The Storm: Phase Two

We will NOT return to "normal." It has been a long, long time since ANYTHING has been "normal." If you think, like Trump, that once we get the economy moving again, we will be normal, please get over it. I suspect that my regular readers already know this.

This is a follow-up to my last article, Last Chance. I wasn't planning to write it until tomorrow, but I figured I needed to get it done now while I still have power, and internet, which keeps going out, and maybe even a house. The virus thing hasn't scared me at all, but the weather has me freaked out, and I am usually pretty brave. I have said and will continue to say, the CLIMATE issue is the true crisis. I expected the virus thing to die out before they started on Phase Two, but that is not to be because it is here now and COVID-19 will prove to be a party compared to this. And add to that 5G, 'cause they work hand-in-hand, and we have a situation here that IS—no doubt about it, going to wipe out the majority of the Earth's population. We must now take the final steps toward awakening and speaking out, and finding those last few stragglers that have a last chance to join us. We are all anxiously awaiting Dane's release of The Dimming, slowed down by the lockdown, and a number of his people are expressing the good news that they finally have people willing to listen. Covid-19 has brought out the whiners, but when your home is in the direct line of tornadoes and severe winds, day after day after day, and add to that severe flooding, and add to that, the firestorms which will arrive soon in the West, it is not a matter of washing your hands and keeping six feet away from other people. Weather violence is now happening here in the South/East part of the U.S. boom boom boom, one event after another, each one getting more deadly. I have lots and lots of weather article/videos to share. PLEASE open them up and take them seriously. No matter where you live, 'cause it's coming to you, one way or another.

I have lots of thoughts on what is happening, but what I refuse to do it lay down and die. As I said in Last Chance we have a choice to make here NOW. We can either accept the futility, or even worse yet, not even notice until you're dead under a pile of rubble in what used to be your home. Like my ditzy mail carrier. When we were all without power, and of course, I have no cell phone, I asked her when she stopped at my box if she knew if there had been a tornado, or how widespread the power outages were. Her reply: "I dunno, I slept through it. Don't have a clue." Yes, Tonya, I am well aware of just how clueless you are . . . excuse me for asking . . . . But the other option is to fight for DISCLOSURE. We are at the cusp of all we have worked for, for decades, for centuries, for lifetimes. WE CANNOT BLOW THIS OPPORTUNITY. It is make it or break it time. We MUST bring about disclosure before the planet is destroyed, or we will be reincarnated elsewhere under the same—no, make that WORSE scenario. THE TRUTH MUST COME OUT. About everything—5G, climate engineering/weather warfare, vaccines, 9/11, Fukushima, GMOs and most especially ALIEN INTERFERENCE. This must be our moment of triumph. Gather all your strength and join the fight. Now I am going to continue with the tons of weather stuff I have accumulated in the past week. But first, here are four blogs by Chautauqua concerning Archon infestations. OK, he calls them Archons, I call them Reptilian, and technically they ARE two different critters, but the point is we have some real bad-ass beings here that need to go and we all have to be aware and FACE UP to this reality.

Archons & Chemtrails
The Archon Agenda
Archon Endgame
The Archon Hologram

OK, so, here is some info about what hit us last Tuesday night, here in NE Ohio. I had just mostly finished Last Chance and saved it on a flash drive, as I was keeping my eye on this horrendous thing coming at us, hoping it would calm down a bit after it moved over the lake, which it did not. It was moving SO fast, that I just had enough time to grab Molly and run out to the greenhouse, which is the strongest structure on my property. The cats know to run behind the stove and refrigerator in an emergency, and turtles have their own self protection. Murdle had been run over by a truck when I rescued him twenty years ago. The power went out when that first blast hit, and the lightning. OMG!!! One gust blew the back door of the greenhouse out, which I had ROPED shut. It tore the ropes. (It is now chained.) But this sound—I never heard anything like it. I had the front door open, looking out and I stooped and held Molly. I kept saying, "WTF, are we getting a tornado?" and "the house is still standing," over and over. In about ten minutes it had passed, then it just rained and rained and rained.

