OF THE SAME. The past two days have been inconceivably cold here in Northeast Ohio. 28 degrees should NOT feel THIS cold. It should NOT burn your skin. Here is today's anomalies map from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. Last year it was the eastern half of the U.S. that was colder than the rest of the world, but it has moved north this year.

Anomalies Map for December 12, 2019

It doesn't take a rocket scientist. All you have to do is look at the rest of the world, then wonder why it is ALWAYS US that is colder than anyone else. And now add Canada. It is easy to see what they are attempting to do. Every weekend we get a deluge, which plummets the temperature. We went up to 53 degrees on Monday, then dropped 30 degrees in twelve hours. Of course, The Weather Channel goes on an on about how cold we are. But each week, the temps creep up again, faster and faster, it seems, so they have to keep a constant stream of toxic rain/snow/heavy metals coming down on us non-stop. Can you even begin to imagine JUST HOW MUCH silver iodide and lead iodide they must be spraying us with in order to keep us THAT MUCH BELOW NORMAL? And look at Greenland, which must be even worse, because THEY are so anomalously HOT. It makes one shudder, and again, I don't care how much spiritual work you do, at some point, the technology will overcome you as long as you remain on a body on this planet. Or whatever it is. Therefore, I cannot imagine why everyone who IS awakening is not pouring their energy into stopping it. Everyone has SOMETHING they can do, and do it with passion.

I said that 2019 would be the year. Well, we haven't quite met my goals, but certainly we are teetering on the edge. Dane has stated outright that 2020 WILL be the year, and now Lisa Renee is saying that it will be the year many will leave the planet. She makes a point in saying that we must treat these souls with compassion, and I say GOOD RIDDANCE. I cannot believe that beings who would deliberately do what these have done even have a soul to save, or are even remotely human, or even organic. I'm sorry, but I have no compassion for a 'droid, and this is probably a main point where she and I are at odds. I cannot believe she really understands all of what is going on in the skies. All I know is that it's a level of evil that is incomprehensible for most people to even fathom. And that if we do not fight it and win, we will become it.

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