The Stupidity of People

Jesus Christ!! People need to fucking CALM DOWN!!! Of course, WE knew it would happen, and You, all my regular readers have diligently prepared and are doing fine. It is the people who have been "arranging deck chairs on the Titanic," (as Dane would say), who have suddenly noticed the water up to their knees.

I went to Ravenna to pick up some supplies yesterday around 2 PM. In a totally calm state of mind, I went to Dollar General for some laundry detergent, of which there was plenty. However, the paper-products shelves were cleaned out. WHY toilet paper?? I mean, I might understand it if this was an intestinal virus going around and people had diarrhea. But it's NOT. It is respiratory. GEEEEZ. Anyways, ALDI was basically totalled. I was stunned. I wanted a box of oatmeal which I usually eat for breakfast, cooked with apple chunks. (Remember to eat those apples, oranges and grapefruits every day.) The oatmeal shelf was wiped out. Oatmeal. I wanted to pick up an extra bag of dog food for Molly. I GOT THE LAST BAG. If people would have been PAYING ATTENTION these past months, they would have been stocking up, slowly and calmly.

However, I CANNOT praise Marc Glassman enough for the way he is conducting business in his large and prosperous line of discount stores. I walked into a completely calm Marc's yesterday. The shelves were filled and business was carrying on normally. From the get-go, before the virus even hit Ohio, they began limiting many items, which has absolutely put the frantic, greedy, panic-buying to a halt. Everyone can shop there and get most of what they need. Cheap, too. And it took me a matter of minutes to get through the check-out line. We in the Great Lakes area are mighty lucky to have that chain. I suspect, especially from what I've read in this morning's news, that other stores will follow that example. I could not BELIEVE the Walmart photos!

And as for Dane, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, listen to his latest
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 14, 2020.
We MUST arm ourselves with knowledge, then spread it around, whether people want to listen or not. Take Greta Thunberg's attitude: "This is NOT the time to be polite." We must speak out while we still have a voice, before we are locked down, separated, and permanently shut up. George Orwell must be rolling over in his grave. Even his worst visions came short of what we are actually experiencing now. Fear is not an excuse because what is coming is worse than any scenario we can imagine if we do not gather all like minds, along with opening up some new ones, and stand firm against these horrors.

I took a mile-long page of notes from this broadcast, which I will discuss, at least partially in this article. In addition, most people will not be able to listen to the original radio broadcast, and will listen online. Be sure to watch the running series of weather-assault images as you do. I had a friend ask me recently how to get people to listen when you try to tell them about this atrocity in the sky. Well, that is indeed a tough one, of which we all struggle. But I do not see how ANYONE could look at these images and still say they are "normal," or "contrails." Remember, there is NO SUCH THING as contrails because modern turbofan jet engines are incapable of producing water vapor except under extreme conditions. Dane has an article on this on his Home Page. Plus, you can plainly see that many planes, such as the little private ones that fly around here, as there is a sky-diving school a few miles from me, and many locals own little planes, absolutely emit NOTHING into the sky. If you see them leaving trails, they are spraying poison. Period.

I'm not going to go into detail about what Dane spoke of, but just make a mention. It is everyone's responsibility to listen, then do additional research and spread it around. He spoke of "normalcy bias,"—a term which he uses frequently, and which the mass population is stuck on—the belief that things will always be, or return to "normal." Nothing could be further from the truth. The old paradigm is DONE. We are just getting started with everything that needs to happen to collapse the unsustainable lifestyle we have lived for thousands of years. Will enough of us survive so that we can enter the new paradigm that so many of us have fought so hard to create?