The one that is coming tonight will supposedly hit us with about TWELVE HOURS of high winds and 50-60 mph gusts. THOSE are hurricane-force winds and ARE just as dangerous as a tornado, so please TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY. This is getting fucking ridiculous, because we KNOW they are not normal or natural, despite the FUCKING LIARS at The Weather Channel who have a neat and tidy explanation for all of this, such as how a foot of snow is normal in April, and the mid-section of the country is getting down BELOW ZERO. I have been wondering if all the 5G satellites that have been launched were just turned on, because I have had an extremely difficult time focusing, and my pets have been out of sorts, too. Yesterday I felt like someone had pumped me up with like a ton of adrenaline. I drink one tiny pot of coffee (about 1-1/2 cups) in the morning, and never drink soda or tea or take medications or any kinds of drugs, nor do I drink or smoke or have a cell phone or WiFi. I cannot tell you how miserable I felt, although I feel much better today. Arthur Firstenberg, with the Cell Phone Task Force has been warning us about this for a long time, as have many others. And I am thinking that 5G is just another tool to use with the weather terrorism agenda, to make these winds more and more vicious. How much longer do you think we can continue like this? I was hoping that with the grounded planes, this would stop and it HAS in other countries. But NO, not here in the US. I was also hoping that enought military personnel would get sick so there would be NO ONE LEFT to fly these fucking planes. We shall see. We are NOT DONE with the virus by any means. But for right now, it seems their greatest task is to keep up the illusion of COLD, and it is taking a lot more violence to keep the temperatures down. THAT is what these current disasters are about—the geoengineered cool-down agenda for us here in the East. But it is getting more and more difficult to continue that illusion. Here is my weather outlook from The Weather Channel. Just look at the ups and downs. As soon as it DARES to warm up, we have a "front" or a "system" move through that cools us down, but for only a day or two at the most. THAT is a sign of desperation. How can people NOT notice??

My Weather Outlook, April 11-25

I want to share one more thing about these geoengineered cool-downs, then more on Tuesday's massive disaster. As you all know, I have been keeping weather data records on my farm since 1994. Usually each day takes up three lines in my notebook: the date, the high and low temperatures on my porch thermometer, and any important comments like rainfall amounts. By the way today and tomorrow will be 64-65—the number of days of precipitation we have had so far this year. Anyways, Thursday, April 9 was the epitome of weather warfare insanity. I will quote the frantic notes I took, which filled up an entire page.

Thursday April 9, 2020
High: Porch 49.8°(AM) Low: Porch 48.6°(AM)
↓ falling temps; high wind
down to 37.6°, then up to 50°
then down again
then a snow/hail storm at 41.4°
meanwhile bouts of rain all day
interspersed with bright, sunny skies
coming from all directions-
wind from east; snow/hail from north, then up to 43.1° and another
brief hail storm from west,
and strong gusty winds from
the south, then temps rising again
with sunshine
then up to 50.5°
then snow and wind
.2" rain/sleet/snow, etc.

I shit you not.

Ok, so here is our experience with the storm on Tuesday, April 7. As I said, it moved through SO fast, that Molly and I soon came back into the house after I determined it would not immediately blow down, but that is always iffy. I had to deal with the usual flooding which of course I could NOT pump out, having no power, plus the other storm damage to deal with in the dark. I want to point out here that I literally spend half my life dealing with weather damage, and I DO believe I personally am being targeted for a great deal of what is happening and I will cover that in my next article. So after I did what I could, I was filthy dirty and all I wanted was to take a nice hot bath and wash my hair. So I waited and waited, because the power usually is not off too long around here. I would not get into bed as dirty as I was, plus I was wet and cold, so I laid down with the cats in front of a kerosene heater, then at 5 AM I laid down with the dog in front of a warmer kerosene heater and slept a tiny bit. When it got light, I had enough water in my tank to take a little, but hot, bath and slept a few more hours. Then I got up and waited for the power to come on and it did not. Meanwhile I worried because I had my refrigerator stocked, of course, but fortunately most of what was in there was fresh produce—apples, oranges, carrots, celery and onions, which were all safe. It was the several packages of frozen vegetables, plus a couple half-used packs of vegan meat sustitutes and three dozen eggs I had bought because they were cheap at ALDI. And I began to realize that despite how much preparation I had done, I was NOT prepared for this. I went out and began building an outdoor cooking pit, which I had meant to do for years. I managed to get a kettle of water nearly boiling. At least I could warm my turtles up. I walked down the road to see how widespread this was, and someone pulled out of their driveway to get ice, which never occured to me, as I have never bought ice, but she said Ohio Edison estimated the power would be on by the next day (Thursday) by 6 PM. They usually over-estimate these times, so I was hopeful. By Thursday, I went to get ice, but my freezer was already thawed, so I am cooking most of what was there and re-freezing it, or making meals that will feed me the rest of the week. Plus baking stuff that uses eggs, and hard-cooking most of the rest for planned meals. I am still working on that, but I believe no food will go to waste, as I have planned meals according to what I need to use. And the likelihood that we will be without power again is pretty high, but hopefull we won't be at the bottom of this list next time.

