Stranger Than Fiction

Gosh, I'm not really sure what to say. It isn't often that I find myself at a loss for words, but the accelerating turning of events is leaving me alternating between impassioned anger and speechlessness. The bad news is, the Matrix is in a total state of collapse, but the good news is that the Matrix is in a total state of collapse. This is getting sooooo ugly, but the whole shebang must go down for us to be free. Set your sights on that imminent freedom in the midst of the implosion. Keep your distance and strive toward inner calm, extremely difficult at this stage of the game. But most important, never allow yourself to forget that the old operating system must fully crash in order to end this seemingly eternal nightmare in which we have been imprisoned. Each link in the chain that breaks offers those of us who are seeking freedom and consciousness another opportunity to inch our way out. NEVER forget that. And woe to those who have not yet discovered they are living in a simulated mind-control prison. OMG! I shudder at the end game, and focus on escaping before that time.

And so, I am going to share my perspective of what is going on now, and some wisdom and revelations I have gained. First, though our situation is painful and nearly unbearable, I am seeing the positive outcome clearer every day. Do I think Trump, Kim, Putin, or even the Shadow Government or Deep State, (whatever all that really is . . .), is in control? No, I think they are all coming apart at the seams. The War is being fought off-planet now, and the forces that have held it all together are no longer able to keep it under control. I have said over and again, the Universe is not static. Being stuck in an unchanging situation is the epitome of unnatural, like a baby stuck in the womb and unable to be born. Whatever has happened to us, whatever we have been stuck in for all these eons, cannot continue. Period.

I will begin with some of my personal experiences of late. I know I mentioned bits and pieces of this in other articles, but will mention again. First, the thing about not thinking with my head, but with my heart, in other words, wondering if perhaps we have our organs all mixed up as a result of this simulated reality. I actually began to hear that inner voice, NOT in my head, but in my chest. And the words it whispers are quite a bit different than the head chatter. It isn't chatter at all, nor is there any doubt, fears, or anger. The voice often says, "determine what you want, then make it so." OK, so thousands of us that have been around all these years are sickeningly familiar with the mantra that we create our own reality, but somehow, it just hasn't materialized as planned. Well, maybe it has just taken awhile. But even more important is the increasing revelations I've received on the nature of our reality. Let me try to put it into words. What if the ONLY reality is our mind and NOTHING physical is real, ever. There is no such thing as physical reality. OK, so that isn't totally new to many of us. What if we are not here on earth, there's no other dimensions, there's no astral travel, there's no point in leaving a planet that does not exist. The Universe is our mind, and what we experience ALWAYS is a projection of our minds. Therefore, in order for us to inhabit the planet of our dreams, we need only surround ouselves with it through the projection of our mind. Like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, we have always had that ability. The alien mind-control program has caused us to forget. Once we remember, we are free, but we cannot remember through our corrupted organ, the head, we must remember through our uncorruptable organ, our heart. Perhaps the heart was always meant to be the thinking/decision-making organ, and our brain the projection of it, neither of which actually exist if there is no physical reality. We must reach the core truth of who and what we really are in order to restore ourselves to free and fully functioning beings. We must be ready and open to let go of all we think is real.

But while we are here, there is an unbelievably strong force that is keeping us in the illusion, and every time we slip away, we receive a stronger dose of poison to keep us asleep. The doses range from actual bodily poisons of which we are being bombarded through numerous sources, and also constant negative emotional stimulation, keeping us in an accelerating upward spiral of chaos and horror. Even though none of it is real, as long as we identify with our physical reality, and it is kinda hard NOT to, I would say, we CAN and WILL get hurt. We must spend every minute of our lives adjusting, correcting, adjusting, correcting, as we move slowly out of the barrage of energetic debris. And believe me, this is probably the most difficult task we have ever undertaken.

I have saved articles to share, as usual, but lately, I am finding a numbness creep over me as I see the daily news. Perhaps not numbness so much as an increasing lack of interest, boredom, and I take that as a good sign. What would have sparked an emotion several weeks ago has become less a force now, less real. Animal abuse, human abuse, daily plane crashes, bus crashes, lies and horrors, and the never-ending weather manipulation that is making this planet a place of physical misery to all but those who spend most of their time indoors and really notice little other than how much money they are making.

But still, we are at the moment stuck in a physical world that we experience as reality, and we can use that as a gauge to the activities being played out in the non-physical or energetic world. And so, as long as we can keep our distance, especially at the emotional level, we reall MUST at this point watch VERY carefully at what is on our projected screen. It is through this that we can see our progress and make necessary adjustments. So speak up when you need to and fight when you need to, then step out of the way as another chunk of the illusion collapses.