Dane and I both have the same feelings toward money and the illusion of wealth. As both he and I have been saying, all this wealth is false, and the loss of money is an illusion, (which I why I cheer the collapse of the stock market!!). He states that the only true wealth is a natural environment that supports life. I have been speaking of life without money for years and the the current way of life is not, and never has been sustainable. He also speaks of those that embrace insanity because it is good for business. In fact, basically everything people are clinging to is insanity that someone is getting wealthy for promoting. All we need do is look at Monsanto, and wonder why such an EVIL company is even allowed to exist. Gates supports it, of course. And speaking of Bill Gates, Dane also brought up the fact that, at first, Trump was opposed to vaccinations. I remember that, and was surprised that he was actually making use of one of his few remaining brain cells. But, Dane also pointed out, it was Bill Gates that got Trump to change his mind because it was good for business and would make him look good, and of course, Trump's MAIN OBJECTIVE is to LOOK GOOD to the public. I'm sorry, but I cannot even comment more on that because, in my opinion, if all the brain cells of all the Trump supporters in the world were combined, we would still only have half a brain.

I want to insert here part of a comment by one of Dane's regular community members, Bella_Fantasia, who is a teacher in Alaska. It is from March 15, 1:11 am. She says:

The 'global pandemic' opens so many possibilities. A police/military response can quickly devolve into a martial law of sorts, where many freedoms can be curtailed.

An ID2020 agenda may be enacted involving vaccinations and microchips under duress, and cash can be made useless, and non-compliant people can be rounded up.

Still, like Dane's tender caring for a little bat, all that dystopia isn't relevant by comparison. I sometimes see one little bird on a wire, alone. I'm torn between happiness seeing the little survivor and sad for its solitude.

It looks like fear, intimidation and compliance are being heavily promoted. It matters that we are in charge of our consciousness. That will help us to do and say the right thing no matter what happens. We know there is an death agenda, so we need to be impertinent enough to survive and call their malignancy what it is.

WOW! What a great comment and example for us all.

Dane's community is a group of which we ALL need to be a part. We are fighters, everyone of us, and will do whatever we need to do to call out the perpetrators of this evil, with courage and determination. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Incidentally, Dane usually shares stories about animal rescues, and most of us are also avid animal lovers and protectors. In this case, it was a little bat that had hit a light and was on the ground. He very gently scooped it up with a piece of bark and put it where he knows bats nest. WE used to have tons of bats around here. When I was growing up, you could watch them at night, and listen to their little squeaks. I have not seen them for years.

He also mentioned the hypocrites whose backsides warm the church pews every Sunday, yet will not speak out, including ministers, with whom Dane has tried to speak on the matter of climate engineering and weather warfare. He says their response is usually "It's all in big hands." Yeah. I won't even go there because you all KNOW how I feel about the blindness of most Christians, which is just an excuse to cover their own ass, which Jesus NEVER said was OK. For those who want to follow Jesus, you have an OBLIGATION to speak the truth and speak out against lies and evil. SILENCE IS CONSENT. The Reptilians created religion because they knew it would be the easiest way to mind-control people and keep them stupid. And I am more and more seeing "god" as the biggest excuse for willful blindness.

Of course, the bulk of what Dane spoke of was the coronavirus and the role it is playing in the collapse of everything, including the biosphere, and the FACT (and we have this on record) that pathogens ARE being sprayed on us via the "climate engineering aerosols" or to be more exact, weather warfare. He spoke of all the things being done to actually SLOW DOWN the testing of people and implement health programs, to give the virus more chance to spread. He also mentioned that he could not understand why all schools were not being shut down, and I am PROUD to say that here in OHIO, they ARE.
Governor: Ohio school closure might last for academic year
I also know that Kent State, Youngstown State, and the University of Akron will be doing online classes only. Don't know about Mount Union yet, or how long this will be going on, but like Mike DeWine, I think it will be a while. And by that time, well, the climate crisis, with the heat of summer, will take over as the even more massive crisis.