Incidentally, here is the seven-day precipitation outlook from the NWS QPF page, which I frequently post. YES, this is today's, for April 12-April 19, but it always looks the same if you live in the East, does it not?

NWS QPF for April 12-April 19

Now here are the links from Tuesday's storm/tornado event here in Northeast Ohio. The lady in the first one said how the winds just "sounded different." Yes indeed they most certainly did!
Widespread damage left in wake of severe storms that swept through Northeast Ohio overnight
And this next one. OMG, that lightning! Be sure to watch it. 1,600 strikes in fifteen minutes.
Betsy Kling gives update on Northeast Ohio tornado warnings
I am so glad the horses and cattle were rescued!!
National Weather Service investigating tornadoes in several Northeast Ohio counties
Tornado confirmed overnight in Medina County; thousands still without power in Northeast Ohio (video)
Here's one from the Beacon Journal. and it does not take a tornado to do that to trees. The people that live at the top of the hill, about a quarter of a mile from me had a huge evergreen come down, just missing the house. Evergreens are the worst, because they have only those deep tap roots, and no roots that spread outwards. But it can happen to ANY tree.
Tornadoes wreak havoc in Medina, Stark; man injured as storms tear up region
And this is the best one. Look at those wind speeds. I'll bet here we hit 70 mph. And just look at radar. And those aerial photos. OMG!!
April 8 Tornadoes and Severe Thunderstorms

The NWS is starting to issue Hazardous Weather Alerts days in advance now, in fact we are almost always under a Hazardous Weather Alert any more. There is NEVER A MOMENT'S PEACE. If we do not STOP the people doing this, NO ONE will escape this terror, and that includes those who are doing it. Like all the military people who are now so sick from the virus. It is all based on OFF-PLANET agendas. DISCLOSURE, DISCLOSURE, DISCLOSURE. Here are a couple more.
These are for today, Sunday. Again, The Weather Channel always has some tidy explanation for the COMPLETELY anomalous weather we are having.
Severe Weather Outbreak, Including a Threat for Tornadoes, Is Likely in the South Easter Weekend
It does NOT have to be a tornado. These were 70 mph winds.
Damaging Winds Blow Apart Illinois Barn
OMG! Check out these floods and temperatures!! Please note, despite the title, there is nothing about the Arctic Ozone Hole in this video. Remember what I said about this desperate attempt to keep us cooled down because THEY do not want us to know just how hot this planet really is.
Largest Arctic ozone hole ever recorded opens up over the North Pole
And remember those links in my last article about farmer's destroying all that produce and milk because they couldn't sell it to restaurants, etc.? Check this one out! Look at the line of cars!!!
Food banks across U.S. struggle to keep up with demand

Just one more thought. Actually I have lots more thoughts, including something that may lead to a major breakthrough that I am working on now, plus lots more links to post. But as for my lack of preparation, I am going to finish my cooking pit. We always had one in the back yard when I was growing up and used it ALL the time. I do not have a problem with water, because I can always bail it with a bucket out of the drinking-water well. It was HOT water that I longed for. And a nice big cup of coffee. Even if I have to buy a little camp stove, but I am thinking, at the speed all of this is moving, we are either gonna triumph or be dead real soon. The other thing is refrigeration. Those people that were stocked with meat were shit out of luck, just another reason to go vegetarian. Stuffing the refrigerator with fresh produce is the way to go, because onions and carrots and apples will keep a long time in a cool, not cold place. But I am more concerned with the metaphysical aspects of this, and that is what I am working on now. We need to remember who we are, and our abilities to literally create the physical world. Is there something out there trying to help us do that? I believe there is, and will share soon.

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