The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

So whatsit gonna be? The coronavirus? Floods and fires? A methane explosion? A collapse of the global financial markets? All this is happening, but something will push the domino that sends everything else into collapse. The straw that broke the camel's back, as the saying goes. I am not willing to see the whole planet wiped out yet, because I know that I came here to fulfill a mission, and so did a great many of us, so as long as I am alive, I will not admit defeat. And of all the the disasters listed, the only one at this point that could kill the entire planet in a flash would be the methane. We don't know how it is all gonna happen, but something is gonna happen soon.

I am in a state of overwhelm. I have been trying to complete an immense number of tasks in the past couple weeks, but I also have a list a mile long of information to share. I will do that in shorter articles, but probably several in the next week or so. My main message here is to prepare, prepare, prepare. And realize that in order to complete our mission, which is ridding the planet of alien control, it means a total collapse of everything we believe to be real, and that will not be pretty. But we must now become beacons to the new reality that, if we succeed in our mission, will be established as a result of the purging. It is upon that that we should focus our energy, and pay extremely close attention to everything going on in the world and connect the dots.

Never underestimate the power of your mind—combined with spirit makes it even stronger. It is our minds that they fear most. Never underestimate the gravity of your mission. Think you don't have one?? If you are reading these words, you do. The coronavirus may be the weak link in the chain that we have been awaiting, or it might be something else. It is our job to find weak links in the Matrix and pounce on them. Minimize distractions and obstacles that pull you away from what you need to do. Nothing will matter anyways if we do not accomplish our goal.

Be on the lookout for more and more people who "get it." In this past week or so, two of my friends have made comments to me about how we are being lied to about everything. They are not people I would have expected to notice that. These tiny little signs are all good. As more and more people begin to awaken we have more energy on our side. And anyone with one functioning brain cell should be able to see that our "reality" is becoming more and more surreal by the minute.

The two areas I want to discuss in this article are the coronavirus and the financial situation, which really go hand in hand. The question is, how much has been orchestrated and how much is an oops. Did that virus escape accidentally? That's what I'm thinking because China has NOT been open about the real situation there. And despite the optimistic articles that claim it isn't spreading, all it takes is for one person, ONE, to be infected in a crowd to set off a pandemic. How long is the incubation period? Two weeks? Four? Do we really know? Could it lie dormant? Mutate? Be present in a person that never develops illness, but can still spread it to others? There ARE diseases like that.

Was this purposely released as a population control device? We know already that it is having devastating financial effects. But on whom? And who will benefit? And I always leave open the possibility that the best laid plans of mice and men . . . . Well, you know the saying. Whatever has been orchestrated could seriously backfire for the orchestrators. Right now we just don't have enough credible information, which is why it is so important to read a great deal from a variety of sources. On this subject, I have gotten deeper infomation from the BBC than American sources, and the alternative sites seem more concerned with Bernie and the Washington circus.

I have not listened to Dane's broadcast from this Saturday yet, but he spoke quite a bit about the virus last week. Here are some notes I took. He said we definitely know it was engineered, which I believe I mentioned before because it had some similarities to the HIV virus, which was engineered at Plum Island, I think I read somewhere but I could be wrong, along with Lyme Disease. Here is the article about Lyme Disease, but I am unable to locate the one about AIDS.
1968: Lyme Disease Escaped from a Bio-weapons Lab off the Connecticut coast
Anyways, Dane said the coronavirus has been engineered as a patented bio-weapon, which we should all know by now. He also spoke of the Chinese crackdown on communication as to its severity in China AND that governments, including ours, had drills before the outbreak because it was planned. But again, I do not give these people as much power as others may, and when you are dealing with a disease that can mutate and go rogue, at least I think that's what a virus can do, no one is ever in as much control as they might think.

So here is my collection of coronavirus stories. I don't expect you to read them all, but at least open them and read bits and pieces. The first one is about the illegal animal sales I mentioned before. This was from only a little over a week ago, and look how many more people have contracted the disease. And remember the story I posted in one of my recent article about how test animals escape or are "accidentally sold" as meat? Perhaps that is what happened here, or else this story is just a big lie to confuse us.
Scientists believe coronavirus originated in wild animal markets—and they want the Chinese government to shut them down
But it is this one that really shocked me. Is this all true? I only half-believe anything I read or hear any more, but if it is true, it is horrible! People's apartments WELDED shut! OMG!! If the scenario from this source is true, then the situation is indeed MUCH worse than we have heard. Someone posted it on Dane's site.
VIDEOS: China. Virus. Chaos. Death.