Trump, of course, is utterly insane and totally powereless. Each day exposes more and more of his impotence. But he's not alone. Here is an extremely interesting article about Putin. He's not lookin' so good these days, especially in London, where those former spies have been poisoned.
The day Putin cried
Former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in critical condition in England
I realize that is an older article and there has been other attacks since. Here is another of interest.
Sweden plans to build more bunkers amid fears of Russian aggression

Of course, there are more and more Trump disaster every day, and I do hope Stormy Daniels gets him where it hurts. Here are some others:

How Donald Trump is remaking the law in his own image
Wave of exits from White House sparks talk of potential "brain drain"

And here are two examples of other unbelievable violence/insanity:

Ex-Asheville cop arraigned on charges he beat man over jaywalking
2 Austin families targeted by package bombs knew each other
A sheriff's deputy had his ex-wife arrested because he didn't like what she wrote about him on Facebook

Or how about this one. No shit, huh?
Scientists say space aliens could hack our planet
And here's an example of Elon Musk fucking with things that had better be left alone. Only an insanely wealthy, insanely arrogant, and insanely selfish person would send a convertible into space. What purpose did this serve?
Bacteria Clinging to the Space Tesla Could Be a Threat to Other Planets, Scientists Say
And then people wonder why all these plane wrecks! It is bad enough we have filled our planet with garbage, now we are filling the whole universe with it. What egotistical and self-serving bastards!

But there is also an explosion of new awakening energy overtaking the planet. These kids are not going to put up with guns in their schools any more. Just look at them! They will not back down. And here is one that just blew me over. MY STATE, my beautiful Ohio, is SUING MONSANTO!!!! YES!!!!!!
Monsanto concealed effects of toxic chemical for decades, Ohio AG alleges
And Washington State is taking on Net Neutrality:
Washington becomes first state to pass law protecting net neutrality

More and more and more people are wising up to what is going on in the skies. Here in the east it is SO FUCKING COLD. Anyone paying attention knows that all these storms with cutesy names have been totally geoengineered, and this chemically nucleated ice is so toxic. It contains lead iodide and, as for me, as soon as it touches me, I feel it penetrate right through my joints, and that is painful. I had mentioned, I think in my last article about being so sick, a very rare thing for me because I take good care of my body. I had terrible burning congestion in my chest, (at the same time I began using that area as my "brain"). Well, I finally coughed it all up, and got a huge itchy rash, again all over my chest. My skin literally felt like sandpaper. I began rubbing it with coconut oil, and at the same time my congestion went away, the rash began to fade. I have been rubbing it now with petroleum jelly, and it is almost gone. But the scary thing is, I think, now looking back, that all those heavy metals in my lungs were literally oozing out through my skin. Yuk! How gross is that! I have resumed taking the Borax, along with coconut oil, and I am also giving coconut oil to my dogs and cats. And I feel much better! But the point is, this is all the shit they are dousing us with. How is that OK?? Soon, very soon, huge uprisings against this will join the ranks of the #MeToo movement, the assault gun ban, Monsanto, vaccines, GMOs—it is all exploding, and as that happens, the links of the chains keeping us bound will continue to weaken. I want to end with some screenshots taken over the past few weeks of these fake storms that have plagued the east, both snow and flooding rain. The first two were taken February 22, the rain one at 7:45 am, and the snow one at 7 pm. the point is, if you look carefully, neither rain nor snow naturally moves in a straight line or right angles. Look at the state borders. Does that seem even remotely natural to you?

Storm, 2/22, 7 pm Radar View

Storm, 2/22, 7:45 am Radar View

And here are some satellite images from March 8, both at 6:20 pm for that storm that moved up the East Coast. The first shows the actual clouds, and the second, the "Future" view, which is the model used to "forecast" (schedule) the weather. It shows the spraying patterns, which, of course, are creating the storms in the first place. Just pay attention!!! Evidence will fall in your lap.

Storm, 2/22, 7:45 am Future Satellite View

Storm, 2/22, 7:45 am Future Satellite View

The thing is, the stranger it all gets, the less real it seems, like in a dream, when it gets so weird, you finally wake up. I am seeing progress for myself in that much of this no longer carries an emotional charge. One must not adopt an attitude of avoidance or denial, but one in which you can perceive the workings of a programmed physical world that is not real. Be alert! Pay attention!! and BE READY!!!

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