Dane also spoke about the fact that in December 19, 2017, the federal ban on experimenting with deadly pathogens was lifted. Here is an article from The New York Times:
A Federal Ban on Making Lethal Viruses Is Lifted
It supposedly is for the purpose of study to "benefit" humanity, but if you actually believe that, you are one of those I am refering to in the title of this article. Dane makes a clear point, in this current broadcast and most other ones that neither the U.S. government, or any other government has the good of the people in mind for anything they do. He compares them all to the mafia. If we are to make progress in this crisis, which is just the tip of the iceberg to what is coming, we must absolutely provide indisputable evidence that, 1) The government does not, nor has ever cared about the good of the people, and 2) everyone, from the media, financial institutions, corporations, military—EVERYONE who stands to financially benefit from human suffering, will lie, cheat, steal, kill, and do whatever they need to do to keep gathering in their wealth. People are evil, and the ones that fall for their illusion of reality are stupid. We cannot change the evil ones, but perhaps we can change some of the stupid ones. Dane also has on record, as in a recording of Ken Caldeira, stating outright that geoengineering aerosols containing pathogens can and are being sprayed on us. He played it in one of his recent broadcasts. He said that weather warfare and sprayed pathogens are all part of the same goal. There is NOTHING benign about any of this.

He also spoke of global supply chains being shaky, and once a couple links are broken, it all falls apart. That is EXACTLY what is happening now. Here is an article I just found today.
Health care and consumer industry groups concerned about supply shortages during coronavirus pandemic

And here is something else he mentioned. Someone on his site linked this article and it is truly chilling. Why would the response meetings be classified intelligence? Well, I think all of us reading this article KNOW why. It is because NONE of this happened by accident. YIKES!!
US Intel Agencies Played Unsettling Role in Classified and “9/11-like” Coronavirus Response Plan Here is a quote from that article. Please note the sentence I emphasized in bold.

The CBP’s pandemic response document, obtained by The Nation, reveals that the CBP's pandemic directive "allows the agency to actively surveil and detain individuals suspected of carrying the illness indefinitely." The Nation further notes that the plan was drafted during the George W. Bush administration, but is the agency’s most recent pandemic response plan and remains in effect.

And along with that, also note this article:
Infected people without symptoms might be driving the spread of coronavirus more than we realized
So, in other words, if some official wants an excuse to indefinitely detain someone, they can merely "suspect" them of carrying the virus. It is imprisonment for no crime, without trial. THIS is why we ALL must get together and speak out loud and clear. I cannot stress the urgency here, because the wheels are rolling pretty fast now. What happens when the internet shuts down? The best defense is a good offense, so we must do everything in our power to stop this game in its tracks.

I still have more material from Dane's broadcast, but I suspect I will be writing even more frequently, as long as I can. In spite of all this, we must keep calm and keep a clear head, which includes operating with complete strength and courage, no matter what. We must keep in mind that, as Dane says, this way of life that has been our reality for eons is an illusion, and not sustainable, and I have been saying that, too, for years. And we must especially return to Bringers of the Dawn. Re-read the articles I wrote on it, and remember that the Pleiadians predicted way back then that all this would happen to rid the planet of the Reptilian presence, so we can return to the original plan of its creation. We have been invaded by an alien species that has interfered with every single aspect of our lives. We do NOT even know what is real, but I am certain it is not this. They have enslaved us, abused us, killed us, turned us into transhuman hybrids, and destroyed everything on this planet that was always meant to be beautiful, peaceful, harmonious and life-supporting. We have nothing to lose by fighting with every last breath, but everything to gain. And there are more and more signs of a growing consciousness and unity among those of us who KNOW we are here to complete out mission. Every day our mission becomes more clear, and we must use our minds to steer the endgame in our direction. They have done everything possible to destroy our minds, and it is the power of our minds that they fear the most. That is our weapon, and it is stronger than guns, poisons and disease. Set your mind, set your goal, and do not give in. Use your mind as your power of protection and practice manifesting everything you need, creating the world in which you yearn to live, outside the world of money. Imagine what you want, then make it appear.

In making one last point, I want to urge everyone to read Chautauqua's blogs at Augureye Express. Here is his latest: Endgame Lockdown
I am so grateful that I now have someone of like mind and spirit with whom I can pool data and provide mutual support so that more and more people can know the truth about what is REALLY happening on this planet. He is also plugging Dane's site, making it even better. One of the things I love about his blog is that, no matter how serious the subject, he always injects humor, usually in the form of graphics that often make me laugh out loud. I have included one from this latest blog.
WARNING: Do NOT look at this picture while you are eating. I did, and I almost spit my oatmeal out.

Trump picking his nose

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