And then there's the cruise from hell. There is NO WAY you could ever get me on a cruise ship, even under the best conditions. Being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean with thousands of other people that you can't just leave when you want is what MY nightmares are made of. Especially with all the weather disasters. But THIS! And I can't imagine why anyone would be excited to go on a cruise at this particular moment. They're not, and the cruiselines are losing money.
Coronavirus Casts A Pall Over Cruise Industry At Height Of Booking Season
And more on the virus, as of today. DO NOT listen to the lies. It is NOT being contained.
US charter planes leave with Diamond Princess passengers as global coronavirus cases top 71,000
44 Americans With Coronavirus To Remain in Japan As Others on Cruise Ship Fly Back to US
In other words, it was planned? Or did it really accidentally escape?
CDC director: Novel coronavirus 'is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year'

Here are some from the BBC.
Coronavirus: China and the virus that threatens everything
Britain's race to contain the coronavirus
And here is more about the cruise from hell.
Coronavirus: Americans from quarantined cruise ship flown from Japan
But it is situations like this that are scary, because all those people were exposed, and it could take weeks before the virus shows up in others. Meanwhile, they have been in contact with even more people.
Coronavirus: Singapore bank evacuated after worker falls ill

And now, just a couple comments on the global financial situation. Now, WHY would the Feds be pumping up the repo banks with all those trillions of dollars. I can't even wrap my mind around such numbers. Do they expect a financial crash, and are preparing to foreclose on people's homes? Is this all tied in with the coronavirus? If people are dead, who will be the buyers? Of course, none of this makes any more sense than the fact that they are spraying us with toxic metals 24/7, flooding us, drowning us, burning us. Who will benefit? Or, as mentioned in my last article, as they SO ARROGANT that they, like a parasite, cannot see that they're killing their means of survival. ALIENS are not human, nor are they organic. At least THESE are not. They are programmed to behave like humans, but, now as we reach one crisis after another, they continue to behave the way they have been programmed. At least that is MY opinion, which, ultimately will set them up for failure—their inability to adjust according to the consequences of their actions. Just the fact that these banks need that much money should be a giant red flag that Trump's economy is a big fat lie. This is like a bailout without the public even realizing there is a crash, because we want everyone to think it is all just fine and gosh, just look at the stock market. But as Dane says, it is all a Ponzi scheme, and whenever they need money, they just print more, with absolutely nothing to back it up. Useless paper is what it is, and as Dane said in his last week's broadcast, when one country goes off-line, they all will. There will be no recession this time, but a complete collapse, and really, that is what we need, if it will send these billionaires to the poorhouse. Those of us that have nothing to lose may survive, because we have lived so frugally for so long and we are good at living creatively. Many of us, myself included are "voluntarily poor," at least now I am, because I refuse to be part of the corporate-industrial-financial lie. Many of Dane's people are there, or going that direction. Refusing to cooperate with the institutions will keep you removed from them, and when they collapse, you stand a chance of not going down with them. We shall see, but honestly, I have been hoping for a complete stock market crash for years. We desperately need for it ALL to come to a head while there is still something left on the planet to salvage.
As Fed Pumps $3 Trillion into Repo Market, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Practice Borrowing from the Fed’s Discount Window
Here is Dane's broadcast from last week.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 8, 2020

I want to mention one more point in this article and that is the power of Vitamin C. Remember when I was complaining of being sick, which went on for probably six weeks? I wasn't really sick sick, I just had this terrible dry cough, especially at night, where I felt like I was going to burst a blood vessel or have a heart attack I was coughing so hard. I have never in my life experienced anything like it. I have a friend now who is going through the same thing. Anyways, what I finally did was when Aldi had apples and oranges and grapefruits really cheap, I bought them up. I ate two bags each of apples and oranges and one of grapefruit, and for over a week, made myself eat one of each fruit every day. And before I realized it, I was completely well. I usually always have apples on hand because they are cheap at Marc's and Aldi, and I bought also a bag of oranges today. I make apple pancakes a lot, or cook apple chunks in my oatmeal. Here is an article someone posted on Dane's site. I have issues with vitamin supplements, and never buy anything in pill form or from health food stores except for my pets. My opinion is that eating the food directly is much better and do not trust anything that has been manufactured because there is so much fraud out there these days. But the person who posted this said it really worked. It is on the same page linked above. Anyways, everyone should fill themselves up with citrus and ascorbic acid, which is what is in apples, and these all provide a great deal of Vitamin C, and will help you fight off anything going around.
How to Determine a Therapeutic Dose of Vitamin C

The next articles will cover the explosion of weather disasters, the inevitable food crisis, and how to prepare, more on the global financial crisis, and more plane crashes. I am working on some other projects, but will try to get another article out in a few days, as I still have volumes more to discuss.

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